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Muslims Must Share the Blame for Their Present Situation in India


By Syeda Hameed

Dec 28, 2017

The government’s decision to introduce the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill in the Lok Sabha today poses a challenge to the Muslim community. As an example of its disregard for the community most affected, the minister of state for law and justice has said that in framing this law, no Muslim groups had been consulted.

The Quranic provision on Talaq is clear. In Islam, there is no concept of reincarnation. To enjoy the gift of this life, the provision of graceful separation is provided in case marriage becomes intolerable for either party. Hence the concept of Talaq and Khula. The man is given a way out through the provision of Talaq and the woman through the right of Khula. The balance is perfect and explained with precision in the Koran. My mentor Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who has translated and written the best explication of the Koran stressed the fact that its injunctions are simple. He deplored the self-appointed custodians of Islam who have created huge complications for Muslims.

In pre-Islamic Arabia, when the Quran was revealed 1,437 years ago, girl children were buried at birth. In these circumstances, came a man who revealed Allah’s word that women were equal to men in every way. That they were free agents with rights in marriage, divorce, property and income. In a society where men contracted scores of marriages the Koran said ‘enough’. No more than four but added a next sentence for men. ‘Since you are generally incapable of dispensing equal justice to four, one is enough.’

When I wrote the first ever report on status of Muslim women in India, I was a member of the National Commission for Women. That was in 2000, when no one could have imagined the way that the political tide would turn rightward. But when I wrote the report there was a sixth sense which made me warn the Maulanas and Alims. I wrote that unless they direct the community in their public preaching to practise Islam in the light of the basic tenets of the Quran and abjure the abhorrent practices of triple Talaq and multiple marriages, they will live to regret it. A time may come when the government of the day will weigh in.

So now we have a proposed law which criminalises triple Talaq as a cognisable non-bailable offence with a three- year jail term and a fine. Women’s groups who had joined hands with aggrieved women like Shayara Bano are today pulling in different directions. ‘Too harsh a punishment’ says one group ‘because it gives a free hand to the police to terrorise Muslim youth and throw them in jail leaving the broken family to fend for itself’. ‘Harsh punishment is most important as a deterrent’, says the other group ‘because it will stop Muslim men from keeping their wives under the swords of Damocles. One suggestion being made is to treat triple Talaq as violence against women and bring it under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence (PWDV) Act. Both ways, the woman remains a victim and not an arbiter of her fate as she was intended by Quranic injunction.

For the situation in which Muslims find themselves, they have only themselves to blame. We can prevent future damage by reverting to spirit of Islam and not distort it through biased interpretations.

Source: hindustantimes.com/opinion/muslims-must-share-the-blame-for-their-present-situation-in-india/story-hG9KjvEOjjLS3rlsQ8XTBI.html

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/islam-and-politics/syeda-hameed/muslims-must-share-the-blame-for-their-present-situation-in-india/d/113730


  • iSLAM is a euphemism for /arab imperialism.Islam should cast off its arabian tinge over it.Unless it is done, Islam would cease to be religion .Islam must promote spirituality. Swami Vivekananda said " The aim of Hinduism/ religious practice is to make all human being as Brahmins- noble men.Noble man need not be a Hindu/Muslim/christian.

    By dr.A.Anburaj - 1/3/2018 7:09:58 AM

  • Mr Mohmmad Yunus
    I try to read your, it was hard to understand that either you are stand of criminalised or not.
    Indian government, I would count BJP and opposition has  passed with overwhelmed majority.
    I say it should not be criminalised activity, it is social injustice done by man, so it should be Charged under Civl law.

    If you want to finish revenge culture than it should not be criminalised, first it was Muslim women was suffering now Muslim man will be.

    The world might be using less sword to take revenge, but in last century is also doing civilised revenge, which is like economic, education or not giving rights to minority(((for  minority mean people who are less campare to others))).

    Look at the south-Africa, reverse Aparted is happening and world is silence about, it is the biggest migration of white population back to Europe and western countries which is going on silently, world did help Native African for reverse Aparted.

