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‘Gay Rights’ Versus The ‘Human Rights Of Gays’ – A Fresh Insight Into The Broader Message Of The Qur’an


By Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

Co-author (Jointly with Ashfaque Ullah Syed), Essential Message of Islam, Amana Publications, USA, 2009

-           This is in response to Roy Brown’s article: OIC Should See the Difference between Promoting Homosexuality and Fighting for the Human Rights of Gay People.


 As a first premise, the Qur’anic message admits of diversity in faith and worldviews as long as the diverse communities of the world vie with each other in good deeds – that is they do not indulge in activities that can directly or indirectly bring physical harm to other people. This principle is enshrined in its key verses on the divine criteria of judgment for all humanity regardless of faith (2:62, 2:112, 4:124, 5:69, 64:9, 65:11) and clearly stated in a key declaration (5:48) dating from its conclusive legislative phase:

“Those who believe, and those who are Jews, Christians and Sabians - and (in fact) anyone who believes in God and the Last Day, and does good deeds - shall have their reward with their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they regret” (2:62).

 “Indeed! Anyone who submits his whole self to God and is a doer of good - will get his reward from his Lord. They have nothing to fear nor will they regret” (2:112).

 “Anyone - be it a man or a woman, who does good deeds, and is a believer in God – it is these that shall enter the Garden and will not be wronged at all” (4:124).

 “Those who believe, and those who are Jews, Sabians and Christians - (in fact) anyone who believes in God and the Last Day, and does good deeds - they have nothing to fear, nor will they regret” (5:69).

“Those who believe, and those who are Jews, and Sabians and Christians and Magians (an ancient polytheistic creed) , and those who associate (others with God) - God will judge between them on the Day of Judgment. Indeed, God is Witness to all things” (22:17).

 “On the day that God assembles you - the Day of Assembly, that is the Day of reckoning; and anyone who believes in God and does good deeds, He will efface his evils from him and admit him into Gardens watered by streams - to live in it forever: that will be a supreme triumph” (64:9).

 “The Messenger conveys to you clear messages from God, so that he may bring forth those who believe and do good deeds from darkness into Light, and anyone who believes in God and does good, He will admit him into Gardens watered by streams; to live in it forever. God has indeed made for him a generous provision” (65:11)

“We have revealed to you this divine Writ (kitab) setting forth the truth, confirming (whatever) remains of the divine writ (sent earlier), and determining what is true in it. Therefore, judge between them by what God has revealed, and do not follow their whims after what has come to you of truth. For each of you We have made a (different) code (shir‘ah), and an open way (of action) (minhaj). If God so pleased, He would have made you (all) into one community. Therefore vie (with each other) in goodness (so that) He may test you by what He has given you. (Remember, you) all will (eventually) return to God, and He will tell you in what you differed” (5:48).

Based on these clear and repetitive enunciations, it follows that the Divine Scheme approves of all those physical acts (‘aml), gestures and articulations that bring good to humanity and disapproves those that bring harm to humans. The Qur’an formulates the different facets of its message accordingly with particular emphasis to correcting the social evils (bad deeds and practices) that were current at the time of the revelation such as slavery, institutionalized adultery (zina), financial exploitation of the poor, embezzlement, bribery, usury, threat to civilians caught in war, oppression and subjugation of women as individuals and in wedlock, distorted notion of justice, inhuman tribal mores, lack of concern for the community and broader humanity etc. However, despite the progress of civilization, human nature has remained in its primitive bestial form as demonstrated by the vices and injustices of this era – rising hatred between the rival civilizations, escalating greed for money, thirst for power and craving for consumption, horrifying acts of terror, communal/ sectarian violence, ethnic cleansing and genocide, widening gap in income and consumption levels, and sadistic disregard for the colossal collateral damages of war and bloodshed, to cite commonplace examples that appear as passing news items. Hence, the Qur’anic message remains of relevance to this day for the broader humanity as much as for the Muslims. With this we explore the captioned issue.  

