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Islam and Science (19 May 2017 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Science and Quran on Life Creation

By Dr Ghayur Ayub

May 19, 2017

A well-known British naturalist Sir David Attenborough gives an interesting narration of life on earth. He says that if we consider the duration of the earth as one year, the life appeared in the middle of August in the sea. Towards the end of November, the first animal left the water and colonized the land. The backbone animals invaded the land by the beginning of December. On December 25th dinosaurs disappeared and were replaced by mammals. In early morning of December 31st, apes and ape-like man called hominids appeared. And human or homo sapiens appeared about a minute or two before the end of December.

Now let us see what the Quran say about creation of life on earth and find out if there are any similarities or dissimilarities between the two narrations. To start with, it challenges our intelligence about our existence in pre-life form when it says, “Do not man remember that We created him before, while he was naught (nothing, non-existent)?” (19:67). T his verse clearly points at existence in non-life form. What was that non-life form? Quran puts it in chronological order by saying: (1) “He created you of dust,” (30:20) corresponding to the initial phase of earth when its atmosphere was filled only with dust. (2) “We created man from sounding (noisy) clay,” (15:26).

It corresponds to the phase when the dust turned into dry clay, floating in the air with thundering sound. (3) In the next phase, when the torrential rains poured down the clay, settling it on the surface of earth Quran says, “Allah is He who perfected everything and began the creation of man out of clay” (32:7). This verse points to two things: (a) First, it is using the word clay instead of sounding clay, meaning by, it is not floating but static at a different stage of evolution; (b) Second, to confirm its point, Quran uses the word ‘began’ or ‘Bada’a’ for creation of man after God perfected everything else. It means that human creation happened as part of a continuous process in time, that had a beginning and not just at once.

(4) In the next phase, as some of the clay settled in the sea and became sticky in nature in the primordial soup, Quran says, “Indeed, We created man from sticky clay”. (37:11), or “We created the human being from stinking, smooth, (and wet) clay.” (15:26) (5) In the next phase, as fat-which is sweet and palatable, and sulphate-which is salty and bitter, made an impermeable membrane, Quran says, “It is He who has let free the two bodies of flowing water, one palatable and sweet and other salty and bitter. Yet He has made a barrier between them. A partition (membrane) that is forbidden to be crossed”.(25:53). Here, Quran uses the term ‘non-transgressing barrier’ for impermeable membrane.

(6) In the next phase, Quran talks of appearance of life in general, “..with water did We create every living thing…(21:30). Then it becomes specific, linking the impermeable membrane or ‘non-transgressing barrier’ with corals. “He has let free the two bodies of flowing water meeting together between them is a Barrier, which they do not transgress. In the same verse it further says….Pearls and corals come forth out of the twain.” Scientists, in recent decades, have discovered that coral belongs to the animal kingdom and is intimately linked to algae which is a plant. In this verse, Quran has created a close link between plant and animal life.

(7) Then, in a progressive continuity, it talks about animals by saying, “Allah has created every animal out of water.” (24:45). Later, it categorises them and takes them out of the sea and puts them on land by saying, “Of them (is a category which) walks upon its belly, (another which) walks upon two legs, and (a third which) walks upon four. Allah creates what He wills. Allah is Able to do everything (He wants)”

(8) Going further, it talks about human life by saying “He it is Who has created man of water.”(25:54). Then, ingeniously it links human life with plant life as earlier it linked plant life with animal life by saying, “And Allah has caused you to grow out of the earth like plants” (32:7). In this way, it created a chronological mosaic of three basic forms of life-plant, animal, human-1500 years ago, discovered by science in the last few decades. Thus far, we have seen Quran has talked about pre-life existence in mineral form such as dust, dry clay, wet clay etc. Then, it cited creation of non-transgressing barrier or membrane linking it with the beginning of life. Going further, it linked life in a mosaic of plants, animals and humans. Who says Islam, which gets nourishment from Quran, is on collision course with science?

