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Radical Islamism and Jihad
26 Sep 2008, NewAgeIslam.Com
Indian Muslims: Let us come out of denial

By Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam


The disconnect is almost total. The police and the national media say one thing. The Muslim Press something entirely different. The national media is rejoicing that the culprits of terror bombings in Delhi, Rajasthan and Bombay have been caught and some killed in an encounter at Batla House in Delhi. Naturally if this is so it is a moment of joy; tinged with sorrow, of course, for the innocent victims of senseless terrorist attacks. But a moment of joy nevertheless, as there will be no more terrorist bombings and blasts taking lives and limbs of innocent people any more.


But the Muslim intelligentsia and Press don’t share this joy. Those caught and killed were Muslim. It is simply impossible for Muslims, practitioners of this great religion of peace, to have been involved in such dastardly acts. The police and the government are out to get our educated youth who are on an upward trajectory, seeking to make something of their lives.  This reasoning is being proffered again and again throughout the Muslim Press, in different words and different idioms and different styles, but the story line is the same. The encounter was fake. The celebrated police officer killed was shot from behind, hence by other policemen themselves and not in a genuine encounter. The police story is entirely concocted, the media too is fabricating new stories everyday and they are all out to get us.


Now the police versions have proved wrong and fabricated on many occasions. The national media too, in its race for TRP ratings or circulation, doesn’t care too much for finding out the truth before putting it out. Alleged terrorists and killers are just terrorists and killers, even if they be fathers of murdered daughters, in the new milieu in which our media functions. So treating police-version-based media stories with a bucketful of salt is in order. No one is a terrorist or murderer until proven guilty in a court of law or indeed courts of law as there are superior courts too which sometimes overturn judgments of lower courts. Even in advanced countries of the West with better judicial and investigative systems, people have been found to be innocent, not only after convictions, but also after death sentences have already been carried out. So scepticism is in order and healthy.


But in the case of Indian Muslim intelligentsia and Press, one detects something more than simple, healthy scepticism. It is a state of total denial. One would have thought that with the world media in the last several years saturated with stories of Muslim brutality, of how Muslims are at each others’ and everybody else’s throats nearly everywhere in the world, particularly in the Muslim world, we would have become inured to the idea of Muslims being capable to extreme and senseless violence. But no, we are just victims; the world is out to get us.


We have even forgotten out history. We killed even the best of our Khalifas (successors to Prophet Mohammad PBUH), called Khulafa-e-Rashedeen. Then not long after the Prophet’s death, we killed his grand children and every member of their families, while torturing them with hunger and thirst first, and of course we continued to call ourselves Muslim and great believers in the religion that had been revealed by God to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Indeed half the world called the killers of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) children Mohammedans until recently. Are we all killers of Prophet Mohammad’s family members? Yes, indeed, as long as we revere their killers, who were scions of the biggest enemies of Islam and the Prophet, and continue to accept their children and grand children as legitimate Khalifas. Indeed we not only killed prophet’s family but also allowed his system of complete equality of all human beings to be subverted. We accepted not only his killer to become his khalifa but also allowed him to set up a dynasty in compete violation of Islam’s basic rule of complete equality of all human beings and a rule by consultation (in short and in modern terminology, democracy). We also allowed the monarchy thus created to create a new institution of clergy, Mullahs and Maulanas, who then fabricated a lot of so-called Ahadees (plural of Hadees, Sayings of the Prophet), as they were unable to bring about changes in the Holy Quran to justify their un-Islamic rule over a so-called Muslim people.


Why is the narration of all this history relevant today? Well, it shows we are capable of total self-delusion. Most of us genuinely believe we are Muslims, while following the religious system created by the inveterate enemies of Islam. All the enemies of Islam joined Islam after Muslim victory over Mecca, following the age-old theory, ‘if you can’t beat them join them’. For once, the Prophet’s insight and intuition failed him. Unable to foresee what was going to be the consequence for Islam and for his own family, he forgave them and let them join the fold of Islam and become equal members of the Muslim society. As a prophet charged with the spreading of Islam he could have hardly refused to take them in his fold. But he could have easily got rid of them by punishing them as war criminals. These people had committed horrendous war crimes, something that is just not acceptable to Islam. They had even mutilated dead bodies of people very close and dear to the Prophet himself. What prophet did was perhaps the greatest act of generosity and forgiveness that history has seen. But the result has been disastrous for Islam. We Muslims have been following a religious system created by inveterate enemies of Islam, in the name of Islam.