There can be no denying the fact the Qur’an condemns any public display of homosexual behaviour. The Qur’an’s treatment of the subject centers round the account of the people of the Prophet Lot (15:58-77, 26:160-175, 27:54-58, 29:28-35) that ends with the annihilation of their settlement (15:73/74). But the question that needs to be answered today is, whether in the 21st century, a consensual homosexual relation between two adult unmarried individuals constitutes a ‘bad or evil deed’ – a criminal offence, and whether the offenders need to be punished, or subjected to discrimination and violence - or may be permitted to go about their lives unhurt,

The Qur’an contains one very general but ambiguous statement on the subject followed by a forgiveness clause:  If two of you do it, punish them both. If they repent and reform, then leave them alone for God is Most Relenting and Merciful (16). Repentance with God is for those who do evil in ignorance, and then soon repent. God will relent towards them, for God is All-Knowing and Wise” (4:17). The Qur’an neither defines the ‘it’, nor prescribes any witnessing or punishment protocol, nor says who would initiate a homosexuality charge against the ‘two of them.’  Islamic law prescribes varying terms of imprisonment to death sentence for any public display of homosexuality that the jurists have adduced by paralleling it with adultery, but the basis of such analogy is obviously questionable. Adultery involves deceit, emotional injury and breach of contract to one’s spouse in wedlock, while consensual homosexual relation has no such injurious consequences. Probably, Islamic juristic opinion is informed the Biblical declaration, “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, they both are to be put to death” (20:13, Levictus).  

Advocates of ‘Gay Rights’ hold that “homosexuality is a natural disposition - a “congenital anomaly” and therefore should not be considered a criminal vice; rather it should be treated as a completely normal behaviour. The biological fact is, the awareness of sex sets in much early in life. If homosexuality is regarded as perfectly acceptable behaviour, it will, like any addiction, infest children even at primary school level, who will then boldly carry their addiction through to adulthood creating serious cultural and demographic issues and a breakdown of social order. However, all said, as far as the personal rights of two same sex consenting unmarried adult individuals is concerned, the Qur’an provides no clear basis to punish them if they do chose this way of life. The Qur’an does acknowledge the notion of free will to choosing the right path out of the “two highways shown to him” (90:10) – that is, freedom of choice in doing or not doing a thing as long as the chosen path/ act do not cause physical harm to any individual.

It will therefore follow that there will be no breach of the Qur’anic message in leaving the adult Gay lot to go about their lives unmolested and not to subject them to any violence or discrimination. Those who abhor homosexuality may not befriend a gay colleague, or follow his example but let them not be hostile or discriminatory to the gay and thus honour their personal human rights, without having to approve or emulate their behaviour.

Muhammad Yunus, a Chemical Engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, and a retired corporate executive has been engaged in an in-depth study of the Qur’an since early 90’s, focusing on its core message. He has co-authored the referred exegetic work, which received the approval of al-Azhar al-Sharif, Cairo in 2002, and following restructuring and refinement was endorsed and authenticated by Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl of UCLA, and published by Amana Publications, Maryland, USA, 2009.

URL: http://newageislam.com/islamic-sharia-laws/muhammad-yunus,-new-age-islam/‘gay-rights’-versus-the-‘human-rights-of-gays’-–-a-fresh-insight-into-the-broader-message-of-the-qur’an/d/8643



  • Alsalam Alikum
    There is no such these things in Islam
    Islam hasnt got any rights for gays
    they are on a complete wrong way
    many lies were invented in this article

    By Abdullah - 4/17/2014 12:03:56 PM

  • Dear Afaq Sahab,

    My apologies for reverting to you after a long interval as the question you raised has haunted me as well for decades. I don’t want to write in any detail but suffice it to say that following an investigative visit to an entertainment den by the Shahi mosque, Lahore back in 1968, I had realised that some Muslim pimps were engaged in kidnapping young girls from Pakistan villages and selling them to these places as sex slaves. Their lifelong slavery and their sexual exploitation by  sons, fathers, uncles and grandfather alike in the very heart of Pakistan adjacent to a prominent mosque completely knocked down my spiritual bearing and I opened an atheist’s diary covering such flagrant injustices to and oppression of humanity.

    - Infirmities of God’s creation like congenital blindness, incurable diseases, defective births.....,

    - Acts of man like shooting and killing of the of the Red Indians and Incas, random killing and barbarism of riots, pogroms, ethnic cleansing; tyranny of war upon civilians,

    - Man’s utter helplessness before the forces of nature - sudden outbreak of a natural calamity – cyclones (historically) , earthquake, Tsunami and so forth. ,

    - The terror of beast (historically): a tiger carrying off a child before her horrified mother’s eyes, snakes, scorpions and deadly insects and creatures lurking around the corner.

    - The plight of those waiting and praying for death – the survivors of shipwreck in the middle of an ocean or a deserted island..

    These thoughts assailed me in no order causing immense mental agony. Finally, I reached the following conclusion (extracted from my file) and gave up my atheism:     

    “Despite his prodigious advancement in science and technology, and his phenomenal progress in the recent times, man has continued to suffer unabatedly and increasingly, at the hands of his greatest foe: his fellow-man and his untamed inner self.

