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  • Was it a demolition job to start with, or was it an indiscriminate act of violence and destruction typical of what terrorists do? Was the perfect demolition a result beyond their wildest dreams? 

    In any case a conspiracy on a scale that Naseer sab envisages is incomprehensible and a result of a sick fantasy. Not a single reputable investigative journalist or security expert has joined the conspiracy theory crowd!
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/20/2018 12:28:03 PM

  • That the public has believed in the mother of all miracles of not one, but three WTC buildings, collapsing to the ground on their foot-print, in the manner of a perfectly executed job of controlled demolition, and not in the manner of a demolition job gone awry as it should have been,  is hardly surprising. The government went about its business taking the gullibility of the people for granted. To crown it all, WTC7 was not even hit by a plane, and it is the only building in the world, that collapsed because of an office fire, if are to believe what we are told! To uncover the falsehoods takes very little knowledge, but even this very little knowledge is too much for most people. The government knows this and cynically makes use of this weakness.

    Behavioural economists and evolutionary psychologists have demonstrated that most human decisions are based on emotional reactions and heuristic shortcuts rather than on rational analysis. Not only rationality, but individuality too is a myth. People rarely think for themselves. Rather, they think in groups.

    People think they know a lot, because they treat knowledge in the minds of others and in the books as if it were their own. This is the illusion of knowledge. We rely on the expertise of others for most of our needs. This is the result of extreme specialization facilitated by globalization. We consume very little of what we produce and most of what we consume, is produced by others. Most people know very little beyond what they produce. We have progressed as a civilization by developing the ability to place our trust in others and cooperate with them. From an evolutionary perspective, trusting in the knowledge of others has worked extremely well for us

    This condition of the people – inability to think for themselves from lack of knowledge and their complete reliance on groupthink placing their trust in experts, is cynically exploited by the powerful government supported by the media and the establishment experts. The gullible public unsurprisingly consumes whatever the government backed by its crony “experts” produces. After all, they put their trust in the government by voting it to power, and they would not like to appear stupid by being proved wrong. To distrust the government or their parents or other loved ones is extremely painful for people, and they will rather believe in delusional myths, than face the truth.

    “Those who suffer from conspiracy phobia are fond of saying: “Do you actually think there’s a group of people sitting around in a room plotting things?” For some reason that image is assumed to be so patently absurd as to invite only disclaimers. But where else would people of power get together – on park benches or carousels? Indeed, they meet in rooms: corporate boardrooms, Pentagon command rooms, at the Bohemian Grove, in the choice dining rooms at the best restaurants, resorts, hotels, and estates, in the many conference rooms at the White House, the NSA, the CIA, or wherever. And, yes, they consciously plot – though they call it “planning” and “strategizing” – and they do so in great secrecy, often resisting all efforts at public disclosure. No one confabulates and plans more than political and corporate elites and their hired specialists. To make the world safe for those who own it, politically active elements of the owning class have created a national security state that expends billions of dollars and enlists the efforts of vast numbers of people.”
    Michael Parenti, American political scientist, historian and culture critic.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/20/2018 7:05:50 AM

  • Conspiracy theorists will never understand that carrying out such a grand, megalomanic and surreptitious a plot as a 9/11  "controlled demolition" fraud  would be the greatest miracle in the history of the world! Well, let them believe what they want to believe! I do not want to waste any more of my time on this.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/19/2018 12:14:28 PM

  • Washington can lie as long as they wish and admit the truth or declassify the information kept secret whenever they wish.
    How could they keep lying about WMDs even  after having invaded and occupied Iraq and not found any?
    It is easy to lie and make the gullible public believe in the lies for even millenniums. Haven't many myths from religion survived for several millenniums?
    GM sb has flipped from calling official lies "conspiracy theory". It is an old habit of his.
    Watch the video and see for yourself how the official liars make a fool of themselves by contradicting each other.
    Every theory has a flaw except the truth which is a controlled demolition.
    Only a miracle can make a building hit by a plane come down in the manner of the most perfectly engineered and executed controlled demolition. We may as well start believing in miracles! By Naseer Ahmed - 9/19/2018 1:54:29 AM

  • For anyone to carry out an implosion or deliberate demolition of two of the best guarded towers in Manhattan and to keep it a secret for 16 years is an impossibility. Neither the U.S. government nor any other world entity is that efficient. Washington could not keep secret either the Pentagon Papers or the absence of WMD's in Iraq or CIA's ouster of Mossadeg. 

    But these conspiracy theories will persist. It is a big business. Some creators of conspiracy theories have become very rich. People who are taken in by conspiracy theories abound in every country. As P.T.Barnum reportedly said, "There is a sucker born every minute".
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/18/2018 1:01:22 PM

  • Height of columns 1362 feet and not as incorrectly stated in my previous comment as 362 feet.
    A collapse caused by an accident would look like one of the poorly executed demolitions as in the video below:
    Also look at some of the better executed demolitions. in the following video:
    You will not find a more perfect job than the WTC job when a disaster caused by the crash should have looked like a poorly executed demolition if at all the buildings came down because of it! By Naseer Ahmed - 9/18/2018 3:49:23 AM

  • Implosion normally refers to a controlled demolition technique. However, this theory has also been forwarded to explain the collapse. The collapse of a floor drew the outer columns inward causing an implosion is how they try to explain. It is a strange theory. The collapse of one floor was enough to cause an implosion while the remaining 109 floors could not prevent it! Even if such an impossible event did take place, you would still have the 59 columns 362 feet high in one piece collapsing on the neighbouring buildings and not breaking into hundreds of smaller pieces and collapsing in a heap on the footprint of the building. The difference between a controlled demolition and an unplanned collapse caused by a disaster is precisely in the way the building collapses.

    Large buildings, are destroyed by building implosion using explosives. This is very fast—the collapse itself only takes seconds and it is as fast as a free fall—and an expert can ensure that the structure falls into its own footprint, so as not to damage neighboring structures.  A dangerous scenario is the partial failure of an attempted implosion. When a building fails to collapse completely the structure may be unstable, tilting at a dangerous angle.

    The worst that could have happened to the WTC building is that the top floors above the floor that was hit, tilting. Nothing can cause the steel columns to break in smaller pieces except cutting them with oxy acetylene torch with temperature of 3773 degrees centigrade which takes considerable time, or faster with explosives.  Just try cutting structural steel by a fire caused by aviation fuel or kerosene.  No amount of burning will have any significant effect as the temperature will never cross 300 degrees centigrade. Steel loses half its strength only at 600 degrees. Also, the fire affected only a few floors and not the entire building and only for an hour before the edifice crumbled.  A controlled demolition is the only plausible explanation else what explains the floors unaffected by fire crumbling as they did?

