• hats off! Don't put what God says in the Qur'an into my mouth. The Qur'an does not permit...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • Dear Naseer Ahmed, You have produced a really scholarly piece to dismiss Radwan's arguments to make changes in the Qur'an to remove contradictions...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • The article as well as the comments make it clear that there is no command...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Dr Abdul Haleem translates mushrik as idolater when it means polytheist. The Buddhists are idolaters but they are not polytheists. So also ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • so mr. muhammad yunus says without actually saying that muslim wonem should not marry kuffar men. especially since his mentor holds such ...
    ( By hats off! )
  • the principle of mutuality suggests that if those who accept/believe are allowed to kill those who did not accept or believe, then ...
    ( By hats off! )
  • M.Yunus Saheb, You make good point; “…remoteness of the Qur’anic ideals from many Islamic societies ...
    ( By Rashid Samnakay )
  • I agree with what Yunus Sb says on the subject. The wisdom of the Quran in neither permitting it explicitly nor prohibiting ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Dear Rashid Samnakay, Ghulam Mohiuddin Sbs My jt. publication leaves this blurred signal for such a marriage for the onlooker to see its color...
    ( By muhammd yunus )
  • Where can we find an imam who would perform interfaith marriage۔۔۔
    ( By Rashid Samnakay )
  • In the Quran, Muhsrikin is not synonymous with Kafirin. The Quran makes...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Good analysis! Thank you Ghaus sahib.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Esack's assertion, "my theology is about a God that is essentially...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Feridoun Fathi what you are stating here is mere taquiya . The interpretation of the entire Quran is as per convenience...
    ( By Ashok Chohan )
  • Behare Lal Dhar , In Arabic, Jihad means endeavor. endeavor for betterment of the society, endeavor to defend....
    ( By Feridoun Fathi )
  • Firstly , why are you writing under a pseudonym , Rajeesh Jaf ? Love jihad is carried out under pseudonyms , so it is hateful...
    ( By Ashok Chohan )
  • Ashok Chohan , reg jihad word., is any of yur in and around are jihad, did they ever tel u to come under Islam laws ...
    ( By Rajeesh Jaf )
  • Om Parkash Verma you are very intelligent . Kindly explain this to Hafiz...
    ( By Ashok Chohan )
  • Sir jehad means fight against nafs (mind) which is an agent of Shaitan
    ( By Om Parkash Verma )
  • There are few apologetic keywords to defend the hate verses of Quran - "Out of context", "Wrong Interpretation", "bad Translation", "Madini...
    ( By Vijay Tiwari )
  • Then what is correct explain
    ( By Behare Lal Dhar )
  • Ajit Singh Mankotia what abiut RSS plan of akand bharath...
    ( By Shafeeq Mohammad )
  • Feridoun Fathi What about Gazw-e Hind.'
    ( By Ajit Singh Mankotia )
  • No doubt, Quran is perfect.. the problem comes in its interpretation, the word....
    ( By Feridoun Fathi )
  • Gulfaraz Ahmed Malik I have no issues with Islam perse, and certainly nurture no need to advise Muslims on the matter...
    ( By Ashok Chohan )
  • Gulfaraz Ahmed Malik They will come up with what about this.. what about that!
    ( By Jakir Mohemed )
  • Let us suppose that there is a need of reform in Islam Ashok ji can you point out any flaw less system in present world...
    ( By Gulfaraz Ahmed Malik )
  • They will come up with what about this.. what about that.
    ( By Jakir Mohemed )
  • It is dangerous to debate for or against Quran.
    ( By Jnanendra Singha )
  • Dear non Muslim.brothers & sisters, b4 finding fault with Quran & Islam, pls do read Dr. Tahir...
    ( By Humera Fathima )
  • Oh ! Humanism is haram in islam ! How can it possible muslims be human !
    ( By Devannagol ManZunadh )
  • It's, not possible to reform people... who blindly, follow their religion, feel...
    ( By Prakash Shetty )
  • Extremist organization like ISIS etc r not representing islam but fighting...
    ( By Abdul Razak )
  • All the people are free to accept whatever they like or feel better or best. BUT for muslims it is THE QURAN and sunnat...
    ( By Azhar Jameel )
  • Where can we find an imam who would perform interfaith marriage...
    ( By Wira Alkozai )
  • So if a person is born in a muslim family and on becoming adult he wishes...
    ( By Nikhil Tomar )
  • All the peoples mean all the adults.
    ( By Azhar Jameel )
  • Then why are there at least five schools of thought in Islam ? ? and...
    ( By Piyush Mukherjee )
  • But all follow the teaching of QURAN & SUNNAT of Profet MUHAMMAD SAW may...
    ( By Azhar Jameel )
  • Then why jihad ??? You practice what you want I practice what I want !!!! Azhar Jameel
    ( By Ramkrishna V Kamath )

