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Personality Cultist Religion is what all Muslims Practice but Name it Islam

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

16 August 2018

An overview of Muslim world reveals that Muslims are anything but the followers of what is called Islam, as given in its only scripture Quran (15-87, 39-83 etc.) to form a nation worthy of being called a Muslim-Nation.

Whether Islam, an Arabic word with no English equivalent for the societal system of Laws or moral standard ad-Deen of Quran, revealed to an Arab Messenger in his language Arabic: 14-4, And We sent no messenger but with the language of his people... is a 'Religion' or not is highly contentious issue among them.

By what ever name one may choose to call Islam, the one clause 6-159 quoted below, of the Law given by the Law Giver, prompts one to question the myth of one united Ummah. Over the centuries it is becoming more and more obvious that there was no such entity as “Islamic” country or a community, let alone a composite Muslim Nation.

6-159, As for those who divide their Deen and split up into Sects, you (Muhammad) are not to have any connection with them what so ever. Their affair is with God: He will in the end tell them the truth of all they did!

Sects like Sunni Muslims (Jo Sunn Sunn Kay Musulman Huey) who claim they follow exclusively the Messenger Muhammad's Sunnah, is in practice a cult religion. And the Shia sects who step down into Messenger Muhammad's next generation through Fatima, his daughter married to Ali, for their religion, is cultism too. Yet both are named Islam.

It is obvious that each Sect is outside the pale of Islam. The irony is when every sect and sub-sects call the others non-Muslims (Kafir?). 'The pots calling kettles black' syndrome.

Myriads of religions, sects and their subdivisions established in contradiction to Quran leave no doubt that the Code reintroduced from all his predecessors Messengers, by Muhammad: 2-4- and those who Believe—in the guidance that has been revealed to you, and to those who preceded you... these sects are all following different cultist “religions” and NOT Islam that unites mankind as one nation:

2-213, Mankind was but one single nation, and God sent Messengers with glad tidings and warnings; and with them he sent The Book in truth to judge between them in matters in which they differed... .

See, for example, what the saffron robed priests have done to Buddha's teaching. Yet he had discarded the deity god and Lo! Now he himself is the deity of a religion Buddha-ism!

Is this not what Islam was to reform, eliminate the deity-gods ilah, the cult of personalities of Religions?

In the Muslim context, minority communities, “people of the Book” are persecuted and discriminated against in many majority Muslim countries; not only in public domain but also in State legislature, some under nefarious 'blasphemy' laws for which there is no punishment in the Book. On the contrary God says:

3-134...God loves those who forgive.

The plight of minority communities, say like the Hazara and Ahmadiya and many others come to mind. Universal Human Rights aside, any kind of persecution is not acceptable, particularly on religious grounds in civilised human society and especially not in “Islamic” society. The two minority communities named above bring in focus countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan for scrutiny!

What makes Pakistan special is that along with a few other countries, it declares itself as Islamic, meaning fully compliant with Quran's ordinances.

With reference to the Ahmadiya, their religious belief is that Mirza G. Ahmad of Qadian, born fourteen centuries after Messenger Muhammad is also a Messenger of God. Thus they have stepped down many generations in their cultism; contradicting the Quran's verse 33-40 that says:

33-40, Muhammad is not the father of any of your men but he is the Messenger of God (Allah) and the Seal of the prophets...

With reference to the Messenger Muhammad being the Seal (Khatam); Muhammad Ali of Lahori Jamat, a splinter group of Ahmadiya, has logically and eloquently argued in comment 598 on the verse 4-69 in his translation 'Holy Quran', viz, “ ...At any rate none can become a prophet. If this were true, not only would all the truthful and the faithful and the righteous be prophets, because they perfectly obeyed Allah and His Messenger, but even all those who tried to follow them would have been raised to the level of prophet-hood which is absurd on the face of it. And to talk of some people becoming prophet after the door to prophet-hood has been closed is sheer ignorance of the basic principles laid down by the holy Book”. The underlines are added for emphasis.

(Sorry Mr Muhammad Ali, for not using your religious nomenclature Maulana- for it is in contradiction of the very Book you translated eg. Verse 3-150 etc. It would equate you, like millions of others in South Asia, to god or at least lesser gods.)