    The WTC collapse, is the most perfect example of a controlled demolition and nothing else can explain the very orderly collapse on its own footprint in just a few seconds (in exactly the time that it takes an object falling through thin air from the top of the building hitting the ground) without leaving any part of the building standing or any of the 59 steel columns 360 feet long not cut into hundreds of pieces. A steel column may be melted completely (only theoretically because this is practically impossible) but how can it get cut into several pieces? Only by cutting them with oxy acetylene torches (very slow process) or explosives (extremely fast) as in a controlled demolition.

     It is a waste of time to discuss anything with GM Sb. He goes by groupthink on every subject - not this alone, since he lacks the skills and knowledge to think for himself. In this case, it may not even be groupthink but group position. The group of American Muslims kowtowing to their new masters can only faithfully parrot the official lies.  

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/18/2018 1:10:46 AM

  • They did not use any "unbelievable skills" on 9/11 to "implode" the World Trade Center. They flew two passenger planes full of jet fuel straight into the twin towers. How much skill does that take?

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/15/2018 11:31:27 PM

  • The term Free-fall and Implosion is often juxtaposed. It is highly technical, scientific, engineering and art skill of using explosives to collapse a tall building in controlled manner on the ground in sequence to fall within its own footprint.

    In 1988 two years before 9/11 al Qaida or its affiliates claimed to have bombed the US Embassies in Nairobi and Dares-salaam; the softest targets in the world for them at the time. The damage there to the buildings could hardly be said as skilfully carried out but the loss of lives of the innocent citizens was phenomenal in comparison!

    So just in short period of time, for them to belatedly claim to have acquired the unbelievable skills to accomplished 9/11, seven seas away can only be accepted by those who believe that Moses miraculously split the Red Sea just by hitting it with his walking stick, the Rod/A'saa.

    By Skepticle - 9/15/2018 6:42:10 PM

  • Naseer saheb should send to the U.S. government his proposal for an experiment to prove his conspiracy theory regarding 9/11.
    He says that the video in which Osama bin Laden gloats over his success in bringing down the World Trade Center is fake!
    Such conspiracy theorists abound on the internet. Talking to them is a waste of time.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/15/2018 1:20:14 PM

  • GM Sb says “By the way the best explanation for the free fall of the World Trade Center was given by Osama bin Laden himself in a videotape which Naseer sahib should see if he has not seen it already. As you know Osama was an engineer.

     That is a lie. Can GM sb provide the proof? Where is the need for Osama to explain the free fall? If at all, he may have liked to take credit for the attack to bolster his image and go along with the official story which was giving him full credit for the attack and the collapse. Stop fooling around GM sb!

    The videos/audios of Osama however appear to have been fabricated en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videos_and_audio_recordings_of_Osama_bin_Laden

    but this is beside the point. The attack on WTC is a fact, and what is being discussed is not who did it, but whether the plane crashing into the building could have caused the buildings to collapse in the manner of a free fall as they did, or whether such a collapse is possible only by a controlled demolition. If could have been caused by only a controlled demolition, then the plane crashing into the building although true, is only a red herring to camouflage the controlled demolition.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/15/2018 3:23:22 AM

  • Apparently, even school level physics is beyond GM sb . The experts in the video and I have talked about the lies in the official report to explain the WTC collapse which the US government and its loyal supporters such as GM dismiss as “Conspiracy theory”.   


     There is a very simple way for the US government to settle the question if they are telling the truth. High rise buildings are demolished every now and then. For the next high rise building they plan to demolish, let them create the same situation by stocking a floor with as much aviation fuel as the plane that crashed into the WTC had or even more, and hitting this floor with a missile to create an identical or even much greater physical impact and show to the world why their WTC story is not a lie. This is feasible but the US government will never allow it as their lies will stand exposed.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/15/2018 2:02:09 AM

  • I am not going to waste my time answering Hats Off's rubbish post. His unrelenting hate war against progressive Muslims has driven him batty. By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/14/2018 1:28:38 PM

  • Naseer saheb is still talking of "conspiracies" of the Western powers when hundreds of articles published to criticize the Viet Nam war, the Iraq war and the Afghan war have hardly any use for that term. "Conspiracy theorists" however is not a phrase applied to Western powers but to those who  believe in crazy and bizarre schemes to explain incidents such as  9/11. Naseer sahib did bring up his 9/11 conspiracy theory, but since he knew he would be shot down, he completely dropped 9/11 and has been dwelling on Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan instead, claiming that the word "conspiracy" properly describes those events. 

    Now he comes back with his "free fall" theory of 9/11 once again. He had mentioned other buildings which were bombed or set on fire but did not have a free fall. How many of those buildings were inundated with jet fuel at the same time they were attacked or set on fire? The passenger jets that flew into the World Trade Center had just started their flights, hence were loaded with jet fuel. But giving such explanations to conspiracy theorists is a waste of time.

    By the way the best explanation for the free fall of the World Trade Center was given by Osama bin Laden himself in a videotape which Naseer sahib should see if he has not seen it already. As you know Osama was an engineer.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/14/2018 1:24:32 PM

  • mr. ghulam mohiyuddin is a highly moderate individual with much to be moderate about.

    frinstance, knowledge, understanding, islamic thingammajig, nonsense, and a hole lot of other thingies such as as relevance. but his vocabulary would put a norman lewis to shame.

    he is of very, very moderate relevance. not only that - he is very moderate in knowledge, understanding, significance and others such parameters.

    perhaps the rarest quality of "moderates" the capacity to talk honestly.

    they will invade friendly countries and prop up hard core islamists and make inane one-liners that completely lose it - all the while why the locals just are sick of them.

    on the fifth hand, mr. naseer ahmed is also very moderate. in scholarship, in honesty and in straight talking. his forte is market, research, null and hypothesis in that order.

    so their bout is as interesting as it is trivial.

    according to the second moderate, no non-muslim is a kuffar (or whatever rot he is always saying without a single "moderate" islamic scholar agreeing with him).

    so much for his wannabe arabicism. but because he has a college degree we should remember that a cauliflower is just a cabbage with a college education.
    By hats off! - 9/14/2018 6:56:18 AM

  • In my comments, there is an implicit assumption that GM sb understands the meaning of “free fall” and its implications, since this involves knowledge of only school level physics, but I may be wrong. Not everybody who has gone through school has mastered the school subjects. He may genuinely have difficulty understanding why no building in the world can collapse in the manner of the WTC buildings, with the speed of free fall, except when brought down through “controlled demolition”.

