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  • Mr Sultan Shahin you are playing Bad cop and good cop game deceiving everybody.
    Ambedkar never wanted to convert to Buddhism but Ghandhi was never ready to condemn manuscript, Ghandhi was doing intellectual jingoism which you too do with your brigade of NAI, if your Quran is eternal than it cannot have violent verses situation based 1400 years ago, it is still valid for killing polytheist.
    What you do is trying to decive all  who are not belving  in your Quran, you try to play good cop game.
    Those violent verses are all time applicable and cannot be said by God, that simple.
    You also cheat people like Zakir Naik, that you are evolving which is huge fake as I have never seen any issue that concern to Hindu and atrocities carried by Muslim to Hindus.
    By Aayina - 8/30/2019 11:09:26 PM

  • I talked to some Ulama about the text of Bahare Shariat quoted in this article. They said all war-related aayat, commentaries and explanations deal with the context of war. They can’t be applied in today’s situation for several reasons.

    They also said “it is good to point out necessaity of such text to be given in proper context as it might create confusion among common readers”.

    Either of the two things can be done in the case of the quoted text; deletion of irrelevant text in the chapter of Akhlaq w Adab or addition of proper context.    

    By GGS - 4/19/2019 1:36:54 AM

    By Dev Soni - 4/18/2019 10:48:55 AM

    By Dev Soni - 4/18/2019 10:48:39 AM

  • @ Dev Lmao even rioters nd supporters of mass murderers look concerned abt "harmony"
    No one can handle so much irony at once.
    By Mohammad Hussain - 4/18/2019 10:47:25 AM

  • @Dev Soni I would really like to know the fact your claim is based on..
    By Na H Il - 4/18/2019 10:46:58 AM

    By Dev Soni - 4/18/2019 10:46:33 AM

  • Iam humbly requesting all the learned friends please don't waste valuable time and thoughts while indulging in a wrong subject with wrong topic. This word cannot be sovereignty but may be autonomous status. Many madrassa are autonomous. One more thing to say that basically they are the place of learning and should not be misunderstood.
    By Attaullah Mahdi - 4/18/2019 10:46:13 AM

  • In India secularism means that tolerance of atrocity and exploration , done by Muslims .Any defence against Muslims,called communalism .
    Here how a fake deliberation is going on word "sovereignty", which is only viable to be fitted with state .
    It cannot exist in any town city village institution house room etc. unless there is anarchy .
    By Satchidananda Mishra - 4/18/2019 10:44:50 AM

  • I think this is the best way to make presence on fb
    By Madhukar Sibal - 4/18/2019 10:43:53 AM

  • If any nation wants to learn how to treat a minority in times of need, please use New Zealand & it’s Prime Minister as a case study. ‬
    ‪*50 Muslims got attacked & killed by an Australian born Terrorist while praying at a mosque*
    ‪How did NZ, a tiny island of only 4 million people respond? ‬
    ‪- entire population mourned genuinely ‬
    ‪- called it a terrorist attack when the attacker was white ‬
    ‪- Raised $9million‬ + for the families affected
    - All funeral costs to be undertaken by the Government of New Zealand
    - Any person caught spreading hate news, or the attack video to be jailed up to 14 years.
    - banned Guns within hours of the incident
    - Huge number of people gathered all over the
    country to lay flowers outside mosques and show their support within hours
    - Kiwi people including the New Zealand police & even gang members of the country are patrolling outside mosques while Muslims pray
    - The Azaan to be played publicly on National TV , Radio and every Mosque around New Zealand at today’s Friday prayers
    - Government fast tracked visas to 24 hours to allow families of affected to enter New Zealand
    - Kiwi people opened their homes to provide free shelter, food and support to any Muslim
    - Non Muslim Kiwi girls wore the hijab to make Hijabi girls feel safer
    - The New Zealand media made sure they covered the Muslim voice in depth and detail, with full interviews with the families of those affected, front page headlines for days and still continuing
    - The Prime Minister Jacinda wore a hijab and personally visited the Muslim community on a daily basis to provide love, support & updates all while wearing a hijab. She hugged Muslims and genuinely cried with them
    - The New Zealand Parliament invited an imam to start a Parliament session with an Islamic prayer (First time in History)
    -Flags flew at half mast
    - The Kiwi people filled up parks and beaches with art work , flowers , candles to show they stand with the Muslim community shoulder to shoulde
    By Ghulam Hussain - 4/18/2019 10:43:31 AM

  • Madarasas will flourish till the day of judgement. The critics and anmeies of madasras have vanished like ash in the past and will vanish in present and future too.
    By Ashiq Dar - 4/18/2019 10:42:36 AM

  • Sheikh Shaheen noone invaded Muslims they themselves invaded oneachother don't mislead other s and yourself also
    By Jayant Gangele - 4/6/2019 10:22:55 PM

  • Sheikh Shaheen Read your Quran & Hadith with patience you will come to know venom is there for Kafirs.
    By Behare Lal Dhar - 4/6/2019 10:22:38 PM

  • Why use d term sovereignty,instead of 'autonomy'... all comments betray a lack of knowledge,based on ignorance and rampant ,prejudice,deliberately spread by certain vested interests...
    By Saeed Ahmad - 4/6/2019 10:21:29 PM

  • @Abdul Wadood Ansari   They are taught love for nation and culture first
    By Rajpal Sing - 4/3/2019 10:09:23 PM

  • @Rajpal Singh Really??? What about Shishu Mandir, Durga Vahani, Bajran Dal,
    By Abdul Wadood Ansari - 4/3/2019 10:08:13 PM

  • Madarsa is really a ground from where hate for other religions pumped.

    By Rajpal Singh - 4/3/2019 10:06:58 PM

  • Religious faith had dominance till there was no industrial revolution. Post industrialization, over emphasis on religious faith and madrassa education will leave Muslim community behind the other religions and races. Time for dominance of religion is up. Until the Muslims change their dated beliefs of the religion, they will be outdated by time. This era does not belong to religious dogmatic life but practical and pragmatic life with advancement of knowledge in science, technology, universal brotherhood.
    By Satpal Batra - 3/31/2019 3:36:49 AM

  • Muslims believe in co existence with other religions, because Islam teaches it followers that all men and women are sons and daughters of Adam and eve and that among you all one who fears Allah is the most respectful and that killing an innocent human being is the biggest offender and the worst human being and to show utmost patience against cruality but if it crosses the limit then allows a Muslim to revenge to the same extent to which he was made to suffer but Islam prefers forgiveness over revenge is this is what our book Quran tells us but inspite of this reality muslims are called terrorists why, why those countries who settled jews in Palestine at the cost of Palestinians, who invaded Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan and killed lakhs of human beings are not terrorists
    By Sheikh Shaheen - 3/31/2019 3:36:02 AM

  • Vishan Talreja I have heard Zakir Naik several time but I never heard any sort of things you have mentioned about Zakir Naik. OK I accept Zakir Naikwas was spreading hatred then what RSS and Hindu Mahasaba are doing. Are they preaching peace????Comeon Grow up.
    By Abdul Wadood Ansari - 3/31/2019 3:35:36 AM