    A glimpse into the major tragic historical events of the last millennium will be blood-curdling. A sweeping glance at what happened in the last century - nay the very last decade - amply reveals what horrifying crimes man has been committing upon his fellow men even at the zenith of his civilization - the 20th century and the opening years of the present century. Therefore, to any person, who has any elementary knowledge of history or exposure to media - one thing will stand out loud and clear: despite his stupendous material achievements and immense intellectual, social and cultural advancements, man continues to be dominated, like his primeval counterpart, by his lower inner self. Behind the slick veneer of education and sophistication, his true inner self remains, by and large, selfish, greedy, crude, intolerant, ruthless, savage and sadistic. At a personal level, it promotes arrogance, intolerance, greed and lust for riches and fame; causes breach in trust, goodwill and understanding among people, breaks families on trivial issues, leads to seductive, narcotic, neurotic, egoestic, inhuman, criminal and terroristic tendencies of the present day youth. Exercised collectively, these traits promote sectarian and racial hatred, fuel tyranny and oppression at broader communal and state levels, and precipitate in massacres, genocide, legitimate or unlawful wars, and other horrific crimes against humanity.

    To combat these ingrained traits, man needs some `external aid'. Man has proved himself to be the loftiest in the creation and therefore the only being that can help him in governing and containing his inner self has to be a god: legendary, abstract or transcendent. So, if he doesn't believe in one, he must create one.


    Now, more than four decades later, I answer your question from the perspective of the Qur’an as one credited with a joint exegetic work: 

    An infinitesimal imperfection in the laws underlying God’s creative scheme would have militated against the creation or evolution of anything from an ant or a spider to the extinct gigantic creatures, and from an atom or sub-atomic particle or electromagnetic waves to the supernovas. The universe would have collapsed soon after the big bag or long before this era had the universal constants that science discovered only recently been off by a margin of one in billions / trillions. However, applying the Qur’an’s claim of “creating everything in perfection” to human condition will conflict with the Qur’anic warning that “God will certainly test you (humans) with some fear and hunger, and some loss of possessions and lives and crops” (2:155) and affliction by calamities (2:156). In one word, the rahman and rahim God has not guaranteed any exemption from sufferings to humanity.

    With this I request you to read my refutation of Taliban’s Fatwa, 8 parts at the opening of this bulleting and post your comment please, for if a person with your level of knowledge, experience and understanding does not read it, who else will. 

    By muhammad yunus - 8/10/2013 10:01:35 PM

  • I see no difference in the belief of GOD in both religions but the muslims have misintrepted what  GOD wanted them to do.
    By martha bond - 7/28/2013 6:27:28 AM

  • Dear Yunus Sb
    As per your advice I read some of your articles on this site posted in September and October of the last year.The article on gay rights leaves some questions begging for satisfactory answers. Darwin once said :Nature is very cruel:we on the contrary have been given to believe thatAllah is the most merciful and the most benevolent.After seeing many anomalies and innate disfigurement in the creation of men and animals one finds it very embarrassing to recite such Godglorifying statements. The creation of eunuchs and hermaphrodites
    Is historically responsible for homosexuality.Such people
    were usually ostracised by religious authorities and made fun of their existence.Mostly they were considered as a result of the sins committed by their parents.
    In the whole of my student life I have never come across with any mention of these abnormal creatures neither in the Quran nor in any hadith. This shows that their existence was never acknowledged as any thing in the human society by Allah or his messengers. I am not talking of the abnormal  or perverse  sexual  inclination of men towards men or young boys as it was even found in time of prophet Abraham.It has been mentioned in detail in the bible and repeated in the Quran as an unforgivable act of
    sin. Homosexuality is definitely an act which is treated as  sinful and highly disgusting and abhorrent whether it is done in a club or in a hideout.Psychologist call it a perversion of sexual drive and believe that it can be treated if the subject agrees to be treated. In the case of homosexuals they do not suffer from any genetic defect where as the transgenders are totally a different creature
    created by none but the almighty Allah Rabaul Izard who takes full responsibility when he says  "summa anshnahu  khalaqan akhar" . No other person or agent of any power can create any thing in the universe except God . We can not say that some creatures are born without any rights on this earth. D o eunuch have no rights or share in the property or wealth of their parents? Since societies refuse to put them either in the male or female class they are bound to walk in a no man's world. The can not go to school; they they can not go Madarsas and mosques; the are not given any job by the states or private industry owners. So they exist as the most unwanted creatures on this earth. Therefore they did not worship the  God of any religion so thay created a Deity for themselves to whom they can pray for their happiness.Through Internet one can see that lords of  adult entertainment business have provided jobs to many trasnsgenders which is highly sinful in the eyes of the holy  church. No one provides any alternative source for these most unfortunate creatures. Christianity do care for the lepers but notfor these heathy people.And Muslims even do not care for the lepers.They send their own victims of leprosy to the Christians shelter for the victims of leprosy. When I was in Nigeria  living in a Christian dominated town  in the month of Ramadan there was a problem of giving Fitrah to the poor and the destitute.I suggested that we should collect the money and take to the lepers rehabilitation centre. Then my Pakistani colleagues objected to my proposal.They said they could not give the money to the Christians because their Islam did not allow them to do so.But I told them I would go there
    and hand over my money to cashier of the centre. Only one Pakistani out five  gave his share to me which I carried to the Shelter where I was given a very respectful reception.It was a wonderful experience for me to visit such alsace where every job was done by cured lepers.They had never seen a Muslim in their Shelter who was there to contribute to their welfare.The doctor incharge of the Shelter took me to rooms of the
    sufferers and told each of them to thank very gratefully as Iwas the first Muslim in the history of the shelter to visited it.All of them were very pleased with my brothery gesture.
    I narrated this unique experience of mine just to tell the Muslim world that if we show such compassionate gestures to those who think we damn care for them then we will not ask Americans to come to our help and bring peace for us either in Palestine or In Iraq or in Syria.
    Your article  entitled The twin growing menace" is an eye opener for the Muslims who are worried for the future of the Muslim world.
    Finally I must say that all your efforts will not go waste.
    I pray my Allah to guide and help those who are working for the betterment of humanity in any way and anywhere.

