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Letter to the Editor (04 May 2010 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Not only Islam, Hinduism ought also to reform itself: Dr. S.L.Dhani, IAS (Retd)


Dear Editor


Your beautiful website was recommended by a friend of mine suggesting that it might be able to provide some ideas to me with a view to helping Hindu fundamentalists of India also reform themselves, so that the combined efforts of liberal Muslims, liberal Hindus and others might be able to bring lasting peace in the South Asia, which appears to have been deliberately disturbed by a common strategy of the mischievous leaders of two great religions.


Well-meaning and sound research at New Age Islam

I have hurriedly glanced through your site and instantly liked it as a wonderful peace of well-meaning and sound research in which many objective researchers have made their valuable contribution.

 I heartily congratulate you and all your associates for their very timely effort aimed at reforming Islam so that it may help ease the tension caused by strained relations between India and Pakistan.


I believe that reform on intended lines only in Islam are not going to be enough in the matter of the achievement of the laudable objective and that the other party to te strife in the region, namely, Hinduism ought also to reform itself independently and with the same objective of restoring the peace in the region. Further, just as you have decided to call upon the warring factions within Islam to reappraise the basic and original traits of the Islam at its birth, Hindu religious leadership also engage itself in similar exercise, with reference to its own scriptures the number, character and contents of which are debatable.


It is so for the reason that the Hindu fundamentalists regard some of its so-called scriptures, the Vedas, as having issued directly from God of their conception, which also contain numerous self-contradictory statements. Another reason is that Hinduism has been undergoing changes in different ages and that modern Hinduism took its present form only in the beginning of the 9th century AD with the advent of Adi-Sankaracharya (d. 820 AD).


I have my own problem with my religion, Hinduism and that problem arises because of one of its basic scriptures, which has been used to reshape many other so-called scriptures. I have expressed my views about the faults within Hinduism in my website www.sldhani.com


I think that the objectives of your website and those of mine can help each other at least with some modifications here and there.


Dr. S.L.Dhani, IAS (Retd) 



URL: http://www.newageislam.com/letter-to-the-editor/-not-only-islam,-hinduism-ought-also-to-reform-itself--dr-sldhani,-ias-(retd)/d/2796



    I draw attention to the recent serious developments in the investigations into the cases of the bomb blasts in Ajmer Sharif and the linkages with the mecca masjid bomb blasts  both of which had taken place in 2007. It is true that terror has no religion and it is equally true that terrorists taking the name of any particular religion defame the very religion in whose name they act. In the current investigations these highly condemnable anti-national acts of terror and bomb blasts in places of worship like the sufi shrine in Ajmer or the masjid in Hyderabad were committed by groups acting in the name of Hindutva. In these two blasts several innocent people were killed and hundreds injured. Earlier in the Malegaon bomb blasts in 2006 and again in 2008 in Malegaon and Modasa groups again acting in the name of Hindutva have been implicated. Recently it was reported that the RSS has expelled one of its pracharaks for his involvement following the investigations.

    Sir several questions arise; (1) How is it that immediately after the bomb blasts the top Government Ministers and officials immediately linked the blasts to members of the Muslim community alleging links with Huji and Lashkar. We know the culpability of Huji and Lashkar in many acts of terror in this country but when it becomes an automatic reaction to blame Muslims with links to these terror outfits for the blasts it is the gravest injustice to the community and in fact it helps terror groups operating across the border as the credibility of our own investigation gets compromised. In this connection the arrest, torture and incarceration of 75 Muslim youth in Hyderabad in 2007 and 2008 is a  shameful symbol of prejudice and community profiling. I hope this House will join me in demanding compensation for them. I also demand a fresh probe into the mecca masjid blasts in the light of new evidence of links with the Ajmer sharif blasts.

    (2) It seems that there is a network of groups operating in different parts of the country who are committed to acts of terror in the name of Hindutva. The Government should institute an enquiry into this.

    (3) we also have to strongly condemn that politics which produces  persons who commit such acts, the politics of communal hatred, the targeting of Muslims, the false propaganda and the distortions of history. We can expel such people once they are caught but if we continue such sectarian and communal politics then such organizations will be seen as political factories producing anti-patriotic monsters who do not hesitate to kill and maim innocent people. I hope the House will strongly condemn these forces.


    By A Regular Reader -

  • I have briefly browsed thru Dr Dhani's website particularly the views of Dr Ambedkar. The site has no provision for comments. So I am writing those questions/comments here:

    Has there been no movement in the Hindu society since the time of Dr Ambedkar ? If there has been a movement then are those views still valid ?

    I find that other than casteism all other views are no longer valid. And on the casteism matter our politicians have taken firm control and they don't want the grip of casteism on the Hindu society to loosen because of their selfish vested interests. All the so called Dalit politicians and the Mandalite politicians are keenly interested in perpetuating the caste system to mainatain their fiefdoms. They don't want to do anything substantial to empower the Dalits and the Backwards because then they will lose their vote-bank. Same as the muslim vote bank. 

    By K.C.Sharma -

  • "Subject: Re: Not only Islam, Hinduism ought also to reform itself: Dr. S.L.Dhani, IAS (Retd), NewAgeIslam.com - 05 May, 2010

    Dear Sultan Bhai,

    Congratulations; it is these sorts of initiatives that will in the long run contribute to making a new sub-continent of peace and reason.

    Best Wishes,

    Badri Raina

    By Badri Raina -

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