  • Akhtar Shah If he was preaching according to the law of land, why he is deserted. He should come and face the trial according to that law.
    By Vishan Talreja - 3/31/2019 3:35:14 AM

  • Akhtar Shah In whole the Muslim world, the non Muslims are treated as secondary citizens and their lives are miserable. In India, the area which is dominated by Muslim population is like Darul Harb for the rest.
    By Vishan Talreja - 3/31/2019 3:34:53 AM

  • Zakir Naik never spread hatred. He only spread laughter. I was always amused by the stupidity of his ideas and also by the gullibility of his audience. Whenever I got bored, I would switch on his TV Chanel for entertainment. I miss Zakir Naik.
    By Sanjay Shukla - 3/31/2019 3:34:34 AM

  • Mohd Ramzan jakir naik was spreading haterd only, distorting facts ,and insulting other religions,he believed in muslim suprmacy,never condemn muslim terrorism even in muslim countries
    By Satyapalsingh Gehlot - 3/31/2019 3:34:13 AM

  • Vishan Talreja sir mohd ramzan is.saying the right thing why r you distorting facts.zakir naik was preaching his relegion that is guranteed by constitution of india where come the terrorists Islam is a religion of peace all modi bhagats r carried away by politics of hate which is not.good for a healthy nation
    By Akhtar Shah - 3/31/2019 3:33:54 AM

  • Vishan Talreja sir they have found it no non muslim in any muslim country is under duress but unfortunately after2014 elections muslims in India r scared as they r being targetted on one or the other pretext by the goons & the govt looks otherway towards these crimes
    By Akhtar Shah - 3/31/2019 3:33:35 AM

  • Either you have not read Quran or you are HYPOCRATIC. You should read it. Zakir Naik was producing.. terrorists through his speeches and hatred to all the religions.
    By Vishan Talreja - 3/31/2019 3:33:09 AM

  • Islam is not a new religion but it is the religion of all the prophets,the other religions have their roots in Islam but whenever truth is showed to u ,u start crying,Islam teaches equality of all but subject to actions,may be some Muslims are not right but that does not mean Islam is not right,what was the sin of zakir Naik ,y was he removed because the priests feared they will die of hunger as Naik was influencing people without weapons
    By Mohd Ramzan - 3/31/2019 3:32:42 AM

  •  A final system for final stage of our planet,for ur kind information,prophets never brought any religion but they oppose n dismissed religions existed in their era n every prophet Coney only one massage to mankind n that is acctual n parmanent life after death n every individual is accountable n answerable, this happened from Prophet Ibrahim a s and every prophet oppose the Kings n their system of governance,n finally Prohphet Mohammad s a w established the final system based on a state system with a constitution n institutions,, it happened Ist time on Earth n till now whole world is holding the same state system but laws n constitutions r different n man made.before Islam there was a tribal system n thousands of Rajas n mahrajas were holding small areas,villages to oppress people.In this final system every one is accountable n answerable,there is no escape because everyone has to die n return to his creator n origin,so b carefull n catious in this temporary n very short life, n believe in God , his massengers n day of judgement .
    By Mansoor Hakkim Ahamed - 3/31/2019 3:32:13 AM

  • Anindya Pal prior to britishers muslims of india co existed in india for more than 1200 years.but the modern history information technology of last 30 years showed and taught all sorts of mischiefs and created enemity and the press added fuel to the fire
    By Ram Prasad Nayak - 3/31/2019 3:26:36 AM

  • Extream exceptional. The country has hindu culture and later accepted islam. But that islam has grown without influence of Saudis.
    Now the saudis are trying to destroy that cultural legacy by muslim preachers.
    By Anindya Pal - 3/31/2019 3:26:04 AM

  • Visit Indonesia the country with the largest Muslim population in the world and find out for yourself whether Muslim's and non Muslims can exist peacefully or not
    By Manas Sanyal - 3/31/2019 3:25:40 AM

  • One should offer scientific reasons... if you study religion well... forget by what names it is called by different people .. you will know the solid ground it stands. ...
    But the priests and politicians right from dark ages till date have been fooling people.
    "Do lafzon kee hai saari kahaani

    Baaki sabb bebaat expansion of do lafz "

    Sympathy and empathy.
    By Rajat Misra - 3/31/2019 3:24:09 AM

  • They went to work only not live there. If they live there permanently they cannot hold their culture and religion.
    By Anindya Pal - 3/31/2019 3:23:25 AM

  • True
    This was the reason of indian partition. Jinnah gave two nation theory
    By Sharad Kumar - 3/31/2019 3:23:05 AM

  • If any queston is being asked to muslims, most of them reply " quoran says ............". Without consulting quoran they cannot say anything. Who can mingle with them?

    By Anindya Pal - 3/31/2019 3:22:44 AM

  • We neednot look to other country .but see at the muslim country the conition of the others
    By Sudhir Hajong - 3/31/2019 3:21:41 AM

  • @Anindya Pal there is another view that says, if Muslim are not around, people will kill each other on caste and other considerations. So Mr Pal things are never black and white. There is always a grey she'd. Reconsider your narrative, SIr
    By Ali Ahmad Firdausi - 3/31/2019 3:21:16 AM

  • Madarsa is really a ground from where hate for other religions pumped.
    By Rajpal Singh - 3/31/2019 3:17:20 AM

  • @Kamla Kant Mishra सब अगर गलत राह पर चल पड़े तो क्या मुस्लिम भी गलत राह पर चल पड़े ऐसा चाहती है।असल मुद्दा तेल है और अमेरिका येन केन प्रकारेण उस पर कब्जा करना चाहता है आतंकवाद पोषक , निर्माता, और खुद भी बड़ा आतंकी है अमेरिका।
    By Ansarullah Khan - 3/30/2019 8:10:22 AM

  • मुस्लिम हमेशा अपने को अलग क्यों रखना चाहता है? सबके साथ सहयोग करके  क्यों नही रह सकता?
    By Kamla Kant Mishra - 3/30/2019 8:09:22 AM

  • Which passages are violent in your view why are you bent upon defaming muslims,in whose favour you are doing this, why don't you expose the naked barbarism and extremism of other religion's Islam and muslims all over the world ,Islam preaches peace and likes peace and at the same time they can't become mute spectators when it's enemies invade their territories, they have every right to defend them under such situations it is your responsibility to expose the invader and safe guard the suppressed, but people like you can't do that because you are paid agents of oppressors and in order to please them you start labelling baseless false allegations against muslims, their places of worship and other assets
    By Sheikh Shaheen - 3/30/2019 8:08:16 AM

  • What you sow so shall you reap
    By Madhukar Sibal - 3/28/2019 8:19:48 PM

  • For the attention Communists , Congis , Mamatha, Mulyam , TDP NCB and so called secularist intellectuals in India
    By Sridharan Gopalachari - 3/28/2019 8:19:12 PM

