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Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal
The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam
Biography, Audio
Khuda Ke Liye - Full movie
Ustad Fateh Ali Khan Nauha: Yeh sochta hooN ke Abid ka haal kya hoga.
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Part I, How the US enslaved South America
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Part II, How the US enslaved Saudi Arabia but failed in Saddam Hussein's Iraq
Her Majesty Queen Rania Al
Abdullah of Jordan at Zeitgeist08
Jordan's Queen Rania
on Arab women
Jews That Lived In
Palestine Tell Their Story
TITO SEIF - Popular Egyptian
Muslim Male Belly Dancer
On the Streets of New York, Calls to "Wipe Out" Palestinians
  The Quran: A New Translation - The eternal present tense
  Preface: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam By Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
  Lecture 1: Knowledge and Religious Experience
  Lecture 2: The Philosophical Test of the Revelations of Religious Experience
  Lecture 3: The Conception of God and the Meaning of Prayer
  Lecture 4: The Human Ego – His Freedom and Immortality
  Lecture 6: The Principle of Movement in the Structure of Islam
  Lecture 6: The Principle of Movement in the Structure of Islam
  Lecture 7: Is Religion Possible?
  INDEX: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam By Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
  Bibliography: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam By Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
  NOTES AND REFERENCES: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam By Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
  INTRODUCTION: Tablighi Jamaat in the light of Facts and Truth by Maulana Arshadul Qadri
  CHAPTER 1: The Tableeghi Jamaat in the light of facts and truth by Maulana Arshadul Qadri
  Chapter 7: Tableeghi Jamaat as seen in their own camp by their own people by Maulana Arshadul Qadri
  Aristotle’s influence on Muslim Philosophy and Al-Ghazali's flight to Sufism By MASARRAT HUSAIN ZUBERI
  The Criminals of Islam by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed
  "Translating Libya": Non-Political Stories of Love and Hardship
  Mullahs and wars in Tribal Areas
  The definitive 1971 novel
  Excerpts from The Rushdie Affair: The Novel, the Ayatollah, and the West
  What if ‘safarnama’ undermines wisdom?
  Backgrounder: The Mullah and the Munir Report
  The Making of Terrorists: Role of indoctrination and ideology
  How do jihadis justify their so-called jihad: an exposition of jihad from a convoluted JIjadi Mind
  The Long War against Islamic Supremacism and Jihad
  Recapturing Islam From the Terrorists: we surely need the Ghazalian approach, not the rigorism of Ibn Taymiya
  Hitler and Jihad
  Genesis of Jihadism?: Winston Churchill- Crusade against the Empire of the Mahdi
  Massive disinformation campaign to brainwash Muslims for campaign of Terror - I
  Massive disinformation campaign to brainwash Muslims for campaign of Terror - 1I
  Massive disinformation campaign to brainwash Muslims for campaign of Terror - 1II
  Massive disinformation campaign to brainwash Muslims for campaign of Terror - IV
  The History of Karbala
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Islamic World News
Over 100-Year-Old Cheravally Jamaat Masjid of Kerala Turns Venue for Hindu Wedding, Jamaat Committee Met All Its Expenses

• 'Visit My Mosque': Bengaluru's Modi Masjid Opens Its Doors To People Of All Faiths

• No Proof for Love Jihad, Don’t Add Fuel to Flames, Rift in Church On Issue

• All Afghans Are Persecuted, Says Hamid Karzai on Citizenship Amendment Act

• Citizenship Act not necessary, CAA, NRC India’s internal matter: Sheikh Hasina

• Uighur Town Clings To Its Cultural Past In Spite Of China's Efforts to Extinguish It

• 3 Men in Dubai Fined Dh500, 000 Each For Insulting Islam Online

• US Transferring ISIL Terrorists to Western Iraq Again after Hashd Al-Shaabi's Cleansing Efforts

• UK Courts Hand Far-Right Extremists Lighter Online Crime Sentences Than Islamists