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    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    Islamic State Vs Islamic Ideals: There is no clash of civilizations and terrorism isn’t jihad
    Maulana Mahmood A Madani

    ...al-Qaida and Taliban both drew a blank from the Muslims in India. IS too has so far met a similar fate inasmuch as the youths responding to its call can be counted on fingers. This is because of both India’s culture and its historical legacy. Muslim heritage is part of a larger tradition of multiculturalism and mutual tolerance. The 200 million Muslims in India are the legatees of magnificent contributions made by the Ulema and Sufis, over centuries of fraternal coexistence and heroic patriotism. No sacrifice has been too great for them to preserve this tradition. This was particularly so during the 1857 uprising and subsequent struggles against colonial onslaughts.

    Interfaith Dialogue

    I welcome your emphasis on “Spiritual Symbiosis” of world religions that will hopefully settle the dust of war and its by-product—terrorism. Presumably your hope and mine derives from the same notion and indomitable spirit once espoused by India’s great Freedom Fighter, Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar, who is commemorated by both India and Pakistan, in the following words:

    “I had long been convinced that here in this Country of hundreds of millions of human beings, intensely attached to religion, and yet infinitely split up into communities, sects and denominations, Providence had created for us the mission of solving a unique problem and working out a new synthesis, which was nothing low than a Federation of Faiths... For more than twenty years I have dreamed the dream of a federation, grander, nobler and infinitely more spiritual than the United States of America, and today when many a political Cassandra prophesies a return to the bad old days of Hindu-Muslim dissensions I still dream that old dream of "United Faiths of India." — ....

    Related Article:

    Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam Must Discover Their Spiritual Symbiosis for a Conflict-Free, Environment Conscious World


    Islamic History

    The Birmingham Mushaf between Simple Facts and Manufactured Controversies
    Louay Fatoohi

    While the discovery of the Birmingham Mushaf has been misrepresented as potentially indicating that the Qur’anic text had existed even before the Prophet (Sallā Allah ‘Alaihi wa Sallām) was born, the more popular, though no less absurd, claim against the preservation of the Qur’an has so far been that it continued to be developed many decades after the Prophet died! This bizarre claim has been embraced only by a minority of scholars, not least because there is not a shred of evidence to support it and there is plenty of evidence, including old manuscripts, that refutes it. So this older, baseless claim has now been joined by the exact opposite claim that the Qur’an existed before the Prophet Muhammad (Sallā Allah ‘Alaihi wa Sallām) was born! They both share the same objective, however, of discrediting the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad......

    Islam and Spiritualism

    Islamic Scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan decries conspiracy theories during his US Visit: A Report
    Maria Khan, New Age Islam

    One should not consider a challenge as arising due to an ‘external conspiracy’. Rather, difficulties, both physical difficulties and intellectual problems, are part of this world. There are two kinds of challenges: crippling and non-crippling challenges. It is a crippling challenge that is a problem. Otherwise, a challenge is a booster for a community as it serves as a shock treatment, which, in turn, enhances one’s creativity. It is one’s response to challenges that determines one’s success in dealing with them. Chapter Yusuf of the Quran tells us that the right kind of response is one based on Taqwa, or God-consciousness....

    Islamic World News

    South Asia

    MoI Rejects Reports of Afghan Police Involvement in ‘Bacha Baazi’

    38 Militants Killed In Security Operations in Afghanistan


    Senior Politician: ISIL Seeking to Spread to Pakistan Using Religious Schools

    Pakistani Forces Detain 40 Afghan Refugees in Quetta

    Arab World

    Millions of Muslims Throng Mount Arafat As Haj Reaches Climax

    Yemeni Missiles Destroy Several Saudi Military Bases in Jizan

    North America

    Pakistan Is a Serious Problem, Us Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Says

    Immigrants Make a Good Fit in US, Study Finds"


    One More Palestinian Falls to Israeli Bullet

    Iranian Leader Blames US, Allies for Pains of Nations in Middle-East, Africa


    Muslim Man Launches Petition Demanding Ban on Vegetables

    Beef Ban Means Eid Worries For Indian Muslims


    European Union Approves Plan to Distribute Migrants

    Southeast Asia

    Liars, Graft Make Hudud Impossible Here, Says Muslim


    Million Fewer Tourists Visit Tunisia after Terror Attacks

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Books and Documents

    The Trial of Dara Shikoh

    We all knew that the mullahs would give a verdict they thought would ensure the emperor's patronage. The first Qazi asked Dara to hand him the jade thumb ring that was still on his left hand. He examined it slowly and asked, "This green stone is inscribed with the words 'Allah' on one side and 'Prabhu' on the other. Does this mean that you consider this Hindu god to be equal to our Muslim Allah?"