    In such a case, my apologies to him.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/14/2018 3:41:26 AM

  • GM sb as usual, is blaming others for what he himself describes and dismisses as a conspiracy theory!

    By Kazi Wadud Nawaz - 9/8/2018 6:59:04 PM comment does not use the term “conspiracy theory” but GM responds by saying “Nawaz sahib spins an intriguing conspiracy theory but does not present any evidence to support it.By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/8/2018 11:16:05 PM

    My comments in response By Naseer Ahmed - 9/9/2018 3:52:32 AM  point out that the official story is not the complete truth without using “conspiracy theory”. My next comment on the same subject By Naseer Ahmed - 9/9/2018 3:52:32 AM

    also does not use “conspiracy theory”

    Also, the experts who speak in the video:


    are not talking about any conspiracy, but about the official lies of what caused the three WTC buildings (one of which was not even hit by a plane) to collapse in the manner they did, with the speed of free fall. This they explain is possible only in a controlled demolition, and never by a fire, no matter how intense, or by a plane crashing into a building.

    It is those like GM sb, who oppose the truth, who call all such attempts to refute the official version, a conspiracy theory. To call exposure of lies a conspiracy theory and dismiss it, is the tool of the propagandists and purveyors of political falsehoods.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/14/2018 3:12:09 AM

  • Hats Off is a sore loser and is still carrying on with his inane prattle.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/13/2018 1:24:24 PM

  • Naseer saheb,
    If you want to call wars of aggression launched on false premises "conspiracies" feel free to do so. In my view they were evil wars and calling them conspiracies does not in anyway amplify our denunciation of them. I may call Hitler the most evil person in the history of the world but Naseer saheb would still upbraid me for not calling Hitler a "conspirator"!  He carries on his arguments without knowing what he is arguing about.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/13/2018 1:19:53 PM

  • how can mr. ghulam mohiyuddin forget that mr. naseer ahmed is a "moderate"? just like mr. ghulam mohiyuddin himself. By hats off! - 9/13/2018 4:50:04 AM

  • The dictionary meaning of conspiracy: 

     a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. The action of plotting or conspiring. synonyms:plot, scheme, stratagem, plan, machination, cabal;

     In the case of Iraq, the secret plan was to create a pretext for waging war against it. The US and its allies did so by first falsely accusing Iraq of possessing WMD followed by sham investigations, and finally by waging war.  It was a conspiracy between the US and its NATO allies. The secret plan was to wage war and not find and destroy WMDs which they knew did not exist and it was a conspiracy involving several countries but mainly the US and the UK.

     Until the lies unraveled, and the falsehood became indefensible and the truth widely acknowledged, any talk that the US and the UK had conspired to wage war on false pretexts, was only a conspiracy theory since it was denied by the conspirators, who took the moral high ground that they were ridding the world of WMDs in the hands of a dictator.

     There are therefore conspiracies which have been proved by nailing the lies and accepted as such by the perpetrators and there are conspiracies proved but denied by the conspirators and false conspiracy theories. In the case of 911, since a conspiracy is not admitted, it only enables those who are bent on ignoring the evidence and denying the truth to do so. GM Sb can therefore to turn a blind eye to the evidence and deny the truth. It is impossible to make someone who has no concern for the truth, but on the other hand allegiance to the conspirators, to admit an inconvenient truth!

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/12/2018 11:38:24 PM

  • Naseer saheb's facility in using words like jihad, kafir, hypocrite, liars and "conspiracy theory" make him a fighter for truth! People who really fight for the truth never have any need to use such words.  A prerequisite of Naseer sab's version of fighting jihad is that he throw insults and try to defame anyone who disagrees with him!
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/12/2018 4:50:39 PM

  • Naseer saheb,
    Neither the Iraq war nor the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a conspiracy. They were  deceitful  and were based on lies. Applying the word "conspiracy" to them is your own retort to my questioning your bizarre 9/11 conspiracy theory, The attack on Afghanistan was launched in response to the 9/11 attack.  As a 9/11 conspiracy theorist you may see it as part of a grand conspiracy! I shall leave you to your fantasizing. It is almost impossible to cure a conspiracy theorist!
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/12/2018 11:42:33 AM

  • Jihad is not simply fighting wars. It is also standing up for the truth and the one who does not, is by definition a hypocrite.
    One can fight for the truth with his pen and that is also Jihad.
    One can fight against the truth and defend false political positions and that is hypocrisy.
    Jihad is a part of every honest person's daily life and hypocrisy a part of every liars daily life. By Naseer Ahmed - 9/12/2018 2:19:08 AM

  • Conspiracies admitted to or completely exposed are lies, but conspiracies not admitted to, or those that continue to be denied, are simply crazy and unsubstantiated! That is as hypocritical as anyone can get.

     It was a conspiracy of the US and its allies to wage war on Iraq on the false pretext of possession of WMDs, and before this lie was completely exposed, it was only a theory. So also, the Tonkin incident. They also needed a pretext to attack Afghanistan. From the past record of the US and its history of interventions, if there is a motive for the US to wage war, the US finds the pretext or creates one. Maybe a hundred years from now, the US government may come clean on the truth as they did about the Tonkin incident.  Till such time, the likes of GM sb, can bury their heads in sand, and keep saying that is “a crazy theory”. If he had an open mind rather than taking a stubborn political stand in support of his adopted country, he would find plenty of evidence and expert opinions from physicists, architects, engineers, demolition experts and experts in fighting building fires. GM sb is not a truth seeker. He is a political animal. Who else can dismiss all the expert opinions as crazy?


    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/12/2018 2:02:28 AM

  • Naseer saheb,
    Claims of WMD's in Iraq were a lie, not a conspiracy theory.
    The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie, not a conspiracy theory.
    Both lies were quickly caught and dismissed. But the conspiracy theories seem to go on and on for ever!
    By the way, you are back to your ad hominem tricks when you called me Uncle Tom. Try to rise a little above that level!
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/11/2018 12:57:58 PM

  • Nawaz saheb,
    A thousand articles have been written about the correct meaning of the terms jihad and kufr and yet they continue to be used injudiciously. Why do we need those terms today? Are you and I going to fight in any just holy wars? Are you and I going to call each other kafirs? Does defining and redefining these terms increase one's claim to being a scholar or aalim? Why does a religion of peace need such terms anyway? Our habit of calling others kafir makes it easy for us to throw other terms at people who have a different opinion such as "hypocrite"! When will this charade stop?
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/11/2018 12:45:29 PM

  • Reproducing the complete section on the meaning of kufr since people have a tendency to pick up only a part and claim that to the whole.