Source: pakobserver.net/science-quran-life-creation/

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/islam-and-science/dr-ghayur-ayub/science-and-quran-on-life-creation/d/111208


  • Hatts of is not atleast not munafik, like those Muslims commentators who wasn't to ride on two boats, which twist all meaning that is practised and lived by Quran. 
    People had experienced the Benifites of Quran, by the  behaviour of  Musalman-Iman(muslman)! Especially Hindus in India can give very good opinion.

    By Aayina - 5/26/2017 10:32:43 PM

  • There may be different takes from the same verses, but Hats Off has only one take and  that is to badmouth and smear Islam in every way that he can. That is his sole dastardly purpose in being in this forum.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 5/25/2017 10:42:14 AM

  • the Holy Qur'an is a clear book. so clear that everyone disagrees with everyone else.
    any two muslims will have three opinions about one book. that is how clear it is. and how clear they are.

    By hats off! - 5/25/2017 2:19:16 AM

  • Dear Gholam Muhiuddin Sahab,
    You hit right at the nail.
    The Qur'an never claimed to be a book of scientific knowledge or to incorporate all branches of knowledge. As noted in my jt. exegetic publication, Essential Message of Islam,

    "The Qur’an is alive with reflections on the beauty and harmony of nature and on its relationship with life as part of its ontological debate. These reflections are in the form of statements, which capture the laws of the cosmos in expansive open ways that captivate and beguile us by their beauty, majesty and accuracy. Thus, for example, the following Qur’anic observations are picturesque and imaginative, and at the same time clearly indicative of the axial and the orbital rotations of heavenly bodies that science discovered many centuries later.

    ·         Merging (yulij) of the night into the day and vice versa (31:29).[1]

    ·         Overlapping (yukawwir) of the night into the day and vice versa (39:5).

    ·         The incapability of the night to outstrip (sabiq) the  day, and all (the heavenly bodies) floating in an orbit (falak) (21:33). [2]

    ·         Drawing of the night (as a veil) (yughshi) over the day, which it pursues ceaselessly (7:54).

    ·         The sun and the moon being constant (dai’bayn) in their courses (14:33).

    By muhammd yunus - 5/25/2017 1:11:04 AM

  • All the elements are found in the earth and that is also what man is made out of according to the Quran.

    What better way to put it across to a people in the seventh century?

    So it is not just water as Thales claimed but the other elements found in the earth too.

    What Thales seems to think is that all matter comes from water which is incorrect.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 5/25/2017 12:33:53 AM

  • Hats Offs points are the kind of points a high school student would make. For the grown-ups, scriptures are not books of science. Scriptures cite some phenomena to sing the glory of God.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 5/24/2017 9:41:37 PM

  • thales of miletus claimed that everything is made out of water. everything probably includes man. he lived during the 6th century bc.

    by the way man (or any life form on the earth) contains many of the elements of the periodic table. it would be only a very stupid man (or woman for that matter) that can foolishly claim that man is "made" of water. what about iodine? magnesium? potassium?

    it is painful to see grown men assert these as "facts".

    as for the 19 miracle, the internet is flooded with articles and videos that completely expose the hoax. anyone with an internet connection can easily convince himself.

    as for the other miracles, such miracles are claimed by hindus for the vedas, by christians for the bible.

    so more or less they cancel out. all of them are wrong.

    there is not a single scientific "fact" that is correctly given in the Holy Qur'an. all of them are created by imaginative believers with a very poor understanding of science and history but a very strong belief that their holy books knows everything.

    By hats off! - 5/24/2017 7:20:39 PM

  • Now Hats Off attacks the Quran! He is as literalistic a reader of the Quran as any mullah, the only difference being his sick and sickening hatred of Islam and Muslims. 

