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Our True Religion Builds A Good Society Where All Can Live Freely And Pursue Visions of Highest Values

By Moin Qazi

Oct 27, 2018

Modern man has erected images in his mind — political, personal, that manifest in the form of symbols, ideas and beliefs.

The pluralistic world created by the diffusion of understanding of world’s major faith-traditions has made religion a vital resource in the task of building a good society, a world where all can live freely and pursue visions of the highest values.

The different spiritual paths lead to the same human heart.The vast spiritual heritage is actually the common treasure of all mankind. Our civilization’s spiritual prism provides a kaleidoscopic canvas of shimmering stars of wisdom. The blazing radiance exuded by this constellation is what keeps the darkness of carnal impulses from overwhelming us. We face a constant struggle with the moral, material, social, cultural and political complexities and oddities of an ever rapidly changing society. Spiritualism is truly a way of setting out and travelling the paths of the heart, mind and the imaginary, in a world that is full of different viewpoints.

The spiritual quest is an internal journey, it is a psychic path. Very often, priests, rabbis, imams, and shamans are just as consumed by worldly ambition as regular seekers of material possessions. But all this is generally seen as an abuse of a sacred ideal. These power struggles are not what religion is really about, but an unworthy distraction from the life of the spirit, which is conducted far from the madding crowd, unseen, silent and unobtrusive.

“Life has meaning,” as Browning reminds us, and “to find its meaning is my meat and drink”. We are like Mitya in The Brothers Karamazov. “One of those who doesn’t want millions, but an answer to his questions.” The daily mart of economic strife keeps pulling us down from our philosophic perches. We keep reinforcing our ideals with Nietzsche’s words, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost anyhow.”

One of the great   thinkers of the last century who articulated the human dilemma very succinctly was Jiddu Krishnamurthi. Mr Krishnamurthi did not expound any philosophy or religion. He dwelt on the things that concern all of us in our everyday lives, of the problems of living in the corrupt modern society, of the individual’s search for security and happiness. He explained with great precision the subtle workings of the human mind, and emphasized the need for bringing to our daily life a deeply meditative and spiritual quality. The core of Mr Krishnamurthi’s teaching is contained in the famous statement, “Truth is a pathless land”. Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, not through any philosophical knowledge or psychological technique. He has to find it through the mirror of relationship, through the understanding of the contents of his own mind, through his own keen observation and not through intellectual analysis.

Modern man has erected images in his mind — political, personal, that manifest  in the form of symbols, ideas and beliefs. These images dominate man’s thinking, his relationships, his daily life; they divide man from man. Man’s perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established. The content of his consciousness is his entire existence. The individuality of man is just his name which is formal identity, but his larger persona is contoured by the culture he acquires from his traditions and his social environment. The uniqueness of man will dissipate if the mind is not in a position to enjoy full autonomy and complete freedom from the content of his consciousness, which is common to all humanity.

Source: asianage.com/opinion/oped/271018/mystic-mantra-our-true-religion.html

URL: http://newageislam.com/islamic-society/moin-qazi/our-true-religion-builds-a-good-society-where-all-can-live-freely-and-pursue-visions-of-highest-values/d/116728


  • I do not know this website is hijacked or not, because any post written appears immediately, I do not think it goes to moderator anymore.
    By Aayina - 10/29/2018 1:03:15 AM

  • Gulam Moyuddin if positive ems and goodness of all relgion was aim of humanity, than would have not stuck into Islam.
    Humankind would have found new rlegion which Bhahulla Khan Iran did.

    You are also same hypocrate as others, like Sulatn Sahin who get away by saying he is still in learning process, it is very sure that you and like him will dead as Muslims, just decide others.

    All rlegion has human blood in their bowl, Islam is no exception, we do not keep any fire in home if it is going to set our houses in fire.

    The day Islam will stop producing Khawarij and will allow all variation along with parying like Ram or Shiva, or African gods under it banner than only than it can be told it's book of humanity.

    Otherwise it's Mohmmad paigmaber forced belife and humiliating of others.

    By Aayina - 10/29/2018 12:59:26 AM

  • Hats Off thinks that humanity is stuck for ever in the "inglorious" past! The richness of the human heritage consists of a lot more than child sacrifices and burning at the stake. Mr. Qazi's attempt to emphasize and elevate the positives and to point the way to the "good society" should be welcomed by all except perhaps the cynics and the nihilists.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 10/28/2018 11:42:55 AM

  • if what the commentator and the author are saying is correct, the concept of jahiliyya is invalid.

    even the child-sacrifices of many ancient human communities need to be accommodated. including burning at the stake, driving stakes through the heart, stoning, amputation, pouring of molten lead into ears, burning widows on funeral pyres all should get a pass.

    after all all these are part of our "glorious" human heritage.

    or are they not?

    By hats off! - 10/28/2018 7:49:14 AM

  • "The vast spiritual heritage is actually the common treasure of all mankind. "

    Well said!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 10/27/2018 12:16:48 PM

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