    Who is a Kafir in the Quran? (Part 4) Defining Kufr

      By Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    25 Feb, 2015

     There are two dimensions to kufr:

    1.         Kufr relating to man, society, the world or the temporal dimension

    2.         Kufr relating to God or the spiritual dimension

    Kufr relating to the temporal dimension

    The Quran recognizes certain human rights:

    1.         Right to belief and pursuit of one’s beliefs without obstruction or persecution

    2.         Sanctity of life and property

    3.         Mutual rights and responsibilities emanating from commonly accepted norms of civil society, agreements, contracts and the laws of the society in which one lives.

    Kufr relating to God or the spiritual dimension

    The Quran also recognizes the “Rights of God”

    The spiritual dimension is covered by the scriptures which inform the believer about his covenants with God and the duties and responsibilities emanating from these.

    The believer invites a nonbeliever to become a believer and accept these covenants and become the recipient of divine blessings and guidance, showing gratitude for the blessings of God and fulfilling his part of the covenant by conducting his affairs in accordance with the guidance provided in the scriptures.

    Besides God’s blessings common to all, God is “shaa’ker” (giver of thanks) which God does through His rewards for the acts of man that are for pleasing God. Man is required to reciprocate with `Shukr’ (giving thanks) through worship and acts that please God such as spending on charity. For the sins of man against God, his reckoning is with God alone, who will punish him in the hereafter.

    With reference to God, a non-believer

    1.         Is guilty of kufr if he rejects the “truth” out of envy, insolence, arrogance rather than for lack of required evidence or conviction.

    2.         He becomes a kafir after the truth becomes manifest to him where his mind and heart acknowledges the “truth” and yet he rejects it.

    And a believer is guilty of kufr if he violates the prohibitions and injunctions in the scriptures.

    Punishment for kufr

    A violation of the rights of man and/or God is kufr.

    The Quran prescribes hadd punishments only for kufr in the temporal dimension. Kufr in the temporal dimension is also kufr in the spiritual dimension but not vice versa.

    Hadd punishments for kufr relating to God or the spiritual dimension are not prescribed in the Quran as that would violate the right of conscience that the Quran clearly grants to man.

    Some forms of Kufr may appear to stride both the dimensions - for example, an apostate who turns hostile and carries on activities harmful to a section of the society or the state. Such a person can be punished for the harm that he has caused or can potentially cause but not for apostasy. Apostasy is merely incidental and irrelevant to the case as apostasy is not kufr in the temporal dimension.

    Usury, if it does not contravene laws of the land, will only be kufr in the spiritual dimension. Through legislation, usury could be made a punishable offence since it is injurious to man as well but it is not hadd. Legislating punishments for kufr related to the spiritual dimension alone, violate the freedoms granted to man by the Quran and is kufr.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/11/2018 1:36:58 AM

  • My pervious comment contains my definition of Kafir as it pertains to beliefs.

    For the full definition, read both the articles.
    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/11/2018 12:30:44 AM

  • Yes, GM sb, you are a Muslim version of Uncle Tom who believes only in the official version as the truth although the US government's conspiracies and lies in other cases have been nailed. Have you forgotten the Secretary of State Colin Powell’s 2013 speech at the U.N., showing charts of Saddam Hussein’s WMDs? No weapons like that were ever found among his stockpiles even after the Iraq War, which claimed thousands of American and millions of Iraqi lives. Every proven case was only a conspiracy theory before it was accepted by the whole world as the truth. There were many other cases in the past proved many years later from de-classified documents. To mention one such other case:
    The Gulf of Tonkin incident is an example where the U.S. military used a supposed attack by the North Vietnamese on the American naval ship “Maddox” on August 2nd, 1964, as a pretext for escalating the country’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The only problem - no such attack ever happened, according to even to the former Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. By Naseer Ahmed - 9/11/2018 12:20:12 AM

  • My definition of Kafir first published in NAI. This has remained unchanged.

     Who is a Kafir in the Quran? (Part 4) Defining Kufr

     By Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    25 Feb, 2015

     With reference to God, a non-believer

    1.         Is guilty of kufr if he rejects the “truth” out of envy, insolence, arrogance rather than for lack of required evidence or conviction.

    2.         He becomes a kafir after the truth becomes manifest to him where his mind and heart acknowledges the “truth” and yet he rejects it.

     Revisiting the Meaning of Kafir

     By Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    27 December 2017

     Those who are Kafir for their rejection of belief, are not those who have not accepted “belief” or the “disbelievers” or those who are sinners in their personal life, but the active enemies of the people of good faith, their oppressors and persecutors and enemy of God like Satan.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/10/2018 11:52:46 PM

  • Dear Mr. Mohyiuddin,
    Let me refer you to the following few lines from my article "Quranic Concept of Jihad" Published in the Daily Sun, Dhaka on 17.03.2017 and 24.03.2017:
    "Unflinching support for the good and uncompromising struggle against the evils and evil forces at social, national and international levels as per the instructions of the Holy Qur’an is Jihad. Allowing evil forces to continue with their misdeeds without protest and resistance in worldly life, is tantamount to fleeing back from the field of Jihad, and certainly is an act of hypocrisy.---------The conspiratorial activities of enemies of Islam sow the seeds of discord and disunity within Muslim community and instigate violence through their agents in the name of Jihad to serve their economic and geopolitical interests.
    This is what has happened and is still happening in Afghanistan, Middle-East, Africa, Europe, America and South-Asia- practically, all over the world. The history is the greatest witness as to who is behind all these crimes." 
    This is the whole geo-political scenario of the modern world  But the  the traitors and hypocrites amongst  us squarely blames the Holy Quran and recommend elimination of the terms "Jihad" and "Kufr".
    Thank you  Mr. Mohyiuddin, I would rather suggest the so-called moderate people like you   to re-write the Holy Quran [Naujubillah] in the interest of their Corporate Masters !!!.
    You have correctly coined the lexicon " Moderacy, thy name is hypocrisy"!!
    thank you
    By Kazi Wadud Nawaz - 9/10/2018 11:18:29 PM

