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Astronomy in the Medieval Islamic World – Islamic Astronomers Documentary

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Jun 7, 2015

Islamic astronomy makes up the huge developments made in the Islamic globe, especially throughout the Islamic Golden Age (8th– 15th centuries), and primarily written in the Arabic language. These developments mainly occurred between East and Central Asia, Al-Andalusia and North Africa and also later on in the Far East, as well as India. It carefully parallels the genesis of various other Islamic scientific researches in its adaptation of foreign product as well as the amalgamation of the disparate aspects of that product to develop a scientific research with Islamic characteristics. These consisted of Greek, Sassanid, as well as Indian works in certain, which were translated and also built on. Consequently, Islamic astronomy later on had a significant influence on Byzantine as well as European astronomy (view Latin translations of the 12th century) as well as Chinese astronomy and also Malian astronomy.

A substantial number of stars in the sky, such as Aldebaran as well as Altair, as well as huge terms such as Alidade, Azimuth, as well as Almucantar, are still described by their Arabic names. A huge corpus of literary works from Islamic astronomy stays today, numeration about 10,000 manuscripts spread throughout the world, several which have not been read or catalogued. Even so, a reasonably exact photo of Islamic task in the field of astronomy can be reconstructed.

Ahmad Dallal notes that, unlike the Babylonians, Greeks, as well as Indians, which had actually developed sophisticated systems of mathematical huge research study, the pre-Islamic Arabs count totally on empirical monitorings. These monitorings were based on the increasing and also adjusting of particular stars, and also this location of astronomical research study was known as anwa.

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