• the NAI editorial team should kindly print the original article by Dan Corjescu.
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  • mr ghulam mohiyuddin has clearly fallen between two stools....
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  • Naseer sb. believes that anyone who does not concur with his.....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Support for B.D.S. is even more widespread in Europe than it is....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Islam once was the cutting edge of modernity. Unfortunately....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Zakir Naik seems to think that being intolerant and punitive....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • If feminism seems righteous, just and worthwhile to you, go for....
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  • Science can answer questions about "how" life originated, but it cannot answer "why"....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • MashAllah. New Age Islam is doing a great job by spreading the message of Al Zawahiri
    ( By Mohammad Arif )
  • GM sb is wrong as usual. I do not care whether "Muslims" like him follow their religion or turn apostates....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • GM sb lacks the courage to announce his apostasy, change his identity and move on. He straddles ....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Prophet Mohammad in the past was never anti-plural since he permitted...
    ( By zuma )
  • Naseer sb. is unswerving in his dogged insistence to keep us fixated...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Trump's offering mediation on Kashmir is like the proverbial bull in a China shop! Look at how unjust his approach has been in the ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • A dawah program based on disparaging the beliefs of others has no place in today's world. We must learn to cherish our diversities.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • We should have given all that money and all those weapons to the. ...
    ( By Richard Pinc )
  • it is no Arab spring now it has been spring fourteen hundred years before. when....
    ( By Ashraf Quadri )
  • "The preacher, who is a Malaysian permanent resident, is alleged....
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  • Personally, I am turned off by Zakir Naik, but the one thing that no....
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  • Hijab and its form (head covering flowing down to cover the bosom ) is clearly prescribed and also exemptions ....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Hats Off speaks with as much ignorance as hatred. Neither of those two ladies is about promoting any ....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Why are you giving such wide publicity to the views of Ayman al Zawahiri . Personally...
    ( By Badarul Hassan )
  • It is not true that Islamic nation is a nation of monotheism since Islamic nation at that time when Prophet Mohammad....
    ( By zuma )
  • Hadith supports no compulsion for women to put on hijab. The following is the extract: It was narrated from....
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  • why did indian sub-continent yeaild to every tom dick or harry with a horse and a sword? it was a society...
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  • both ilhan and tlaib are brotherhood goons groomed by CAIR. they have the....
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  • Despite Quran mentions women must put on hijab, yet Allah does not....
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  • Good article! With BJP rule, India will cease to be India.
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  • Malaysia did the right thing by silencing Zakir Naik.
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  • Hijab is not one of the Five Pillars. Jihadi terrorists like Al-Zawahiri...
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  • Nice bhai and right.
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  • Very sensible and prudent column.
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  • The Ummah and the Caliphate are obsolete concepts and have no....
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  • Marxism, democratic socialism and enlightened capitalism are all laudable....
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  • UN has lost its credibility. It is simply a forum of debate. Hardly does...
    ( By Salman )
  • Adopting Christianity means adopting true religion of Allah.
    ( By Mahender Kumar )
  • Islam promotes violence ......etc against Khafirs.
    ( By Dr.A.Anburaj )
  • Talha's comment shows how talaq has been turned into a joke. People have derived new types of talaq...
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  • The comment was posted thru mobile phone. And while typing on mobile, some errors occur and also it's automated dictionary takes pushes some words into ...
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  • Saying that Islam emphasized education is hardly hubris except in the...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )

    Spiritual Meditations

    The emotional quality of some atheists’ responses to religion reminds me of the worst characteristics of religious fanatics: intolerance, hatred, invective, and a blind desire for collective uniformity....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    As Michelle Obama writes in her book “Becoming,” it’s not always possible for women to have it all. This is especially true for Muslim women. However, Eurasian women demonstrate by their own unique example that one does not need choose between feminism and Islam....

    Islamic World News

    'No Point Talking To India,' PM Imran Says In Interview With NYT

    Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader Voices Deep Concern about Muslims' Situation in Kashmir

    Islamist Militants Are Targeting Christians in Burkina Faso: ‘They Are Planting Seeds Of A Religious Conflict’