  • Naseer sahib now says, "Rejection of belief is an act and is kufr and the one who rejects is therefore a kafir." He has expanded on his previous definition of kufr. The obsession of some Muslims with "kufr" is pathological and diabolical. I continue to believe that words like 'kafir' and 'jihad' should be eliminated from our lexicon. They are obsolete concepts and only hold us back and make many of us fanatics. By Ghulam Mohiyuddin Faruki - 9/10/2018 1:12:26 PM

  • Nawaz saheb,
    When ISIS or the Taliban kill innocent men, women and children and call all moderate and sane Muslims 'kafirs', what "other side of the picture" do you think would excuse such behavior?
    If the only answer to Western imperialist aggression is a revival of the evil Khawarij ideology, that is cowardly and un-Islamic and must be rejected by all Muslims.
    The article says, "an increasingly high number of people now take the manipulations as truth, radicalizing themselves, embracing jihad, and becoming fascinated and indoctrinated by terrorist propaganda that promises salvation of the soul and access to paradise to those who embrace the "true way" or the "true Islam"."
    Do you disagree with that?
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin Faruki - 9/10/2018 1:01:43 PM

  • Naseer sahib,
    Your conspiracy theories about 9/11 etc. do not deserve a reply. I am not and never have been a conspiracy theorist. The harm done to the Muslim world by western imperialists is gross enough and obvious enough and does not need any spicing up with crazy  unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin Faruki - 9/10/2018 12:41:48 PM

  • Shahin Sb,

     A believer can be a kafir but a Muslim can never be a kafir because the very meaning of Muslim is that he acts in accordance with Allah's commands. Kufr is to do with what you do and not with what you believe.

     Rejection of belief is an act and is kufr and the one who rejects is therefore a kafir. Being a disbeliever is a state and not an act, and by itself not kufr nor does it make the person kafir. As long as someone has not rejected belief in a single God after his inner self has acknowledged the truth and does not actively oppose such belief, he is not a kafir. The presumption of our theologians that every disbeliever is a kafir, is a presumption that every disbeliever has rejected belief after having been convinced of the truth which is false.

     The Quran addresses various audiences but never the Muslim because they are by definition those who bow to Allah in Islam and not in need of instructions and warnings. The Quran addresses the believers trying to make a Muslim out of them and warning them about the behaviors that will make them kafir such as consuming usury, "shirk", niggardliness, giving charity only to show off, or charity accompanied by insult. There are therefore essentially three behaviors that make a believer a kafir - "shirk", consuming usury, not giving charity gracefully.

     A disbeliever may be a mushrik and still not be a kafir while a believer who commits shirk is a kafir. This is because "shirk" is merely prohibited to the Mushrik but an unforgivable sin for the believers. Similarly, a believer may violate a prohibition, but that does not make him a kafir, unless he compounds it by justifying his act and remaining unrepentant.

     Sectarian differences are differences in beliefs without involving "active and deliberate shirk" and cannot make any person a kafir even if a person believes in a prophet after Muhammad (pbuh). The sects indulging in takfir of other sects for their beliefs are barbarians with little understanding of the Quran.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/10/2018 7:25:19 AM

  • Dear Mohyiuddin Sb,
    Sorry, it seems you have failed to grasp the essence of my comment which Mr. Naseer has correctly put forward in his comment.
    Please take note of the last sentence of my comment which clearly contests Writer's partial and one-sided view on manipulation of truth
    "Dear Writer please tell  me frankly whom the article really wants to camouflage behind the Ideological Cover?"
    I have questioned the inherent motive of this article which says
    "All of this contested history of the Takfir concept flows down to our own times.  Al-Qaeda and Daesh both use the ancient concept to justify their goals and their jihadi attacks on Muslims they see as disbelievers, including rulers."
    The writer carefully avoided  the other side of  the picture.
    I think this is enough to prove relevance of the raised issue.  Thanks By Kazi Wadud Nawaz - 9/10/2018 4:20:57 AM

  • Shahin sb,

    There are many people who have never learnt how to pray and just go through with the motions behind the imam nevertheless. I have had non-Muslim friends who fasted with me and prayed with me for a day or two during Ramadhan. They may have meditated or recited their own words of worship or may have only thought to themselves  that they were performing yoga. I didn't ask them what they did.

    They can pray as the Muslims do but not recite the Tashahhud but replace it with something more appropriate corresponding with the state of their belief. They can go through the motions and seek help and guidance with  "Please God, if you exist".

    God assures that if you take one sincere step, God will come nearer by ten steps.

    An agnostic Muslim is any day better than a non-practicing "believer" and the Buddhists can be considered as agnostic Muslims since they sincerely follow a rule based moral code.

    People often ask me how would I have prayed if there were no hadiths. Since congregational prayer is what the Quran asks us to perform, and this is not possible except in the form of a ritual, I simply follow the ritual of the congregation and it makes no difference to me whether the imam is a shia, sunni, Barelvi, Deobandi or whatever. 

    In private also I follow the same rituals as there is no reason why I shouldn't. I of course know the correct way of performing the ritual prayer and can lead the prayers.

    For acts performed as a congregation, ritual is necessary but the differences in rituals of different sects is of no significance unless there is something in their prayer which involves "shirk".

    The congregational prayer is meant to unite people and not divide them and the main purpose of the synchronized ritualistic form is to unite the worshipers in a common bond.
    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/10/2018 1:28:04 AM

  • GM sb has no answer to the questions posed to him for falsely calling it "spinning an intriguing conspiracy theory". He should think twice before making false accusations. Perhaps he is only trying to score nationalistic brownie points defending his adopted country.

    The article is about manipulations of the truth to achieve political ends and covers only one side and not the other. Nawaz sb’s comment covers the manipulations of the other side which are far more radical and perverse and has killed people in millions. Discussing the other side may be more proper in a separate article than here but that is not what GM said in his comment. He called it "spinning of an intriguing conspiracy theory" in the true manner of a neo-con defender!