  • What's problem? Let them have total freedom. Then, they should also arrange finance. Let them have their own course content. No problem. But govt can't recognise unless it meets their criteria. This should be applicable to all, Madrasa or whatever. Sovereignty is a wrong word. Applicable to State power only.
    By Ajay Mishra - 3/28/2019 8:17:41 PM

  • @Mohd Ramzan what this has to do with education. Don't mix religion or politics with education.
    By Ajay Mishra - 3/28/2019 8:17:00 PM

  • @Pranab Sarkar sir u r right but then umma bharti,rss,bajrangdal,ram dev like persons and associations must be also held accountable
    By Mohd Ramzan - 3/28/2019 8:16:38 PM

  • @ Iqbal Husain ur thought is absurd. Science is not communal.
    By Pranab Sarkar - 3/28/2019 8:15:53 PM

  • @Pranab Sarkar as scientific as cow urine ??
    By Iqbal Husain - 3/28/2019 8:14:55 PM

  • No such madrasa boards are to be allowed. Education must be on unoform scientific syllabus like developed nations.
    By Pranab Sarkar - 3/28/2019 8:14:20 PM

  • The whole write up is utterly nonsense with full of prejudice against Madrasahs and Islamic centre of learning. He is even unaware about curricula and syllabi of Madarsas. The author wants to get cheap publicity among so-called secularists whose only aim is to defame Islam Muslims. If he wants to see the the ghetto atmosphere and ghettoised mentality of educational institutions, he must visit the government primary and secondary schools in rural areas of UP and Bihar, and then visit some Madarsa in same rural area, he will find where the ghetto is.
    By Mohammad Khalid - 3/25/2019 7:19:16 AM

  • Sultan Shahin Sahab is welcome to his brand of Islam and he should respect the others too. He can start his own Madrasa and propogate his views. Good luck to him.
    By Sulaiman Yakub - 3/25/2019 5:45:31 AM

  • آرٹی آئی ایکٹ کے تحت مدارس: ایک قدم صحیح راہ کی طرف

    عبدالمعید ازہری

    آل انڈیا مسلم پرسنل لاء بورڈ کی تجاویز کہ مدارس کو رائٹ ٹو انفارمیشن ایکٹ (معلومات حاصل کرنے کا حق)کے تحت لانے کی تجویز خود مختار مسلم تعلیمی اداروں پر حملہ ہوگا،صرف ایک بھرم ہے جبکہ اس قدم سے نہ صرف مدارس میں تعلیم حاصل کرنے والے سات ملین بچوں کو فائدہ ہوگابلکہ اس کے ساتھ ساتھ بڑے پیمانے پرسماج کی ترقی اور خود مختاری کامطلوبہ اور من چاہا نتیجہ حاصل ہوگا۔مدارس کے نصاب تعلیم کا زیادہ ترحصہ مذہبی تعلیم پر مشتمل ہے جو اصل میں بدقسمتی سے مسلمانوں کے درمیان ان کی زندگی کے آغاز سے 'یہودی بستی' کی ذہنیت سے مرتب کیا گیا۔زیادہ ترمدارس بہتر معاصر تعلیم سے محروم ہیں جن کو ، قومی کمیشن برائے بچوں کے حقوق کا تحفظ(نیشنل کمیشن فار پروٹیکشن آف چائلڈ رائٹس)نے آر ٹی آئی کے تحت لانے کا مطالبہ کیا ہے تاکہ یہ یقینی بنایا جائے کہ بچوں کو جدید تعلیم کے حق سے محروم نہ کیا جائے۔مسلمانوں کو ایک منسلک دنیا کی موجودہ مسابقتی اور مقابلہ جاتی دنیا میں بڑھنے اور انحصار کرنے کی ضرورت ہے نہ کہ اپنے آپ کو 'قبائلی ذہنیت کا ایک بنیاد پرست، تشدد پسندانہ سماج' کے طور پرپیشکرنے کی۔اس آر ٹی آئی ایکٹ( رائٹ ٹو انفارمیشن ایکٹ) کے عمل میں لانے کے بعد مدارس کے طلبا کے پاس نہ صرف دنیاکے ساتھ قدم سے قدم ملا کر چلنے کا ہنر ہوگابلکہ انہیں جدید نصاب اور تکنیکوں سے لیس رکھا جاسکے گا جو انسانوں کی زندگیوں کو تشکیل دے رہا ہے اور اس کے ساتھ ساتھ تیزی سے بدلتے ہو ئے اس عالم سے جوڑے رکھے گا۔

    By عبدالمعید ازہری - 3/22/2019 10:15:54 PM

  • Just amend the inhibiting acts that's all the solution.
    By Punnoose Peecee - 3/18/2019 10:00:43 AM

  • Muslims should revert again towards Qur'an then they can compete others but still a Muslim is a threat for all type of criminals,looters,robbers n occupants.
    By Mansoor Hakkim Ahamed - 3/18/2019 9:56:28 AM

  • Nonsense under a psedu name.This nonsense has nothing to do with Islam.
    By Rafi Andrabi - 3/18/2019 9:55:28 AM

  • There shall be no rug if you take out all its rough.
    By Dinabandhu Nayak - 3/18/2019 9:54:12 AM

  • A muslim cant sold his iman for this world or anything. This world is temporary and hereafter is permanent.
    By Gulam Ahmed Raza - 3/18/2019 9:47:17 AM

  • Ameen
    By Shanmugave - 3/18/2019 9:46:30 AM

  • Baywaqqoof aad.ee zara jaakar dekho dunyayee taleem.bhee dee jaa rahee hai. And what aid do you give to these madarsaaz that gives you the right to sleak agaibst them. They are poor children's paradise where tgey are given food a d also taught. They are not shamahaz. How much money do you get to malign Islam ?
    By Zamiruddin - 3/18/2019 9:44:09 AM

  • @Azfar Alam That is why we think no one should interfere with other people's faith. When we interfere, we believe that God is retired. Best principle in the humanity is to live and let others to live.
    By Vishan Talreja - 3/18/2019 9:38:28 AM

  • In general, I don’t think we will achieve anything by trying to show someone else’s religion in a bad light. Let’s all try to better ourselves....
    By Azfar Alam - 3/18/2019 9:27:06 AM

  • @K Sridhar Kumar , Let’s look at just one name you have mentioned Salahuddin Ayyubi.....even the enemies he fought like Richard the Lionheart acknowledged his kindness & large heartedness....please see the movie ‘Kingdom of Heaven’
    By Azfar Alam - 3/18/2019 9:26:32 AM

  • This called separatism, which is the main problem with other cults.
    By Ajoy Dutta - 3/18/2019 9:14:58 AM

  • @Tasneemul Haque
    He seems to be Javed Gamidis follower.
    By Mohtaram Sahab - 3/18/2019 9:13:55 AM

  • Sultan Shaheen is as anti Muslim as the joker Tariq Fateh.
    By Tasneemul Haque - 3/18/2019 9:12:06 AM

