• Oh really? What does GM sb comprehend? That any random destructive force or fire can cause a high rise building to collapse along the path ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Mohammad Hussain, Christianity makes it as a duty for the citizen to wage war to save one's country if war is thrust!'
    ( By Joyson Duraisingh )
  • Ak Bhat, Al( the) + Ah ( God)= The God'
    ( By Joyson Duraisingh )
  • Joyson Duraisingh the non muslims have freedom to worship in their own way . It is an estabished ....
    ( By Ghulam Ahmad Dar )
  • @Gulam Ahmad Dar No consensus on idol worship, whatever may be the consequences
    ( By Joyson Duraisingh )
  • Secularism is very important .we should not divide the Indians. All are equal.pl.dont show your gods in public..they are statues.maintain .....
    ( By John Vedhamuthu )
  • Dinabandhu Nayak you are right,sir'
    ( By Akshaya Sahu )
  • Mohammad Hussain Manusmriti has been diluted since long. No body has seen this scripture perhaps except you.Hinduism is a auto adjusting ...
    ( By Akshaya Sahu )
  • Dinabandhu Nayak sir, slavery is unknown to Hinduism - cruel joke at its zenith!'....
    ( By Joyson Duraisingh )
  • There is nothing as gazwa-hind like things in islamic scruptures.as far as the word kafir is concerned...it simply means non-beliver.this is not for non-muslims....but ....
    ( By Reshi Siftain )
  • Stop Talibani bagdaddi culture respect SUFI Ahmediays etc be respectful to others'
    ( By Rudra Kumar Varma )
  • Islam will dominate the world insha Allah'
    ( By Muzafer Sheikh )
  • @Rakesh Rawat and Rabindra Dutta Roy But the refugee Muslims are much eager to enter into U S for living. ------and calling US as terrorist. ---
    ( By Rabindra Dutta Roy )
  • Why leave the great USA.
    ( By Rabindra Dutta Roy )
  • @Rabindra Dutta Roy onslaught concept is inhetited to muslims by the very Qoran. The word "Kafir" and "Gajwa e Hind" is itself a discriminatory, inflammatory ...
    ( By Rakesh Rawat )
  • The Prophet said, "And beware of going to extremes in religious matters for those who came before you were destroyed because...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • it is very nice, India has Prime Minister that talks of Ganesh Surgical Transplant. Here we have ....
    ( By Aayina )
  • What is hidayat? When God gives hidayat, is it the same hidayat that is given by his prophets ...
    ( By Kaniz Fatma )
  • Dear Ghulam Ghaus Saheb. Before putting his opinion, Allama Ghulam Rasool Saeedi (RA) himself admits that it is my own research, He writes: ہماری تحقیق کے ...
    ( By misbahul Hoda )
  • Hats Off's criticism of this article is contrived and hollow.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Allama Saeedi has not given details of abrogation [naskh] in his Tibyanul Quran. When writing Tibyan, he himself benefitted from the usuliyeen such as Allama ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي )
  • looks like the easiest thing to become today is a two-cent islamic expert. every "researcher...
    ( By hats off! )
  • We want to end triple talaq, not just pay lip service to the cause....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • janab! to kya saeedi sahab ke nazdeek sir Ayate saif ko bunyad bana kar kisi Ghair Muslim, kafir o Mushrik ko Qatal karna, bela wajah...
    ( By nazir banarasi )
  • Totally irrelevant and inane comment from Hats Off.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Getting tired of the routine? No "nothing to do with religion" chorus of one? ....
    ( By hats off! )
  • Was it a demolition job to start with, or was it an indiscriminate act of violence and destruction ....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Naked majoritarian hegemony is the gift that RSS's 70 years of hate prachar have bestowed....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Both Zionism and Islamism are interested in building walls, not bridges.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Very much pertinent submission'
    ( By Kbarora Arora )
  • How can be there peace when out siders are mindling in Islamic countries'
    ( By Mushtaq Mohammed )
  • Sultan Shahin GO Get your mental ability checked . we Muslims are being killed our sisters are brutally mishandled and raped in the name of ...
    ( By ßïlål ßhåt )
  • Thank you Sultan Shahin, thank you.
    ( By Abhijit Ray )
  • This guy needs to reread the history. He needs to learn that Islam and Muslim at their highest points were model of tolerance, inclusiveness and ...
    ( By Muhammad Irshad )
  • Islamaphobia is generated to tarnish Muslims.'
    ( By Mohmed Haneef )
  • Who authorised him to change a time tested ideology'.
    ( By Abdurahim Kannattil )
  • Somnath Bose ji Dr Kalam was called muhumudie Hindu by a katmulla'
    ( By Ak Bhat )
  • @Muzafar Yatoo only for muhumudians others are, wajab ul katal,'
    ( By Ak Bhat )
  • Sultan Shaheen is actually mad guy pagal badbakhat'
    ( By Umair Ul Islam )
  • Another name added among Rushdi,Tarek Fateh,Taslima gang.cheap publicity and gettin funds is ultimate target.'
    ( By Shahabuddin Siddiqui )

    Current Affairs

    Disappearing in Egypt: From Giulio to Zubaida
    Mohamad Elmasry

    This individual allegation of forced disappearance aside, there is little debate that the Sisi regime now represents the most repressive in Egypt's modern history. None of Sisi's dictatorial predecessors - Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat, and Hosni Mubarak - amassed such an inexhaustible record of human rights violations....

