• What is the essence of Islam?. What is Islam?. Islam is the religion of love, peace, acceptance, compassion and ....
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  • In fact Quran is not a Veda /religious book/spiritual book.It is a document of Arab imperialism.That...
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  • Shaheen sultan is simple munafiq
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  • thoughtful suggestion.
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  • A muslim cant sold his iman for this world or anything. This world is temporary and hereafter is permanent.
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  • Ameen.
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  • This called separatism, which is the main problem with other cults.
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  • Acid Attack, Honour Killing, And Suicides Take Toll On Iranian Women" How to stop such happenings?
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث الصديقي )

    Islamic Personalities

     It was because of Faqeeri that Shams Tabrizi was able to influence and bring long-lasting impact on the mind and soul of Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi (R.A). ...

    Islamic Ideology

    It blocks all re-conciliatory steps between the spouses. A husband jailed by the Court at the complaint of wife will hardly think of reconciling with her. ....

    Islamic World News

    Indonesian Islamic Scholar: Islamic State System Not Only Caliphate

    Sikh Boy Turned His Turban into a Band-Aid to Save a Life of a Bleeding Woman in Kashmir

    American Muslims Look to Quran When Writing Wills

    'Radical Islam Won': Outrage as Belgium Bans Halal, Kosher Slaughter Methods

    Egyptian President Admits Cooperation with Israel 'Closest, Deepest' Than Ever Before

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Thai Police Say They Won't Deport Saudi Woman Stopped In Bangkok Airport

    Gaza TV Channel Hopes To Empower Marginalised Women

    Meet The First Woman to Coach a Men’s Football Team in Syria

    Deputy Speaker of Iran Parliament Calls for Referendum on Compulsory Hijab

    Women In Iraq Reclaiming Roles In Society

    Is Bangladesh Poised For Advancement Of Women's Rights?

    Muslim Women Kick Against Street Begging In Nigeria

    Activists Call On Australia to Accept Fleeing Saudi Woman

    Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian Girl Over Alleged Stabbing Attempt

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic History

    It presents a confusing, contradictory and embarrassing portrayal of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It includes the Quranic view, but dramatizes and highlights negative details of the personalities and events too much, and clouds Qur’anic perception.....

    Islamic Society

    For the blind followers who are hostage to the faith mafia and prefer to remain its captives, there is no hope in the world. The world is not going to love the darkness of hatred...

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    “In the prophet Mohammed’s time his wife Ayesha was recognised as a leader of the early Muslims, but that tradition has been lost and I want to bring it back in the 21st century.”...

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Women are more educated now and in some areas marry later in life, factors that academics say lead to more stable marriages. At the same time, more women are moving into cities and joining the work force, empowering more of them to discard bad marriages....


    Islam and Sectarianism

    "Islamic phenomena such as Salat (five daily prayers), ablution and Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) are not accepted by Alevis. Also, Alevis do not follow the Quranic requirements, such as fasting during the month of Ramadan or doing pilgrimage...


    Urdu Section

    اس صدی کے اس عظیم المیہ کی  کئی وجوہات ہیں۔ جن میں سب سے بڑی وجہ یہ ہے کہ اس موضوع پر خامہ فرسائی کرنے والے اکثر اہل علم کی رسائی براہ راست اصل مصادر ماخذ تک نہیں ہوتی ۔ اکثر وہ یا تو ان اصل مصادر و ماخذ کے انگریزی تراجم یا دیگر زبانوں میں تراجم کا مطالعہ کرتے ہیں یا ان کے حوالے سے کسی مستشرق (Orientalist) کی تحریروں سے متاثر ہوتے ہیں۔ 

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    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Has Saudi Society Changed Enough To Allow Women Travel Alone?

    Nigerian Muslim Women's Association Warns On Hijab Ban amidst Rise in Insecurity

    Pak Punjab Govt Allocates Rs1.98bn for Women's Development: Minister

    US: Muslim Women Entrepreneurs Make Identity ‘Look Good’

    Jakarta Women, Children Centre Lacks Human Resources

    Meet the Muslim Lolitas Changing The Face Of Harajuku Fashion, One Headscarf At A Time

    In Pakistan, Solar Lamps Turn Women into Entrepreneurs

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    So the Exalted declared takfīr upon the person due to him taking a rival which are partners in worship. And there are many similar verses.

