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  • Mohammad Hussain your post itself is the sample of your thoughts...
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  • Every religion contains some truth that v should respect but islam is not a religion it is deen(way of life) religion is bounded in limits ...
    ( By UmarMusaib Thokerumar )
  • Islam isn't changeable, it is okey only mindset of muslims are to be changed in accordance with quran and sahi hadith.
    ( By Nuruddin Ahmed )
  • Solve palistine,Kashmir.Iraq,Seria and other issues of muslim world there will be no terrorism
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  • This person lacks when he tells about limiting authentic ahadith... But rather no...
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  • Mugabe Mumbasa Welcome.Thanks
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  • Balram ji please cite the names of religions that are peaceful with example. I will be thankful.
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  • Khalid Baig Your reply is on expected lines.Welcome
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  • What about Yogi's moderate Hinduism, we are better without people like Sultan Shahin
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  • Thanks Mr Sultan Shahin for saying same the whole world wish to say.But see reactions to even your...
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  • We Muslims never believe on your ideology you people r nothing in this matter...
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  • The outcome of the faith in God, Allah , Ishwar & associated religious tenets is the most incurable psychiatric dieses...
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  • Don't you remember Justice Fatima Beevi in Madrass High Court from ...
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  • In quran allah says, oh believers enter into the islam completely. This happens only due...
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  • ইহারা কোন ধর্মের ধার্মিক নহে ও কোন ধর্মের অন্তর ভুক্ত নহে । জীবন ও মৃত্যুর পর অপরাধী ও দেনাদার এবং স্বর্গ ও...
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  • @Vineet Gupta Islam does not need any reform. It is Muslims who should introspect...
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  • Mushtaq Shah It only attempts (in good faith) to reform the religion to make it....
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  • This new age Islam is an anti Muslim paper.
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  • Going by the contents of the article, the heading is misleading....
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  • What Ghulam Mohiyuddin sb is trying to tell us is that Allah has failed to provide humanity with a reliable Book of His revelations even ...
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  • It is Ghulam Uncle Sam (GUS) who has run out of arguments and therefore has been using words such as "loony", "idiotic", "dim-witted",....
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  • Anyone with a normal I.Q. who has been reading my comments in NAI would not call me "Ghulam Uncle ....
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  • compilation made 20 years after the Prophet's death by unsophisticated people cannot...
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  • Initially, I had not appreciated some of the articleS critiquing Tableeghi Jamaat on the basis of my experience of impact of Tableeghi...
    ( By Mukhtar Alam )
  • I love to see progressive Indian community. They are raising questions (means they are alive). They want to educate people and have a philosophy...
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  • I did not find a single verse that advocates killing, maiming and discrimination against women.....
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  • Ghulam Uncle Sam has indeed lost all his marbles to think that the war against Iraq had nothing to do with 911......
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  • All the great religions of the world have something good , something archaic and something downright evil....
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  • Nasir Ali. The UN is another face of the NATO which is the worst terrorist organization in the world.'
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  • All the great religions of the world have something good , something archaic and something downright evil.....
    ( By Shantanu Deb Mookerjea )
  • It is good to understand the value of mankind and true nature of religion, that is all about human existence in peace and prosperity.'
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  • We have seen many reformists on these issues but the fact is that many of these allegations are fabricated.....
    ( By Sharafudin Muhammed )
  • Iam in Islam, I didn't know jihad through Islam, but why the Muslims are killed in Palestine, is it not terrorism, why no Christian country ...
    ( By Syed Iqbal )
  • Islam is religion of Peace suntan should...... Go through Islamic encyclopedia as well as quran sunnah.....
    ( By Shaheen Nawaz )
  • No compulsion in region. The reward in believing the Almighty God differ in the universe ....
    ( By Abdul Hakeem )
  • How corrupt n unrealistic this bloody face is.May ALLAH punish him here also vd an examplary way....
    ( By Abdulqadir Shora )
  • What about RSS n it's associates violence against peaceful Muslims in India.'
    ( By Abdulqadir Shora )
  • " peaceful Muslims" that's an oxymoron'
    ( By Mustafa Abdullah )
  • @Psn Rao In India if there z any violence that z Hindu violence against peaceful Muslims.....
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    Islamic History

    The History of the Interconnection between Peaceful Sufi Spirituality and Political Aspirations of India and Central Asia Can Be Traced Back To Ancient Times
    Raziuddin Aquil

    Before Sufism and before Islamisation, variants of Buddhism had a significant presence in early medieval Central Asia. When Sufis adopted popular practices of Islam, they appropriated many Buddhist beliefs and practices as well, besides replicating monasteries with simpler khanqahs of their own. Shared beliefs included aspects such as notions of God and truth, bodily practices,commonality between yoga and Sufism, belief in the unity of existence, and respect for diversity. The key terms include tauhid, wahdat-ul-wujud, wahdat-us-shuhud, ekeshwarwad and Advaita philosophy.....