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/10/2018 12:08:00 AM

  • Dear Naseer Saheb, how does one establish regular prayers without expressing belief. Would he just go through the motions as probably Mohammad Ali Jinnah did when as Governor General of Pakistan he had to go to a mosque and pray.  By Sultan Shahin - 9/9/2018 8:50:50 PM

  • Nawaz saheb and Naseer saheb,
    We do not need any proofs for the evils of imperialism and neo-imperialism. But here we are discussing takfirism and the fact that it is a weapon used not only by Islamist terrorists but also by our traditionalist and mainstream maulanas and ulama.
    While the Quran may define true Muslims and false Muslims, it does not give any authority to anyone to make those distinctions and to mete out punishments to the false Muslims. Islam has no official clergy. When the Pakistanis go out bombing Ahmedi mosques or when the Taliban and the ISIS thugs go out killing Shias, they think they are carrying out God's wishes! In internet forums,  when someone is about to lose an argument, he or she immediately calls the opposing person "not a true Muslim" or a "kafir"! The discussion of the Khawarij intolerance  and fratricide in this article is very revealing.

    I do not know how American imperialism and its duplicity and corporate and neocon subterfuge got into this discussion. Their behavior is criminal but jihadist terrorism is not the answer. Our duty to condemn and oppose such terrorism is clear and unquestionable. And  let us not forget that those alien aggressors were fully aided and abetted by Muslims. That continues to be the case even today.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/9/2018 1:57:05 PM

  • Nawaz Sahab,A

    Anon-practicing Muslim is an oxymoron. The word Islam means submission and a Muslim is one who submits or practices Islam. A person can be a Muslim but not yet a believer according to the Quran. There is immense wisdom in allowing this as a definition of a Muslim. Belief can precede practice and belief can also follow practice. It is well established by psychological studies that it is far easier to make a person adopt desired behavior but very difficult to change his attitude first, to produce the desired behavior. Organizations therefore work on changing the behavior of their employees and not on changing their attitudes which change automatically over a period. A change in our behavior makes us think about it and reflect on the feelings it generates and if these are positive, it changes our attitude favorably towards the new behavior making it permanent. A person who begins to go to the mosque and pray five times will mix with other Muslims, make friends with some very good people, and will start looking forward to it. Giving charity will produce good feelings. These positive feelings about the new practices will positively orient him towards the new religion affecting his beliefs. There is no requirement that a person must believe first and then practice Islam. This wisdom of the Quran is completely lost in our theology which puts the cart before the horse.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/9/2018 12:45:34 PM

  • Does GM sb need proof that the charge against Saddam that he possessed WMD was a deliberate lie and a conspiracy between the US and its NATO allies to  create an excuse to wage war on Iraq? What makes him doubt that they similarly created an excuse to attack Afghanistan? Does he have evidence that the official version of the US on 911 is true? Why didn't a much greater fire for a much longer duration not bring down the building in London?


    Why are the twin towers the only buildings in the world to have collapsed by fires which were not among the worst fires?

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/9/2018 7:02:53 AM

  •  Dear Mohyiuddin sb,
    Thank you for your response. I neednot spin any conspiracy theory-the Neocons in the Pentagon have already done it as a Geo-political strategy to deal with sovereign nation states and world Muslim Community.
     The history of the 20th and 21st century is replete with corporate crimes all over the world . Bosnia Harzegovina, Central Asia, Afganistan Middle-east and Africa -all bear clear testimony to   such conspiracy and corporate crimes. Does it require any more evidence? Thank you.
    By Kazi Wadud Nawaz - 9/9/2018 6:21:41 AM

  • Nawaz Sahab,

    There is no hypocrisy in making a point with the help of very clear verses of the Quran. My comment brings out the minimum requirement to be considered a Muslim from the very clear verses of the Quran.

    The Quran does not require of the person, in whose heart faith has not yet entered, to say "I believe" but only to say "I accept" and yet accepts him into the fold of Islam, if he "establishes regular prayers and spends in charity". This is the bare minimum requirement to be considered a Muslim. Saying that "I believe" or as we make everyone say "I attest/witness ......" is hypocrisy, unless accompanied by faith/belief and firm knowledge to be in a position to say  "I attest/witness .......". The Quran does not encourage such hypocrisy or testimony by a person who is not in a position to testify, but a truthful  "I accept to follow the tenets of Islam as a Muslim" is enough.

    قَالَتِ الْأَعْرَابُ آمَنَّا ۖ قُل لَّمْ تُؤْمِنُوا وَلَٰكِن قُولُوا أَسْلَمْنَا وَلَمَّا يَدْخُلِ الْإِيمَانُ فِي قُلُوبِكُمْ ۖ وَإِن تُطِيعُوا اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ لَا يَلِتْكُم مِّنْ أَعْمَالِكُمْ شَيْئًا ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ

    (49:14) The desert Arabs say, "We believe." Say, "Ye have no faith; but ye (only)say, ´We have submitted our wills to Allah,´ For not yet has Faith entered your hearts. But if ye obey Allah and His Messenger, He will not belittle aught of your deeds: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

    Beyond this minimum requirement, a person can progress with both belief and Aamal in gaining nearness to Allah and can say "I believe or I attest" if his belief and knowledge and certainty have grown to an extent that makes it truthful to say so. What is to be avoided are hypocritical lies which our theology forces on us as the minimum requirement to be considered a Muslim when it insists that a person must attest and recite the kalima shahida to be accepted into the fold of Islam.

    Giving testimony in a court of law without direct knowledge  of the truth of what we are testifying, will result in rejection of the entire testimony and being barred from giving further testimony. We however glibly testify to what we cannot know to be the truth but only believe to be the truth. Our Kalima shahihda teaches us to lie glibly. The Kalima as per the Quran is more appropriate. It asks us to say "I believe" and not "I testify/witness".

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/9/2018 4:26:24 AM

  • It is a fact that the USA is the devil incarnate which has carefully planned to destroy the Muslim world by using its weaknesses. The use of what they call “Islamic fundamentalists” is part of the plan with ideas given by Bernard Lewis who argued that it was very easy to rip apart the Islamic world and balkanize it, by leveraging both “fundamentalism” and sectarian differences. They have succeeded in their plans beyond their wildest dreams because the Muslims turned out to be more stupid than they had imagined.

    The 911 incident was also either staged by them entirely or they made the plan of the alleged attackers, a sub-plan of their own. What is beyond doubt is that the towers could not have come down in the manner they did, only on account of the plane crashing into them, and were brought down through pre-planned controlled demolition. This means that the attack had the US government helping the attackers directly or indirectly unknown to them to camouflage the demolition. They succeeded in fooling the entire Muslim world except their own intrepid seekers of the truth who systematically exposed the fraud.