  • Religion should be taught only by parents and elders from the family, not by maulanas and Malvis
    By V Nagarajan - 3/18/2019 9:00:04 AM

  • @Partha Dutta , for your knowledge you killed lakhs of innocent Kashmiries from an infant of few months to an elder man of 80 years give these lessons to someone else
    By Sayar Mir - 3/18/2019 8:58:39 AM

  • @Abu Basim Khan RSS shikhas are not schools and hindu religion schools never put the society at stake like a madrasa. In fact it is not only the trend of India. It is worldwide. Madrasa consider to be terrorist factory.
    By Narasimham Vakkalanka - 3/18/2019 8:58:14 AM

  • Reason please. RSS never ever dropped a bomb in Pakistan but see what Islamic State is doing in everywhere. In early history we found Kings fighting but after the development of State, Church had not been in the rule, so are the Kings. Only Islamic State is craving for a Rule. Why? Religion is nothing but a relationship with God and it is to be personal. If God wished the whole world would have been under one religion at the blink of an eye. But purported followers of God are killing people for Islamic State. Practise all your ways in the religion leading to God in the personal realm. The other purpose of religion is to Love, save, serve mankind and thereby to serve God through His creation. When you kill and torture, what you do in the name of religion? Why religion should be forced on others faith? It only signifies that there is a severe lacuna in the faith of your cult. With such lacunae you can force but you can't reason. There is a need for severe introspection on your part so far as the cult appears to be destructive. ISIS knows only two words, Death and Torture. The word Love is not in their dictionary. How can a reasonable person follow them?
    By Partha Dutta - 3/18/2019 8:57:23 AM

  • @D Kumar Sasmal Brother... atleast once plz read the verses of Holy Quraan .if u r not satisfied then what u will say i will do....
    By Sagar Bai - 3/17/2019 10:30:17 PM

  • @D Kumar Sasmal We will die but never comromise with Almighty Allah...
    And never remove or change even a letter of our Holy Quran....
    By Sagar Bai - 3/17/2019 10:29:53 PM

  • The wide division of opposing views created by Muslim "Ulema" get aggravated to reach a point of no return because each sect creates new generations of its rival followers through these "madrasas". In most cases one is forced to believe that it is the madrasa teachers who get a job and salary assured by collecting children from poor families and collect zakat in the name of these poor children from the community. These children grow up to become imams and madrasa teachers and the cycle will go on in perpetuity. We need a better and neutral system to give religious and quran teaching without depriving them of the mainstream education in schools and colleges.
    By Mohamed Siddique Lakdawala - 3/17/2019 10:28:39 PM

  • My dear muslims bhaiyon or bahno, educate your childrens especially girls you become sovereign in this beautiful country,who got shelter and respect to every person ,cast religion, .hindu kyonwas aage nikal gaye iske bare main socho .hasil karo mango mat.lekin samajikor kaanoon ke andar rahkar. Wishwas jee to hinduo kaa
    By Somdutt Tiwari - 3/17/2019 10:27:08 PM

  • Sab muslims bure nahi hai .aaj agar ye log chale jaye to who will do artistic work in our country.how our krishna wear beautiful cloth
    By Somdutt Tiwari - 3/17/2019 10:26:33 PM

    By Dev Soni - 3/17/2019 6:38:00 AM

  • When will you rewrite the Koran.deleting all satanic verses.under the new Koran Muslim will live safely and happily.do as early as possible.
    By D Kumar Sasmal - 3/17/2019 6:37:31 AM

  • I would like to know what are the contents related to violence in the text?
    By Nizam Elahi - 3/17/2019 6:37:11 AM

  • The Islamic society must have loud thinking and preach children to co-exist.
    By Subramaniam Krishnamoorthy - 3/17/2019 6:36:22 AM

  • There is only one Sovereignty - the Sovereignty of the country!
    By Sant Sodhi - 3/17/2019 6:36:01 AM

  • क्या यह सही है कि यूपी मे दो लाख से अधिक बच्चे मदरसों मे फर्जी पाए गए।ऊनके नाम केवल वजीफे लेने के लिए दर्ज थे।शासन ने आधार कार्ड अनिवार्य कर दिया, तब मालूम हूआ।और शायद१४करोड की सालाना बचत हुई।आप पत्रकार होने के नाते जांच कर सकते हैं कि यह बात सत्य है या अफवाह है।यदि सत
    य हो तो ऐसे मदरसों, और धार्मिक शालाओं को बंद करना बेहतर है।
    By Sureshchandra Karmarkar - 3/16/2019 11:48:20 AM

  • why Brahmans AND jains and Budhists fought wars within themselves resulting in Raja Ashoka
    By G.H. Moon - 3/16/2019 11:47:30 AM

  • If any 'madarsaa' anywhere is allowed so called "sovereignty", it will ensure unrestricted jehadi terrorism all over. Historically, the madarsas incubate the seeds of demonism/jehadism emanating from Quran.
    By Vijay Bharati Bharati - 3/16/2019 11:46:57 AM

  • @Anindya Pal has said the naked truth, he is absolutely right. Muslims themselves had proved that, they are intolerant community through out the world.
    By Ramesh Dange - 3/16/2019 11:46:04 AM

  • The bloody creation of a jehadi Pakistan is a historical proof, to prove that any talk of so called peaceful co-existence with jehadi Islam is a big delusion, and a hogwash.
    By Vijay Bharati Bharati - 3/16/2019 11:45:25 AM

  • Madarssa schooling just does not belong to the present age n time...Tell me how many educated Muslims send their children to such schools? It is people of the dark ages n dark thoughts who still want to send their children there.
    By Ashim Choudhury - 3/16/2019 11:41:58 AM

  • This writer knows nothing about Islam he is an ignorant fool with low IQ level the slave of the Zionists Freemason illuminati
    By Najma Bashir - 3/16/2019 11:40:39 AM

  • There is no scope of reforms in Islam that faith must be abandoned. I have hopes from the younger generation they will break away from religion the older ones nearing death cannot do that. But looking at the comments one can easily guess that Sultan Shahin is a morally corrupt person.....5000 saal se beemar logon ko god me baithkar 1400 saal se beemar logon ka ilaaj ho hi nahi sakte. Islam can be defeated by truth and forthrightness no need to take the inherently corrupt and dishonest ones as allies. A genuine atheist or agnostic of muslim and indian origin should have equal disdain for Islam and the Savarnas or else he is just a fraud.
    By Hasan Khan - 3/15/2019 5:48:41 AM

  • While humanity is getting maturity the natural process should not be disturbed. Those correcting others they should correct themselves first. Manuvad has having no human values neither fit to create civilized society, they should realize and filter theory of inequality and God dictated superiority to make the people slave to serve them and enjoy all comforts instead correcting others.
    By Amar Sneh - 3/15/2019 5:48:15 AM

  • Educational system financed by d Exchequer should b uniform all over d country without any religious bias. Religious education should b imparted by d communities at their own expenses only.
    By Dilip Ray - 3/15/2019 5:47:58 AM

