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Zakir Naik and the Cheapening Of Islam

By Farouk A. Peru

23 June 2016


The above video of Zakir Naik smugly telling the host of a chat show that non-Muslims are not allowed to preach in an Islamic state. Why?

Well, we Muslims already have the truth so why should we allow others to preach falsehoods in our lands? Never mind the fact that Muslims are freely living, worshipping and preaching in the West.

Zakir’s supporters won’t think about that. That is how their minds work. A privileged, supremacist outlook which can only be termed as the chosen people syndrome.

And if you are offended by Zakir, he adds, you can just “sue the Quran.” Despite the fact his style goes completely against the Quran, he feels he is God’s elect.

Zakir Naik fits perfectly into this mindset. He thrives in an environment where both the organizers and audience are firmly on his side.

His work is no different than that of the American televangelical preachers who thrive on bringing in fake ex-Muslims like Ergun Caner (look him up on YouTube, he has been exposed for his fake history spun to win points with the Islamophobic crowd. In reality Caner cannot even pronounce the Sunni Shahada correctly!).

Like that, Naik’s followers have little concern for the truth. To them, it is the show which matters and their faiths get cheapened in the process.

During Zakir Naik’s concert (and I use the word intentionally), there were apparently four conversions. I say “apparently” because Naik’s colleague, Yusuf Estes, was exposed for faking converts in Germany using the “recycled converts manoeuvre.”

Estes gave some flatulent excuses but let’s face it, his audience loved the notion of a thousand converts in one show. That is what it’s really about in this cheapened version of Islam ― the numbers. Always the numbers.

Has anyone thought of the consequences of Zakir Naik’s show? Let’s take the most celebrated conversion of that evening ― that of Woo Nina Grace aged 19.

Ms Woo, who is of Filipino and Chinese parentage, has been reportedly studying Islam since the age of 13. I salute her, not because she chose to convert to Islam particularly, but because she has such a clear resolution at such an early age.

Here’s the question though: did she need a public conversion at the hands of this Islamofascist to ratify her faith?

Of course not.

The organisers and perhaps Zakir himself used her for popularity reasons. She did not need a public conversion at all.

News reports that followed indicated that her father at least was disapproving of her conversion. This is what Islamofascists fail to realise ― that other people cherish their respective faiths as much as Muslims cherish ours.

Ms Woo’s father may have raised her with all the love of a parent who sees great joy in passing along his faith to his beloved daughter. His daughter then spurns his gift and joins the other side! Islam unequivocally rejects the divinity of Jesus, something very blasphemous to Christians.

Am I advocating Ms Woo should not have converted? Absolutely not! She has a right to her faith and it is, after all, her life. However, she did not need the cheap publicity of Zakir Naik’s concert to do it!

Likely her conversion caused great humiliation to her father. The public spectacle was simply unnecessary. Was Zakir Naik paid for these concerts? If he was, then this money is tainted. He would have used religion for his personal gain.

According to a now viral report in Malaysiakini, Zakir did allow the audience to throw him some difficult questions. Ramesh Rajaratnam did praise Zakir for his vast knowledge (I disagree. I find Zakir crass and shallow at best. What he does can be done by a well-trained parrot!).

However, Ramesh also pointed out that Zakir was incredibly arrogant, denigrating people’s language and level of knowledge. I wonder if Zakir was following the Sunnah of the Prophet just then?

Ramesh himself levelled some questions at Zakir. One question connected the polygamous practice of the Prophet (pbuh) to the permission supposedly given to him by the Quran.

Ramesh pointed out that this was too convenient and in fact, Aisha (the youngest wife of the Prophet) actually made such a suggestion herself!

Zakir’s response was the usual spiel about political marriages and a circular logical statement that “God says so.” This is the shallow level of retort Zakir is capable of.

There is no real depth to him and he is really an embarrassment to Quranic apologetics. In another video, he actually makes a comparison between the metaphysical notions of the afterlife with the axiomatic truth of mathematics. This shows his inability to understand the various types of truth as well.

Little wonder then that the loudest supporters of Zakir are none other than Isma, the confused Islamofascists. Malay Mail Online columnist Shafiqah Othman Hamzah was lambasted by a Wanita Isma representative, an actual professor madya, for criticising Malay-Muslim support for Zakir!

The professor displayed why Malaysian tertiary education is in the slumps when she said the Quran does not support apostasy when in fact it gives total and unconditional freedom of religion.

Zakir himself advocates murdering people who leave Islam and preaches to other Muslims yet he does not mind if Muslim converts preach to others!

Such is his confidence in the Muslims’ faith. Someone should have asked Zakir if he supported Malay privileges. He would have spun faster than our washing machines to get out of that one!

Zakir Naik’s parting remark is to advocate an Umno and PAS coalition government. I suggest to his opponents for his next concert, ask him if he supports racism and racial privileges. Show him Umno’s track record of corruption and ask him if such a party can be Islamic.

Very sadly, Zakir Naik’s concerts were like the Back Street Boys’ revival shows, all packed out. Forty thousand people attended his last show.

This is simply an indication of what Islam is for many of us ― nothing but a cheap thrill. It’s all about the numbers and the humiliation of other religions. Muslims need to rise above this cesspool and become compassionate human beings.

Source: themuslimvibe.com/featured/zakir-naik-and-the-cheapening-of-islam

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/multimedia/farouk-a-peru/zakir-naik-and-the-cheapening-of-islam/d/107741


  • AStgfiroellah xxxxx Brothers and sisters be carefull by blaming others/your brothers in deen for your benefit. Despite everybody can make a mistake. May Allah SAT unite us all as a Oemma. W.salaam....
    By HAFEEZ - 8/3/2016 7:00:27 AM

  • There is only one truth. If people believe what they believe its oke. That doesn't mean that you can allow everything to be the truth. With the Qoraan Allah SAT completed the message. Over. 
    Dr. Naik is completely right and he is brightminded in this case.