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 5/24/2017 8:36:58 AM

  • Dear hats off!
    The following is on the numerical miracle of the Qur'an included in my jt. work - you are free to dismiss it though if you know Arabic letters you can also verify it:

    The Qur’an’s clue to its mysterious character   

    One of the earliest verses of the Qur’an (74:30) refers to the overlooking of hellfire by nineteen angels. The passage is allegorical, but the subsequent verse (74:31) has some clear stipulations that are worth pondering:

    “Over it are nineteen (angels) (74:30), and We have made none but the angels the wardens of hellfire; and We have not set their number (at 19), except as a trial for those who deny (this revelation) - so as to convince those who were given the Book, and to strengthen the faith of those who believe; so that those who were given the Book and who have faith (in One God) may not be in doubt, and that those with sickness in their hearts, and the disbelievers may say: ‘What does God mean by this example?’ God leaves straying anyone He wills and guides anyone He wills...” (74:31).

    If we ponder over the number 19, as the verse (74:31) apparently invites us to, we find some easily verifiable clues that point to a mysterious bearing of this odd prime number in the formatting and composition of the Qur’anic text. Thus for example:

    • The Qur’an’s opening benediction, Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim [In the name of God, the Benevolent, the Merciful] has 19 letters.
    • The Qur’an has 114 chapters (Suras) - the number is a multiple of 19.   
    • The Qur’an’s first revealed passage (96:1-5/Ch. 1.2) contains 19 words, 76 or 19X4 letters, and is located in the chapter (96) - which stands 19th from the end (counting 114 as 1, 113 as 2…) and contains 19 verses, and 304 or 19X16 letters.
    • The number of Qafs in the 50th chapter, Surah Qaf, which begins with the letter Qaf as a Qur’anic Initial (maqta)*, is 57, or 19X3.

    *[muqattat, (pl. form of maqta) are letters of unknown meaning which appear at the beginning of some of the Qur’anic chapters, as Qur’anic Initials.]

    • The number of Qafs in the 42nd chapter, Surah al-Shura, which is the only other chapter beginning with a Qur’anic Initial containing a Qaf (42:2), is 57, or 19X3.
    • The 42nd and 50th Qur’anic chapters having a Qaf in the Initial have 53 and 45 verses respectively, and the sum of the chapter as well as verse number in each case (42+53, 50+45) is 95, or 19X5.
    • 14 Arabic letters appear in 14 different combinations in 29 chapters as Qur’anic Initials, and the sum of these numbers is 57 (14+14+29), or 19X3.
    • Though the 9th Qur’anic chapter (Surah al-Tawbah) does not begin with Bismillah…, there is an extra Bismillah…in the text of Chapter 27, giving a total of 114, or 19X6 Bismillahs…in the Qur’an.
    • The 27th chapter (which has an extra Bismillah…) counts 19th from the 9th chapter, which does not begin with a Bismillah…  
    • The number of Qafs in the first 19 verses of the first Qur’anic chapter having at least 19 verses (Surah al-Baqarah, 2) is 19.

    Given the innate incapability of human mind to comprehend a sentence or a passage with a predetermined arithmetical order to have a mathematical consistency of a completed work, it is just not possible to have the cited 15 easily verifiable examples as a mere coincidence.14

    By muhammd yunus - 5/24/2017 8:34:59 AM

  • Dear hats off!
    Qur'anic references to some of the intricate phenomenon of nature that have only been understood in recent times is summarily captured in my jt exegetic publication as follows - think whatever suites you:

    Mysteries of nature that have come to light only in recent times

    The Qur’an also makes fleeting references to diverse mysterious phenomena that have come to light only in recent times with modern scientific advancement in different fields. Such verses are therefore highly technical in nature, and sound scientific knowledge will be required to grasp the essence of these verses, as briefly listed below.