    So a person cannot be a muwahhid (Islāmic monotheist) except if he negates shirk, frees himself from it and declares takfīr upon whoever commits shirk.

    Then he said – rahimahullāhu ta'ālā: The second: Warning against shirk in the worship of Allāh, being harsh in this, having enmity based on this and declaring takfīr on whoever commits this.

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Rape, Murder Top Chart of Violence against Women in Bangladesh

    Amid Harassment Spike, Saudi Arabian Woman Hits Back At Tormentor

    Eyewitness: The Women and Girls Rescued From Boko Haram in Nigeria

    3,000 Jobs Eyed For Saudi Women in Jewellery Design

    Saudi Women Complain Of Exploitation in Cosmetics Sales

    Dubai: 124 Cases of Domestic Violence against Women

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Malik Wants Separate Jails for Women with Female Staff In Pakistan

    Muslim Women Share Their Experiences of Wearing the Hijab

    Muslim Woman Who Stole Twin's Passport to Travel to Syria Spared Jail

    Scottish Muslim Councilors Empower Women

    Women and Municipal Councils in Saudi Arabia

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic Ideology

    There are many more verses that command the Muslims to follow the Prophet. These verses confirm that the Prophet set by his words and deeds the best example for the Muslims, as God instructed him to do. This is why learning and understanding the behaviour of the Prophet is necessary for the Muslim. But we should always be aware of the fact the Sunna of the Prophet has never been as accessible after the Prophet as the Qur’an. Allah promised in the Qur’an that He will protect the Qur’an from being lost or changed, but He did not make such a promise about the Sunna of the Prophet. .....

    Islamic Ideology
    Just War in the Quran
    Louay Fatoohi
    Just War in the Quran
    Louay Fatoohi

    Of course, the development of the Christian concept Just War did not ensure that the wars and violence that Christians got involved met the definition and conductions of that concept. The same applies to the war and violent acts that Muslims conducted. But this schism between theory and practice applies to every concept that the human being has ever used....

    Islamic Ideology

    In Islamic sciences, the term “Fiqh” has developed the strictly legal meaning of “studying Shari’a or ‘Islamic law’” [...]. But the Arabic root of this term has a general meaning in the Qur’an. The limited legal meaning this term has developed reflects a narrow reading of one particular Qur’anic verse, which itself is the result of a narrow understanding of Islam. The term “Fiqh” means “understanding,” “comprehending”…etc. It occurs in six different variations twenty times in as many verses. I have listed these variations with any attached pronouns they may have, their meanings, how many times each occurs....

    Spiritual Meditations

    What is closure for a person who has lost her near and dear ones? Hanging a person might bring ‘justice’ but closure needs a different language, a new code of negotiating life and an indomitable strength to embrace the other. But that’s another story. The real problem which disturbed me the most was that not one of the media houses thought it fit to talk to the relatives of those victims who had died in organized pogroms against Muslims during 1992-93 in Mumbai. Do they have a sense of closure? And given the state of affairs will they ever have one?

    Islamic Ideology

    The notion of progressive Islam is desperately needed to confront this century’s challenges because it emphasizes the idea of progress. While Islam Nusantara is a concept to legitimize the cultural identity of the development of Islam even before the birth of Indonesia, progressive Islam stresses that we cannot overcome today’s problems by solutions relevant only to the middle ages….

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Women Getting Paid Less than Men for Same Job in Pakistan

    Women to Cast Votes Again Today at 15 Polling Stations in Swabi

    Jakarta: Law Enforcers Told To Consider Science in Sexual Abuse Cases

    Saudi Civic Elections: Initiative to Boost Women Participation

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic Ideology
    The Meaning of 'Hadith'
    Louay Fatoohi
    The Meaning of 'Hadith'
    Louay Fatoohi

    The science of Hadith criticism that Muslim scholars have meticulously developed over the centuries has provided scrutiny of the numerous Hadiths. But inevitable limitations in this human system mean complete submission to it was always going to be the wrong approach. The Qur’an is indispensable when assessing the reliability of the Matn of the Hadith. Similarly, any Hadith that attributes an unreasonable or absurd statement or behavior to the Prophet should be rejected regardless of the chain of transmission attached to it. ....