    Revenge is the Trible behaviour, one after another.

    If Muslim intellectualia is supporting tripal-talaq as criminalised activity than it is mistake.

    This will give rise to new underground Behaviours.

    By Aayina - 12/31/2017 3:24:42 PM

  • As an advocate of criminalizing triple instant talaq, I would like to quote from my article referenced below justifying this measure: A housewife from a lower income family in India (almost 50% of its married women) “may have no place to go and at best be an unwelcome guest in the house of any of her next of kin or relative. She will have no money with her in most cases as married Muslim women of lower middle class and below are normally housewives. So for practically every necessity of life, she has to depend on others. And the ‘others’ can help her only for a very limited time. Besides, as a divorced woman, she also bears stigma and is vulnerable to lustful desires of the musclemen in her locality. Any attempt to capture the agony and trauma of such a women is beyond the capacity of this writer. The only parallel that comes to his mind is that of a woman whose home is blown up before her eyes, with her husband and children and all belongings and dreams inside at an instant notice – for an instantly divorced woman loses not only her husband but also her children and all her belongings and dreams. In other words, an instantly divorced woman of lower middle income group suffers no less agony and trauma than the victim of a terror attack. Thus instant triple tallaq can be paralleled with Gender Terrorism and those who insist on retaining it in the Indian Muslim Personal Law, fraudulently and shamelessly tracing it to the Qur’an must be oppressively misogynist or Gender Terrorist. Hence, the AIMPLB may be regarded as a Gender Terrorist outfit and may be sued for attempting to institutionalize gross human (women’s) rights violations under cover of religion. AIMPLB Advocates of instant Triple tallaq are Gender Terrorists and Traitors of Islam and may be sued for human rights violation under cover of religion. http://www.newageislam.com/islam,-women-and-feminism/muhammad-yunus,-new-age-islam/advocates-of-instant-triple-talaq-are-gender-terrorists-and-traitors-of-islam-and-may-be-sued-for-human-rights-violation-under-cover-of-religion/d/110871 In a subsequent article the following argument was tabled to criminalize triple talaq rather than retain it in the nikahnama as a prohibitive clause: "No Muslim man will protect himself against any potentially adulterous or homicidal behavior of his would-be wife by incorporating clauses in the Nikahnama that his wife will not commit adultery or kill her baby child as many women did in Pre-Islamic Arabia (60:12). Since they are expressly forbidden by the Qur’an and entail gross human rights violations they are legislatively criminalized. …The same should apply for instant triple talaq. It is expressly forbidden by the Qur’an (58:2, 2:228/2:229), causes grave human rights violations and is enduringly devastating and traumatic to its victim. The spelling out of this most oppressive and deeply misogynistic pre-Islamic custom in the Nikahnama will purport to imply imposing some limitations on the prerogatives of the male spouse, who may in practical terms, violate the contract and take recourse to this practice, which is nothing short of gender terrorism as expounded in one of my previous articles [1]. In other words, instant triple divorce must be declared constitutionally invalid and culpable in the eye of Law, and not included in Nikahanama as a condition of prenuptial contract. Triple Talaq must be invalidated constitutionally and criminalized – inclusion of prohibitive clause in Nikahnama could allow its perpetuation by defaulters. A submission to the Judicial Bench of Supreme Court adjudicating Triple Talaq Petition http://www.newageislam.com/islam,-women-and-feminism/muhammad-yunus,-new-age-islam/triple-talaq-must-be-invalidated-constitutionally-and-criminalized-–-inclusion-of-prohibitive-clause-in-nikahnama-could-allow-its-perpetuation-by-defaulters/d/111139
    By muhammad yunus - 12/30/2017 2:20:19 AM

  • The obstruction of the mullah - the front-line soldiers of orthodox Islam to any progress of Islamic civilization predates the khilafate Osmania by at least half a millennium and can be traced back to the early centuries of Islam as captured in my article referenced below in these words:  

