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Islamic Society (20 Jul 2018 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • Nene sahib dooya khoolun pahacha ahay. Hay sagday rajneeta ahay koonhee koonacha bhala karu shakat naheen. Excuse me if my Marathi is not correct. It is 55 years that
    I left Maharashtra.
    By Zamiruddin - 8/12/2018 6:04:41 AM

  • But why do you want to remove BJP which giving liberty to your women .
    By Meghashyam Nene - 8/12/2018 5:29:33 AM

  • Zamiruddin Now a days so many Hindus friends write their Identity as a Muslim and favor the wrong deeds of BJP and anti Muslim and anti Islam post,statements and comments.
    By Abu Basim Khan - 8/4/2018 2:54:33 AM

  • @Sunil Bhowmik never ever. .miscreants are common to all communities so do not judge Hindus Muslims and otbers on what dirty people say and do. Brotger we are all proud Indians. Rest doesnt matter.
    By Zamiruddin - 8/4/2018 2:54:02 AM

  • Abu Basim Khan i am Prof Zamiruddin and do nothing to harm any one and tgerefore donot want to hide my identity. Let us be friends.
    By Zamiruddin - 8/4/2018 2:53:34 AM

  • @Zamiruddin Khan Keep away the politicians and religious teachers/ preachers there will never be any problem.These are the rascles who fivide the society far their selfish gains.
    By Gaur Ravindra Bahadur Singh - 8/4/2018 2:52:20 AM

  • @Zamiruddin Thank God for ppl like you.that also includes a few Muslims friends that I have for over 30 years.
    By Amarjeet Singh - 8/4/2018 2:51:41 AM

  • But your community betrayed those crores of Hindus by conspiring against them.
    By Sunil Bhowmik - 8/4/2018 2:51:02 AM

  • Zamiruddin,Pl write your real identity and correct name.By this name u can fool to us.
    By Abu Basim Khan - 8/4/2018 2:50:39 AM

  • @Zamiruddin  Is the converse true that is important and relevant .
    By Anil Kumar Sharma - 8/4/2018 2:47:41 AM

  • Whatever you do or do not do those who donot like may never change. But do not lose heart. There are crores of Hindus who are with us. They are our btothers who fight for us. Respect them. They are true Indians.
    By Zamiruddin - 8/4/2018 2:47:05 AM

  • @Avinash Bhonsle ,Sir I agree with you. The T.V channels deliberately invites these pseudo Maulana for entrainment and there TRP. They seems to have very little knowledge of Islam but behave as if they are really an scholar of Islam, but all these suites the T.V channels.
    By Siddiq Umar - 8/4/2018 2:23:54 AM

  • Siddiq Umar where r the mullahs then?.why the entire religious ideologies not coming forward to put a stop to these obnoxious practices that r really inhuman on nature.
    By Amarjeet Singh - 8/4/2018 2:23:25 AM

  • What is niyog
    By Tarique Khan - 8/4/2018 2:22:40 AM

  • But when i see tv debates and maulanas and their arguments wonder in which world are they living opposing all rational beings and the right of women to live free.Aimplb is another org which does not wish peace with others but have divisive ideas to keep their womenfolk under their thumb under the garb of a great religeon like islam which is misrepresented and misquoted by them.right thinking muslims and there are many who should form a front to oppose them
    By Avinash Bhonsle - 8/4/2018 2:22:20 AM

  • In goa muslims have accepted ccc and results are for everyone to see.muslims in goa are a modern and prosperous community and well educated.they do not observe burkha nor triple talaak and follow law of the land .my five muslim neighbours are a model for others.they are devout muslims .their ladies are modern educated and in no way less empowered than others.they are v proud and patriotic indians
    By Avinash Bhonsle - 8/4/2018 2:21:59 AM

  •  Jayaraman Subri Iyer & Anilkumar Sinha, There is no triple talaq in one sitting in Islam but a complete procedure which takes a minimum of three months during this period there should be attempt to for reconciliation through relatives and friends. Halala means a real second marriage and only after death or talaq of second marriage one can remarry to first husband again and that too after 4 months of talaq. There are people who misuse this but Islam is clear.
    By Siddiq Umar - 8/4/2018 2:21:37 AM

  • Siddiq Umar are you submitting to the idea of UCC or is it "taqqiya"?
    By Anilkumar Sinha - 8/4/2018 2:12:13 AM

  • @Siddiq Umar What is the relevance of Tripple Talak & Hallala ?
    Why does the Muslim community NOT agree to ban both these ill practices .. Once & for all ?
    Why don't they agree for Common Civil Code for ALL Indians ?
    By Jayaraman Subri Iyer - 8/4/2018 2:11:44 AM

  • Jayaram Subri Iyer @ You are right this is unbelievable. In fact no religion can ask to have sex with father in law or for that matter with anyone. Islam also teaches the same in fact Islam says no one can marry with the widow of his son or father. Once a daughter in law is always like a daughter even after "talaq" or death of his son. Unfortunately individuals can be bad or not a good follower of religion due to little or no knowledge of religion.

    By Siddiq Umar - 8/4/2018 2:11:13 AM

  • Tareek Fatah Tweets: Unbelievable. Indian woman forced.....

    By Jayaraman Subri Iyer - 8/4/2018 2:10:38 AM

  • @Sri Krishna Singh If you mean Muslims should adjust with people of other religions you are right but"Islam should reform" means that either Islam should not remain Islam or you think Islam is so bad that it makes Muslims bad. Better please try to know Islam.
    By AbulKhair Zafar - 8/4/2018 2:09:32 AM

  • Islam should reform to adjust with other religions.
    By Sri Krishna Singh - 8/4/2018 2:09:07 AM

  • Are you saying that the demand would've been alright at another time?
    By Apurbajyoti Majumdar - 8/4/2018 2:08:06 AM

  • An anti-reform AIMPLB gives Islam a bad name and is like a curse on the Muslim community. We need new leadership.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 7/20/2018 6:14:09 PM