    Islamic World News

    Masood urges Ulema to promote tolerance, interfaith harmony

    China launches anti-halal campaign in Xinjiang region

    Saudi Arabia's World Center for Dialogue launches Islamic-Jewish council to fight extremism in Europe


    Muslim Teen Wins Quiz On Gita, Says "Don't Like Fights Over Religion"


    PM wants NAB not to harass civil servants

    Southeast Asia

    Minister: Oktoberfest? Yes, if held in controlled area, no Muslims attending

    Arab World

    Largest Mass Grave in Raqqa Includes over 1,500 Bodies of Victims


    Over 8,000 Yemeni dialysis patients on verge of death: Health minister

    Israeli troops arrest some 400 Palestinian civilians in September: Rights groups


    Nigeria: Education, Antidote to Extremism, Terrorism - Buhari

    Somalia's al Shabaab executes five men accused of spying

    North America

    Israel arrests US student for supporting Palestinian cause

    Scholars on Islam, Judaism and Christianity share core beliefs


    UK imam fired from Saudi-funded mosque for criticising Saudi royal family

    UK minister warns of chemical, biological terrorism

    South Asia

    Bangladesh tense over 2004 grenade attack case verdict today

    Myanmar 'unwilling' to probe Rohingya abuse, UN must act: Rights envoy

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Egypt Ready to Appoint Women Judges in State Council

    Saudi Progress Can Only be Accomplished by Empowerment of Women

    Child marriages prevention bill on the table in Balochistan

    Muslim Woman in Hawaii Claims License Renewal Discrimination

    Rabiya Agha elected as first PAS female president

    Hillary praises Malala’s for her struggle

    Palestinian champions ‘drift’ car racing for women

    Sri Lanka Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association Annual Gathering – 2018.

    Another woman in Terengganu sentenced to caning on prostitution charge

    Lubna Al Olayan Becomes the First Saudi Woman to Run a Bank

    United Nations Women Pakistan chapter delegation visits PSCA

    Isles aid worker’s legacy helps empower Afghan women

    Maya Morsi attends Women for Mediterranean Conference

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam and the West

    The flip-flopping US president remains remarkably consistent in his condemnation of the global Muslim community
    Juan Cole

    Of course, not all Americans share Trump’s bigotry. Two-thirds of us actually disapprove of politicians engaging in hate speech toward Muslims. Some 55 percent of us believe that Muslim-Americans are committed to the welfare of the country, a statistic that would break the 60 percent mark if it weren’t for evangelicals. Two Muslim-American politicians, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, won Democratic primaries in Detroit and Minneapolis and so are poised to become the first Muslim-American women in the House of Representatives.....

    Current Affairs

    Over the past half century, critics have often predicted the fall of the House of Saud or emphasised the fragility of its rule
    Patrick Cockburn

    Saudi strengths and weaknesses may have been long debated but the Kingdom’s vulnerabilities have seldom been so starkly on display as they were last Tuesday because the coincidence of two very different events. Before a rally in Mississippi, President Trump stated – brutally and without qualification – the dependence of the Saudi monarchy on US support and the price it must pay for such backing....

    Islam and Politics

    Arab and Muslim nations have done little to support East Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents
    Osama Al Sharif

    East Jerusalem’s Palestinians are facing a vicious onslaught as Israel begins to implement a series of measures aimed primarily at limiting their presence in the Holy City and its environs, and weakening their position as residents. Israel’s Jerusalem mayor, Nir Barkat, this week announced plans to shut down and expel UNRWA, the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees, from East Jerusalem.....

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Defeating Islamism and Jihadism: Evolve a New Theology of Peace, Pluralism and Gender justice, Sultan Shahin asks Muslim States at UNHRC in Geneva
    Sultan Shahin, Founding Editor, New Age Islam

    A War on Terror has been raging for 17 years now but we are no closer to defeating Islamist terror. Jihadism continues to attract Muslim youth. This is because the world has not paid enough attention to the ideology of Islamism and Jihadism.