    As any educated Muslim should know, the first four centuries of Islam saw an effervescence of intellectual activity. This was marked by rationalism, universalism, and a spirit of enterprise that knew no geographical or religious boundary. The orthodox theologians had remained suspect of the rationalist school who advocated use of reason, universalism and material progress of civilization based on the liberating and dynamic paradigms of the Qur’an. Following a protracted doctrinal battle with the rationalist school, the orthodoxy emerged the sole custodians of faith. This happened by the close of the fourth century of Islam (10th/11th century CE). They abolished rationalism and critical thinking (ijtihad) and use of reason (‘aql), canonized the Hadith as a form of divine revelation (wahi), reduced the juristic notion of taqlid (Precedence) to blind conformity with whatever had already been learnt during the Prophet’s time and in the first three generations of Muslims (salaf), and declared the consensus of the ‘ulama (ijma) infallible. This brought intellectual activity in Islam to a virtual halt, and, with time, resulted in stagnancy of knowledge, abhorrence against any scientific advancement, and division of universal knowledge into Islamic and European categories. Thus, in the post Renaissance era, the Muslims, at the behest of the orthodoxy, persistently refused to acquire the so-called ‘European’ knowledge, and watched the phenomenal advancement of science and technology in Europe with silent skepticism. In fact, the hostility of the orthodox ‘ulamaagainst the so-called European knowledge led them to, among other things, burn down an observatory in Turkey in 1580 - just a year after its erection, and close down the first printing press in the Islamic world in the same city in 1745 [1]. Shunning intellectual dynamism, the orthodoxy reduced the horizon of Islamic scholarship to static and speculative fields, notably, theology, literature, poetry, dialectics, historiography, eschatology, mysticism, philosophy and mannerism, and also traced detailed biographies of pious people in the transmission chain of the Hadith corpus. This took Islamic scholarship in each era to its preceding era stretching back to the ‘ideal’ era of the Prophet and the early Caliphs (salaf), thus exerting a throwback influence which did not admit of any forward march." 

    By muhammad yunus - 12/30/2017 1:31:16 AM

  • The Muqallid Mullah's cannot change. Why expect any change to come from these zombies? Change can come only from educating the masses. The Internet will bring about such change. The printing press was the bugbear of the Muallah in the past only because it spread knowledge to the masses and for the same reason, the Internet has become their bugbear today.
    By Naseer Ahmed - 12/29/2017 11:59:38 PM

  • Tyranny of the Mullah. Had they accepted the universally accepted Islamic position in all Muslim countries of three or more talaqs pronounced in one sitting would amount to only one, this situation would not have arisen. 
    I would like to repeat here what I said in the context of a Deoband fatwa opposing Muslims celebrating Christmas.
    Muslims should make it a point to celebrate Christmas, Deepawali and other festivals celebrated by fellow citizens. This is the only reply to the irrational, stupid and bigoted fatwas coming from Darl Uloom Deoband at various times. Deoband has an exclusivist agenda. Its Ulema want Muslims to be totally isolated and live the life of pariahs. 
    Remember, we Muslims  in India are backward in Education today  largely because of Deoband's Boko Haramish fatwas which said English education is  Haram.  They gave over fifty fatwas against  Sir Syed (ra) declaring him as murtad and as kafir because he was trying to improve the situation of Muslims. 
    Ulema's one point agenda is to keep Muslims backward and isolated from the rest of society. Their  tyrannical hold over the Muslim community cannot continue  if Muslims become educated and develop intimate relationships with other communities including ahle kitab.  
    And this is not only the case with Deoband.  
    Remember, ulema in Khilafat Osmania did not allow the government to import printing press from Europe for three to four centuries, calling it an implement of the Devil. Muslims cannot live peacefully and prosper in the comity of nations and other religious communities, unless they manage to liberate themselves from the tyranny of the Mullahs."

    By Sultan Shahin - 12/29/2017 6:05:55 AM

  • "For the situation in which Muslims find themselves, they have only themselves to blame. We can prevent future damage by reverting to spirit of Islam and not distort it through biased interpretations."

    I agree.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 12/28/2017 11:53:20 PM

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