• @Ajoy Chakra tum islam se nafrat karty ho to batao hindu hi dangy kyu katy hai.
    ( By ShuAib Malik )
  • @Shuaib Malik Islam was spread from Arabia and wahabi from Saudi Arabia.!?ridiculous!
    ( By Mehraj Udin )
  • @Mehraj Udin Islam was spread by Sufis globally and Terrorism is spread by Wahabis globally. Islam originated 1400 years ago ....
    ( By ShuAib Malik )
  • @mehraj...wahabiyat failany ke liye America award zaroor de raha hai Saudiya ko. Yemen Syria Iraq Afganistan ke musalmano ko maar ke. ....
    ( By ShuAib Malik )
  • World's most Advanced Religion & for tht, those advanced religious people killed Millions of innocent people.
    ( By Rajkamal Kashyap )
  • Non Muslims one writer H. Muhammad ka kya bigaara thaa?....
    ( By Rajkamal Kashyap )
  • Not to the Editor: How did a post referring to Islam as "religion....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • It is not a question of "owning" scriptural medievalism. It is a question of disowning obsolete injunctions.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Hats Off sees this as "toxic influence of organized religion" because that is the...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Muslims are killing Muslim atheists. Hindus are killing Hindu atheists. South Asian countries....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • ndoctrination is not the purpose of education. True education imparts the power of critical thinking.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • @Muhammad Shah Rukh agar islam talwar ke zore pe aya hai tow yeh jo roze hazaro non muslim musalman ....
    ( By Quyoom Pala )
  • Bijay Choudhary agar etne he samejdar ho tow behter hai musalman banja
    ( By Quyoom Pala )
  • The word kafar and its meaning is itself inhuman.
    ( By Prashant Kurundodi )
  • Mehraj Udin And their secularism is killing Hindus and Sikhs from Afganistan to Bangladesh !!'
    ( By Ajoy Chakra )
  • All muslim countries are secular except Saudi Arabia and Iran. .....
    ( By Mehraj Udin )
  • @Iqbal Husain My non - muslim friends who stay in middle east, are not allowed....
    ( By Ajoy Chakra )
  • Ajoy Chakra please provide statistics excluding those countries ravaged by colonial devastation. like ....
    ( By Iqbal Husain )
  • Ghulam Mohiyuddin wah kya firqi mare hei. ..modi tuje man of the match award zaroor denga! !!???'
    ( By Mehraj Udin )
  • denounce all innocent killings in the name of religion weather it is killing by ISIS or by Iran and Russia ....
    ( By Mehraj Udin )
  • Mohd. is not a blessing but a curse to mankind for bringing this terror loving...
    ( By Vidash Dalmotra )
  • Apka Pura Lekh para, Bahut hi accha laga, mere paas apki tarif main shabd nahi hai. vaise main Bareilly (U.P.) ka hoon. aur apki jankari ...
    ( By Amit Agarwal )
  • Apka Pura Lekh para, Bahut hi accha laga, mere paas apki tarif main shabd nahi hai. vaise main Bareilly...
    ( By Amit Agarwal )
  • this is the fate of any religion that venerates hallucinating misfits as prophets....
    ( By hats off! )
  • just as you should wonder why muslims never own their textual and scriptural gaffes.'
    ( By hats off! )
  • so it seems after all mr.ghulam mohiyuddin is waking up to the toxic influence of organized....
    ( By hats off! )
  • American CIA has caused the destabilization of the middle east to cause a refugee crisis in the western states! Obama and the CIA director were ...
    ( By Mikelee )
  • If Gita is used in bad aspect it can be more brutal and violent than Quran, but hang on it will be not happen with ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • I have perse nothing against Islam but I have a huge issue with countries who are using it to settle their scores killing thousands without ...
    ( By Anil Kumar Sharma )
  • Its uppercaste loyal to sanghpariwar who hates muslims from core of their heart.. because muslims has successfully ....
    ( By Md Shamim Siddiqui )
  • Silence is the best reply to a fool"Hazrat Ali"....
    ( By Aamirr Sohail )
  • Among the most interesting and perplexing aspects of...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Promotion of liberal attitudes, personal freedoms and free speech would be a blessing for the Muslim society.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • wonder how many Muslims feel ashamed and embarrassed every time the AIMPLB opens its mouth.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • She speaks the truth!
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • The media lack depth in reporting all issues, not just Muslim issues. They have not been fully....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • @Iqbal Husain In middle east, non Muslims are simply killed on pretext of blasphemy. ....
    ( By Ajoy Chakra )
  • @Ajoy Chakra majority of Muslim countries are secular. Tunisia, Moroccan . etc. do...
    ( By Iqbal Husain )
  • Delinquent and recalcitrant people'
    ( By Oshok Dubey )
  • Faiths spread hate and hate.'
    ( By Bihari Lal Handoo )

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    Islam and Human Rights

    Some such thinkers are led to conclude that there is a Creator, Sustainer and Master of it all and called it God the same as religious god, thus confusing the issue.  Previous Messengers and Muhammad among them; as a curious and intensely sensitive person and inclined to contemplate on such matters, must have experienced the same and concluded that there is “No god…” other than the one Universal Master whom he called in his Arabic language  …Rabb” ....