    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam

    Ignoring the inauthenticity of the Hadith, there is another problem with the way Salafi movements have understood it. The Hadith claims that the first three generations of Muslims were the best ever Muslims, which might mean that there were the most pious, but it does not state that they have discussed and covered all aspects of Islam or that their understanding of certain Islamic practices were supposed to be eternal. None of this is even hinted at in the Hadith, yet this is how Salafi groups use the concept of Salaf. They take what the first generations have said and done as the first and last word on everything. While they accept that Islam is a religion for all times, they fail to realize that this must mean that while its principles do not change, the way those principles are applied are bound to change with time, place, and circumstance.....

    Islam, Women and Feminism
    Hijab-Wearing Women Are Being ‘Turned Away’ At Egyptian Resorts
    Bodybuilder Haifa Musawi
    Hijab-Wearing Women Are Being ‘Turned Away’ At Egyptian Resorts
    New Age Islam News Bureau

    Arab Female Bodybuilder, Haifa Musawi, Looks Abroad For Recognition

    Don't Discuss Minimum Marriageable Age Much

    Shoura Women Members Get Poll Lessons

    Saudi Girls Learn Martial Arts to Fight Harassment

    Nigerian Army Frees Dozens of Women, Children from Boko Haram

    In Pakistan, Solar Lamps Turn Women into Green Energy Entrepreneurs

    Acid Attack Victim of Pakistan Battles for Life

    Abolition of Women Reserved Seats in Pakistan Opposed by Religious Political Parties

    ‘Forced Marriage a Hindrance to Girl Education’ In Pakistan

    33% of Jeddah Women Want To Be Entrepreneurs

    14 Buildings for Women in Need in Sharjah

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

    Books and Documents

    Black describes court proceedings against Serb President Slobodan Milosevic who was killed in a NATO prison on 11 March 2006 when it was clear that 'there had been no crimes, except those of the NATO alliance, and the attempt to fabricate a case against him collapsed into farce'. Since the conviction of President Milosevic 'was clearly not possible after all the evidence was heard, his death became the only way out for the NATO powers. His acquittal would have brought down the entire structure of the propaganda framework of the NATO war machine and the Western interests that use it as their armed fist'......

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Women on the Beat: How to Get More Female Police Officers around the World

    Kerala Students Invite Malala Yousafzai for 'Onam'

    French Women Furious After 'Muslim Girl-Gang' Attacks 'Immoral' Sunbather for Wearing a Bikini

    Unleashing the Power of Women Entrepreneurs around the World: The Smartest Investment To Unlock Global Growth

    Knife Attack Leaves Two Women Killed, Two Wounded In Zabul, Afghanistan

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Defeating Islamism and Jihadism: Evolve a New Theology of Peace, Pluralism and Gender justice, Sultan Shahin asks Muslim States at UNHRC in Geneva
    Sultan Shahin, Founding Editor, New Age Islam

    A War on Terror has been raging for 17 years now but we are no closer to defeating Islamist terror. Jihadism continues to attract Muslim youth. This is because the world has not paid enough attention to the ideology of Islamism and Jihadism.

    Mainstream Muslims have considered Islam a spiritual path to salvation, one of the many. Islam aims at reforming society for a peaceful, harmonious, pluralist existence. However, due to certain historical factors, the theology and jurisprudence of Islam that evolved in the 8th and 9th centuries (CE), present Islam as a political, totalitarian ideology of supremacism, xenophobia, intolerance and gender discrimination. It is this theology of violence, exclusivism and world-domination that is taught in madrasas and sustains Islamism. But despite the Islamist violence against peaceful Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the community is still not focussed on the need for evolving a counternarrative of Islam.

     It is imperative that Muslim countries that have signed the UN Charter look into the issue urgently and work towards developing a new theology of peace, pluralism and gender justice. While several countries like Morocco and now Saudi Arabia appear to be moving in this direction, the one country that has made a solid contribution is Turkey. In a decade-long exercise 100 Turkish scholars have managed to limit the number of authentic ahadith to just 1600, out of over 10,000, and provide each hadith with context and suitable interpretation. This book of authentic Hadith has been provided to all mosques in Turkey but I hope it is made available to the global Muslim community in their own languages as soon as possible.

    Allama Iqbal, a poet-philosopher of the South Asian sub-continent had called for the reconstruction of religious thought in Islam almost a hundred years ago. Let us at least start working on it now....

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