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Letter to the Editor (13 Aug 2015 NewAgeIslam.Com)

I Am a Preacher's Kid, Well, Woman, Who Was Raised In the Christian Faith: I Find New Age Islam Engaging and Interesting

By Amy E.

13 August 2015


I recently found you and subscribed.  I am in the US and have been studying religions for a time now.  Politics also, but I find your site engaging and interesting.  I am a preacher's kid, well, woman, who was raised in the Christian Faith. Though under that umbrella are many quadrants that vastly differ from one another.  I was raised to know God as Love and Grace, but an earthly father who was in his own right, a bit of a bohemian, but loved God dearly.

 A series of events that were much about social injustice, spurned on a quest, for the definition of God.  I know my NIV Study Bible well, the one done by Biblica, because the new version by Zondervan, has changed it.  Though in studying, all the Bibles have been altered, much for political reasons.

I was taking to a Muslim brother one day, telling him about the stories in that Bible I knew.  He was born in Bethlehem, Mohammed was his name.  When I commented about his name, he said it was like Smith.  You named a child that when you didn't know what else to name him.  He was a Godly man with a good sense of humour.  In our conversation, he told me he knew of the stories, but the names were different.  So, I obtained a Qur'an, it was navy blue with gold embossing. The study portion was interpreted by a Greek.  It was fascinating.  Loved it because it addressed evolution.

Then it was on to the Tao, Gita...it goes on, too numerous to list. 

One thing that became fairly evident if I could remove the word religion and just concentrate on the themes is that I found a common denominator.

God, Love, Positive Energy, hates it when man commits social injustice and pollutes the earth.

God, Love, Positive Energy, loves wisdom and knowledge

God, Love, Positive Energy, says Love Me with all your heart, soul and mind and love your brother as yourself.  Who is my brother?  Anything that is created of atoms, and last I read, the plants talk to one another.

So, thank you for the site.  It is interesting to hear the dialogues.  It occurs to me in reading much, that the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid has been lost, as God is fairly easy to understand; has been replaced with the discourse of who's rule and regulations are from God.  This creates a bit of humour for me, though also much sadness.  As the God that I now know, is so incredibly layered and multi-cultural, that God is to Big to be confined to any one velum book.

If I have transgressed in anyway, it was not intended.  I just wanted to express gratitude.

Thank you again,

In The Light

Amy E.

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/letter-to-the-editor/amy-e/i-am-a-preacher-s-kid,-well,-woman,-who-was-raised-in-the-christian-faith--i-find-new-age-islam-engaging-and-interesting/d/104253


  • Thank you for the references.  I will check them out as I have been looking for a version of the Qur'an that I could relate to.  Currently, I am into the Gnostics as I am more metaphysical.  Right now I am waiting on a translation from the Sufi's.  However, one piece that I ran across is Plotinus, The Enneads.  Though considered pagan by mainstream, due to allegations of heresy, at which I laugh,
    The piece I speak of is The Ascent to the Union of the One, which is very beautiful and speaks of the soul instead of all the other labels that are divined by the religions.  So, I am sharing because I think if we think of all living creatures as the Soul of God, All things created of Atoms, we might be able to begin a much more meaningful dialogue that would be much productive in a movement toward PEACE.

    God Bless

    By Amy - 9/24/2015 9:13:09 PM

  • Dear Sister, Wish you a peace-filled day!

     I appreciate your keen interest in learning more about different religions, including Islam, and your appreciation of the considerable similarities in many of their teachings.

    As you know, each religion can be interpreted in diverse, indeed contradictory ways, and the same is true of Islam. We need, therefore, to be particular about whose interpretation we take to be normative. I would suggest that you read the writings of the well-known 90 year-old Islamic scholar from India, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan [many of whose writings are hosted on the New Age Islam website.]. He is the founder of the New Delhi-based Centre for Peace and Spirituality. He has arranged for a very beautiful translation of the Quran in English, a copy of which is available free of cost [If you would like a copy, please click here:   


    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan is the author of numerous books on different aspects of Islam, including on Islam and peace, several of which have been translated into English and are available for free download here:


     I would recommend a beautiful booklet written by him to begin with that can be downloaded from the Centre for Peace and Spirituality website:

    The Reality of Life:  


     People of all religious faiths [and none] may find it to be very inspiring, as also Maulana Khan’s other writings.

    May God guide and bless us!

    By smile - 8/13/2015 11:46:05 PM

  • An absolutely beautiful letter in Metro essence! 

    Thank you, Amy E, for  this letter. If  we people thought of one another as human beings created by Almighty God, to live in the world that God Himself made, we would stop hating one another for various reasons and live side by side peacefully and without suspicion.. What a lovely world it would be when this happens! If only we understand that fact, life would be so stress- free and without fear!

    Your following words create inner sparks:

    God, Love, Positive Energy, says Love Me with all your heart, soul and mind and love your brother as yourself.  Who is my brother?  Anything that is created of atoms, and last I read, the plants talk to one another.

    By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi - 8/13/2015 1:13:36 PM

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