• Jordanian Parliament Votes To Ban Israeli Gas Imports Following Mass Protests

• Pakistan Stands For Regional Peace, Says FM

• Speaker Warns Europe of Iran's Possible Review of Cooperation with IAEA

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Islam, Women and Feminism
Republican Muslim Candidate Dalia al-Aqidi Looks to Unseat Ilhan Omar

• First Female NFL Coach Sees Video-Game Appearance as another Sign of Progress

• Lucknow Women Brave Chill, Crowds Clock Big Stir under Husainabad Clock Tower

• All Women Anti-CAA, NRC, NPR Protest Rally in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

• Female Muslim MPs Outnumber Male Muslim MPs In UK Parliament

• First Women’s Wing in Saudi Army Opened

• 15 Remarkable Women Who Helped Shape India’s Future

• Moscow Police Helped a Muslim Woman in Labour

• Google honours female Egyptian lawyer Mufidah Abdul-Rahman

• Woman Rejoicing at Soleimani Assassination Works for Libya’s Saudi-Backed Militia: Report

• India: Uttar Pradesh Policemen Called ‘Blanket Thieves’ For ‘Stealing’ Women Protesters’ Blankets

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

Islam and Politics
The Many Meanings of Shaheen Bagh

It is the bravery and the far-sightedness of these protests that they have not allowed any religious cleric to come near them. What also needs to be underlined is that the established Muslim leaders of different political parties have not been allowed to make political speeches. The beauty of the movement is that it is acephalous wherein young people are refusing to be cowed down despite brutal repression at some places....

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Islam and Politics
Protest This Time Is Not Faith-Based, Muslims Are Protesting For the Imperilled Constitution

In August 2014, the online portal New Age Islam (NAI) published a translation of two editorials dated August 22 and August 25 published in the Jamaat-e-Islami, Hind (JEI’s) Urdu mouthpiece, Dawat. Among other things, one of the editorials stated: “It is very necessary to welcome the announcement of the establishment of Islamic Caliphate by the ISIS because Islamic Caliphate is the aspiration of every Muslim and there has never been a disagreement on the issue among the Muslims in any period of history.” The JEI, incidentally, was not the only Muslim body in India to have expressed similar sentiments until the sheer barbarism of the ISIS stunned them into silence....

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Islamic Society
Protests against CAA, NRC and NPR Are Throwing Up Images in Which Muslim Stereotypes Are Being Shattered

Maulanas and clerics are not leaders here; instead, youth and home-makers are. These are not “Muslim” mobilisations as earlier seen against Salman Rushdie, triple talaq or Taslima Nasrin. Instead, this new inclusive movement is one where Bhim Army’s Chandrashekhar Azad — and not the Shahi Imam — has addressed crowds at Jama Masjid....

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Current Affairs
Mahatma Gandhi: The Anti-Colonial Satyagrahi Has Been Turned Into A Sarkari Saint

At Jamia Millia Islamia’s Gate No. 7, where the stir began, hangs a banner with Maulana Mohammad Ali, Jamia’s founder, in the middle and Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Ambedkar on either side of him. Ambedkar is, quite literally, the face of the movement....

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At That Time, When the Kashmiri Pandits Left, They Could Have Been Brought Back, Says Businessman Vijay Dhar

I, for example, set up a school and I must say the amount of encouragement that I got was phenomenal. There are 5,000 children studying in it and 40% of them are girls. I have never felt any communal discrepancy. Secularism is still alive in Kashmir....

Current Affairs
For the Kashmiri Pandits, From Botswana to Brisbane, the Call of the Valley Remains Supreme

Anecdotes about adversity and the spiritual and practical strength of the KPs have been part of the informal education of every child. And the one mantra to conquer all is universally regarded, within the KPs, as education – a source of liberation and empowerment...

Radical Islamism and Jihad
ISIS and Its Shadow on South Asia

Junood-ul-Khilafa-e-Hind (JKH) was nothing; it registered nowhere, and made no dent in anyone's imagination as a feared home-grown terror group from India....