This has made us capable of the greatest self-delusion. This attitude permeates all that we do or think. We just won’t accept facts. In the present case it is a fact that a section of Indian Muslims has for quite some time been radicalised enough to want to create an Islamic Khilafat in India and the world. This started, of course, with Maulana Abul Ala Maudoodi, the founder-ideologue of Jamaat-e-Islami. So this madness has been going on for over half a century. It first infected mostly elderly people but has now travelled down to the young, largely following the fashion in the West and financed by Wahhabi money coming from Saudi Arabia in unlimited quantities since the mid 1970s. Any particular young Muslim has been engaged in terrorism or not we cannot say until evidence against him is presented in the courts of law and a verdict is delivered. But the fact that a section of our youth, particularly the educated ones, have been thinking and expressing radical thoughts cannot be denied.

Is it a crime to think radical thoughts, one young man I was arguing with along these lines asked me the other day. No, I told him, it’s not a crime at all. But if you are known to be thinking and expressing those radical and indeed crazy thoughts, someone may be justified in suspecting you of radical acts and investigating your possible involvement.  How does the society know that you have not started walking your talk? The peace and security of the society cannot be jeopardised for the interests of the individual. Some innocents also do and will suffer in the process. That is something the larger society cannot help. It would be best, of course, that we minimize what is known with that horrible term ‘collateral damage’. But the society’s primary interest lies in safeguarding the interests of the entire society.


Let us Muslims come out of our stupor and accept that there is a possibility that some of our youths may have been radicalised, partly out of Islamic fundamentalist propaganda and partly because we elders in the Muslim society, the intelligentsia and the leadership,  have not apprised them of the facts of life. We have not given them the bigger picture. We have allowed them to become obsessed with victimhood. We turned the demolition of a disused mosque in 1992 as an issue of our identity. We reacted as if our very religious freedom was at stake. We failed to see and recognise and tell our youth that tens of thousands of mosques, madrasas and dargahs are functioning perfectly well and indeed we are opening new madrasas and building new mosques everyday. We behaved as if we were worshippers of the bricks the Babri mosque was built of and not namaziz who could pray in the wilderness, in the sea, in air, in moving trains, everywhere, for the God we worship is a universal energy, a universal intelligence, supreme wisdom, an abstract, not confined to space and time.


Similarly now we are behaving as if all Muslim youngsters going in for higher education have been rounded up and ‘encountered’. For all we know now, the national media and the police may be wrong and the Muslim Press right in this particular case. If we feel strongly about the innocence of these youths, let us fight their cases in courts of law and also courts of public opinion with all the vigour required. But let us not forget the blessings this country bestows on us. Let us not forget that millions of our youth are going about their business with perfect ease. Millions of us are engaged in the business of our choice. Scores of us have reached the top in the professions of their choice.  Even in businesses like film-making and acting that depend for their success on the goodwill of millions of people, Muslims have reached the top. This country guarantees us constitutional equality and protection of the law. The implementation may be faulty, even occasionally prejudiced. Some guardians of law may not understand their constitutional duties and allow their personal prejudices to cloud their judgement.  But let us not forget that the system we have is right. We only need to make sure that it performs well.


Think of the Muslim countries in our neighbourhood and beyond. What kind of constitutional rights do they give to their religious minorities? Can a Hindu become the President of Pakistan or Bangladesh? Can a Hindu even build a single temple in Saudi Arabia? Are Muslims, the majority community, fighting for their rights in these countries, as the Hindus, the majority community, fight for our rights here in India? Who brought the horrendous crimes perpetrated in Gujarat to the national and even international consciousness? Surely not the Muslim Press. It was the national and, if you like, the Hindu media that did it. Some Hindus, even at the cost of their patriotism being questioned, seek to fight our case.


And we, what do we do? It is our religious duty to fight for the rights of the oppressed, in a constitutional manner, of course, and within the ambit of the law. We could have at least articulated the grievances of these oppressed people in so-called Islamic lands. But not only we do nothing ourselves, we even condemn and excoriate the one lady who staked her life to highlight the plight of religious minorities in Bangladesh. She should have been our heroine. We should have garlanded her when she sought protection in our land. She has been doing what we should have been doing, fighting for the rights of religious minorities in Bangladesh. But we throw rotten eggs and chappals at her. In fact our elected representatives do that, shamelessly enough, and take pride in that affront.