    Islam and Pluralism
    Islam’s Legacy of Pluralism
    Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

    Islam’s Legacy of Pluralism
    Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

    The Islamic vision of pluralism is build around the philosophy of tolerance of diversity in thought and belief. One may, of course, devalue the other person’s beliefs without devaluing the person who holds those beliefs. The tolerant person wills to treat the person with significantly differing beliefs and practices as intrinsically valuable in spite of that person’s rejection of her fundamental human concerns. Tolerance is the cultivated disposition to subdue our natural inclination to distance, reject or persecute others whose beliefs and practices differ from our own. The tolerant person is, rather, disposed to recognise the other as an object of inestimable worth. The tolerant person says, in effect, “Our fundamental disagreement does not diminish my estimation of your worth as a human being and, therefore, though I disagree with your beliefs or practices, still I will endure them.”....

    Islamic Society

    Let us Make the Hajj Pilgrimage Easy and Reclaim its Spiritual Beauty!
    Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

    There are many rulings pertaining to the observance of the Hajj that need to be revised in the context of the Islamic jurisprudential principle of lessening the difficulties (Raf’ul Haraj) and making things easy (Daf’ul Haraj). The Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said, “Make things easy; do not make them difficult. Convey glad tidings and do not scare people off.” (Sahih al-Bukhari: 69 and Sahih Muslim: 1734) He also said, when asked about various circumstances in the Hajj: “Do so. There is no harm” (Sahih al-Bukhari: 83 and Sahih Muslim: 1306). Today, when an overwhelming number of pilgrims converge upon Mecca reaching tens of millions, rethinking the Hajj rulings becomes an imperative according to the basic jurisprudential postulates called Zarurat and Haajat (necessity). Any Islamic scholar will hardly dispute the fact that legal rulings change with changing times and circumstances (al-Zaruratu Tubihul Mahzuraat), .……

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    The Islamic State West Africa Continues To Utilize Women as Suicide Bombers
    Sisters in Islam

    10 Muslim Villages in India Ban Girls from Using Mobiles, Jeans, T-Shirts as It 'Increases Crime Rate'

    First Emirati Woman Posted At UN's New York HQ

    Women's Afghan Paragliding Team Soar through Kabul's Skies

    Afghan Woman Escapes Stoning Death in Sar-i-Pul

    Hundreds of Turkish Women Cycle To Support Green Transportation

    At UN Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia Chairs Panel Vetting Applicants for ‘Violence against Women’ Post

    This Single Mom Is Fighting to Protect Pakistani Women from Cyber-bullying

    Sisters in Islam: Racism against the Principles of Islam

    Myanmar Army Chief Says He Would Welcome Woman President

    Meet the Female Motocross Rider Who Wants To Represent Iran

    Algeria, Arab World's Leader in Women's Representation in Elected Assemblies

    Nigeria: Groups Campaign to Stop Violence against Women

    Cameroon, UN Women Strengthen Ties

    Kenya: Women's Rights and the Constitution

    Geeta Gandbhir on Documentary: ‘Muslim Women Can Do Work That Is Equal to Men’

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    Charlie Hebdo Publishes Cartoons Mocking Dead Aylan Kurdi with Caption 'Muslim Children Sink'
    Ali Mohammad al Nimr, Saudi Arabian activist


    Islamic State Has a Message for Muslims Hoping To Go To Europe


    Pakistan Ulema Council Chief, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, Who Called For ‘Jihad’ In Afghanistan Arrested With Wine

    Pakistan: ISIS Plans Terrorist Campaign against Christians

    ‘War against Terrorism Is War for Pakistan’s Future’

    South Asia

    Extremism on the Rise in Unofficial Religious Madrasas in Afghanistan

    No Peace until Foreign Troops Leave Afghanistan: Taliban Chief Mullah Mansour

    Arab World

    ISIS Executes 8 Men Accused Of Being Gay in Syria: Monitor

    Syrian Regime Air Strikes Kill 38 ISIS Fighters: Monitor

    Yemen: 30 Civilians Killed in Saudi Airstrikes

    Saudi Arabia Preparing To Behead and Crucify 21-Year-Old Shia Activist


    India Turns To Israel for Armed Drones as Pakistan, China Build Fleets

    In Islam, Kids Are Trained To Blow Themselves Up; Muslim Boys Do Plant Bombs: Taslima