Current Affairs
After US Leaves Afghanistan, Main Threat to India Comes From Pan-Islamic Jihadist Groups Based In Pakistan

The worsening security situation in Afghanistan also impacts Indian security with Al Qaeda continuing to assist Taliban in its campaign against Afghan security forces. Add to this, the Islamic State Khurasan Province (ISPK), operating around the Khyber Pass area....

Islam, Women and Feminism
Afghan religious clerk warns to punish women who disregard Islamic Hijab

• Portrayal of women’s societal role in advertisements discussed

• Fearless Delhi women protest at Shaheen Bagh against a bitterly disputed citizenship law inspire national movement

• Muslim women, kids stage peaceful protest at clock tower, Lucknow

• 'It's do-or-die battle': Women protesters at Kolkata's Park Circus Maidan to continue anti-CAA stir till favourable outcome

• ‘Jabba the Jihadi’ played major role in enslaving Yazidi women

• Another teenaged Hindu girl abducted, forcefully converted to Islam in Imran Khan's 'Naya Pakistan'

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

Islamic World News
Visit Shaheen Bagh, listen to concerns on CAA, NRC over tea: Protesters to PM

• Muslim organizations plan to restrict use of loudspeakers at mosques in Kerala

• Muslim bodieslike like Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind and Jamiate-e-Islami-e-Hind make a mark with a big rally in Nagpur

• Muslim world leaders visit Auschwitz in 'strong signal' of interfaith support

• Nearly One In Five French Newborns Has A Muslim Or Arabic Name

• UTM denies spreading salafi propaganda, denounces article claiming links as false

• Trump gives dramatic account of Soleimani’s last minutes before death: Report

• UN urges ‘foreign’ players to stop ‘meddling’ in Libya conflict

• Pakistan has come out of toughest economic condition: PM

• Saudi Arabia helps its citizens flee US to avoid prosecution: FBI

• At least 70 Yemeni soldiers killed in Houthi attack

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Islamic World News
‘Hum Aayenge Apne Watan,’ Kashmiri Pandits Pledge To Return To Valley On Social Media

• Whatsapp Message Reportedly From VHP and Bajrang Dal Warning Muslims Not To Hire Stalls for Vittal Temple Fair in Karnataka

• Amid Anti-CAA Protests, Muslims in MP’s Neemuch Refuse to Show Documents

• Pakistani Court Hands Down 55-Year Sentences to 86 Islamists, Khadim Rizvi’s Brother, Nephew among Them

• Bangladesh Fears Rohingya-Like Crisis over India Citizenship Law

• ISIS Panel in Syria Acts As 'Judge, Jury and Executioner,' Report Finds

• The Day Iran Attacked US Targets in Iraq Was ‘Day of God’: Iran’s Khamenei

• China’s Rights Abuses in Xinjiang Could Provoke a Global Terrorist Backlash

• UN: Children of Foreign ISIS Militants Must be repatriated

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Islam, Women and Feminism
Columbus Police Weigh Eliminating Hijab Ban for Officers

• Shaheen Bagh in Kolkata's Park Circus

• ‘How Can Kota Women Be Behind?’ Say Protesters after Launching Shaheen Bagh-Like Protest in City

• Muslim Women, Kids Stage Peaceful Protest at Clock Tower

• Poverty, Laws and Traditions among the Causes of Child Marriages in Malaysia

• Jos Muslim Women Embrace Physical Exercise to Keep Fit

• Saudi Working Women Not Keen On Saving Money For Marriage

• Republican Challenger for Ilhan Omar’s 5th District Seat Is Also a Muslim Refugee

• Why Many Muslim Women in the US Are Skipping the Women’s March This Year

• Senator Assailed for Denouncing Women’s Rights March

• Tarek Fatah Got It Wrong. Pakistani Woman Did Not Refuse Polio Drops For Her Children

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

Islamic Society
Long Silent on Religious Issues like Babri Masjid Demolition And Criminalization Of Islamic Personal Laws, Muslims Speak Out To Protect Secular Character Of Indian Constitution

Interestingly out of the two different displays of “Islamic conduct” what was being supposed has been proved wrong. The Jihadist ideology was trying to brainwash Muslims to fight ‘Jihad’ for their religion and eliminate the “Kufr-system” of democracy. But the protesting Muslims have rejected the jihadist ideology, exclusion and supremacism. Instead they have proven with their peaceful protests that they will die remaining, though as a minority part of the Indian democracy, but will never walk on the path of violence, nor on the path that leads to ‘detention centres’....