    Islam and Politics

    Muslim as the Enemy, Muslim as the Other
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    But for this Hindu Right group, the mere fact that he was a Muslim was reason enough that he should be taught a lesson, shamed and humiliated and eventually dragged and beaten up. It is another matter that he was an Indian that he was a fellow Maharashtrian; what was more important for the crowd was that he was Muslim first and last. In short, this policeman who had done nothing wrong but performs his duty for nearly three decades was reduced to his religious identity......

    Islam and Pluralism

    Destroying a Composite Heritage: The Shrine at Pirana
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Historically, Imam Shah was a Shia, on the run from Sunnis, who found refuge in Pirana and practiced Taqayyah which is to say that he hid his identity from others but deep within, he continued to be a Shia Muslim. However, in order to avoid persecution, not only did he hide his identity but he also started the practice of Satpanth which eventually would blossom into a new faith altogether. Although today, it would be blasphemous if someone would say that Imam Shah Bawa was a Shia Muslim to start with. Be that it may, in the popular rhetoric and imagination, it is perfectly fine to be a Muslim and a Satpanthi or a Hindu and a Satpanthi.....

    Current Affairs

    An Open Letter to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi: Subject, Begging-Free-India – A Five-Point Strategy for the Last Indian in the Queue
    Tufail Ahmad for New Age Islam

    My heart cries when I see our daughters and sons – wearing torn clothes, no shoes or chappals in feet, living a hopeless life – stretching out their hands for a few coins, asking for a bottle of water, knocking on the doors of cars, pursuing foreign tourists to give a few coins, pointing to their mouth and stomach to say that they need to eat. The children who beg do so due to poverty, but they are also forced into begging by organized crime syndicates.


    India Is the Only Country Where Muslims Exert Influence without Fear: Tarek Fatah
    Tarek Fatah

    My religion commands me to speak the truth and respect that truth even if it hurts you or your family and Quran is specific on that. If that is my fate, what would be my interest? My interest is the betterment of the Muslim people. I like to see them as philosophers, car drivers, sculptors, and dancers and musicians, who the Muslims were during the era of rationalist movement in Baghdad.....

    Interfaith Dialogue

    Ahmad Riza Khan and the Question of Religious Pluralism
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Barelwi Islam, not just in India but the whole of South Asia has been understood as the best antidote to radical/Deobandi Islam. This is not just true of policy level interventions but also at the level of popular consciousness. Barelwis, thought of as the Sufi shrine-going population of Muslims, are said to be tolerant or moderate as compared to other Muslims such as the Deobandis or the Ahl-e-Hadis who shun going to shrines. The shrine, and rightly so, is considered as a more inclusive space where distinctions between religions and sometimes even gender is blurred. Thus we have shrines where both the Muslims and Hindus make it a point to visit....

    Islamic Society

    Tablighi Jamaat Banned From Preaching Deobandi Sectarianism on Pakistan University Campuses
    Muhammad Amir Rana

    The possibility of Tableeghi Jamaat-associated youth moving towards extremism is also there. Many of those associated with jihad and violent sectarian groups have been linked to it at certain times. The Tableeghi Jamaat attracts the youth and brings them to the mosque, but it cannot control them. In the mosque, people associated with jihad and sectarian groups are also present.....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Banning the Burqa: Why More Countries Are Outlawing the Full-Face Veil

    Ultra-austere forms of Islam, in particular the Wahhabist version, sprung up in sub-Saharan Africa only in the past few decades, as traders and students travelled to the Gulf and Saudi Arabia poured money into Islamist institutes and mosques. Though a small minority, fundamentalists are growing in number. A tenth of Muslims in Cameroon may now be Wahhabists. Sufis in Chad fear they will soon be outnumbered by them....