  • Madrassa's ( kharizia) are run by public donations n some people from other side don't try to understand
    By Moon Chowdhury - 3/15/2019 5:47:41 AM

  • There is Government Education sys, then why do you feel to have another parallel education system? If ALL other citizens can be happy with this education system WHY can't Muslims?
    By Srikanta Hira - 3/15/2019 5:47:04 AM

  • @Ashir Husain Do not ignore history, you will know, that the terrorism is inbuilt. Mohamed the prophet went on several conquests to plunder the Jews to their East and enslave them. Is that not terrorism ?
    Mahmud Ghazni, followed by Ghuri to Alaudin Khilji, to Jahangir Shahjahan and Aurangazeb, imposing Jiyaz on Hindus ?
    Is it not terrorism?
    Aurangazeb execution of Tegh Bahadur Singh the last Sardar Guru of Sikhs
    Is it not terrorism ?
    Islamic terrorism is inherent and is never apart from the Religion, however much you deny it.
    You cannot erase it. You cannot forget it.
    By K Sridhar Kumar - 3/15/2019 5:46:41 AM

  • @Ashir Husain  For centuries since the beginning of Prophet to the Saladahin and his religious hegemony, the religion has always been confisicative, and conflictive in learning and teaching. The interpretation has always been non hormonious spreading hate and vengeance. It had to compete with Christianity another hegemonical religion to survive.
    By K Sridhar Kumar - 3/15/2019 5:46:14 AM

  • सभी धार्मिक ग्रन्थों कि आपतती जनक लेख हटा देने चाहिए, चाहे क़ुरान हो या पुराण या बायबल
    By Mangi Lal Jangid - 3/15/2019 5:45:23 AM

  • K Sridhar Kumar He was American agent and not CIA, our PM is also is very near to America. He can deceive any time to Modi as America is selfish country.
    By Abu Basim Khan - 3/15/2019 5:45:08 AM

  • @Abu Basim Khan  Is it convenient for you take out leaves out of CIA report. Please do it. The Osama bin Laden the dreaded Al - Qaeda terrorist was a CIA agent, and was created by them and then killed him. Do not copy the Devil who quotes the scriptures. RSS is never a terrorist organisation and will never be a terrorist organisation.
    By K Sridhar Kumar - 3/15/2019 5:44:39 AM

  • Sovereignty is always above every subjects . There cannot be parallel Sovereignty or sovereignty within sovereignty . Every institutions should be monitored that they are giving correct interpretation of subjects that are taught .
    By Irfan Ali - 3/15/2019 5:43:31 AM

  • Right if minorities to have autonomy over their affairs is not sovereignty!by no means can any body claim sovereignty over the constitution which us supreme.
    By Arvind Rajashekar - 3/15/2019 5:43:12 AM

  • It means u want to divide india again in states.

    By Khemraj Sharma - 3/15/2019 5:42:46 AM

  • Due to this mistake it was captured by est india coy
    By Khemraj Sharma - 3/15/2019 5:42:15 AM

  • Ahmad Firdausi That's may be true but where there is Govt. funding where public money is used there the Govt. have to see that proper education is giving to the students or not. In private funding what they are doing in pattern of education that's may not be concern for the Govt. If you have seen that the pattern of education is quite OK then others can see it that the money is used in proper way.
    By Pranav Patnaik Ali - 3/15/2019 5:41:57 AM

  • Argument suggests ignorance. Recently, I visited number of Madrasas and was quite impressed by the way, the Madrasas are managed. More than 95 % of students live in hostel where three meals are provided for free. No tuition fee is charged. They follow nezamia syllabus and have included English, math, computer in their courses.
    I suggest that please visit and see before passing judgement. There are many Madrasas where government support is also obtained.
    By Ali Ahmad Firdausi - 3/15/2019 5:41:32 AM

  • such texts are connected with war conducts, said a Madarsa student, when asked about it. 
    he said this is not to be applied in democratic countries. 
    i think he said well, otherwise the situation of India would have been different.
    so far the matter is concerned our vedas, ramayana, bhagwad geeta are full of such materials without context.

    By Ramesh - 3/14/2019 1:23:21 AM

  • the biggest cause of extremism is to bring differences to limelight. 
    all hindus, muslims christians and jews do not want to see one anothers' existence in their hearts but iin limelight some of them expose themsevels to be peacemakers but in somewhere they have prejudice and hate in their hearts against each other. 
    now differences discussed on internet or media are instigating more havoc to this game of the world where all controls are in super power hands 

    By Rahil - 3/14/2019 1:21:09 AM

  • lol AAyina, 
    Sultan Shahin has never spoken even of atrocities being done on Muslims in Kashmir or elsewhere,
    he is busy with bringging utopian culture through calling repeatedly to international community

    By ms hoda - 3/14/2019 1:17:34 AM

  • Sultan Shahin is the founder-editor of a Delhi-based progressive
     This does not suits you. You are same others, your progressiveness is not inclusive it exculisive to Muslim suffering.
    Biggest thing is you are based in Delhi, where most Kashmiri pandits live and haven't put any articles form others or your thoughts on Kashmiri pandits exodus.
    You are same hypocrate like others only difference is your version Is advance  non-violent version which plays card like Zakir Naik to bring violence towards non-Muslims, especially to Hindus in India.
    Never seen articles which shows misbehaviour of Muslims with Hindus constantly in India.
    Your Progressiveness is more and more to watch silent disco ructions from your Muslim ummah toward the distraction of Hindu values and their belife.

    By Aayina - 3/13/2019 12:57:50 PM

  • There can be no excuse for burning anyone's house anywhere, and yet Hats Off has found an excuse for the burning of Muslim houses in Meerut! Those Sanghi thugs do not keep themselves abreast of international events!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 3/13/2019 12:42:59 PM

  • What was Tamil fighting in Sira lank who many sui side boming was happening every day in sir lank with women sui side bomber killed Rajvi Gandhi it was all manfucarted after collapse of sovit union to make loot and plunder of oil and gas of Arab countries sadam kadfi Hussain Mubarak Bashir UL assed become victims of it where are wepons of mass district ion excise of evil tablion are slowly are becoming frinds
    By Aftab Ahmed - 3/13/2019 10:58:40 AM

  • @Abu Basim Khan Ha ha ha. Al quida, ISIS , boko haram list is endless. No comparison with RSS. Do you accept CIA report all time? Or accept as per your convenience?
    By Anindya Pal - 3/13/2019 10:58:06 AM

  • RSS is not mandated by religion. Madrassas are. Hassan Nissar, a prominent Pakistani journalist, has been saying that due to over emphasis on mazhab, the Muslims are lagging in scientific temper. There is no worthwhile invention by any Muslim country. After the stock if Arab oil is depleted in coming 50 years, the Muslims will find themselves at the lowest step of the ladder if mankind. Yes, there is a strong need for change in the mindset and approach in the thinking for Muslims. Enough basking under the mistaken glory of Muslim Invaders to the rich land of Indian sub continent fo looting and forcibly converting about 40 percent population in to Muslims won't pay dividend any more. Time for introspection for Muslims.
    By Satpal Batra - 3/13/2019 10:57:31 AM