    By Hafiez - 8/3/2016 6:55:07 AM

  • As per Quran, nobody can enforce their believes on others.  Zakir Naik is absolutely ridiculous in his talks.  He is becoming extremely over-confident nowadays.  His claims are unfounded.

    By Bani Hashim - 7/3/2016 7:23:14 AM

  • Any Muslim who believes Islam is the truth will agree with Zakir Naik. Only those Muslims who do not think Islam is the Truth will be comfortable with non- Muslim preachers preaching other faiths in an Islamic state. Those who do not agree with Zakir do not agree with Quran and the Sunna which he preaches. On Deviants do not agree with Quran & Sunnah and wants changes in them that is why the Murtads,Mushriks, Mutazallis and Munafiqs cannot digest Zakir Naik.
    By Naseem Ahmed - 6/24/2016 3:43:17 PM

  • In all fairness to Zakir Naik, I must say that he is really good in many ways.  His explanations theologically are good if not perfect.  But what I do not like is his rough and insulting style.  He reminds me of "arrogant Ahmed Deedat." 

    Any person who gains knowledge is like a tree which bents over by the weight of its fruits.  Humility and respect for all of God's creation in its diversity should be reflected in conversation.  I DO NOT SEE THIS KIND OF RIPENING AND DEEPENING OF KNOWLEDGE IN ZAKIR NAIK.

    If Zakir Naik understands the true meaning of the word Islam he will no longer be arrogant and dismissive of other people's faith.
    ZN should read the following link on Islamic definitions

    Iftekhar Hai, President of UMA Interfaith Alliance, www.umaia.net USA

    By Iftekhar Hai - 6/24/2016 11:53:37 AM

  • Naik is just one individual. It is his huge popularity that deserves sustained attention. Who are the people who come to his meetings and why? What do these people think of the issues before the Indian people as a nation? Also, what do the so-called other Muslim leaders, such as the members of AIMPB, think of Naik's assertions. Let's bear in mind that he received from the Saudis the same award that Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi received for his 'services' to Islam.

    By C M Naim - 6/24/2016 9:26:40 AM

  • To

    The case of Ms Woo is not new in India, to heart the family of grown of girl, the only difference is this case Ms woo loved Islam and wanted to accept, but real game  was too hurt his family and thier whole community.

    Ms woo is media version but public version always happen in India, here is explanation.

    It happens in India especially with Hindu-Muslim marriage, mostly when Hindu girls are married to Muslim boy, the girl either has to convert, or if she allowed her relgion at least kids are made sure they became Muslim, this is Indian version.

    According to Indian laws the girls parent cannot do anything( (((think in Muslim country, the laws of Muslim country itself will not allow to happen this, that is how much Islam is non-secure it has to secure by laws)))).

    But one thing Indian Muslims forget while winnings this false pride, they make whole family upset and against them( why this type of upset people will not fell in trap of extremist Hindus is big question mark!).

    Converting a girl is seen to be pride by Muslim community in Indian( a cheap version of conversion).

    Well it is labelled by extremist as love-jihad which is also utterly wrong, but it has to seen in lights of Indian law, how Muslims use it for there false pride, how they make mockery of law, if they were that much honest then kids born out of such Union will also have freedom of choosing the relgion.

    This false pride is not damaging Muslims but thier belife of Islam( A belife system)too because even Islam may have good things I am sure bad behaviour of Muslim on very first hand on such sensitive issue does not even creat a spark in Hindus to read Islam and their paigamber.

    In western country atmosphere was so good( freedom of everything) that this westerners ( mostly Christians ) they will try to read all the religious books, if they are interested in relgion, but Muslims are doing same game in this free society, so their is rise of new Modi of wester world(Donald trump). Muslims actions are very much responsible for rise of this kind of people, this people play safety and fear game to galvanised to bring them under one banner of safety of community for rise of their political achievement.

    Even Donlad Trump does not win, the damage done by him will be grater, because it can be something at least seeds are swan in American people minds, rise of BJP is not 1 or 2 year game, it was long term plan, that false pride of Muslim was used to creat false pride of Hindu.

    Well lots of Indian Muslim will disagree and have disagreed on May comment, they can disagree that no one is converting the girls or at least kids are made Muslims.

    It better they disagree on such open forum and lots of Hindu reader can see that how still Indian Muslim can lie easily, rather than accepting the fact.

     We all know brothers( Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isahi and so on) what is the fact in India.

    Our Muslim brothers always accused paid  Media, but at least this paid media is on Muslim side on this kind of Issue.

    By Aayina - 6/24/2016 5:17:13 AM

  • Zakir Naik, is nothing but a parrot of Saudi Sheikhs who pay him to sing Wahabism. If he is true what he claims, then why he does not allow others to talk and give their own version of religion? In my view all the religions have the same ideology, that GOD IS ONE. All the religions blieve in sprituality. This teaches by Holy Vedas, this teaches by Old testimony and this teaches by Bible and this teaches by other holy books.Zakir Naik is PARROT which sings without knowing the main message of all humanbeings, that God is one.Every thing has been created by God by his own will and not by force. This is not only Muslims or Islamic ideology this exists in Vedas and other books, Zakir should read other books and respect all the humanities.

    By abdul Hamid - 6/24/2016 4:37:33 AM

  • "A privileged, supremacist outlook" is exactly what Islam does not need. Zakir Naik's claims are offensive and anti-Islamic.

    By Ghulammohiyuddin - 6/23/2016 12:23:21 PM

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