• Manzurul, either you are having an unsuspecting innocent mind or a timid ۔۔۔
    ( By Royalj )
  • Dear Mukhtar Alam, My faith is based on the۔۔۔۔
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • Eid Mubarak
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • If the terrorist threat is real, why does the FBI have...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Eid Mubarak to all!
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • From my Facebook:- Many people apply their robust common sense and wonder why such violent terrorist events, that so logically...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Many people apply their robust common sense and wonder why...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • I agree.
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • AND springing forth of Umblical Chord of spiritual connectivity to the...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Muhammad Yunus should learn about the chain of Fatimid khalifatullah in the posterity of prophet Muhammad salutations...
    ( By Muhammad Mukhtar Alam )
  • Change is the need of hour Change your books...
    ( By Oshok Dubey )
  • Thanks Naseer. I am really glad that you appreciate my comments. The wide spread gun shootings...
    ( By Royalj )
  • American exceptionalism, or the idea that the U.S. has a unique mission to transform the world, is plain and simple supremacism....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Idots finished nearly all minority that was existing now talking of inter-faith....
    ( By Aayina )
  • Good to see Maulana Abul Kalam Azad praised by a Pakistani writer in a Pakistani۔۔۔۔
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Royalj. Good to see you in your true colours. You must be lolling in the mud of US to write such paeans for that country, ...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Royalj, Listen to this video to know what the US wars in Afghanistan and ....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Plz read respect 'for' in place of respect 'of' an 84 year old... , because the meaning changes substantially.'
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Moving out today, so will revisit the topic again. I think Sultan Shahin sb must be having a lot to say on this. Hazrat Ali ...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • “We Muslims tend to be nostalgic about the glories of our history and fatalistic about our current problems” It is not only you two but 1,600 ...
    ( By Royalj )
  • Royalj to comment: The frequency of far-right attacks is particularly significant in the United ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Man is guided by instinct, conditioning as well as by reasoning and his reasoning can overrule both his instinct and conditioning. While animals are mostly ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • What is it that the “mystics” and the philosophers have given us except myths that lead us to false beliefs? The myth of Alam-e-Arwah from ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • “Understanding and internalizing the principles that comprise 'the nature of things' is perhaps the single most powerful determining factor in the shaping of the....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Aayina, have you heard of 'reverse arousal'? Try you can easily do that to any man !'
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Much needed elucidation.'
    ( By Satyendra Prakash Sharma )
  • Here is the link where women and men do not wear anything and they are not fulltime ....
    ( By Aayina )
  • Is spiritual education different from religious indoctrination? Is the religious....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • This is difficult, but I think we should discuss.'
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Royalj, kahan ho bhai ?'
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Excellent. Hope the author will write regularly. Where is the author from ? My humble view is that...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Yeh aadmi apni jahalat ki numaish kar raha hai. My Islam is different...
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Very well rounded off, Mr. Nasser Ahmed.'
    ( By Manzurul Haque )
  • Having started it, let us complete the discussion on creation. (50:38) We created the heavens and the earth and all between them in Six Days, ....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • All human beings are created by Allah and all have the same derivation from the same forefather and mother, i.e. Adam.& Eve....
    ( By zuma )
  • aleem ka sufi hona jaroori nahi. sufi ko aleem hona jaroori hai. sufi koi libaas nahi.
    ( By Mahendra Bahadur )
  • Hats Off again repeats his lie of Muslims in any country demanding special treatment etc etc etc. Muslims follow the laws ....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Poor Hats Off is now reduced to nitpicking! He is now badmouthing psychotherapy because the question of his oedipal conflicts was once raised ....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • You are very poor in your observations Hats Off. I do psychoanalyze people but only when I have sufficient data. I am never hasty about ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Is there any comparison for the historic ill-treatment by the Christians of their Jews and Muslims? How many Muslims...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    In Germany, a New ‘Feminist’ Islam Is Hoping To Make a Mark

    Pakistan Rape Victim Attends US Opera She Inspired

    Man Kills Two Sisters for ‘Honour’ In Faisalabad

    A Saudi Woman Who Got Behind the Wheel and Never Looked Back

    World Bank Aims To Help Poor, Women Access Digital Banking

    Activist Zafar Khan Lynched to Death in Rajasthan for Objecting Photography of Women Defecating In Open

    Najib: Government Safeguards Women’s Interest in National Policy Formulation

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam and Spiritualism

    A Muslim is one who surrounds himself with beauty and cultivates beauty within and then sees all things transfigured, wrapped up in glory and utters Subhan Allah (glory to God). For the sage every sight can evoke “Glory to God!” The Prophet (SAW) ordered good grooming. It is women rather than men who follow this order more strictly. Another mode of worshipping God that women are privileged to opt for is use of jewellery. Cosmetics (the word is derived from Cosmos – ordered whole) help “bringing ourselves into line with the Cosmos itself, by maximising our small part in its order and beauty”....