  • Anindya Pal Read American CIA report,RSS is terrorist organization.
    By Abu Basim Khan - 3/13/2019 10:56:58 AM

  • Vishan Talreja Quran says not to say a kafir a kafir.Your interpretation of Hindu as Kafir is wrong.A hindu is not kafir as they believe in brahma.Quran says not to comment adversely on anyone’s religion but respect their religion.It teaches to love and not to kill a person for it is God who gives life and is the sole authority to take a life.
    Anyone who does not follow the tenets of Islam is himself a non believer even being a so called Muslim.
    As Azfar Alam has written territorial fights in other religions have occurred in protection of their boundaries and USA have made full use of that opportunity for their own gains.As they are super powers seldom have they been affected.
    By Ashir Husain - 3/13/2019 10:56:11 AM

  • Vishan Talreja No you are not correct till sovit Invision muslim of world where darlings of u s a and western world There where only comnists world who where terrorist rectioner bad to humman society of world after collapse of a new enemy was manfucarted called muslim you're taking of India it too was black maild on the publicit and human rights after 1990 when narsimro adopt captlist econome and came closer to u s a you become good boys There was planity of oil and gas that was to plunder free of cost sadam kadfi hussni mubrak stood against it so whole of muslim world become terrorist in which some muslim countries helped implertes force adding and abding came from those muslim countries just before few months Tabling where great evial now they are slowly become friends soon you see the origin of present day terrorism came from site lank who many susid boming was going every day in sirelank by tamilas
    By Aftab Ahmed - 3/13/2019 10:55:39 AM

  • Azfar Alam See, in Quran Jews and chirstians are called enemies of Muslims,Hindus are kafirs and mushriks, which one religion is left in the world, to live the Muslims ,harmoniously with. By the way Hindus have had vever captured or invaded any territory.
    By Vishan Talreja - 3/13/2019 10:54:38 AM

  • Vishan Talreja Ji, before the concept of Nation States everyone fought wars to expand or defend territory be it Christian , hindu , jew or mandarin (China) or Muslim ....can this be interpreted as not being able to live with each other...or fundamental issue with the faith? Terrorism is a recent phenomena ....maybe last 40 years...for that also the reasons are mostly political even when it is claimed to be done in the name of religion.
    By Azfar Alam - 3/13/2019 10:54:13 AM

  • Bipin Kr Pandey Pandey Ji, kuchh bhi perdey meiN nahiN hai. Aap visit ker ke dekh lijye. MaiN bhi aisa samajhhta thha magar ab soch badlii hai. Kuchh bhi nahiN hai jaa ker dekh ker.
    By Ali Ahmad Firdausi - 3/13/2019 10:53:08 AM

  • There is no scope of reforms in Islam that faith must be abandoned. I have hopes from the younger generation they will break away from religion the older ones nearing death cannot do that. But looking at the comments one can easily guess that Sultan Shahin is a morally corrupt person.....5000 saal se beemar logon ko god me baithkar 1400 saal se beemar logon ka ilaaj ho hi nahi sakte. Islam can be defeated by truth and forthrightness no need to take the inherently corrupt and dishonest ones as allies. A genuine atheist or agnostic of muslim and indian origin should have equal disdain for Islam and the Savarnas or else he is just a fraud.
    By Hasan Khan - 3/13/2019 10:42:27 AM

  • All schools should come in one format and not based on communal entity. This matter may be looked into by the education ministry.
    By Ramesh Kumar Sinha - 3/13/2019 10:41:15 AM

  • those things which are destroying copts in egypt, hindus in pakistan and buddhists in bangladesh are the things that are destroying muslim homes in meerut.

    maniacs who believe in fairy tales and are willing and ready to kill and die for foolish fairy tales.

    that is who is burning houses in meerut.

    By hats off! - 3/13/2019 7:44:29 AM

  • Muslims' houses have been burnt in Meruth.
    Which theology is doing all such happenings now in India?!!!

    By Critic - 3/13/2019 5:01:18 AM

  • such texts are connected with war conducts, said a Madarsa student, when asked about it. 
    he said this is not to be applied in democratic countries. 
    i think he said well, otherwise the situation of India would have been different.
    so far the matter is concerned our vedas, ramayana, bhagwad geeta are full of such materials without context.

    By Ramesh - 3/13/2019 4:53:00 AM

  • these kinds of texts can be found in the books of all religions. precisely.
    all of them are guilty. all of them are 100% written by man (mind you - man, not woman)
    By hats off! - 3/13/2019 3:08:09 AM

  • The examples of this sort of language anybody easily can select from the text of every religion.  
    By Mohammad Ishaque foujdar - 3/12/2019 11:12:55 AM

  • Madarsa.. Breeding ground for terrorists
    By Sumit Mishra - 3/12/2019 9:57:27 AM

  • Madarsa or no madarsa, the least they can do is that their need not be taught terrorism on the garb of Jehad.World is becoming small, due to globalization.They must be taught they must be Roman when they are in Rome.In Canada, Australia,USA, and in European countries all are following one law for everyone in their countries.But in India they want separate Sharia law.In Islamic countries also there is only law for all.Why then in India why they are opposing uniform law for all.
    By Natrajan SwamyRao - 3/12/2019 9:57:03 AM

  • has lost its relevance in modern times ... Highly regressive n medieval in character, it is a tool to perpetuate backwardness among Muslims at best ... A high time to come out of this ghettoism culture n join the mainstream ... Standards of value change from time to time ... living in 21 century with a mindset of 11th century is sheer foolishness of highest order ... A good argument n initiative to contest this from Sultan Shahin ...
    By Sunil Jha Madarsa - 3/12/2019 9:56:36 AM

  • इन्हीं के समर्थक सरस्वती शिशु मन्दिरों व गुरुकुलों पर उंगली उठाते हैं,जहां नैतिक शिक्छा पर ही ध्यान दिया जाता है।
    By Jagmohan Agrawal - 3/12/2019 9:56:04 AM

  • Madrassa can't be allowed for sovereignty.
    By D Kumar Sasmal - 3/12/2019 9:55:43 AM

  • नहीं करेंगे, नहीं करेंगे--वे अपने ईश कथन में कोई फेर फार नहीं करेंगे।
    एक दिन सब देशों को चीन वाली नीति अपनानी ही पड़ेगी.....!!
    By DG Gyan Chandra - 3/12/2019 9:55:01 AM

  • @Nuruddin Ahmed And then the problem starts from there. To appear as a Muslim in a multi religious society means you are alienated yourself from other people who don't fall to your religious faith. In other view you are compelling your fellow people to abide by you who don't accept your theory. You're trying to create a Islamic society/county which is really dangerous trends.
    By Asit Kumar Mondal - 3/12/2019 9:54:32 AM