    Mainstream Muslims have considered Islam a spiritual path to salvation, one of the many. Islam aims at reforming society for a peaceful, harmonious, pluralist existence. However, due to certain historical factors, the theology and jurisprudence of Islam that evolved in the 8th and 9th centuries (CE), present Islam as a political, totalitarian ideology of supremacism, xenophobia, intolerance and gender discrimination. It is this theology of violence, exclusivism and world-domination that is taught in madrasas and sustains Islamism. But despite the Islamist violence against peaceful Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the community is still not focussed on the need for evolving a counternarrative of Islam.

     It is imperative that Muslim countries that have signed the UN Charter look into the issue urgently and work towards developing a new theology of peace, pluralism and gender justice. While several countries like Morocco and now Saudi Arabia appear to be moving in this direction, the one country that has made a solid contribution is Turkey. In a decade-long exercise 100 Turkish scholars have managed to limit the number of authentic ahadith to just 1600, out of over 10,000, and provide each hadith with context and suitable interpretation. This book of authentic Hadith has been provided to all mosques in Turkey but I hope it is made available to the global Muslim community in their own languages as soon as possible.

    Allama Iqbal, a poet-philosopher of the South Asian sub-continent had called for the reconstruction of religious thought in Islam almost a hundred years ago. Let us at least start working on it now....

    Islamic World News

    Muslim body accuses Centre of sponsoring interventions in personal laws

    Pakistan's Mithi, an oasis of Muslim-Hindu tolerance

    UN made to wait on plan for sustainable return of Rohingyas

    Egyptian court sentences four jihadists to death


    Minorities Commission objects to school circular to recite ‘Gayatri mantra’


    Pak cleric held under blasphemy for claiming to be '11th Imam of Islam'

    South Asia

    Terror in Central Asia: Is ISIS safe haven moving from Syria to Afghanistan?

    Arab World

    Nobel laureate Nadia Murad wants Daesh extremists to face trial

    Southeast Asia

    'Help change the negative image of Islam'

    Jemaah Islamiyah: Still Southeast Asia’s Greatest Terrorist Threat


    40pc Iranians believe US linked to Ahvaz terror attack

    Saudi airstrikes leave five more civilians dead in southern Yemen

    North America

    For Black Muslim Americans, the War on Terror began in 1492

    Trump Senate ally warns on ties if Saudis killed journalist


    UK authorities feared US backlash in Daesh suspects case: Lawyer


    Libyan forces capture Egypt’s most wanted militant

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Empowerment of women key to Saudi Arabia’s progress, UN forum told

    Amazon attacked by women’s group for supporting Haitham al-Haddad

    Fugitive Muslim hubby hid his religion to rape me, alleges woman

    Pakistan reserves verdict in Asia Bibi blasphemy case

    Ministry, SME Bank join hands to develop women entrepreneurship

    Samaco hosts technical workshop for women

    'Women not second-class citizens in UAE'

    Saudi women learning to join the kingdom's tech revolution

    Saudi female bank manager denied marriage of choice

    60% rise in number of cases attended by women notaries

    Afghan women still jailed alongside murderers for 'failing' virginity test

    Stop the death penalty, stop execution of women in Iran

    Three women political prisoners deprived from family visitations

    23 women killed by men across Turkey in September

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam and Pluralism

    The greatest Sufi poet of Sindh, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, expressed unconditional love and admiration for the Nath Yogis in his poetry
    Hammad Khan

    It is said that Shah Abdul Latif had spent around three years in the company of the wandering ascetics. His travels with the Yogis left a deep impression on him and the theme of Yogis as perfect practitioners of spiritual life feature prominently in his Risalo, a large collection of Sindhi lyrical poetry considered to be the greatest classic of Sindhi literature.

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    Islam and Politics

    Stop Vilifying Madrasas and Start Discussing the Real Problem This Institution Faces
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Madrasas today are synonymous with conservatism and its outmoded ideology. What happens in these institutions in the name of learning is nothing but rote memorization of certain texts which have lost all relevance in the present time. In order that they remain relevant, radical changes are certainly required in the pedagogical structure of these institutions. They have to introduce modern texts and even interpret the old ones in new light. Those who speak of reforming the system are very conveniently dubbed as opposed to Muslims and Islam. There are people within the Muslim community who have vested interests in linking madrasas with Muslim identity. Thus, any criticism of madrasa is automatically read as an attack on Muslim identity and cries of Islam in danger start doing the rounds in Muslim circles. This has to stop….