    Latest Trumpism on India-Pakistan: Will Do Best I Can To Mediate

    China Unveils New Counter-Terror Unit in Muslim-Majority Xinjiang Province

    As Taliban Talk Peace, ISIS Is Ready to Play the Spoiler in Afghanistan

    The Afghan Taliban's War against ISIS is Just Beginning

    New Paramilitary Training Video Emerges of Neo-Nazi Terror Group

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Islam, Women and Feminism

    In Afghanistan, Dubious and Violative Virginity Tests Persist

    Southeast Asia’s Hidden Female Genital Mutilation Challenge

    The Nike Ambassador Who Started A Sportswear Brand For Muslim Women

    Belgium’s Muslim Executive Drafts in Women as Teachers and Preachers

    Saudi Female Bowlers Off To Las Vegas Tournament

    Saudi Arabia Appoints First Female Spokesperson for Public Education

    Women in Morocco: An Appraisal of their Current Status

    Iranian Bike-Sharing App Sparks Outrage after Refusing Women Service

    WWDC Starts New Vocational Courses For Poor Women

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


    Books and Documents

    In the Sub-Continent, this debate started with British imperialism (‘British Raj’, 1857-1947). Muslims responded to the imperialism through different means, scholars like Chirag Ali (d.1895), Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (d.1898), Allama Iqbal (d.1938), Abul Kalam Azad (d.1958), Shibli Numani (d.1914), Mumtaz Ali (d. 1974), Syed Mawdudi (d.1979), Amin Ihsan Islahi (d.1997), Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi (d.1999), and others gave them critical response by their scholarly works….

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    In the early 2000s, Wahhabism, a puritanical strain of Islam promoted by Saudi Arabia, seized hold of Kosovo. Money from the Gulf flooded in, funding gleaming new mosques with copper roofs and chrome fittings that bristled incongruously against squalid mountain villages….


    Bangla Section

    ভিয়েনা ঘোষণাপত্রে স্বীকৃতি দেওয়া হয়েছে যে "প্রত্যেকেরই চিন্তাভাবনা, বিবেক, মত প্রকাশ এবং ধর্মের অধিকার রয়েছে।"গত মার্চ মাসে মার্কিন মানবাধিকার কাউন্সিল  ইসলামিক রাষ্ট্রসমূহের পক্ষে পাকিস্তানের প্রস্তাবিত একটি প্রস্তাব পাস করে, যাতে "ধর্মের মানহানি" কে মানবাধিকার লঙ্ঘন বলে নিন্দা করা হয়েছে।56-দেশীয় সংস্থা ওআইসি-এর  পক্ষে বক্তব্য রেখে পাকিস্তান বলেছে যে "ইসলাম কে প্রায়শই এবং ভুলভাবে মানবাধিকার লঙ্ঘন এবং সন্ত্রাসবাদের সাথে যুক্ত করা হয়েছে।এই ঘোষণা পত্রে জাতিগত  ও ধর্মীয় সংখ্যালঘুদের প্রতি অসহিষ্ণুতা প্রদর্শনকারীদের জন্য "দায়মুক্তি অস্বীকার করা" এবং "সকল ধর্ম ও বিশ্বাসের প্রতি সহিষ্ণুতা ও শ্রদ্ধার প্রচার করার জন্য সম্ভাব্য সকল পদক্ষেপ গ্রহণ করার" প্রতি আহ্বান জানিয়েছে।তবে রাষ্ট্রপতি মহাশয়,  সংখ্যালঘু ধর্মীয় বিশ্বাসের প্রতি অসহিষ্ণুতা ও অসম্মান প্রকাশের ঘটনাগুলির  খবর  প্রায়ই ইসলামী দেশগুলি, বিশেষত পাকিস্তান থেকে বেরিয়ে আসে …


    Current Affairs

    In the aftermath of the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, the United States is once again roiling in pain, struggling to come to terms with its violent reality....


    Islam and the West

    The visit that Omar and Tlaib had planned was, undeniably, a challenge to the Israeli government. Their tentative itinerary, titled “Delegation to Palestine,” did not include meetings at the Knesset; its purpose, Omar said, “was to witness firsthand what is happening on the ground in Palestine and hear from stakeholders.”...

    Current Affairs

    Minorities including Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Ahmadiyah, and Shia Muslims, as well as native faith believers and followers of new religions like Gafatar, face discrimination, intimidation, and violence....

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    Islamic World News
    'Lashkar' Imams Spent Night at My Home after Riots, Says UP Headmaster
    Junaid Thorne, Saudi Linked Aussie
    'Lashkar' Imams Spent Night at My Home after Riots, Says UP Headmaster
    New Age Islam News Bureau


    Pakistani paintings vandalised in India on display


    Sex Scandal Just Latest Misadventure for Kyrgyz Muftis

    Sweden Democrat slammed for 'Muslim rape' jab


    Saudi-linked Aussie 'Sheikh' Junaid Thorne encourages jihadists


    Adviser to PM says: US fighting ‘wrong war’ against ‘wrong people’

    Clash in South Waziristan kills three soldiers, 10 militants

    Countering terrorism: Al Qaeda core diminished, ‘but threat remains’

