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Somali Extremists Scorch Food Aid

Somalia's Shebab says will send fighters to Yemen

Political ban on Catholic publication thrown out in Malaysia

Yemen's Saleh appeals for reason from rebels, Qaeda

Leading Egypt clerics back Gaza tunnel barrier: report

Use the Quran to share Christ with Muslim, veteran missionary suggests

Muslims Do Not Share Global Revival Of Optimism: Survey

Chinese Muslim region adopts law on national unity

Suicide bomb kills 40 in Pakistan

5 terror suspects from U.S. may face life terms in Pakistan

Deaths in Pakistan suicide attack

Muslims with clubs and axes attack showing of "Jesus" film in Pakistan

Nawaz will become prime minister again: Shahbaz

Obama’s Year of ‘Engagement’ Saw Few Clear Successes

Obama's Muslim outreach ranked top religion story of 2009

British universities sometimes seen as breeding grounds for radical Islam

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu proposes Egypt peace summit: Officials

Two French journalists kidnapped in Afghanistan: Colleague

Charges dismissed against Blackwater guards in Iraq deaths

Iran: opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi 'ready to die' for the cause

Iraq hostage Peter Moore to return to Britain

Iraq regrets Blackwater case dismissal, may sue

Indonesia Mourns the Passing of a Beloved Leader

Indonesian leader was a man for all people

North Korea calls for end to hostility with US

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind backs separate Telangana

Double life of 'gifted and polite' terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Credit to an Anti-Terrorist Muslim

Mousavi 'ready to die' for reform

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: ENLIGHTENING: Sulekha Yaqub addressing the convention in Jeddah. (AN)