    Islam and the West

    Turkey and NATO: From Loveless to Hateful Marriage
    Burak Bekdil

    The future may be gloomier. At a time of rising xenophobia and anti-western sentiments across Turkey, Erdogan’s campaign for the November 2019 presidential elections will undoubtedly target the “evil powers of the West,” adding to the isolationist (that is: anti-NATO) Turkish psyche....

    Middle East Press

    Oil, A Curse Or A Blessing? By Abdulrahman Al-Rashed: New Age Islam's Selection, 06 March 2018

    From Florida To Syria, Children Are Vilified Mercilessly

    By Malak Chabkoun

    Saudi Reforms Are Vital For Mideast and the World

    By Boris Johnson

    Why Palestine’s Youth Must Break Free from Dual Oppression

    By Ramzy Baroud

    Iran on Fast Forward Thanks To Nuclear Deal

    By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

    Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

    Urdu Section

    Why are Indian Mullahs Condemning a Song and Wink?  ہندوستانی علماء موسیقی اور اشارہ ابرو کی مذمت میں صف آرا کیوں ہیں؟
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    مجھے یقین ہے کہ ہندوستانی مسلمان اپنی ثقافت کو فروغ دیں گے، مذہبی اور غیر مذہبی گانوں کو سنیں گے اور خوبصورت قوالیاں گنگنائیں گے۔ اسلام ان کو تعلیم دیتا ہے کہ فیصلہ کرنا صرف خدا کے اختیار میں ہے اور ہر مسلم اپنے اعمال کا ذاتی طور پر خود جوابدہ ہے۔ اگر خدا نے مسلمانوں کے معاملات کی نگرانی کرنے کے لئے علماء کو مامور نہیں کیا ہے تو وہ علماء خود کو اس پر مامور کرنے والے کون ہوتے ہیں؟

    Urdu Section

    حالات حاضرہ میں طلاق ثلاثہ کا موضوع پورے ملک میں ہی چھایا ہوا ہے۔ موجودہ حکومت اس بہانے ہمارے پرسنل لاء میں دخل دینے کے فراق میں ہے۔ لہٰذا اس کے سدباب کے لیے ہمیں اپنے اپنے مسلک و فرقہ سے اوپر اٹھ کر قرآن کی رہنمائی حاصل کرنے کی ضرورت ہے۔ نکاح ،طلاق اور وراثت کے معاملات چونکہ ہمارے اسلامی معاشرے سے سیدھے طور پر جڑے ہوئے ہیں، لہٰذا ان تینوں معاملات سے متعلق احکامات قرآن میں نہایت تفصیل سے بیان کئے گئے ہیں۔ وراثت او رنکاح سے متعلق جہاں سورۃ نساء او رسورۃ نور میں مکمل تفصیل موجود ہے وہیں طلاق کے معاملہ کو سب سے اہم مانتے ہوئے اس کے لیے ’ سورۃ طلاق‘ نام کی ایک مکمل سورۃ قرآن میں موجود ہے۔ اس کی پہلی کچھ آیتوں کے مفہوم ملاحظہ فرمائیں۔

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Religious Extremists Hurt the Very Religion They Claim To Represent: PM Modi, Welcoming King Abdullah II of Jordan in a Conference on Radicalisation of Youth

    “We will be celebrating Holi tomorrow. There will be a celebration of Buddha Jayanti that will be followed by the month of holy Ramzan - a symbol of the country's unity and diversity”. He further said, “Indian democracy is a celebration of our age-old plurality. This is the strength which enables the Indians to respect the country’s past, trust its present and future. Our heritage, that is, our identity of unity and diversity is essential to fight and curb violence and terrorism. On the basis of our cultural heritage, inter-faith relations, religions and their principles, we can defeat terrorism and violence.” The PM Modi said, “Religious extremists don't realize that their actions hurt the very religion they claim to represent.”...