One is left askance as to why Messenger Muhammad is mentioned in the verse 33-40 as not being a Father of any man, although it is accepted that he did sire sons who did not live to mature age. And also he did adopt a young person named Zaid as a son. It is well argued by scholars of Arabic language that Zaid is used as a common noun, just as Jack is used in English, to relate a common instance of a common marriage where the spouse is not even mentioned in previous verses eg 33-37.

One reason could be the fact that since ancient times, the human society has been mostly patrilineal. The first son inherits the father's space. The crown prince is often crowned the next king.

Also to lay down the logical and moral argument that simply by naming someone as ones blood relation, does not make that person, Jack or Jill, as a blood-relative to claim a right to inherit the lurks, perks and privileges of this position or to suffer any harm on account of such verbal utterance.

Secondly to discount all possibilities of male dependants, wannabe contestants for inheritance of prophet-hood are hereby eliminated. Other societal wrongs too were thus righted by this verse.

Back to the topic in hand, of the treatment of minorities. It is established from the quoted verse 6-159 that no Sect, causing confrontational division is to enter the canopy of Islam, as Messenger Muhammad is instructed by God in no uncertain terms to cut-off all connections with them; such as later day Muslims Sunnis, Shias, Salafis, Ahmadiyas and many other brands, (Hadis mentions seventy two. A Muslim researcher recently came up with a total of one hundred and twelve of them!). And yet they impose themselves as his staunch followers.

Was Messenger Muhammad a Sunni, Shia or any of these brands of a Muslim? So, who is judging whom? With that established, can any country with the track record of Muslim countries designate themselves as “Islamic”?

In their detailed paper written few years back, two Muslim academics give in the article 'How Islamic are Islamic countries', the Islamic Republic of Pakistan came at 147th and Afghanistan as 169th. See the link for grading of others:


By giving sectarian adjectives these groups seem to justify for themselves the inheritance of paradise in keeping with the line “Rind Kay Rind Rahey Haat Say Jannat Nah Gayi”. But the Message of the Messengers is simple and clear “No Adjectives please, we are Muslims”:

6-159, As for those who divide their Deen and split up into Sects, you (Muhammad) are not to have any connection with them what so ever. Their affair is with God: He will in the end tell them the truth of all they did!

God is using the modern day Hulagu Khans tyrants to assist the Muslim confronting armies, to tell them the errors of their ways (3-11). Yet, 7-179 ...they have hearts with which they understand not, eyes with which they see not and ears.... With the advantage of these schisms even politically motivated wars, death and utter destruction of the so called Muslim world is a fact of life, more so today. The myth that monotheistic and monolithic Muslim Nation/Ummah exists, has long been busted! And this is for people who say they believe in a Law-book that tells them – 109-6 Lakum Deenukum Wa-Liaddeen- 'live and let live'.

But, sheer ignorance of the laity of basic principles laid down by the holy Book prevails, under the commercial, political and in this case cultist imperatives. Can this nexus in the name of Islam ever be broken by any Muslim State?

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  • Supremacism seems to be the bane of almost all Muslim sects. Religious belief without humility is a devilish enterprise.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/17/2018 12:29:28 PM

  • I just read Maududi's persuasive writings on "The Qadiani problem".  It would appear that the Qadiani brought the disaster upon themselves. They did the following:

    1. Declare that all those who do not accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as prophet are kafir.

    2. Prohibited Ahmediya's from praying behind non-Ahmediya Muslims.

    3. Prohibited participating in the namaze-janaza of non-Ahmedi Muslims or even praying for them because they are kafir.

    4. Prohibited their women from marrying non-Ahmedi men while allowing their men to marry non-Ahmedi women.

    5. They proselytized aggressively

    6. They sucked up to the British 

    In effect, it was they who declared the non-Ahmedi Muslims as the non-Muslim or Kafir majority and the majority returned the compliment  with enactment of law! Truly, it was asinine behaviour by the Qadianis which brought them to their present state. However, if  Maududi and others had reflected a little, they would have perhaps realised, that the Muslims behave the same way with the "non-Muslim" majority in the world, and unless they change their ways, they can also come to the same end, or the rest of the world are equally justified in treating them the same way they treated the Qadiani! The Muslims cannot have it both ways - either they should choose democracy and secularism or expect to be discriminated the same they discriminate in their so called "Islamic" countries. 