The so-called Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid -- a relic of the Mughal rule surviving on account of a strange fascination of our Hindu leaders with beards -- has called for an all-Muslim parties meet on October 14 to discuss the situation arising out of the Batla House encounter. All the bearded fuddy-duddies have accepted and will be deliberating their next course of action. I hope they will remember that the security and future prosperity of the Muslim community depends not so much on the shape of the next government but on the amount of goodwill we have in the hearts of our neighbours from the majority community. It is this that we have been putting at stake by refusing to accept the very possibility of a few hotheads among us taking to the route of evil. We can continue to say that this particular individual is not guilty in our estimation or that this particular police or media theory does not seem right, but if we discount the very possibility of any Muslims being involved in acts of terrorism as we are doing now, we stand to lose the goodwill of our neighbours. That is a much worse situation than that of a seemingly friendly or not so friendly government coming to power or losing power. Governments will come and go. Political parties will gain and lose power. But we have to live with our neighbours; let us not lose their goodwill through stupidity and worse.


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Jamsheed Basha

This is in response to the Editorial, "Indian Muslims: Let us come out of denia".  Though I do not fully subscribe to the views of Sultan Shahin, Editor, in this piece of Editorial, I still agree with him on many counts.

Firstly, who this Imam Bukhari is to call for an all party meeting to discuss issues relating to Muslims? Who authorirsed him to do so? Is he the sole representatives of the millions of Muslims in the country? He is a Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, got in inheritane from Mughals, a stooge of the ruling party, like his father. He wanted to hog the lime light for some reason or the other. He thinks he could turn the table in the next elections through rehtorics. He is wrong and he will soon face the truth of his life. He is misguiding the youth of this country to believe that Islam is in danger on account of Batla House encounter, where a few young Muslims, taking upon themselves the burden of Islam, indulged in some acts of insanity that was responsible for killing innocent people in Delhi and elsewhere. To condone such acts of insanity is nothing but insanity itself. If those killed or arrested are innocent, lets prove it in the court of law and do not take law into hand.

I totally agree that radicalisation of Muslim youth at the behest of the Moudid's Jamat.e.Islmi is the root cause of changing muslim attitude of Muslim Youth. This Jamat along with another Jamat called Tableeq Jamat have done more harm to the Islamic society than good. These two extreme Jamats have interpreted Islam in their own way convenient to them. One is right extreme while the other is left extreme in the sense, that these people have not understood Islam in its totality. The radicals have come from the Wahhabi Sect, mostly from Saudi Wahhabi teachings. Rightly said, Moulana Moududi, a great writer and thinker himself, instead of confining to writing has taken people to one extreme of the religion. Firstly this has infested the oldies among the Muslims and then travelled to the young youth living in India and Pakistan. His radical views of Islam is not acceptable to Muslims who have studied and practiced Islam in its totality. These bearded followers of Moududi, became so extreme that they even called our Prophet PBUH, was nothing but an ordinary Messenger of Allah. Majority of the Muslims hold our Prophet PBUH in very high esteem and even on hearing or reading his name, they recite Darud. What prevented these elements to say Darud when Allah and His Angels do say that. Kindly read this passage from Holy Quran, "Innal Laha wo malyikatahu, yusalluna alan Nabi; Ya Ayyuhal lazina amanu sallu alai hi wo sallimu tasleema".  When Allah and His Angles say "Usalluna Alan Nabi", why should anyone hold any other view with regard to reverence to our Holy Prophet PBUH. Certainly radicalism crept into Muslim community due to such extreme views of religion. The extremism has led the youth to believe that they are saviour of Islam and that they are there to impose Islamic Rule in India. Terrorism certainly has born out of such radical views of Islam. The Muslim youth have totally misguided on this score and led them to extreme path of violence. In the editorial above, the world PBUH was not used whenever our Prophet PBUH occured. This need be corrected, Mr. Sultan Shahin in future.

We the Muslims of India have to live and die in India. We were left orphans by the leaders who partitioned India. Muslims were better when India was united. They had their own separate voting rights and respersentations. All these came to naught with the creation of Pakistan. In my view, the creation of Pakistan was the biggest blunder of the century. That left Muslims of India to fend for themselves, We became aliens in our own land overnight in 1947. In the aftermath of partition, Muslims were denied opportunities and their separate representation was taken away. We became second class citizens. We had to face untold atrocities in the aftermath of partition. Its all due to the creation of Pakistan. Think what would have happened to Pakistan, if India instead of absorbing Muslims, would have sent the entire Muslim population to Pakistan? Pakistan would have crumbled unable to bear the burder of such a huge mass of exodus. Jinnah and Pakistan must thank India for keeping such a huge population with them. Jinnah, a great leader no doubt, has erred in assessing the aftermath of partition. He though there would three Indias. One Pakistan, One India and another princely India. All his assessment failed and in the bargain who paid the price? Its Muslims. Therefore Muslims need not look for Pakistan or any other Muslim country to fight for our rights. We are capable to fight for our rights. It was left to Gandhiji who fought for our rights to live in India and we lived out those horrible days to see all round prosperity today. India is our country and we the Muslims love it. Then where is the need for violence to settle scores with Advanis and Modis. We have some decent ways of fighting for our rights. We must respect the sentiments of others as ordained by Allah. There is no other view on this issue. We have to live with our neighbours and their good will is as important.