  • Muslim is judge by his action but not with his dress and appearance.
    By Nuruddin Ahmed - 3/12/2019 9:51:41 AM

  • Just amend the inhibiting acts that's all the solution.
    By Punnoose Peecee - 3/12/2019 9:50:45 AM

  • @Vishan Talreja Only 800 yrs Muslims rule n lived with Indians unfortunately Indians don't have such ablity to rule with stability n justice,within 70 yrs Indians torn India into pieces n make Indian society a slum of crime,corruption,insecurity n poverty.
    By Mansoor Hakkim Ahamed - 3/12/2019 9:50:08 AM

  • Why the Muslims in world could not find ways and means of co existence with other religions. Some thing basically wrong originates in this faith. Since 1400 yrs they have remained in conflict with all, try to be harmonious with other religions for a decade and see visible signs of better life in the world.
    By Vishan Talreja - 3/12/2019 9:49:25 AM

  • मदरसा कॉग्रेस प्रायोजित आतंकी पाठशाला है.जब संविधान जाति धर्म आधारित विशेषाधिकार को नकारता है तो फिर सरकारी धार्मिक संस्था क्यों.अगर वहाँ सबकुछ ठीक है तो सब कुछ पर्दे में क्यों .सब मदरसे गलत हैं,यह नही कहता लेकिन कुछ तो है
    By Bipin Kr Pandey - 3/12/2019 9:48:54 AM

  • @Abu Basim Khan Better, you go & attend a RSS Shakha but that you won't do. Why to call America in your support ? America also declared Masood Azahar a terrorist but you all don't agree . Even Osama Bin Laden was not a terrorist for you. Yesterday America was not ready to give visa to Sri Narendra Modi but today -------! That is America to you ! You go to America & see your plight at their airports. That is also America to you ! Badhai !!
    By BalramSingh Kushwah - 3/12/2019 9:48:15 AM

  • Few years back I was travelling in New zeeland when I read a news in paper there. It said, a group of Muslims met the education minister to tell that that the education in the schools was unislamic and demanded for separate schools for Muslims. This is how they separate the children right from small age from people of other religion, They are never exposed to multireligion atmosphere. no wonder they start hating people of other religion. 
    By Ujwala - 3/11/2019 11:56:27 AM

  • @Anindya Pal  If muslims and non muslims can not coexist, then how millions of hindus work in middle east? Do they ever complain of maltreatment?
    By Irshad Hussain - 3/11/2019 9:10:55 AM

  • @Anindya Pal If so, how your huge number of bengali are existing in Bangladesh . But Hindu bengali push tribal tripuri people of tripure and cooch bihar into minority community .
    By Shameek Sunny Bhuyan - 3/11/2019 9:09:36 AM

  • Muslims and non muslims cannot coexist . Please accept the truth.
    By Anindya Pal - 3/11/2019 9:09:03 AM

  • @Abu Basim Khan Till now RSS etc. Are not creation problem throughout the world.
    By Anindya Pal - 3/11/2019 9:08:20 AM

  • What about RSS Shakhas, Hindu religious Pathshala,

    By Abu Basim Khan - 3/11/2019 9:04:57 AM

  • @Mohtaram Sahab  Sorry , most muslim do not accept this logic.

    By Anindya Pal - 3/11/2019 9:04:20 AM

  • Mohammed Iqbal
    A muslim is required to express himself in all respects to appear as a muslim so that others take a lead from him.To adopt
    sunnah in every respect of life.In case lacks in appearance as muslim has no right to make suggestions for other muslims.
    By Mohtaram Sahab - 3/11/2019 9:03:10 AM

  • Mohtaram Sahab I know God gives us life and nobody has any jurisdiction to interrupt His wish and end it on reasons whatsoever. Misguidance to young immature minds is a great unpardonable act.God is not fool that whatever you read and understand against humanity is part of religion and hence justified. Forget altogether. Just behave humane.
    By Chandra Goel - 3/11/2019 8:46:33 AM

  • Mohtaram Sahab What are the requisites to be adjusted a Muslim from one's appearance?
    By Mohammed Iqbal - 3/11/2019 8:41:52 AM

  • Mohtaram Sahab it is secularist nation even post partition on communal grounds though all Madersa fans should have gone to sacred land PAK, these sword convert slaves of foreign invaders deny their parentage heritage of thousands of yrs, they will continue to perpetuate slave mentality amongst Muslim kids,
    By Lalit Sharma - 3/11/2019 8:41:07 AM

  • Sultan Shaheen is required to prove whether he himself is a muslim as it is difficult for a stranger to judge from his appearance which religioun he belongs.In case he is a muslim he should have hid mark of intent visible
    otherwise as goog as Raj Nath/Arun Jaitly.
    By Mohtaram Sahab - 3/11/2019 8:40:25 AM

  • Thanks to Sultan and Mohammad (Mr. Yunus). Unlike the AIMPLB, you have the guts to call a spade a spade. 

    //Our ulema cannot be unaware that Muslim youth in large numbers are joining jihadist groups around the world today//.

    Millions of Mullahs, Imams and Madrasa teachers around the world are not taking meaningful action because their hearts are still longing for a world Caliphate. They firmly believe that democracies and new ideas are an obstacle to their dreams. We cannot blame their dreams which are forged on the spectacular Islamic military victories in the past. Sadly there are no visionaries.

    Allah says “WHERE THERE IS NO VISION PEOPLE PERISH”(Proverbs 29:18 kjv)

    By Royalj - 3/9/2019 4:24:59 PM

  • I think Sultan Shahin is trying to gain political mileage and mediaprint as moderate Muslims.
    Mohmmad Yunus stays out of India, he can reflect on my Example given below.
    Here is another observation and attitude of Muslims towards eduction system.
    Muslims in the world has fix approach us(Muslim)and Them and thier approach is to bring constant conflict with every other community, and system which they feel is not Islamic.
    Another approach is to discredit and disrespect all values that has good universal out coming, if it is not related to Islam, than hate them hate local land hero like Ram, Muslim cannot elevate to higher moral level. who hates heroes and theirs forefather who has lived higher moral values because their values only has to be from they narrow land of Arab and Arabic paigambers, so much and so sick is Muslims mind cannot progress as their mind has decided to stick to Arab area and their history.
    In all western countries even though though Muslim take western education they bunk their classes on Friday or universities and educational Institue are forced to give a prayer room, Canada is being forced to teach Quran in Friday.
    Hypocracy does not have limit it is limitless like god, keeps on going.
    By Aayina - 3/5/2019 8:16:50 PM

  • Thanks very much indeed, Mohammad Yunus Saheb for taking such a detailed view of the issue. I hope all your articles on the subject are now given as related articles. 
    Look forward to reading and posting your submission on the subject. I think we should make this a campaign before the world at large forces us to fo that. 

    By Sultan Shahin - 3/5/2019 5:03:38 AM

  • Comment on the article - follow up to my last comment below: 

    The article highlights some of the short-comings-and potentially adverse impacts of current madrassa education and makes some ground-breaking statements / remarks:

    1.    Islamic theology, as it is taught unabashedly and senselessly, is full of violence, most of it against Muslims who dare to think a new thought.