    Interfaith Dialogue

    At A Hindu Saint’s Gujarat Ashram, a Clarion Call For Indo-Pak Peace
    Sudheendra Kulkarni

    This is what Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif attempted, and the endeavour was carried forward by Dr Manmohan Singh and Pervez Musharraf. A broad framework for resolving the Kashmir issue is already in place, and it is known as the four-point Musharraf-Manmohan formula. Despite some differences between the two sides, this formula can still serve as the basis for a fresh bilateral dialogue....

    Current Affairs

    Why Nawaz Sharif Kept So Quiet At the US-Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh
    Khaled Ahmed

    The opposition wanted him to make the speech and thus fall on his sword. Clueless TV anchors were “drunk with the wine of nation worship”, as they say in Urdu, and misunderstood the Summit. Had Sharif spoken to please the Saudis, he would have offended not only Iran, but also Qatar, which the Saudis proceeded to oust from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as punishment for favouring Iran....

    Islam and the West

    Dirty Open Secret: US Created and Supports ISIS
    Stephen Lendman

    They show ISIS, al-Qaeda and like-minded terrorist groups are the “major forces” used as US foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.  The myth of so-called “moderate rebels” was long ago discredited. Yet claiming they exist persists.  The DIA documents show America, NATO, Saudi Arabia and other regional rogue states support an Islamic caliphate to challenge, topple and replace Bashar al-Assad with an imperial puppet....

    Islam and Politics

    Influence-Rich Saudis Blow through Sunni Unity
    Bruce Riedel

    The Qatar affair combines American incompetence, Saudi bullying and Qatari game-playing with Iranian meddling and subversion. Too many outside players are getting involved muddying the waters. What began as farce may end as much worse...

    Islam and Politics

    Israel-Palestine from Both Sides of the Mirror
    Roger Cohen

    The jubilation of military victory, quicker and more comprehensive than seemed possible, has long since subsided into a grinding status quo: the oppression of 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank, the confrontation with 1.8 million in encircled Hamas-run Gaza and the corrosion of Israeli democracy that accompanies this extended exercise in dominion. Often called unsustainable, the occupation has proved altogether sustainable....

    Pakistan Press

    From Zarb-i-Azb to Radd-ul-Fasaad By Mohammad Jamil: New Age Islam's Selection, 17 June 2017

    Misperceptions about Pakistan’s Nuclear Tests

    By Anaya Shahid

    “My Other Jinnah Film”

     By Akbar Ahmed

    Weak Administrative Writ Provides Breeding Space For Extremism

    By Mohammad Ali Babakhel

    Two Nations, One Sub-Nationality

    By M Ziauddin

    Seasonal Birds Take Flight

    By Muhammad Usman

    Erring On Side Of Caution

    By Arhama Siddiqa

    Another Fine Mess

    By Irfan Husain

    Missing the Larger Picture

    By Tariq Khosa

    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Middle East Press

    Syria Pays for ISIS Attack in Tehran By Huda al Husseini: New Age Islam's Selection, 17 June 2017

    How Iran Exploited Tehran Terror Attacks For Its Own Gain

    By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

    What Qatar’s Role in Yemen Tells about the Gulf Crisis

    By Dr. Manuel Almeida

    Why Gulf Experts Missed the Qatar Crisis

    By Sinem Cengiz

    Mediating the Qatari Crisis

    By Mashari Althaydi

    The SCO and Middle East: Expanding Stakes and New Approaches

    By Talmiz Ahmad

    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Urdu Section

    Wahhabism –A Peculiar Way to Promote Tawheed (9) نظریہ وہابیت –توحید کی تبلیغ کا انوکھا انداز
    Misbahul Huda, New Age Islam