    Books and Documents

    Why Those Interested in the Idea of India Must Read Neyaz Farooquee’s ‘An Ordinary Man’s Guide to Radicalism: Growing Muslim in India’
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Muslims have to look within and do a soul searching about their political priorities. They also have to ask whether there is anything wrong with the theology which they have been practising so far. There is a problem if there is a reluctance on part of the community to teach their young about modernity and become an obstacle in the education of millions of young children. There is the added problem that the hegemonic Muslim theology has had a complicated relationship with the idea of the nation itself. ...

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Here’s Why the Ulema Refuse to Issue a Fatwa for Jihad against ‘Oppressors’ Of Muslims!
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

    Both types of the combatant jihad were legalized by the rationale (Illa’t) of defending the country, its sovereignty and the national interests. But now, the reason or rationale (Illa’t) for both the Jihad al-Talab and Jihad al-Difa’a has vanished in the nation states, clearly because the international law and constitution are supported by the consensus (Ijm’a) of the authoritative Islamic scholars across the world. They have endorsed that it is the prerogative of the state to declare war in defense of the nation. No no-state actor has any role or right to fight or wage a war against the perceived ‘enemies’……

    Islamic Society

    Beyond Babri Mosque: Truce Can Only Come Through a Localised Genuine Dialogue
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Moreover some of his views will surely offend the Muslims. After a debate with the now infamous Zakir Naik, Sri Sri made a statement to his followers in which he underlined why he went for that debate. But in the same vein, he also said that the Kaaba is actually a Shiva temple and that Zakir Naik should be thankful that he did not raise this issue in the debate. Now, this contention about the Kaaba at Mecca is something which right wing Hindus have been saying for decades now. It tells us that Sri Sri, who claims to be above sectarian affiliations is himself deeply influenced by Hindu right wing ideology when it comes to thinking about Muslims....

    Islamic Society

    Modernizing Madrasa Education: An Evaluation
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Broadly, there are two categories of madrasas: those supported by the state and those supported primarily through community donations. It is possible that some community funded madrasas also take grants from the government. Within the community funded madrasas, there are number of ideological orientations possible: depending on the curriculum, madrasas in this category can be classified as Deobandi, Barelwi, Ahle Hadis, etc. Their curriculum is primarily theological which means that they hardly teach any ‘modern’ subjects like science and mathematics. Due to immense sectarian difference, these madrasas are not organised under one umbrella....

    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    The Many Uses of ISIS in Kashmir
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    The Many Uses of ISIS in Kashmir
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    The fact that the bodies of all three militants were draped in ISIS flags, seems like a prophecy come true if we recall what my journalist friend told me a couple of year ago. Coupled with this were slogans demanding Nizam e Mustafa and hailing Zakir Musa. It is well known that the funeral of slain militants become sites of political protest. But unlike in the past where the symbolism was replete with icons from within the valley, this time the symbolism was of an imagined Islamic state....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Women Leading Mix Gender Prayers: Smashing Patriarchal Certainties
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    One of the first to raise the banner of revolt was the great grand-daughter of the Prophet himself. Sukayna exercised her Nikahnama so that her husband will never take another wife, something which we could have learnt during our debate on a model Nikahnama. Taking a cue from the courage displayed centuries ago by Sukayna, one Muslim woman has sought to challenge the entrenched male dominance within the Muslim society. K Jamittha led a mixed gathering Namaz at Mallapuram. Of course she must have been supported by the many progressive minded Muslims like her, both men and women. But to take that first step is always audacious and for that reason alone she must be saluted....

    Islamic Society

    Time Muslims Themselves Did Away With Polygamy and Halala
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    If one follows the spirit of the Quran, then perhaps monogamy becomes the ideal form of Muslim marriage as the Quran clearly says that all wives must be treated equally which is an impossible condition. Slowly and gradually, the Quran exhorts its believers to change the normative framework according to the prevailing circumstances in society. Since the current norm is monogamy, therefore Muslims also must adopt the principle of monogamy. Also the Quranic injunction is that Muslims must follow the law of the land. Since India is a constitutional democracy, Muslims here should have no objection in case there is a law which proclaims monogamy for everyone....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Asifa was Brutalised Because She Was a Muslim; Period
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Asifa’s brutalised body was not the first, nor will it be the last witness to the madness of Uber nationalism. Many years ago, there was Surat and many years before that, there was Kunan Poshpora. The victims, some dead and some alive, are still waiting for justice. Only time will tell whether our sense of outrage and morality will stop at Asifa or whether she will become the moment of critical introspection about our collective certainties....