    2.    Some passages in madrassa textbooks (one extract quoted) appropriate “violence as well as irrelevancies like how to treat female prisoners of war and concubines etc.

    3.    Our ulema cannot be unaware that Muslim youth in large numbers are joining jihadist groups around the world today.

    4.    Today, we have become a society which can produce a whole army of suicide bombers practically anywhere in the world. The blame lies squarely with the kind of education imparted in our madrasas.

    5.    Madrasa education is a serious violation of the human rights of Muslim children.

    It makes two clear suggestions to the custodians of madrassa institution:

    ·         To weed out from textbooks passages that can promote murderous violence, hatred as well as irrelevancies

    ·         To adopt RTE – give Muslim students the right to universal education

    The question is: are these charges likely to cause any concern or touch the souls of the proponents of madrassa education or they will regard them as baseless, biased, fictitious and unworthy of any attention. If the later happens, the article is in vain and the effort to produce it is nearly wasted. So let us firs reflect on how the proponents of madrasa education may take or subconsciously contest the above remarks listed below in order.

    1.    They will genuinely feel that if indeed Islamic theology taught in madrassas is full of violence, at least some students in each madrassa housing hundreds and even thousands of students would have been constantly engaged in fighting with rival fellow students creating a law and order situation on a daily basis. They may not find any evidence of such perennial fighting in a single madrassa out of tens of thousands of them in India and therefore take the charge baseless, fictitious - mere rhetoric.

    2.    They will say that there are other textbooks / scriptures – the Bible for example that is no softer than the passage quoted and no one talks about weeding out any similar passages from them

    3.    They will argue if “large numbers of Muslim youths were joining jihadist groups around the world today,” there would have been hundreds of thousands of jihadi youth in the world who would have carried out hundreds if not thousands of terror attack every day. As incidence of terror attacks is a mere miniscule, they will dismiss this as the author’s perception only.

    4.    The extremely low and stray incidences of suicide bombers render any suggestion of the Muslims producing ‘an army of suicide bombers’ totally unsubstantiated and maliciously politicized.

    5.    They have already argued that any suggestion to modernize madrassa education amounts to “An attack on the sovereignty of madrasas”

    So what good can this article do, is really a big question mark.

    Hence there is need to supplement the article with more compelling arguments that cannot be simply dismissed as the author’s perception, speculation, baseless or fictitious This will be covered in my next article captioned: .”The grievous Fallouts of restricting the scope of universal education in traditional madrassas today in the India”
    By mohammed yunus - 3/4/2019 7:50:32 AM

  • While this quoting is taugth by Madrasa teachers in context of war conduct, this is still not properly arranged. This should not be placed in the chapter of Akhlaq w Adab. 
    Some Ulama have agreed to work at this quoting and add appropriate commentary on that. 
    Thank you Mr. Sultan Shahin for your timely suggestion.

    By Talha - 3/4/2019 2:08:53 AM

  • While the impact of madrassa education on the dynamics of terrorism and  radicalization (killing the mushrikin and sinning Muslims) may be contested by the traditionalists on the seemingly convincing ground that madrassa education is in vogue for many centuries while terrorism in the name of Islam is a very recent phenomenon, I nevertheless fully endorse the following concluding remarks of the article:

     "RTE will ensure a modern curriculum so that children are more attuned to the world around them. They will study what students in other schools are being taught and will not feel left out once they leave madrasas. A modern education will equip them to a world where technology is shaping lives and changing it at a breathtaking pace."

    “Madrasa education is a serious violation of the human rights of Muslim children. Our children and the world at large deserve better. We simply cannot live in the 21st Century with a 7th-Century mindset

    I did an article some eight years ago referenced below (not referenced in the above article) that made a passionate appeal to bring madrassa education in line with the universal or modern education as imparted in all civil schools. Its following concluding remark is drawn on the forced and unlawful division of knowledge between Islamic and non-Islamic and can hold its ground even if we disregard terrorism as a basis for the proposed reform: 

    "It is high time that the Muslim Ulema abolish any division of knowledge between Islamic and un-Islamic and incorporate the study of physical sciences and other universal faculties and professional disciplines in the curriculum of the madrasas. Obviously any major transformation in educational curriculum has to come in stages, but having lost almost five centuries, there is no more time to lose. Today, the participation of Muslims in academic and professional fields, cultural arenas, and prestigious and lawful avenues of livelihood in practically all Muslim minority countries is abysmally low as their educational, professional and cultural attainments are handicapped by their own or their parents’/ancestors’ madarsa based education. In historical perspective, if any single agency has to bear the blame for the introductory poetic outburst, it is probably the Ulema and the orthodox Islam - their throwback influence and reductive madarsa curriculum as this discourse amply demonstrates – however, bitter this may sound.

    In fact, the Ulema can probably redeem themselves by taking an about turn in their attitude by pro-actively espousing universal knowledge as suggested above, and also adopting appropriate Western language as a compulsory subject in their curriculum, for a Western language, notably English, is far richer and advanced in interpreting the kalimat (manifestations) of God and harnessing God’s blessings as the Qur’an enjoins than any other language at this moment. No doubt it is going to be a steep path – but probably the only path out of the ‘Lighting’ that “seems to strike only the Musalman. Finally to put a Qur’anic seal to this burning Ijtihad:

    “… God does not change the favor which He has bestowed on a people, unless they change themselves…” (8:53).

    “… God does not change the condition of a people, unless they change themselves*…” (13:11)

    An Open Reminder to the Ulema: Rejecting Universal Knowledge as Un-Islamic is Brazenly Un-Islamic and Kufr (denial of truth)

    URL: http://www.newageislam.com/islamic-sharia-laws/an-open-reminder-to-the-ulema--rejecting-universal-knowledge-as-un-islamic-is-brazenly-un-islamic-and-kufr-(denial-of-truth)/d/5961  

    I may post another comment on the adverse impacts of madrassa education today as illustrated in the above article.

    By mohammed yunus - 3/2/2019 11:07:16 PM

  • The goal must be to weed out all hate and violence from our school curricula. The so-called sword verses must not be taught. The eventual goal must be to let all madrasas evolve into secular schools, setting aside perhaps an hour each week to inculcate the peaceful and inclusive aspect of religions.
    Hats off. Let us press this point  in public meetings.

    By dr.A.Anburaj - 3/2/2019 10:39:34 PM

  • The goal must be to weed out all hate and violence from our school curricula. The so-called sword verses must not be taught. The eventual goal must be to let all madrasas evolve into secular schools, setting aside perhaps an hour each week to inculcate the peaceful and inclusive aspect of religions.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 3/2/2019 12:51:12 PM

  • all books of madrasas are taught by teachers and you should present their explanation otherwise there is the Quran which clearly calls for JIHad but you give it context while this Jihad verse does not tell you that it should be taken in context

    By Rahil - 3/2/2019 7:06:47 AM