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Letter to the Editor (19 Jul 2014 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Palestinian rockets may not want to provoke an Israeli assault: May be just a deep-seated human desire to fight for freedom, maybe fired with hope rather than expectation of victory

By Athar Azimabadi and Syed Manzoor Alam

(From comment section, NewAgeIslam.com)

 19 July 2014

Our "rational" pundits simply cannot go beyond thinking in instrumental terms. Despite the hopelessness of its situation, Hamas's rocket fire can have a multitude of reasons other than wanting to provoke an Israeli assault. Very simply, it could be the deep-seated human desire to fight for freedom -- a desire that is and has been common to all of humanity.

 From every epoch we have instances of people fighting against impossible odds with the desire to do something, anything, about their condition, with hope rather than the expectation of victory. If it wasn't for such motivations, nobody would ever fight their oppressors -- as by definition such a fight is difficult and often seemingly impossible to win. But people do, they always do.

 Most articles here (New Age Islam's collection of articles from world media) seem to blame the victim -- Palestinians -- for what is being done to them. Yes, the Palestinian leadership could be more strategic in its approach, yes it has many individuals who care more for personal gain than the Palestinian cause. But the real story here is Israel's illegal occupation and genocide of Palestinians with the complicity of the most powerful governments of the world and their institutions. The rest is a footnote.

 As for Hamas's motivations, the authors would do well to take note of its decision earlier this year to reconcile with Fatah and form a unity government for both West Bank and Gaza. The government would have basically been Fatah-run, managed out of Ramallah, but it would have helped make day-to-day conditions a little better in Gaza. But it was Israel and the US, who often decry Palestinian infighting for lack of progress on "peace", who scuttled these moves -- leaving Hamas and the Palestinians nowhere.

 Hopelessness and helplessness do not indicate Hamas's "ulterior motives" behind "provoking Israel" into bombing Gaza. They instead are the very motivations behind why Hamas fires its measly rockets on Israel's apparently unbreachable Iron Dome. It's the same motivation that made Mandela, Gandhi, Walter Wallace and a million other freedom fighters to rise against impossible odds.

By Athar Azimabadi  - 7/18/2014 11:22:38 AM


Very well written by Mr Azimabadi. It pains me that after a few years when some of the Palestinian children, who have not been bombed by the Israeli forces, when they will take up arms to retaliate, the world (including me) would call them terrorists. How easily we try to blame the others, without knowing the root causes for their actions. I am sorry to say but just because the Bible says that Palestine is the "promised land" for the Jews does not give them the right to kick out the inhabitants of that place.

Now, where is the US (the moral police force of the world and protector of civil rights) and the UN?

I would also like to add, however that a few days ago I saw a photo on facebook showing the image of Hitler and it read " Now do you know why I killed 6 million of them?" It seems to me that the Muslims are (just like any other community) is stereotyping all the "other"  in the same way, in this case, the Jews. Not all Jews are bad, but those who are need to be stopped.

Personally, I can only pray.

By Syed Manzoor Alam  - 7/19/2014 10:39:10 AM

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