    Islamic World News

    Muzaffarnagar: Muslims Agree To Remove Mosque for Bridge Construction

    Ayodhya Row: Another Islamic Scholar, Delhi Minority Commission Chairman, Backs Shifting Of Mosque

    Sarawak Could Allow Converts to Renounce Islam

    US, Afghan Leaders Agree On Peace Push, Taliban Don’t

    Anti-Muslim 'Incidents' Surge in Germany, Spain

    Israeli Planes Spray Palestinian Farmlands in Gaza with Toxic Herbicides



    Britain to Take Up ‘Persecution’ Of Religious Minorities in India

    Southeast Asia

    Thailand’s Refusal to Recognise Rohingya as Refugees Leaves Them in Illegal Limbo

    North America

    New US Advisers Hope To Give Afghan Soldiers Vital Boost


    Greece Not Seeking Swap of Soldiers with Turkey


    Netanyahu, In Washington, To Invite Trump to US Embassy Opening In Jerusalem Al-Quds


    Efforts On For Union of Religious Parties

    Feudal Lords Defeat Ideological Politics: Siraj

    Arab World

    Iraq Government Urged To Seize Assets of Saddam Cronies

    Egyptian Delegation Meets with Islamic Jihad Movement's Leader

    South Asia

    Talks at Impasse as Taliban Seek Direct Negotiations with US

    Afghan Forces Confiscated 21 Rockets in Nangarhar Province


    Algeria Attacks False Qatari Media Reports of Conflict with Saudi Arabia, UAE

    Boko Haram: Sultan Reveals Plan for Victims’ Children

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    China Accused of Arresting Dozens of Muslim Women Married to Pakistani Men

    Female Teachers Join Sports Training Program In 3 Major Saudi Cities

    Saudi Women’s Technology Businesses Incubated by Badir Up 144%

    Turkey Riot Police Break up Women’s Rights March

    Saudi Arabia’s First Female Hotel GM Lives a Life Less Ordinary

    Turkey Promising in Women’s Rights but Must Lift Barriers: UN Representative

    47 Women Killed In Turkey in February: Women’s Rights Group

    Bosnian Women Set Off For All-Women Convoy In Turkey

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Urdu Section

    The Preacher’s Pulpit Needs to Be Cleansed from Profanity  منبرِ رسول کو دشنام طرازی سے پاک کرنا ہوگا
    Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

    آج ازہر اور مصر کی وزارتِ اوقاف اس وہابی اسلامی بیانیے کو روکنے اور منبر کے خطبوں کی تجدید کے لیے کوشاں ہیں تاہم تین چوتھائی صدی گزرنے کے بعد تکفیری فکر کا پھیلاؤ اس قدر عام ہوگیا ہے کہ اس کا  خاتمہ کسی روایتی طریقے سے ممکن نظر نہیں آتا، مصر سمیت بیشتر عرب واسلامی ممالک میں لوگ غیر مسلموں کے لیے کی گئی بد دعاء نہ صرف سننے کے عادی ہوچکے ہیں بلکہ اس کے پیچھے ❞آمین❝ کہنا اب فرض سمجھنے لگے ہیں،۔

    Islam and Tolerance

    Islamic Heritage of Peace, Tolerance Celebrated
    Raziuddin Aquil

    The king also referred to interfaith dialogue and understanding in India for thousands of years, mentioning how Muslim scholars studied and wrote in Sanskrit and Hindu intelligentsia mastered a whole world of scholarship. Invocation to such historical experience can help develop a strong defence against violence; Muslims and non-Muslims can help out each other for a better future in an atmosphere that ensures security and peace for all....

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    1 2 ......


    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    'Make Revolutionary Changes in the Islamic Theology of Consensus to Fight Jihadism': Sultan Shahin Asks Muslim Nations at UNHRC in Geneva
    Sultan Shahin, Founding Editor, New Age Islam

    Sixteen years after 9/11, the issue of Jihadi terrorism has become even more complex and widespread.

    First, though Jihadism is a violent offshoot of Wahhabism and Salafism, the international community has allowed the fountainhead of Wahhabi/Salafi ideology to continue to spend tens of billions of dollars to Wahhabise the world Muslim community.

    Second, we recently saw with horror, but without any protest from the international community, the sight of a UN-designated terrorist, with a ten-million-dollar bounty on his head, launch a political party and nominate another US-designated terrorist to contest democratic elections in Pakistan. Apparently, some countries can ignore UN directives with impunity.

    Third, the Muslim community has failed to grasp that Jihadism spread so rapidly around the world because at its core it is not very different from the theology of consensus that informs the religious beliefs and practices of all Muslim sects. That is why Jihadis are not impressed when we Muslims either proclaim that Islam is a religion of peace and pluralism or when we try to wash our hands off Jihadism by claiming that it has nothing to do with Islam. If we Muslims want to live as honourable citizens in the 21st century’s globalised world, we must rethink our consensus theology in all its dimensions and make revolutionary changes to bring it in line with the needs of present times....

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