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Interview (01 Nov 2016 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Difference between Dawah Work and Social Work

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

01 November 2016

Q: What is the difference between Dawah work and social work? Did the prophets engage in social work along with Dawah work?

A: In terms of serving humanity, social work is a good thing. But social work is not the real mission of the Muslim Ummah. Social work seeks to save people from worldly problems, while the aim of the prophets was to save people from the difficulties of the Hereafter.

In this regard, reflect on this verse of the Quran (40:15):

Exalted and throned on high, He lets the Spirit descend at His behest upon whichever of His servants He will, so that he may warn of the Day of Meeting,

There are numerous other verses in the Quran on this same subject. After taking them into account, no doubt remains that the real aim of the Muslim Ummah is Dawah, to call people to God, or to convey that guidance to people that God has revealed for them (5:67).

A basic difference between the two kinds of work—Dawah work and social work—is that in Dawah work, the Dai develops a close relationship with God. While engaged in his work, he remembers God often. He prays to God. He seeks guidance from God. In contrast to this, in social work, the enthusiasm is for bonding with people. The entire focus is directed on people.

If Dawah leads to God-oriented thinking, social work leads to human-oriented or people-oriented thinking. If in Dawah work one is blessed with the company of angels, in social work human beings become the sole focus. Those who are engaged in Dawah work talk about Heaven and Hell, while those who are engaged in social work talk constantly about issues related to people. If quality is of importance in Dawah work, quantity is of importance in social work.

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  • Hats off
    This Dawah nowadays is just had remain among the Muslim circles, people who hate other faith and verbally abuse and make fun like Jakir Naik who is going to accept their Dawah?

    I had been many time with Tablig Jammt, the only people who are spinning around them are Muslims, very little people are of other faith are there, and this so called tabligi, many of them will make horrible look at you and the Muslim friend who have taken you with God faith will give you lots of explanation to make you comfortable.

    So do not worry of their Dawah of Muslim hatts off. If you want to experience go and experience it's I bet you your experience will not be different than mine.
    Dawah of Cristian missonires are working More, they do in God faith, whatever their motives are behind but they come with full love and will give full love even if you are not going to accept their relgion, it's not like Muslims their all goodness go away if you are in not agreement with them.

    Buddisim is working without Dawah scheme, the original Dawah of love, compassion and peace of Buddha is still dragging many in the world, especially in western world.

    Their no need to worry about Muslim Dawah. The only petty thing they do in they get married to women of non-Muslim and get converted, especially in India or if not women than kids of the combo will be Muslims, like Sultan Shain kids.

    By Aayina - 11/2/2016 2:05:40 AM

  • can a buddhist engage in dawah for his religion in any muslim majority country? or can atheists call muslims to atheism just like the muslims are allowed to call everyone to islam?

    dawah and proselytization are the most egregious forms of cultural violence through which entire cultures are wiped out.

    the basis of dawah is in the dangerous concept of jahiliyya. uness we denigrate and demonize the pre-islamic people, we cannot paint islam in glowing color.

    the proof is what happens to evangelic christian priests in dearborn, in pakistan, in kashmir, in iran, in saudi arabia, or in indonesia.

    islamic dawah is a one way street. dawah to the kaffir is fine, but no kaffir may invite muslims to their faith. islam has always been about supremacism. 

    supremacism is based on contempt and hatred for other religions and their practitioners.

    in turn this contempt is based on a concept of monopoly of truth. monopoly is an ugly hideous term.

    while the christians have lost their mania for conversion, muslims are yet to understand the beauty of 'live and let live'.

    according to shariah, resistance to dawah is a legitimate cause for the caliph to declare a jihad against those who resist dawah. check out any islamic scholar. from any of the four schools.

    By hats off! - 11/1/2016 8:22:43 PM

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