We the Mulsim of India are unfortunate for not having a true representative party of our own and a leader worthy of leading. We the Muslims constitute around 20% of the population. We must seek proper representation in the legislature, administrtion and educational insitutions of this country . We must fight for our cause not through bullet but through our pen which is mightier than bullet. Website like this opens up new vistas for our Muslim bretheren to express our views without any fear or favour as Constitution of India has guaranteed freedom of expression. Compared to the life in Saudi and other Kingdoms of Muslim world, where you cannot freely express your views, India is far better. It has given us ample freedom. Rightly pointed out in the Editorial that we the Muslims have thrived and excelled on our own ability in any field. Take the case of ex-President Abul Kalam, a renowned Scientist and Father of Missile Technology in India, film actors like Dilip Kumar, SRK, Salman Khan and scores of others, and many more personalities have excelled due to the freedom available to us. We have our own business interest and one of the riches businessmen happens to be a Muslim. Great Criketers, Musicians, Singers and actors were all Mulsims. We must be eternally grateful to India and its people for treating us with such dignity barring the incidents of violence unleashed by lunatic and fanatics among the Hindus like Modi and others. For that answer is no counter violence but a fight through legal means. This is what is expected from the beleaguered Muslim community. Violence is no answer to violence, it must be love towards us and malice towards none. Muslims are biggest minority or you may call it second largest majority community in India and what prevented us from organising into a strong and fighting Political Party with some sincere leaders leading it. There are people like the writer willing to lead, but where is chance for such an event. Let the intelligentsia work on this and organise an event that will bring to platform such selfless leaders willing to lead. This is what is needed in the present circumstance. We do not need people like Arif Mohammed, Bantawalas, or some self styled leaders. We need genuine leadership to be developed. Once we form a cohesive leadership through a party of our own with mass following, we would emerge as a formidable force and Govt or any political party would look forward to work with and address our problems. Lets all unite to fight for our cause and lay down our lives for the sake of this great country. Lets not look for  extra territorial leadership or help from across the border. We have to fend for ourselves, and no one in the Islamic world is worried about the plight of the Muslims in India. Then why should be loyal to them. They are minding their own business. No one from the Muslim world has ever expressed sympathy or protest when the muslims were killed, properties looted in a mayhem in Gujarat except US which denied visa to Modi. Mr. Shaheen was right, when we were in trouble, our cause was taken up not by any one but by our own Hindu brother organisations. These Muslims leadership was a bunch of cowards, self centered and too afraid to go to jails for the sake of the community. Who came to our rescue and who took up the cause, these great Hindu Leaders like Lalu Prasad, Mulayam Singh Yadeve, Mayawathi and the likes.  Show us one Muslim leader who court arrest for the sake of the Muslims but on the other hand leaders like Arif Mohammed, Shah Nawaz, Mohsina Kidwai, chose to join the Safron Brigade. What a shame and Muslim Ummah would never forgive them.  In the end I call upon all misguided youth to shun violence and lead a peaceful life treating all our Hindu neighbours as our brothers and sisters. This would help us to build bridges and rightly let us not lose their goodwill through stupidity and worse.

sk jaiswal

I agree with Sultan Shahin. But we can see the trust is decreasing between the 2 community which is surely a matter of worry.



Mubashir Inayet

I completely agree with the above two gentlemen. A little bit or introspection and honesty never hurts. Truth is bitter but essential. If we don't acknowledge we need help, we keep suferring.


Mubashir Inayet

sk jaiswal

In the agreement with Mr.Sultan, i would like to ask is the Shahi Imam of Jama Maszid represents all the moslems from India ?  We all know, NO.  Gone are those days when Indian Moslems were found to be illeterate and could be turned to anyway. Now they are literate, they know what they need to do and they think freely and not under the essential clouds of so called ******.  Similarly Police (Specially Delhi if we think about Batla House encounter) they are not considered to be from Hindus side.

Delhi police is not clean we all know. They have the image of something like - "WARDI WALA GUNDA"  By wearing police uniform they get the licence to abuse anybody, misbehave with anybody and sometime to kill anybody. We have see this in Delhi, irrespective of victims' religions.  Well, i do not mean to say anything about the encounter.