    Although, the Qadiani chose to isolate themselves from the rest of the Muslims, the government was still at fault in taking sides, and declaring them a non-Muslim minority. 

    Democracy and secularism alone provide a level playing field to all, and if Islam is a superior system, it must prevail based on its merit rather than by force. The Muslims do not seem to have internalized the very first moral principle that civilized us "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" or "Don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to yourself"

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/16/2018 11:24:53 PM

  • For example, if you are Hanfi, that is follow Imama Abu Hanifa and a cat falls in your well and the Hanafi Imam tells you to take out 25 buckets of water from the well to purify the water and the Shafei maslak tells you to take out 20 buckets of water, you have to take out full 25 bucket of water and not 20 buckets according to shafei maslak because you are a Hanafi. This is ridiculous. This is what happens in our daily life. If you are Shafei, you need to take the soluition for a problem given by Imam Shafei only though both the imams claim that they have given the solution according to the Quran and hadith.
    By arshad - 8/16/2018 11:13:18 PM

  • Samnakey sb has raised the question of sectarianism which has been discussed a number of times on this webiste though with a different angle. Sectarianism has sneaked into the psyche of Muslims and so they can not shrug it off. Even Shahin sb unconsciously supports sectarianism when he paani pipi ke curses deobandis. That he also supports one of the sects. If we think that we are not sectarian then we should discuss Islam not from any platform. The Deen was completed on Prophet Muhammad pbuh but it has been made mandatory for Muslims to pay obeisance to one of the four so called imams. If you say I do not believe in imamism, the madrasas produced scholars (even on the payroll of NAI) will call you ghair muqallad, a negative term for those who declare that prohphet Muhammad pbuh was my imam because the Quran calls the prophets Imams also. So when the prophets are imams why should we pay obeisance to lesser imams as part of our deen or faith. Worse, we have created an Indian Islam for which we have created our own Imam. He is undeclared fifth imam of Indian Muslims. We cannot get rid of this sectarianism because it has sunk deep into our religious psyche.
    By arshad - 8/16/2018 11:07:29 PM

  •  I once asked a man, do you remember exactly word by word what I said to you one year ago on a particular topic? He said no I just remember the clue which I can recount my own words. I said then how the holy companions and tabyeins and tabe tabeyins are believed to recound word by word what they had said about the prophet having been said on a particular topic on a a particular day. He then said yes we do not have that power but Imam Bukhari had the power to remember exactly what the the companions had said. One example he gave was of Zakir Naik. He said Zakir Naik proves that Imam Bukhari could have exemplary memory. And God had created Zakir Naik to prove to the skeptics who doubted the memory of Imam Bukhari. But again the question remained. Imam Bukhari may have got exemplary memory but how can we believe that all of the holy companions and tabeyins had the same degree of memory despite the fact that they were also illiterate.
    By arshad - 8/16/2018 11:00:12 PM

  • Regarding sectarians and cultists, the Quran is very clear: "Their affair is with God." So let us stay out of it. All we can do is to articulate the true message as clearly as we can and leave the rest to God.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/16/2018 1:14:04 PM

  • The definition of Islam is submission to God and that of a Muslim is one who does submit to God and His religion. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism,  Sabianism are therefore sects of Islam, according to the Quran. The so called "Muslims", by excluding all other sects except themselves from the definition of Muslim, have effectively made themselves just another sect of Islam and undeserving of being called by the generic term "Muslim".  What should they then be called? Mohammedan and Mohammedanism are terms that have been used in the past but to use these terms, is to falsely accuse Muhammad (pbuh) of establishing a sect and deviating from the Quran. These so called “Muslims” have developed secondary scriptures to suppress the Quran’s universal message which they call the ahadith which are alleged sayings of Muhammad (pbuh) falsely attribute to him, and follow a religion which is very much different from the religion of Allah in the Quran.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/16/2018 2:30:41 AM

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