    ·         Relativity of time: a ‘day’ in space may be as long as 1000 years 8 or 50,000 years.9

    ·         Reduction in oxygen content of air at higher altitudes.10

    ·         Three layers of tissues enclosing the embryo in a woman’s womb.11

    ·         Embryonic growth in a woman’s uterus with progress of pregnancy.12

    ·         Individual finger prints of humans.13

    ·         Role of wind in carrying pollens for certain plants.14

    ·         The ‘barrier’ between sweet water, and saline water.15

    ·         Creation of the universe from a single mass,16 and the evolution of all living things from water.17

    ·         The universe is expanding.18

    ·         Man’s potential to explore space and ocean beds. 19

    ·         Human pain receptors are located on the skin.20

    ·         The frontal lobes of the brain are responsible for lying and sins.21

    ·         Graduated layers of darkness in ocean depths, resulting in such intense darkness deep down the ocean that one can’t see one’s own hand.22

    ·         Participation of only female bees in the building of the hive.23

    ·         The existence of communities among all animals and living creatures.24

    Preservation of the Pharaoh’s dead body with the parting of river Nile,25 though until the archaeological discovery of mummies in late 19th century, the Pharaoh was known to have died and perished.26

    Chapter 4.8, Essential Message of Islam



    By muhammd yunus - 5/24/2017 8:24:56 AM

  • The Quran is anything but ambiguous. It is Kitabum Mubeen or the Book that is lucid and crystal clear. Those who cannot understand will try to interpret. It does not require interpretation. It requires to be understood. Understanding is however difficult when what you read goes against your state of "knowledge". What would any 7th century man make of “He it is Who has created man of water.”(25:54)? Can anyone point out another source of the same or earlier period which says the same thing?

    Quite significantly, the Quran does not support the all pervasive belief of a "soul" and yet translators and interpreters have managed to shove that concept in because this was widely accepted as self-evident "truth".

    By Naseer Ahmed - 5/24/2017 7:16:27 AM

  • all the scientific and numerological miracles of the Holy Qur'an have been completely debunked.

    it contains a re-hash of all the then current fables, legends, heresies and of course parts from jewish and christian tradition.

    ancient texts are ambiguous and capable of different interpretations. as and when scientific processes are discovered, bigoted believers, pseudo-scientists and religious extremists all scramble to "re-interpret" holy texts in line with science.

    as long as creationism was current the Holy Qur'an miraculously contained everything about it. now after darwin, the same Holy Qur'an suddenly is carrying the theory of evolution. as long as the geocentric thinking prevailed, the Holy Qur'an was interpreted in line with it. as soon as the heliocentric model was accepted, the Holy Quran somehow miraculously is found to be in line with it.

    but the middle-easter islamic scholars are not dishonest like the pseudo-scientists are. they still vouch by creationism and geocenticism and flat earth.

    religious belief and intellectual dishonesty go hand in hand.

    By hats off! - 5/24/2017 6:12:46 AM

  • As is his wont, Hats Off again picks the worst of Muslim scientist to pour his bile on. He should read what the BJP/RSS scientists have been claiming for ancient Indian science! And the tall claims of Soviet scientists during the Stalinist era are still fresh in our minds.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 5/23/2017 10:53:46 AM

  • What Hats Off says is truer about the Islamophobes.
    The Quran contains amazingly accurate knowledge about the world described using the limited vocabulary of the 7th century.
    It contains notions of instinct as genetic memory, conception because of mingling of the fluids containing the seed from both the man and the woman as against the 7th century notion that the seed came only from the father etc. Scientists discovered the dynamics of human fertilization only in the nineteenth century which is why the translators and commentators struggled to translate the verses 86:6,7 correctly. Notions of instinct as genetic memory also emerged only in the 19th century but explicitly contained in verse 7:172. Translators and commentators have similarly struggled with the translation of 7:172 and concocted the myth of Alam-e-Arwah.
    By Naseer Ahmed - 5/22/2017 11:57:30 PM

  • islam enslaves the mind so thoroughly and clouds judgment so completely that it creates scientists like this doctor who can get the Holy Qur'an to say whatever he wants, just as the prophet managed to do.

    conversion to islam entails the complete loss of tradition, culture and reason. it means adopting arabic illiteracy, bedouin dogma and idol breaking frenzy.

    no wonder pakistan produces scientists that want to create energy out of jinns.

    By hats off! - 5/22/2017 7:05:50 PM

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