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Ujaale ke Ore, A film on the life and work of Sir Syed Ahmad
Dervish/Sufi Dance
Sufi dancers in Istanbul
Ahura Sufi Dance - Jaran (part I)
Islamic System - Dr israr Vs Javed Ahmed Ghamidi Part 1/8
Islamic System - Dr israr Vs Javed Ahmed Ghamidi Part 4/8
Ghamidi - Suicide bombing or attack on civilians
Shehzad Roy Laga Reh From Qismat Apne Haath Mein (Complete Song)
The Mevlana Rumi derwishes of Damascus
Chechen Sufi Chants
The Message 1976
[full movie about Islam]
Noam Chomsky on
The "Clash of Civilizations"
Fake Christians fabricate
conflict with Islam
Jesus Camp.
Shabana Azmi & Javed Akhtar - Reaction on Mumbai Terror attack
Indian poet, lyricist and script writer Javed Akhtar tells Wajahat S.Khan,"Time for women to rule now"
Religion of the Jahiliya: Jihadism is Kufr, not Islam - Pakistani Jihadists revealed plans for Indian Muslims in 1999
Condemning "Islamist" terrorist attack on Mumbai in harshest terms
Can Ulema save Muslims from Radical Islamism?
Muslim response to Mumbai terror in sync with the national mood, but what is wrong with our intellectuals?
Indian Ulema have no time to lose, must call warlike Quranic surahs obsolete.
Jihadism gets sustenance from verses of war in the Quran
Can we Trust Pakistani commitment to fight Jihadi Terrorism?
Massacre in Mumbai: L-e-T role clear. Should Muslims continue to be in denial?
Destroy Lashkar Camps: Why Indian Muslims are an existential threat to Pakistan?
Mumbai Terror: William Kristol on Jihad’s True Face
Mumbai a stain on Islam: Real 'jihad' means fighting perpetrators of terror
Indian Muslims: Let us come out of denial
Is Terror only in the Hearts or in Holy Texts too? A dialogue between S Gurumurthy and Javed Anand
Dismantle Jamaat ud-Dawa infrastructure
Indian Muslim Ulema gather in Hyderabad to introspect
Time Indian Muslims told terrorists their dastardly actions are inimical to Muslim interests
Sorry Safdar Nagori, you are just a megalomaniac-turned-terrorist, not a Mujahid by any reckoning
Making sense of Pakistan terror machine’s latest attack and its aftermath
Jamaat-e-Islami is welcome in politics, but it should jettison its dangerous ideological baggage first.
Terrorism in Pakistan, Celebrating Ramadan, jihadi style
Terrorists are Fasadi, not Jihadi
The Deobandi Fatwa Against Terrorism Didn't Treat the Jihadi Root
Do Muslims want to be protected by the likes of Lashkar-e-Taiba?
Muslims should abrogate verses of war in Islamic Law
Pakistan's westward drift: A stern Wahhabism is replacing the kinder, gentler Islam of the Sufis and saints
Unveiling Zakir Naik: Terror cannot be fought with Terror
Talibanisation of Pakistan continues with the help of administration
Dr. Zakir Naik on Yazeed and Osama bin Laden - A New Age Islam Debate
Unveiling Zakir Naik: Terror cannot be fought with Terror
Comments - 148
On Televangelist Zakir Naik: Don't give in to pretenders
Comments - 31
Beware of the Kafir-manufacturing factories: Maulana Nadeem-ul-Wajidi responds to the Fatawahs of Kufr against Dr. Zakir Naik
Comments - 41
Unity among Muslims and Dr. Zakir Naik's Evil: A Point of View
Comments - 163
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