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Talking about the composite culture of India, Mr. Sultan Shahin spoke of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad's concept of Wahdat-e-Deen, explaining this from a quotation from one of the greatest Islamic scholars and mystics, Ibn Arabi, who affirmed in his masterpiece al-Fusoos his belief in the unity of all religions: "Beware of restricting yourself to one particular religion and disbelieving in everything else, so that great good would be missed by you, indeed you would miss attainment of knowledge of the affair in the form he is following. Rather be ready to accept all forms of belief. This is because Allah is higher and greater than to be comprehended by one belief to the exclusion of others. Rather all are correct...."

Many Sufi saints in India, Mr. Shahin said, among them prominent names like Mazhar Jan-e-Janan accepted Hazrat Ram and Hazrat Krishna as Prophets of God as Allah has stated in the Qur'an that He has sent prophets to all nations in all ages who preached to their Ummah in the local languages. Allama Iqbal, as is well-known, called Hazrat Ram Chandra Imam ul Hind. No wonder students of comparative religion have discovered passages in Hindu and Islamic literature corresponding to each other almost word for word.

Mr. Shahin spoke at great length of Swami Vivekanand who On June 19, 1898, wrote: “I see in my mind’s eye the future perfect India rising out of this chaos and strife, glorious and invincible, with Vedanta brain and Islam body.” (Letters of Swami Vivekananda, p. 380). He regretted that neither the Swami himself nor Hindus and Muslims later took up this intuitive idea and take it further. He said, "had we Hindus and Muslims done so, perhaps we would have been spared the horrors of partition and many other tragedies in the last century."....