    By Afaq Siddiqi - 3/9/2013 9:51:48 AM

  • Janab Mohammad Younus Sb: I think you are correct in your assessment regarding the mission and goal of some unfriendly readers, of course your namesake stands all out alone. He deliberately twists others' comments and when he becomes speechless or so, throws a blasphemous remark simply to irritate or provoke others and make them to abuse him. Our purpose is to think, discuss and share our views in an attempt to learn and help others too learn in the process. Thanks for your tireless efforts in the form of scholarly articles and comments in helping us to rediscover the glory of Islam
    By Raihan Nezami - 10/5/2012 11:09:07 AM

  • Dear mr Rational, I don't think your vituperative retaliative commment and exhortation addressed to Rehan Nizami will serve any purpose except creating an atmosphere of
    Public denigration and malaise. I request you to keep this website free from emotional diarrehoea.Thanking you in anticipation. AfaqSiddiqi
    By AfaqSiddiqi - 10/5/2012 9:56:28 AM

  • Dear Raihan Nizami, Ref your qyuting namesake :“You have made your prophet an Idol (but) even bigger than Allah”, kindly remember the following Qur'anic verse:“God will not take you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths - but He will take you to account for the oaths which you swear, in earnest,..." (5:89).
    But the problem with my namesake is his insistence to privilege secondary theological discourses over the Qur'an. I wonder what if her wife shares office with an adult male - would he follow the hadith prescription I dont want to spell out. He totally disregards the following cautionary notes by the earliest Imams:
    “Why do people impose conditions which are not in Allah’s book (kitab il lah)? Whoever imposes such conditions as are not in Allah’s Laws (kitab il lah), then that condition is invalid even if he imposes one hundred such conditions, for Allah’s conditions (as stated in the Qur’an) are truth and more valid”[ Sahih al-Bukhari, English translation by Mohsin Khan, New Delhi 1984, Acc. 364, 735/Vol.3.]
    "If we discuss about all those accounts which are held authentic (Sahih) before the learned, and suspect by a critical scholar (who demands a proof of personal meeting between the narrators and transmitters of Hadith in each generation), - we would simply be tired (because they are so large in number)."[Sahih al-Muslim, extracted from the muqaddimah]
    I have now began to suspect if he really is a Muslim - though I will not pass any judgment on him as God alone knows his iman and what exactly he is after. It is likely that he quotes in first person what he hears other people saying. But this does not show maturity in the domain of knowledge, for he talks with authority without in-depth knowledge. Any scholar of Islam would know of the ahdith I quoted above. I have been requesting him repeatedly to read the articles posted by me which clarify a lot of doubts. But he stubbornly clings on to his preconceived notions like a rustic child insisting on walking barefooted because he saw all elders and wise people walking barefooted and refusing good protective leather shows for he is too stubborn. But as a good brother you have to bear with him. At best he may be laughing his head off for taking so much of our time. But I reminded him of Ghalib's lines - hota hai shab o roz tamasha mere aage. My only problem with him is that at times either ignorantly or deliberately he twists my words - or perhaps I fail to make myself clear to him.
    By muhammad yunus (1) - 10/5/2012 8:49:22 AM