    Osama could have released a video denying that he had anything to do with it. He was however flattered and was immensely pleased to take the “credit” and remained silent. On the other hand, the American government released a fake video of a look-alike Osama taking credit, to convince their own people, that a war against Afghanistan was justified, because there was a considerable public opinion building up against such a war.

    The Taliban government asked the US government for proof of Osama’s complicity for handing him over to them which the US did not have. The Taliban government could have additionally provided recorded video of Osama denying any part in the attack which would have made their stand justified. They did not do so. The Pakistan government could have raised doubts about the capacity of Osama to carry out such an attack and pointed out to the impossibility of the twin towers crumbling down merely because a plane had crashed into them. They didn’t do it but extended their co-operation to the US in waging the war.

    Yes, the US is waging a carefully planned war but the Muslims are their willing accomplices and even though they may not have had any part in 911, they foolishly took credit for it and by their acts of commission and/or omission guilty.

    There are too many chinks in our ideology and thinking and our people are easily bought over with a few dollars. We can be easily fooled with lies, because we are not inclined to speak the truth either and are easily flattered by the lies. There is no truth, justice or honour in how we conduct our affairs. It is not false propaganda that Pakistan treats its minorities shabbily. It is not falsehood either, that the Gulf countries, deliberately allow expats to overstay illegally, and exploit them as slaves. Saudi Arabia is at the bottom of the heap on the moral scale and prostituted itself to the US/Israel. Pakistan is similar. What is it that the Muslims and the Muslim countries can be proud of today? They can only be proud of their past.

     The travails that we are going through are an opportunity to set our house in order. To pretend that all our woes are inflicted externally, and we have no part in it, will only destroy us completely. 13:11 “……Allah does not change a people´s lot unless they change what is in themselves. But when (once) Allah wills a people´s punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.”

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/9/2018 3:52:32 AM

  • It is a fact that the USA, as a deliberate policy, helped by thinkers such as Bernard Lewis, cynically exploits what they call "Islamic Fundamentalism", to weaken the Muslim countries, and achieve their political agenda starting with giving the erstwhile USSR their Vietnam. The ISIS is also their creation and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are their puppets. The Afghans supporting the US, also sold out to the CIA for a few million dollars.

     It is also a fact, that traditional Islamic scholarship, is powerless to combat the twin menace of the designs of the USA/Israel, and their own extremist brethren, because the ideology common to every sect, is not very much different from the ideology of the extremists.  

    This is covered in several of my articles:

    The Importance of Getting the Story Right on the Divine Plan Allah

     Islam's Relationship With The Rest Of The Word - The Current Problem Of Extremism In A False Ideology And The Antidote From An Authentic Understanding Of The Truly Humanistic Message Of The Quran

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/9/2018 1:25:26 AM

  • Nawaz sahib spins an intriguing conspiracy theory but does not present any evidence to support it. There may be some elements of truth in it but then we cannot blame western imperialists or  corporate interests for the 7th century takfirism of the Khawarij.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/8/2018 11:16:05 PM

  • Dear Naseer sb,
    I am confused with your comment as I am confused with the article  it self
    "In all the verses, only obedience to the essential tenets of Islam is demanded and not declaration of belief or the testimony of faith"
     Of course,I agree with you  that Allah wants from us obedience to basic tenets of Islam -but this obedience is total and active , and  not partial and passive. but I cannot agree that Allah does not want any evidence from mankind on such obedience. In this connection  I would request you to please  refer to the Quranic verse 47:31 that says :
    "And We shall try you until We test those among you who strive their utmost and persevere in patience;and We shall try your reported (mettle)"
    All our activies are being recorded in time and will be played bach as evidence during the " Day of Judgment"
    I would request you to please make the point clear. Thanks. By Kazi Wadud Nawaz - 9/8/2018 10:48:43 PM

  •  So-called "Takfirism" is a negative trend in ideological domain of Muslim Community.The Holy Quran has its own definitions of "Jihad "and "Kufr" which are clear and simple.The Western Countries and their Corporate Masters are INSTIGATING AND TAKING ADVANTAGE  of this negative trend to create division and disunity amongst Muslim Community and establish a Neo-Conservative World-Order. The So-called Jihadists are agents and slaves of their Corporate Masters harnessed to vilify and create a negative image of Islam amongst world community The so-called Islmic activists like Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi have been trained and reared up by the Jionist and Western Intelligence Agencies. A section of Muslim Intellectuals and thinkers are getting baffled and being misled by high-pitched humdrum of Corporate Propaganda Apparatus.  Now what is the duty of all Islamic countries,Institutions and  honest, sincere and God-fearing Islamic intellectuals and thinkers?  Just to counter Western Conspiracy through all-out circulation of real Quranic teachings on "Jihad and Kufr' and refrain from  putting blames squarely on all Islamic Activists, Imams and Ulamas.. Thanks.
    By Kazi Wadud Nawaz - 9/8/2018 6:59:04 PM

  • When I said "I agree" in my last comment, I was agreeing with K.Fatma sb.
    The Quran does make distinctions between true Muslims and false Muslims but it does not give any of us the authority to make such distinctions. To arrogate such authority to ourselves is to usurp such authority from God. Takfirism has become an unholy game that mullahs play against each other!
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/8/2018 11:48:21 AM

  • I agree. Takfirism is practiced not only by Islamist terrorists. It is a common tactic of our imams and ulama.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/8/2018 11:20:44 AM

  • It's a confusing article likely to create confusion amongst the Muslim community. It has given very little reference to the Quranic verses confirming its principled stand on Imaan  and A'mal  Giving too much emphasis on what scholars say without taking the Holy Quran and Hadith into account is a sinister approach towards creating  an ideological confusion amongst  Muslim community. The Holy Quran is Very clear on Iman  and A'mal.  A’mal  is an essential component and integral part of Iman.  Practising and commanding  anything that is good and resisting whatever evil,  are the fundamental characteristics of a   Believer. There is no doubt about it. Inculcating any conflict between the two will make a hypocrite, but not a Muslim.

    The Holy Quran says:

    “ Let there  arise out of you a band of people  inviting to all that is good. Enjoining what is right,and forbidding what is wrong ; they are the ones  to attain felicity”( Sura Al-i-Imran, Verse 3:104)

    “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing In Allāh. if only the people of the Book had Faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have Faith, but Most of them are perverted transgressors.” (Sura . Āli-Imrān, 3: 110)

    Al-A’mru –bi- al-ma’rūf wa an-nahy an al-munkar (to call to do good and to prevent from evil deeds), is the central theme of the Islamic call to humans. The term is explicitly found in various places in the Holy Quran.

