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Letter to the Editor (23 Dec 2011 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Infinite Power of ‘time’ and ‘space’

By Iqbal Shaikh

For a person of low knowledge it is nearly impossible to understand any scholarly study. It is only that one can try and understand something if one is aware of the characteristics of a particular thing. It is right to call ‘the creator of the sky and the earth’ as per one’s own understanding. Look into any period of history, one thing, the invisible power, will always be there.

No, scholar, philosopher or scientist can deny the infinite power of ‘time’ and ‘space’. Think as much as you can, you will get annoyed. In such a case if one cannot think of worldly things how can one even dare to think of the Creator of ‘time’ and ‘space.

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  • Surprised to see this article in this forum where discussion has been initiated power of time and space.  Time is between two experience.  Experience is of the individual self and time does not exist without the self to identify the same.   Time and space does not exist in the realm of recognition of the self in the time of deep sleep and to some extent in dream. Hinduism mentioned the divinity of the human is beyond the three stage of experience being waking, dream and sleep.

    By satwa gunam - 12/24/2011 5:27:48 AM

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