    Arab World

    Bomb near Syrian school kills 18 women, kids in regime-held Hama

    Iraq: 12 dead in blast at army recruiting centre

    Iraq: 'Abuse by all sides' in Anbar province says HRW

    South Asia

    BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia hints severing Jamaat-e-Islami ties

    Southeast Asia

    More New Pupils in Brunei's Religious Schools

    Behind Giving of Alms Lurks Fear of Abuse

    North America

    CAIR Asks Congress to Help End Persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Burma

    US Muslim scholar: ‘Allah’ ban a tragic mistake


    Islamic symbolism lying encoded in Turkey's largest mosque


    A year after Mali action, France remains ‘Africa’s gendarme’

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    …. jihadists in most places, including Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, are conducting most of their fighting against fellow Muslims. Indeed, over the past decade, jihadists have killed far more Muslims in terrorist and insurgent attacks than they have non-Muslims. This fact, along with the manner in which jihadists have governed areas under their control in places such as Yemen, Mali, Somalia and Syria, has been working to undermine the jihadist ideology and to show Muslims that jihadist rule will not produce paradise on earth…..

    Islam and Pluralism

    Education for Peace, an initiative of the New Age Islam Foundation organised the first session of the three-day workshop titled “Angels of Peace Pilot Project” on January 3, 2014 on the theme: Islam is Religion of Peace and Pluralism. It was aimed at bringing students from different madrasas into interaction with each other and learn from Islamic scholars about Islam's inclusivist, pluralist message, encouraging co-existence among all communities as well as the value of modern, secular education. ... The prime concern of the workshop was raising awareness among madrasa students about Islam’s teachings of global peace, religious harmony, inclusiveness, tolerance, Prophet Muhammad’s dealings with non-Muslims and importance of modern, secular education along with religious education. ...

    These students imbued with Islamic teachings of inclusiveness, pluralism and now understanding the value of secular education in Islam this week will now have a face-off next week with mostly non-Muslim students from government schools. These face-off sessions between several small groups of madrasa and non-madrasa students will be monitored by senior students and scholars who are well-versed in Islamic teachings of inclusiveness and the value of secular education in Islam. The basic idea is to encourage pluralist thoughts and understanding of Islam's inclusivist message of harmonious co-existence among madrasa students as well as provide a practical opportunity of practicing pluralism with students from different backgrounds.  Most students living in madrasa hostels and even Muslim ghettos are deprived of practical opportunities of interacting with students from different backgrounds and talking to them openly and frankly about concerns of their identity and role in a secular, multicultural, multi-religious society. They will be doing this in the Education for Peace premises in a monitored environment in the next weeks, but hopefully benefit from this experience in their life…..

    Islam, Women and Feminism
    Iran Fatwa Bans Online Chatting Between Unrelated Men and Women
    Muslim woman who broke France veil law
    Iran Fatwa Bans Online Chatting Between Unrelated Men and Women
    New Age Islam News Bureau

    Saudi Men Blame Women's Make-Up for Molestation Cases - Survey

    Twice Widowed To Extremists, a Mother-Of-Five Puts Her Faith in God

    Frenchwoman Fined After Muslim Veil Prompted Riots

    Forced Conversion of Hindu Girls on the Rise: Pak Hindu Council

    Schemes Launched To Empower Bajaur, Pakistan Tribal Women

    Muslim Throws Acid on Step-Daughters for Refusing an Arranged Marriage

    ‘Child Domestic Workers in Pakistan face Brutal Torture’

    Report: Islamic Centre in Israel Targets Jewish Women for Conversion

    Pakistan: A Pending Matter-Aasia Bibi Case

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Hindi Section

    कुछ धार्मिक और राजनीतिक नेताओं ने उसे शहीद करार दिया है। पाकिस्तान और उससे बाहर मुस्लिम और गैर मुस्लिम शहीद के सही अर्थ की खोज कर रहे हैं। बेशक इस बात पर विचार करने के लिए एक उचित समय है कि हम सार्वजनिक तौर पर क्या बयान देते हैं और हमारे बयानों के क्या परिणाम हो सकते हैं, विशेष रूप से धार्मिक अर्थ में। कुरान की आयतों में इसे और इसके समान शब्दो को कई बार इस्तेमाल किया गया है। सुरे फतह में नबी सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम का परिचय इस तरह पेश किया गया है। '' बेशक हमने आपको (रोज़ क्यामत गवाही देने के लिए अमाल व अहवाल उम्मत का) निरीक्षण फरमाने वाला और खुशखबरी सुनाने वाला और डर सुनाने वाला बना कर भेजा है।'' (48:8)

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Two Women Arrested In Sharjah for Burglaries