    یہ بات اکثر قارئین کے لئے باعث حیرت ہو سکتی ہے کہ ایک طرف تو شیخ نجدی پوری دنیا کو (نام نہاد) خالص توحید پرستی کا درس دینے کے خمار میں ظلم عدوان کی حد تک تجاوز کرتے ہوئے اور وہابی نظریہ توحید سے اعراض کرنے والوں کو تہہ تیغ کرتے ہوئے نظر آتے ہیں، لیکن جب خود اُن کے بھائی سلیمان بن عبد الوہاب (متوفی 1208ہجری) ان کے نومولود توحیدی افکار و نظریات کی علمی گرفت کرتے ہیں تو شیخ نجدی اور ان کی پوری جماعت صم بکم عمی کی تصویر بنی ہوئی نظر آتی ہے۔ جبکہ علمی دیانت داری اور غیرت دینی کا تقاضا تو یہ ہے کہ اگر ان کی فکری اور نظریاتی بنیادیں جادۂ حق و صداقت کی رہنمائی کرتی ہیں تو انہیں علماء حق کے اعتراضات کا مدلل اور معقول جواب دینا چاہیے، اور اگر وہ ان علماء حق کی علمی گرفت سے خود کو نہیں بچا سکتے اور ان کے اعتراضات کا معقول جواب نہیں دے سکتے تو انہیں اپنے تمام فتنہ پرور اور شرانگیز توحیدی افکار و نظریات سے رجوع کر لینا چاہیے، اور ان کی تبلیغ و اشاعت کے اپنے تمام مقاصد شریرہ سے دست بردار ہو جانا چاہیے۔

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    Islamic Society

    Suffice it to say that Quran calls for conservation of animal life and therefore has nominated a long period in which hunting is prohibited so as to give animals time to recover from the depletion of its population at the hands of mankind. Therefore, animals being also a community of creation, it is to be cherished and husbanded sustainably....

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Zakir Naik’s Open Letter: Democrat or an Islamo-Fascist Demagogue?
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    If one is hell bent on arguing that Islam is the best religion in the world and that polytheism of the Hindus is a backward and deplorable religious worldview, then how does this promote peace and tolerance? If he continues to justify that Islam alone is the saviour of world, then how does this promote peace and mutual respect? Calling such sermons of a third rate pedant as dialogue militates against the very idea of a dialogical plural world. Zakir Naik is not interested in dialogue: he is a fascist demagogue who wants all the world to convert to his point of view.

    His hypocrisy on democracy begins to unravel the minute he takes recourse to the Quran. There are many passages within the text to cite in terms of pluralism and tolerance. But to quote the verse which tells Muslims to be patient and wait for their eventual victory over the polytheists is perhaps too much. This is not a man who is a believer in the virtues of secular laws like democracy. This is a man who wants to unfurl the Islamic flag everywhere, demean and trounce all other religious traditions. The recourse to democracy and the language of rights are only a means to an end: that of establishing the supremacy of Islam. ....

    Islamic Society
    Allah Hafiz vs. Khuda Hafiz
    Almas Kiran Shamim

    A Christian from Pakistan can use ‘Khuda’; a Zoroastrian from Iran can use ‘Khuda’. This, by no means, implies that a Muslim from either Pakistan or Iran cannot use ‘Khuda’. When you say that ‘Khuda’ can also mean the Christian God or the Parsi God or even the Sikh or Hindu God, you are actually trying to say that there IS a Christian God, a Parsi God, a Sikh God, and a Hindu God besides a Muslim God Allah.....

    Related Article:

    Changing Muslim Psyche: Allah Hafiz vs. Khuda Hafiz

    Books and Documents
    The Two Gandhis—Non-Violent Soldiers
    Roshan Shah, New Age Islam

    The Two Gandhis—Non-Violent Soldiers

    ​But Badshah Khan’s message is scarcely limited to Islam. It can help the non-Muslim world to understand the true greatness of Islam, but more than that, it should help all nations to understand their own potential for love in action. If Badshah Khan could raise a nonviolent army out of a people so steeped in violence as the Pathans, there is no country on earth where it cannot be done.​"​...

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    The Fight for Muslim Women’s Rights: Toward a Scriptural Hermeneutic of Islamic Feminism
    Dr. Adis Duderija, New Age Islam

    A Salafi worldview/epistemology is based on a hermeneutical mechanism central classical Islamic law which at least, in theory, a  priori privileges the interpretive efforts of the early Muslim communities (especially the distinguished Companions and the Successors) over all others. When combined with the other mechanisms explained above a Salafi worldview/epistemology implies a subscription to an epistemologically pre-modern episteme that lacks internal hermeneutical mechanisms to incorporate ethical values and system of ethics that were not prevalent at the time of the formative and classical periods of Islamic thought into its ethical and legal canon....