    Interfaith Dialogue

    Ali Nadwi and the Theology of Anti-Pluralism
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Nadwi is at pains to emphasize the loyalty and devotion of India’s Muslims to the nation-state as well as the need for communal harmony between Muslims and Hindus. But this harmony is predicated not on similarities between the two communities, still less on a religious and cultural symbiosis; it is predicated rather on a recognition of their distinct, immutable identities. Such a methodology hardly augurs well for a composite living together of Hindus and Muslims. Rather, in Nadwi, what we get is a distinct politics of anti-pluralism predicated on a disdain for Hindus and an unquestioning superiority in all things Arab and Islamic. .....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Women Qazis Is a Step towards Righting the Sharia Balance
    Danish Raza

    Fatwas (edicts) issued by Prophet Muhammad’s wife Hazrat Ayesha can be compiled into many volumes. Many renowned male scholars of that time used to seek her opinion in crucial matters. Other women of that era who were renowned experts in Islamic jurisprudence included Umme Salma, Safia, Hafsa, Umme-Habiba and Juwaria, among others. Stories about the lives of the earliest Muslims tell of women teaching men, playing a role in correcting social conflicts, running businesses and even participating in wars......

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    The Ideology of Exodus – The Fleeing of Hindus from Kairana
    Tufail Ahmad, New Age Islam

    According to a report by Zee News, which brought the issue before the nation, the town of Kairana had 30 percent Hindus and 68 percent Muslim population as per 2011 census. However, the Hindu population has declined to eight percent in 2016 while the Muslim population has risen to 92 percent from 68 percent in just about six years, as estimated by local officials. Kairana is not an isolated case. There are areas in India which are called "mini Pakistan" – not by Hindus.

    Islamic Society

    The religious followers’ knowledge seems to be acquired from hearsay. As the nation is mainly of Sunni factions, as the name Sunni suggests to mean--جو سُن سُن کر مُسلمان ہوے. It must be so, and so the chopped hand becomes another religious symbol. Based on general observation and listening to sermons, it is the Apocrypha which is quoted from the pulpits profusely, but hardly ever the original Book Quran.....

    Islamic Society

    Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Curriculum: Most Textbooks Ignore the Existence and Role of Minorities, And Non-Muslim Heroes
    Imtiaz Gul

    The English textbook for class 10 includes Islamic religious material, which is already a part of the Islamiyat textbooks. This amounts to unnecessary repetition for Muslim students and a forced study of Islam for non-Muslims. Most textbooks ignore or underplay the existence and role of minorities, and non-Muslim heroes and eminent personalities....

    Islam and Spiritualism

    Sufism with its message of universal love has the capacity to change minds and hearts. The history of Sufism in India, and the continuing traditions have something to offer the world. People of all faiths, creed, class and backgrounds visit dargahs. This represents Sufism's true universal message of brotherhood. Traditions at dargahs in India tell the story of the country's composite culture, where many of the customs are indigenous and local in nature.

    Islamic Society

    Why Indians Are Challenging Muslim Divorce Laws
    Niharika Mandhana

    The validity of personal laws rooted in religious beliefs – and the judiciary’s right to intervene – has long been a contentious issue in India. In the landmark Shah Bano case in 1985, the Supreme Court ordered the husband of 62-year-old Shah Bano Begum to give his divorced wife continual alimony when Sharia, or Islamic religious law, allowed the discontinuation of alimony three months after their split.....

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    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam
    If Islam Means Peace, Why Is Much Of Its Theology Soaked In Hatred, Humiliation, Offensive War?
    Sultan Shahin, New Age Islam

    Among many factors, social, economic, political, psychological, the one common feature is a brainwashing of vulnerable people on the basis of a supremacist, xenophobic, intolerant, exclusivist and totalitarian Jihadi theology. This is a blatant misuse of Islam, a spiritual path to salvation, that 1.6 billion Muslims believe, teaches peace, pluralism, co-existence and good neighbourliness.

     But there has to be a reason why jihadi ideology has gained acceptance so quickly; why fatwas issued by reputed moderate scholars prove so ineffective? How are Jihadis able to create a 100 percent certainty in the minds of some Muslims that violence against innocent people, including Muslims, whom they consider infidel, will please God and lead them to heaven?

     Clearly we Muslims need to rethink some basic features of our theology. Success of jihadism lies in the fact that, at its core, the jihadi theology is not very different from the consensus theology of all other schools of Islamic thought. For instance, jihadists are able to misuse the intolerant, xenophobic, war-time verses of the holy Quran, as Muslims believe that all verses, regardless of the context, are of universal applicability. Indeed, the Islamic theology of consensus, taught in all madrasas, says that Quran is uncreated, meaning that it is just an aspect of God; and so, divine like God Himself.....

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