    Bin Laden’s Secret Documents Reveal Iran-Qaeda Ties

    Tight security in Jerusalem for Jewish, Muslim holidays


    North Africa: Algerian Muslim Organization Stages Rally in Support of Al-Aqsa Mosque

    Southeast Asia

    Islamic State Militants Heading To Indonesia from Malaysia

    Myanmar: Muslim First to Be Charged Under New Religious Laws

    North America

    Muslim Boy Withdraws From US School That Suspended Him over Clock

    Republican Candidate Carson Says Muslims Unfit To Be US President

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islamic Society
    How Relevant Are Madrasas
    Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

    How Relevant Are Madrasas

    The debate about the alleged links between madrasas and terrorism has tended to obscure the unique contribution of madrasas to human civilization. The debate on their relevance has morphed into a full scale media and commentator war that endangers their very survival. The implacable media and communally motivated leaders have continually targeted it with an avalanche of searing and strident critiques. The State has not only castigated it but has attempted to wrest exclusive control ever them. While it is true that madrasas have outlived their role, they need not be decimated. What they need is essentially a makeover in a way that respects traditional sensibilities and attempts to synergy classical and modern learning so that their products are viable for modern society. There is certainly a need for shift in paradigm.....

    Islam and Politics

    Islam Is A Religion That Sustains and Preserves the Sacred Teachings, Ancient Teachings, Essence and Virtuous Legacies of Former Religions
    Ali Bulac

    Mustafa Kemal was prone to a type of Islamism defended by Jamaluddin al-Afghani at the beginning. But then he agreed on a secular model because of the influence of external and internal factors. But if he had believed that Islam would have served the goals of the Turkish nation-state, he would have used Islam as a tool. Mustafa Kemal's practices and thoughts suggest that he sought to use the opportunities of an Islamist modernization model by relying on a Protestant religion…..

    Spiritual Meditations

    The Human Dimensions of Pilgrimage
    Abdullah Hamidaddin

    According to the Muslim narrative, Hajj is a reenactment of some of the key events in the life of the Patriarch Abraham and his family, who were in Makkah millennia ago. The events mark manifestations of Abraham’s obedience and total submission to Allah’s will, as well as a rejection of Satan and his ways. Performing Hajj is supposed to be a reaffirmation of Abraham’s path.

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Pakistani Teen Girl Honoured For Standing against Underage Marriage

    Hardline Muslim Students at Jihadi John's Old University 'Refuse To Speak To Women'

    Canadian Muslim Women's Group 'Disgusted' By Bloc Ad against Niqab

    Israeli Mother of 5 from Shfaram Indicted For Attempting To Join ISIS

    50 Kerala Nurses Awaiting Nod to Return from Saudi Arabia

    Australian Designers Launch Muslim Collections in Indonesia

    Sisters in Islam Continues To Fight for Justice for Women

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    Delhi University Graduate, a Hindu Girl, Seeks To Join Islamic State, Her Father Alerts National Investigation Agency
    Mullah Mansoor


    ISIS Recruiter Has Data of 25,000 Indian Muslim Youth

    Arab World

    Nour Party, Egypt's Political Islam Sole Survivor, Left With Dim Election Hopes

    20 ISIL Commanders Killed in Iraqi Warplanes' Attack near Ramadi

    Syrian Ground, Air Forces' Operations Kill over 45 ISIL Militants in Deir Ezzur

    South Asia

    Mullah Mansoor Issues Statement amid Fears of Taliban Split into Two Factions

    Muslim Myanmar Candidates Disqualified In Election


    Palestinians Expect 3rd Intifada If Israeli Attacks Continue

    13 Dead In Migrant Boat Collision with Ferry off Turkey


    UK Won't Leave Egypt to Stand Alone Against Terrorism: Ambassador

    Some Iraqis Ditch Fight against Daesh for Life in Europe


    Islamabad in A Fix Over Joining US-Led Coalition

    Saudi Arabia Encouraging Investment in Pakistan, Says Envoy

    Badaber Attack: Five Pakistani 'Terrorists' Identified


    Kenya Muslims Invite Christians to Friday Prayer

    Southeast Asia

    SIS: Umno Man’s Remark on Racism Unconstitutional, Anti-Islam

    North America

    US Soldiers Told To Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

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