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Radical Islamism and Jihad (24 Jan 2019 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • Yezdi community is innocent.They must be protected and treated on par with other Arab citizens. That is natural justice. Yezdi community worship God/Allah.But in different culture. all prayer emanating from the Mind of Hindus, christians  Muslims etc reach Allah only.

    By Dr.A.Anburaj - 2/23/2019 7:35:59 PM

  • The original mistake is in the splitting of the country on religious grounds. The rest follows from it. It would be better that the original mistake is corrected and we become a single nation once again. 

    Pakistan is a failed state and does not deserve to be a sovereign independent country. 

    By Naseer Ahmed - 1/28/2019 12:54:01 AM

  • Rita Manchanda during an Analysis writes, "Sultan Shahin, founding editor of the website ‘New Age Islam’, has decried the ‘irresponsibility’ of public intellectuals arguing for letting Kashmir go. "What about the nationalist Muslims of Kashmir? It was the vision of secularism and pluralism that had brought them to India in the first place. Kashmir is important for common Indians because Kashmiriyat is a prototype for Hindustaniyat – a unique blend of unity in ideological diversity."

    By KF - 1/27/2019 11:39:29 PM

  • Hats Off's hate war against "moderate economic migrants" continues. For him even the worst of the Islamists are moderates! This is his way of dealing with his envy of those he thinks are living better lives than he is!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 1/25/2019 1:03:38 PM

  • Today again a cow rakshak tried to kill a Muslim. This is published in Urdu newspaper. 
    By KF - 1/24/2019 7:17:52 PM

  • this is fairly the standard of discourse of many many muslims. do a youtube search. you will find even more filthy things. all said by west-hating, but free-booting economic migrants wrongly designated as refugee muslims.

    many moderates sympathise with these opinions and will shamelessly cry "islamophobia" when exposed.

    By hats off! - 1/24/2019 7:03:23 PM

  • This thing will always come back because Munafik, like Sultan Shahin never said about the atrocities committed by Muslims to Kashmiri pandits and in pocket were Muslims live in majority in India.

    He is doing Alligator tears, to remain in business of politics.

    By Aayina - 1/24/2019 2:38:56 PM