    ·         Sura Al-ar’af Ayat 157 (7:157),

    ·         ,Sura At-Tawbah Ayat 67 (9:67),  This Verse has explicitly exposesd the character pof the hypocrites.

    ·         Sura Al-Hujj Ayat  41(22:41), the Sura explains the characteristics of Believers that earnestly help the cause of Allah.

    The whole article has been written with a sinister design to hood wink  the real culprit and put the blame on ideological differences amongst the Muslims. Now  I would  like to ask a few questions to the writer:

    1.       Do you think Historical and Geo-political  background of the 21st century is  the  same as was prevailing  during the  reign of Hazrat Ali (R.A)

    2.       Did the past factions emerging  from amongst  the Muslim Community get any external support?

    3.       Who is the Master Mind of the Present day Al-Qaeda and Al Nusra  Terrorist  groups?

    4.       Who gives them logistic support ,money men and material ? Are they Muslims or Enemies of the Muslim Umma?

    In this connection I would  like to draw your kind attention to  my following articles published in the Newage Islam . These are

    a.       Combat Terrorism and Safe-guard Nation state sovereignty. Published on  23.09 2016.

    b.      Facing the Menace of Corporate  Development Models. Published on 16.07.2014

    Please allow me to quote a few lines from these articles;

    Ø  “The Global War on Terror of the Neo-conservatives in U.S administration aims at destabilizing the resourceful geo-politically important sovereign nation states through conspiratorial proxy-war to turn it into a “Failed State” and replace the established National Government with a Puppet Regime to serve their Geo-strategic interests.Global terrorism aims at reverting Historical Laws of Social Development to perpetuate class rule and corporate domination.  It’s a global phenomenon born out of Neo-cons’ strategy for implementing the "Project New American century "(PNAC), an inhuman reactionary endeavour on the part of Neo-conservatives to turn back the Wheel of History. Neo-conservatives’ concept of“ War without Border”,  substantially being  the twenty- first century edition of Leon Trotsky’s theory of “Permanent Revolution”, constitutes the philosophical foundation of so-called “US War on Terrorism” that we encounter to-day.”[ Combat Terrorism  and Safe-guard Nation-state Sovereignty]

    Ø  ”Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, “Intelligence Assets for the CIA” as termed by an Ex CIA Chief, [Ref: America’s War on Terrorism By Mitchel Chossudovsky] was harnessed to overthrow the communist regime in Afghanistan, and is still playing in gloves with US Imperialism in creating grounds for US War of Aggression on the plea of Fighting Terrorism all over the world.

    According to Chossudovsky , the “ war on terrorism” is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted $40 billion –a-year American Intelligence apparatus. The “war on terrorism” is a war of conquest. Globalization is the final march to the “New World Order”, dominated by Wall Street and US-military industrial complex”

    Dear Writer please tell  me frankly whom the article really wants to camouflage behind the Ideological Cover?

    By Kazi Wadud Nawaz - 9/8/2018 10:59:31 AM

  • Every sect has given its views on the subject and no sect invokes what I consider to be an eternal, inviolable and absolute principle in the verse:

    "Let there be no compulsion in religion"

    Every sect considers the non-Muslims to be Kafir and that it is legitimate to wage war against them and the Kharjites expand the scope of war to include the Muslims who do not conform to their idea of what makes a Muslim. While the Murji’a take a softer stand, they do not categorically rebut the nonsense of the other groups.

    When I criticize the past scholars for their barbarianism and mental incapacity to understand the Quran and their penchant for deliberately distorting the meanings of words and derive their own meanings, I am told that Islamic scholarship of the past was the best there was in the world! Even so, it is stuck to this day where it was, and it amazes me that people even write articles that do not make a distinction between verses containing the law and verses that are merely transactional and one time instructions to deal with a problem as it occurred while the revelations were going on and even though such verses do not violate any law such as the one on no compulsion!

    The debate among the sects about who can be considered a Muslim is also void of evidence from the Quran while the Quran makes this very clear.

    Who Can Be Considered A Muslim?

    Submitting to the Islamic requirement of ritual prayer and giving zakat is the proof Allah demands of a person when he claims to be a Muslim, and this is the proof Allah asks the Prophet to ensure. Allah does not ask for declaration of faith or testimony of faith. In verse 9:5, Allah says that if a person “establishes regular prayers and practises regular charity, then open the way for them (accept them in the fold of Islam)”. This is the bare minimum requirement. There are several other levels that a believer can attain which are described in the Quran, but the common denominator is as described in 9:5.

     (24:53) "Swear ye not; Obedience is (more) reasonable; verily, Allah is well acquainted with all that ye do."

    The testimony of faith is swearing, and Allah forbids swearing and asks instead for obedience and submission to the religion of Islam and performance of deeds

    (60:12) O Prophet! When believing women come to thee to take the oath of fealty to thee, that they will not associate in worship any other thing whatever with Allah, that they will not steal, that they will not commit adultery (or fornication), that they will not kill their children, that they will not utter slander, intentionally forging falsehood, and that they will not disobey thee in any just matter,- then do thou receive their fealty, and pray to Allah for the forgiveness (of their sins): for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful

    In all the verses, only obedience to the essential tenets of Islam is demanded and not declaration of belief or the testimony of faith.

    Proof that Allah does not demand verbal assertion of faith but only obedience

    There came a time when Islam was in the ascendant and people were flocking to it in large numbers without belief/faith entering their hearts. They were admitted by the Prophet to the fold of Islam. Such people, when they said "Amanna” (We believe), they were chided by Allah in verse 49:14 and told that faith had not yet entered their hearts and therefore they should not say that they believe but only say “we have submitted/accepted  (Aslamna)”. They are also assured that if they obey Allah and His messenger, Allah will not belittle any of their deeds for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    What is clear from this verse is that to be considered a Muslim what is required is submission to the requirements of the faith or its tenets. Even a declaration of belief is not required, let alone the testimony of faith! 

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/8/2018 10:25:03 AM

  • Takfirism is deeply rooted in Muslim community. It looks like someone throwing the ball of Takfir and the other playing with the bat of Takfir. The audience all around the stadium are shouting at every throw and shot. 
    This problem is not limited to Alqaeda or ISIS. It is also found in every sect of Muslim community.
    By K. FATMA - 9/8/2018 7:34:51 AM