    Related Article:

    The Kathua Rape-And-Murder Case: Why See It Through The Prism Of Religion?

    Islamic Ideology
    The Momineen and the Kafirin
    Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    The Momineen and the Kafirin
    Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    The Momineen (faithful) and the Kafirin (faithless) are therefore terms that cannot be associated based on the religion professed, but based on behaviour alone. Else, Islam is not a universal and inclusive religion. Indeed, we do find the Quran judging people by what they do. The Mushrikin in an unjust battle against the Prophet, are referred to as the Kafaru, but the same Mushrikin, after they have been vanquished and are no longer at war, are referred to simply as Mushrikin in verse 9:5 and not as Kafirin. It is therefore the act that you are engaged in, which defines you in that context.

    At one extreme are the Momineen, the people of unshakeable faith, who can never do wrong because they are always mindful of God, and at the other extreme are the Kafirin or “those who will never believe”, the likes of the Pharaoh, Qarun, Haman, Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab etc., who are evil incarnate, always opposed to what is just, right and good. In between fall the rest, who can be judged based on the act they are engaged in, and not based on the faith they profess, or their religious identity. We find the Quran doing exactly this…..

    Related Article:

    The Broader Notion of Din Al-Islam Is Inclusive Of All Monotheistic Faiths

    Islam and Sectarianism

    Rights of Non-Muslims Living In Minority – Part 2 – Protection of Their Lives
    Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

    But in fact the above referenced Quranic verses and Ahadith deal with the war-related rulings and situations related to self-defence. However this self-defence cannot be claimed at individual level or by a group of individuals. The idea of self-defence is applicable to the situation, when it turns to be too destructive to be controlled and when there is no option left except for fighting in defence. As obviously the fight for defence is the right of every country, so it is not wrong to say that the Muslim governments are allowed to defend their land, property, life etc. But it is completely wrong to derive the meaning from these verses and Ahadith in justification for fighting against those non-Muslims who have agreed to live peacefully in minority or majority....

    Islamic Society

    Why are Indian Mullahs Condemning a Song and Wink?
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    That a wink can be a religious problem for some Muslims tells a lot about what is fundamentally wrong with the religious leadership of the Indian Muslim community. But then it is not just the wink but also the background song which seems to be a problem. Mullahs on television have been crying hoarse on how a particular song, in an upcoming Malayalam movie, has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims as it talks about the love between Prophet Muhammad and his wife Khadija. It doesn’t matter that the same song has been sung in Kerala for decades and that it is part of the Muslim folk tradition there...

    Islamic Ideology
    The Principles of War from the Quran
    Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    The Principles of War from the Quran
    Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    The major battles fought by the Prophet against the people of Mecca were against their persecution of the Prophet and followers of the new faith of Islam. After his people suffered torture, persecution and even killing for 13 years, the Prophet (pbuh) was forced to migrate to Medina. Even then, the Meccans pursued them as is evident by the three major battles fought near Medina with the last battle being the siege of Medina itself. The Muslims eventually prevailed over their enemy. Surah Taubah describes the judgment on the vanquished enemy....

    Islamic Ideology

    The Enlightening Commentary on the War Related Quranic Verses- Part 3 on 4:89
    Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

    In today’s context, when Muslims and non-Muslims including hypocrites are living peacefully, these verses (4:88-90) can’t be applied. It is not an individual’s duty to decide as to who are hypocrites. In the case of the early period of Islam, when the Muslims who were holy companions [Sahaba] were not all sure as to who were then hypocrites and who were not, how come today’s common Muslims categorically call others ‘hypocrites’? Even if we hear some of today’s scholars calling someone ‘hypocrite’, how can one make justification for killing him, while he is living in the state of peace or peace-treaty?...

    Islamic Ideology

    An Enlightening Commentary on the War Related Quranic Verses- Part-1 on 2:190
    Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

    But sadly enough, we see some people, especially the terrorist masterminds who, despite having awareness, do not adopt the entirety of what is known as the best methodological approach required for interpreting the Quran and Sunnah. Thus they fail to take out the best meaning. Since they are committing such a failure in context of war-related verses and Ahadith, it has become more a matter of worry for us, because this is increasing problems in two ways. First problem is that this is resulting into brainwashing the naive Muslim youngsters with the idea that it is incumbent upon them to wage war against their ‘enemies’. Second problem is that this is encouraging non-Muslims to believe that whatever the modern terrorists are doing is thoroughly approved by the Quran and Sunnah....

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