  • Dear Rational Sb: Your comment, “But the point is your wisdom is garbage”. I can’t expect anything better to get being in your company, the moment I converse with you, my wisdom is gone, sense leaves and intellect departs. What more can you give to anyone? It is a fact one shares the same he has with him, no one can help him in this regard.  Another point, I am not interested in what titles you have got or others are getting. Talking high, but not putting into practice may be the case for anyone, but for you as your comment, “You have made your prophet an Idol (but) even bigger than Allah”, defines, you talk also “Kufr” and practice also “Kufr”. No better treatment can be given to you for your divine knowledge, as you are cursed and damned and bound to go to Hell unless and until Allah Kareem guides you to the righteous path.
    By Raihan Nezami - 10/5/2012 5:38:13 AM

  • @ Nezami saheb. An-ebook from Mr Asghar, our brother.
    By rational - 10/5/2012 4:03:43 AM

  • Dear Raihan Nezami Saheb. "My dear, what do you mean by this statement, "don't throw it on others like a garbage"? You know where gargabe is thrown. I dont know about you, but don't call others "dustbin" as they are honourable men, I respect them all."
    Thank you for reminding. I just forgot where the garbage is thrown. Just think I am dustbin.  It should go to where you are thinking. Some fool throw it on honorable men not in dustbin. But the point is your wisdom is garbage.
    By rational - 10/5/2012 2:29:17 AM

  • @Raihan Nezami. GM sahib received a beautiful comment from Mr naseer Ahmed. GM sahib called me pesky, Naseer Saheb said same to GM.
    Are not these characteristics of Muslims to get irritated on anything?
    Are you following the advise of the Quran Yunus sahib drew your attention to. Talking high on spirituality is one thing and to put into practice is very difficult.
    You have made your prophet an Idol(but) even bigger than Allah. You slaughter wrong persons on this altar. You can hear anything against Allah but not Against the prophet. I repeat whatever I said about the prophet was not my word. You and your brothers made target.
    I never said from side anything, I quoted from the Quran, Sirah, History and Ahadith.
    You will just distort everything to justify actions of the prophet recorded in Ahadith and Sirah.
    I am returning to you what I received because it belongs to you. period.
    If you want cursing tournament call your allies including Allah as the prophet called his enemies long back.

    By rational - 10/5/2012 1:32:43 AM

  • @Raihan Nezami, Refer your beloved Ahadith. You are following your prophet who butchered people, took one fifth booty from loot sanctioned by the holy  Quran.
    If you are so much worried about your prophet why don't you throw or burn those books tarnish the image of your prophet. Have you that much courage? You might have gathered from your corrupt spirituality.
    Incapable in  doing that you  and your brothers are throwing dirt on others. That dirt is falling on you back. Don't you believe every Hadith is respectable? Mr Rehan Nezami if you are fond of spiting, spit on the faces of your historians, biographers, Muhaditheen  who recorded all these accounts and  smear your face too.
    Islamic history is full of idiots like you who crucify wrong persons for no crime.You are not introspecting, it is just eyewash to fool the people.
    By rational - 10/4/2012 11:34:34 PM

  • Dear Rational Sb: I have simply expressed my opinion about your attitude towards questioning learning, if you feel irritated, I am sorry for that, but reality you have to digest. By the way, there arises a question, can anyone imagine of teaching anything intelligent or divine or shoving his wisdom down the throat of people like you or to your clan even in the rare of the rarest dreams? My dear, what do you mean by this statement, "don't throw it on others like a garbage"? You know where gargabe is thrown. I dont know about you, but don't call others "dustbin" as they are honourable men, I respect them all.
    By Raihan Nezami - 10/4/2012 11:21:27 PM

  • Dear Rehan Nezami saheb, "Sometimes, it does not make any sense to question the action and reaction of God, future acts of people inscribed on the “Lauh-e-Mahfooz”. The men, except you and some more like you, have not got so much wisdom to criticize the divine plan of God or to find fault and establish judgment upon God."
    Be happy if you have acquired that wisdom to understand the divine plan. But don't throw it on others like a garbage.Don't shove your wisdom down the throat of people.

    By rational - 10/4/2012 10:50:02 PM

  • Dear Raihan Nezami saheb, "Ungratefulness reflects in your complaint as in place of thanking God for the decent behavior you are getting here by the moderate readers. Otherwise you deserve more than this what you have just got till the date."
    Who is holding you back? Come out from the cloack of decency you are covering your filthy corpse with.

    By rational - 10/4/2012 10:35:36 PM

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