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Radical Islamism, In Any Form or Fashion, Is Not Compatible With the Pluralistic and Democratic Indian Ethos
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

    This is a tough time for introspection on part of the Indian Ulema and Islamic scholars. Merely organising large anti-terrorism conferences will do no service to the community. Time they combat the exclusivist, xenophobic, misogynistic and anti-plural religious underpinnings, be they embedded in Salafism, the Saudi state religion, or any other strain of Islam. Radical Islamism, in any form or fashion, is not compatible with the secular, pluralistic and democratic Indian ethos...

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Beyond The Hijab: Narratives of Muslim Women on American Campus

    Kurdish Woman Leads 30K-Strong Offensive to Conquer ISIS in Their Capital

    Female Terrorist’s Entry Triggers Alert in Quetta

    Coach Unveils New Fragrance for Women in Saudi Arabia

    Twice-Divorced Saudi Mother of 6 Reinterprets Islamic Law

    BMMA Survey Contradicts Census Data on Muslim Divorces

    Muslim Women Taking Notice of Minneapolis Apparel Company

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam and Politics

    Missile Attack at Makka Mukarrama: Why Are the Indian Muslim Religio-Politicians Silent Onlookers?
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

    Muslim leaders and politicians in India are busy in a crazy competition of organizing conferences, greater campaigns and processions to protect their ‘right to triple Talaq’. Countrywide hue and cry is still being heard from the self-imposed Muslim representatives championing the cause of Tahaffuz-e-Shariat (protection of Shariah).  “Islam is under attack” is their daily sloganeering in India. But what about the birthplaces of Islam—Makka and Madina— which suffer the brutal and bloodthirsty attacks?...

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Haji Ali for All: The Hon'ble Mumbai High Court Did Not Agree With the Mullahs’ Claim That Islam Is a Backward, Regressive Religion
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    The second observation of the Court was that they wanted to know if segregation was an essential feature of the Islamic faith. It is a matter of great shame that the Dargah trustees went at length to prove that it was essential to the Islamic faith. Marshalling passages from the Quran and Hadees, they went at great lengths to show how Islam indeed was a backward, regressive religion which limited the movement of women. The Court however was not convinced and could not find any merit in the argument that allowing women to pray at the Dargah will fundamentally alter the faith of Islam....

    Islamic Society
    Rohingyas and the Myth of Ummah
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Rohingyas and the Myth of Ummah
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    It is not that atrocities against these Muslims have not been documented: Human rights groups have done and have tried to make international bodies aware of it. Despite all these documented proofs, important Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran have not been able to isolate Myanmar over this issue. We need to ask those who swear in the name of the Ummah: is the blood of Rohingyas insipid in comparison to other Muslims?...

    Letter to the Editor
    Mulla Community Has Hijacked Islam to Divide and Rule
    Syed Sadruddin Hussain, New Age Islam

    Arabic Quran is basically meant for the then deviated and Kafir Arabs to read and understand it and embrace Islam. Allah is above all languages, dialects etc. and knows and understand the requests, calls, Dua, actions, movement of the sane and insane, deaf and dump, sick and disabled persons directly....

    Islamic Society

    Stop 'Islamophilia' to End Islamophobia
    Tawfik Hamid

    The complete irrationality of many Islamic and liberal left groups in addressing the phenomenon of radical Islam, and their utter lack of objectivity in evaluating the problem has created anger among many of those who have evaluated the problem in an honest and unbiased manner…

    Spiritual Meditations
    No One Can Triumph Over Death
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    No One Can Triumph Over Death
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

    Louis was so desperate to recover his health that he ordered that the word ‘death’ never be uttered in his presence! He paid his personal physician an enormous salary of 10,000 gold crowns a month, something that in those times in Europe even a military officer would never earn after 40 years of service. Louis was willing to give away his entire treasury to anyone who could prolong his life by a single day….

    Islamic Personalities

    Maulvi Muhammad Baqar: Hero or Traitor of 1857?
    Rana Safvi

    After a four month long siege, Delhi fell to the British on September 14, 1857 and Baqar (1790-1857) was the first journalist to have fallen to the imperialistic designs of the British on September 16, 1857. He was a religious scholar who was well versed in Persian, Arabic, Urdu and English. He had received religious education from his father Maulana Muhammed Akbar (who was an eminent Alim) and secular education in Delhi College, which he joined in 1825. Later he became a Persian language teacher at Delhi College....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    The Burkini Wars: In The Case Of France, There Is a Cultural Superiority Complex at Work
    Irfan Husain

    Admiration for the undressed human form in the West dates back to the classical Greek period when athletes at the original Olympic Games competed in the nude. During the French revolution in 1789, a female figure came to depict Liberty and Reason, and adorned official pronouncements and posters of the day....

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