    NJ Assembly Expected To Send FGM Ban to Governor

    Victorian Women MPs Pan Abortion 'Death' Claim

    Kohistan 'Honour' Killing: Pakistani Woman Rukhsana Bibi Relives Horror

    Israel’s New Law to Send ‘Revenge Porn’ Uploaders to Jail For Five Years

    Three Pakistani Women Recognised In Forbes '30 Under 30' List

    Rafaat Mughal Awarded OBE in the Queen’s New Years Honours List

    Tunisia Votes for Gender Equality in New Constitution

    India’s Malik Sisters Empower Young Women by Scaling Mount Everest, Shattering Stereotypes

    Perkasa Full Of Rubbish, Says Marina Mahathir On Group’s Criticism of Her

    Rupsina Parvin: First Muslim Women Who Joined Directly In the Post Of Sub-Inspector In WB

    Rohina Malik’s Play Unveiled Addresses Negative Stereotypes about Muslims

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    In Iran, Violence against Women Highest Among Kurds

    Muslim Mothers Should Be Trained In Computing ‘To Help To Spot Radicalisation’

    Violence against Women, Kids: PTI Body to Start Public Move

    Emirati Woman Makes Her Presence Felt

    IIUI Female Hostel Students Facing Victimisation

    Tanzania: Thin Line between Poverty and Teen Pregnancy Should Be Addressed Now

    Nigeria: Esuene Decries Low Percentage of Women in Politics

    Saudi Survey Shows Men Blame Women for Rising Cases Of Molestation

    Rwanda: Gashora Girls Win Top Us Scholarships

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic Ideology

    "Islam is a religion that has never been forced upon. The very idea that a conversion into Islam is one Way Street in which one can never turn from is a much dissipated myth. The Quran prohibits Muslims to force Islam onto an individual. Muslims past and present have largely converted into Islam out of their own free will. ... Again, no authority has been granted to Muslims to specifically kill the apostates of Islam should they mean no harm. Apostates are to be treated fairly as non-Muslims. Compulsion will not make sense in Islam."….

    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    One of the most influential groups in the jihadist movement is al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Jihadist activity in Yemen has been cyclical. Yemen was the location of the first jihadist attacks against U.S. interests in December 1992, and it was the site of one of the first Predator strikes against jihadists in November 2002. The U.S. and Yemeni campaign against jihadists in Yemen was initially considered one of the successes in the "Global War on Terrorism," but a February 2006 jailbreak from a high-security prison outside Sanaa and political chaos in Yemen allowed the jihadist movement there to re-energize…..

    Islamic Sharia Laws
    How Sharia Works?
    Jahanshah Rashidian
    How Sharia Works?
    Jahanshah Rashidian

    Political Islam refers to early Muslim community, Umma, life under the Prophet Muhammad’s leadership in Medina as the model for Sharia, what of course can inevitably lead to the same totalitarian reign of Muhammad: for example the extremely backward and brutal Taliban, Islamic regime in Iran, al Bashir’s Islamic regime in Sudan… follow Sharia, institutionalizing a set of criteria, mostly penal codes, derived from or inspired by those of 14-century-old clan society of Arabia.  ….

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    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Why have Fatwas against Islamist Terrorism failed as A Counter-Terrorism Tool, Explains Sultan Shahin in a Conference in Birmingham, And Suggests the Kind of Fatwa Required

    Numerous fatwas (edicts) have been issued by ulema (Islamic scholars) across the globe, particularly since 9/11 in a bid to stem the tide of Islamist terrorism. Tens of thousands of ulema have endorsed these fatwas issued by influential institutions of Islamic learning of all sects in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as other parts of the world. When issued, these fatwas inspired great expectations. As perceptive and insightful an observer as Mr. Ziauddin Sardar proclaimed “the beginning of the end of the war of terror” when a hundred thousand Deobandi ulema endorsed a fatwa issued by the hundred-year-old Islamic madrasa in Deoband, India, “unequivocally denouncing terrorism,” in June 2008. Similarly, Sufism-oriented Barailwis, hard-line Salafis, Ahl-e-Hadeesis, have all denounced Islamist terrorism in their separate or joint statements. But terrorist ideology continues to attract our youth, particularly in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. What used to be merely a Pakistan-sponsored secessionist struggle is showing signs of tuning into an Islamist struggle for the establishment of Islamic Sharia through a universal Caliphate, very much redolent of the objectives of the so-called Islamic State or ISIS.  Popularizing the slogan of “Shariatya Shahadat,” a militant leader Zakir Musa, Burhan Wani’s successor, even threatened to kill Hurriyat leaders for calling Kashmir’s separatist movement political and not religious. Calling them “hypocrites, infidels, followers of evil”, the militant had warned to chop off their heads to be hanged in Lal Chowk in Srinagar, “if they create hurdles in the path of making Kashmir an Islamic State”....

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