Encounter seems to be real one. Or otherwise, Delhi police will not hv lost a sr.officer and hurt its own people. We cant draw another story that the cop may hv died due to Heart Attack and the deptt used his body do hide their deeds.  But the number of rumours in the public after the encounter, really serves for the purpose of those who do not want we Indians lives in peace and harmoney.  Lets see and decide ourselves what is good and what is not. If not, raise the voice.

In India, all the voices are heard. Irrespective of religions. Even the minority Christians can force the govts to bend, we hv seen this when Karnatka CM publicly apologizing the Bishop.  Our press does not anyvoice unheard. May be due to competition. All the channels want to be first in giving the news and breaking news. So there rests very little chance of any discrimination.

Its not Pakistan where Hindus population is decreasing drastically. Hindu girls are suddenly disappeared and the parents receive a letter in courier saying that the girls hv converted to Islam and dont want to return. And even the police, court and neighbours were of no help. What media could do the best to bring the news in light. and what the court did the best was to arrange a meeting between Girls and the parents for sometime under the eyes of cleric and 2 cops.  OH GOD, can we expect this to Moslems, Christians, Sikhs or Dalits.

Well, i think, in India, we are living far far fairer and undiscriminated life.  Any disagreeemnt with myself ???

Ghulam Muhammed

Date:    Thu, 25 Sep 2008 09:14:30 +0530 [09/25/2008 09:14AM IST]

From:   Ghulam Muhammed <>


Subject:            Leading Indian Muslim bodies form a united forum to fight against bashing campaign


New Delhi:

In a landmark development, heads and representatives of various Muslim organizations and prominent personalities formed an umbrella body– Coordination Committee For Indian Muslims' to counter the attack on the Muslim community in the garb of terrorist attacks and consequent probes.


Expressing strong anger and displeasure over the Muslim bashing campaign in India and Muslim leaders demanded the government to immediately end this inhuman and unconstitutional operation. Muslim organizations also demanded dismissal of Union Home Minister, Intelligence Bureau chief and Delhi Police Commissioner for their failure in checking the terrorist attacks in the country.


The Muslim leaders present felt that so-called Hind organizations are not leaving stone unturned in terrorising the whole Muslim community while injustice is being done with the Muslim youths and they are being harassed and tortured in jails since several years in the name of terrorism.


An all-party meeting of the heads and representatives of Muslim organizations – Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind, Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawart, Jamiat-e-Ahl-e-Hadees, Shia Political Front, Muslim Political Council, Majlis-e-Ulema Hind was held at the Headquarters of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in the Capital.


It was attended by representatives of all prominent Muslim organizations. Besides JIH leaders, the attendees included Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, president of All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat, Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani, acting general secretary of Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind, Maualan Abdul Wahab Khilji of All India Milli Council, Dr Tasleem Rahmani of Political Council of India, Dr Ghulam Yahya Anjum, noted Barelvi scholar and Shia scholar Allama Zishan Hidayati.


A 5-member committee was formed to chalk out plans and strategy to take on the anti-Muslim campaign. The committee had Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani, Dr Tasleem Rahmani and Mujtaba Farooq, political affairs secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan of Jamiat Ahle Hadees attended today's meeting as special invitee.


Imam Ahmad Bukhari, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid of New Delhi could not attend the meeting due to some urgent engagement but he gave his consent to all the decisions of the meeting.


Reiterating the demand from Muslim organizations, the committee has demanded a high-level enquiry into all bomb blasts and terrorist attacks in the country.


Besides sacking of Home Minister, IB chief and Delhi Police Commissioner, the committee also demanded dismissal of home ministers and police chiefs of the states where terrorist bombings took place.


It demanded ban on Hindutva extremist organizations like Bajrang Dal, VHP and Hindu Vahini. There are a number of strict laws that are capable of tackling these crimes and so there is no need of any new law, the committee said.


Another important demand of the committee is that every decision regarding combating terrorism should be taken by taking the Parliament into confidence.


If these demands are not immediately met by the government, strongly presenting demands a massive agitation will be organized at New Delhi's Jantar Mantar on September 26, after the prayer of last Friday (Jumatul Wida) of holy month of Ramazan. Moreover, top leaders of Muslim organizations will give court arrest and a national public convention would be organized soon after the agitation.


In the long-term programmes, the committee has decided to form a Legal Cell, Planning Cell and Political Cell and Media Cell. The committee has urged the Muslim community to celebrate Eid very simply and pray to God.


Mujtaba Farooq



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