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Letter to the Editor (26 Mar 2010 NewAgeIslam.Com)

I am deeply troubled that minorities in Pakistan are treated so badly: J. S. Bandukwala

My dear Sultan Shahin Sahab,


I have read Mr. M.K. Dhar's article ‘Hindu-Sikh Minorities in Pakistan: The Vanishing Communities on the condition of Hindu Sikh minorities in Pakistan. I am deeply troubled that minorities in Pakistan are treated so badly. This is against the very essence of Islam, as expressed in a number of Quranic Ayats. In particular : (2,256) Laaa Ikraha fid diin. There is no compulsion in religion.

 (109,6) Lakum diinukum wa liya diin. Unto you your religion, and unto me mine.

 (16,36) Wa laqad basna fii kulli ummatir rasuulan. We have sent among every people, a Prophet.

The Holy prophet never forced Islam on anyone, including His own beloved uncle, Abu Talib, who refused to recite the Kalama, even though he was very sympathetic to the new faith. Further Waraqa ibn Naufal,  a mystic and a first cousin of Hazrat Khadija, told her, right after the first revelation, that her husband is the Prophet. Yet oddly he continued in his  faith of Christianity, and refused to accept Islam. But no force was ever applied on him to change his faith.

A humane treatment of a minority is the corner stone of any civilised society. When will our own fanatics understand that by harassing, and even torturing minorities in Muslim countries, they are committing three grave sins :

1) They are endangering the lives of Muslims living in non Muslim countries.

2) They are projecting an image of Muslims as uncivilsed and barbarians.

3) Most important, they are violating the core of Islam, and going counter to the life of the Holy Prophet.

 With Regards,

J.S. Bandukwala

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  • Dear K.C Sharma

    No doubt Islam is the ultimate truth and the best religion in the world.Islam provides equal rights to all people living within the same country.Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in his last sermon in Makah declared that I WILL NOT CONSIDER YOU AS MY REAL UMMAT if you bother Ummies(Non Muslims minorities).

    I accept that minorities in pakistan are treated very bad,but it is not only the Non-muslim minorities who are treated harshly,those who are residing there as immigrants are treated even worse than non muslims.During the last thirty years, around five million Afghans migrated to pakistan and if you ask from each and every one of them they will tell you how difficult time  it was when they were in pakistan.Thousands of Afghan migrants are jailed in pakistan, just because they had refused to bribe the pakistani police.

    Only God knows who is good muslim and who is a bad muslim.If someone claims that he is the best muslim and performs sinful acts,he cannot be called a good muslim. Islam should not be condemned just because some so-called muslims are terrorising people and folowing the path of satan.Instead we should condemn those who resort to such acts..not there religion.


    By Abdul Khabir Mirzakhail -

  • Indian Muslims must vociferously condemn the ill treatment of religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and any other Muslim majority country where such ill treatment occurs.

    We must be the champions of secularism and minority rights in Muslim majority countries. It may still be difficult to talk about separation of government and religion in Muslim countries, but without such separation they can never call themselves civilized. A careful re-reading of the Quran will reveal sufficient support for the concept of secularism for us to make it a part of our creed.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin -

  • There is no doubt about it that no country should treat its minorities or other citizens in a discriminatory manner. The fact is that most countries do, including our own.

    Mr. Bandukwala doesn't have any right to preach others as he is not a good example for muslims because the kind of secularism he preaches by giving away his daughter to a non-muslim. He shouldn't be proud of a non-muslim DAAMAD. Better he should not touch such issues.

    By Akhtar -

  • In response to the note from Mr. Zobayer

    In fact, Mr. Shahin is doing a great service to Islam so that we can truly see our own face.  This web site is quite objective.  It shows us as we are.  It shows positive as well as negative sides of ours.

    Although Mr. Shahin does present his own views on the state of affair of Islam but it remains an open forum where we all can participate in.  All Mr. Shahin is doing is that he is making the information accessible to us that saves us time and also because all information is at one place where all of us can see it simultaneously and can discuss among ourselves.

    Would I expect a doctor to give us good news and hide the bad news about the state of our health?

    Every article on the web shows the link where one can go to its source.  Many of the articles are by reputable Muslims, and it is much better that we can read those collectively right here rather than read their books in isolation.

    I still cannot see why one would be offended with something that looks negative.  If it is not true, then we can challenge that, or if it is true, then we should try to fix that.

    How can one defame Islam? If Islam is the ultimate truth it cannot be defamed; unless we ourselves are not sure of it being the ultimate truth.

    And I don’t know what this conviction thing is about.  Is it based upon reasoning or on our indoctrination which we call “Faith” for political correctness?

     Syed Rizvi

    San Jose, CA

    By Syed Rizvi -

  • 1-I think Mr Bandukwala is waking up too late as if he is trying to balance out his diatribe against his own countrymen, namely the so-called Hindu communalism.

    2-The damage in Pakistan and Bangladesh was done long back, but not so long back that Mr Bandukwala was too young to remember.

    3-We have heard what Mr Bandukwala is saying many times over that Islam does not allow this or It does not allow that. But has it made any difference at all ? It only produces anguish and anger. But does that also make any difference ?

    4-Can Mr Bandulwala, a renowned Muslim intellectual and thinker that he is, think of some effective and workable solution to this problem whose perpetrators swear that they are better Muslims than the likes of Mr Bandukwala ? 

    By K.C.Sharma -

  • Mr Sultan. Shahin
    This is my 3rd attempt in asking you to delete my mail address from your list. To my opinion it is purely as web based news portal to defame Islam from intellectual perspective. And you are doing it quite well, particularly on those who are Muslim by born not by conviction. Under the cover of an Islamic name if you are doing it on payment I have very less scope to request you to get out of it, But if you are doing voluntarily than you should asked forgiveness from Allah and get out it ASAP. You are stationed at Delhi, India and it can very well be connected to some very efficient intelligence organizations. So please get out of it don't try to malign Islam under the cover of a Muslim name. Best wishes
    By abu yousuff zobayerullah -

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