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Radical Islamism and Jihad (22 Apr 2016 NewAgeIslam.Com)

The First Steps toward a Reform of Islam: Muslims should address the violent nature of a certain number of Quranic verses

By Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel

April 20, 2016

During the last few months, bloody attacks perpetrated in the name of Islam have been again at the heart of international issues. What do those tragedies tell us? What are the answers to the questions raised by those growing tensions? In addition to the challenges related to public safety, what could be the eagerly awaited reform of Islam destined to reconcile our communities? In other words, how can we retrieve a cultural Islam without political aims?

There is no miracle solution. Unfortunately, the absence of a clearly identified clergy in the Muslim world (particularly in the Sunni world) does not favour a reform of Islam. To reform this religion, the various representatives of Islam all around the world should cooperate, coordinate their action to find common ground on major issues. It may sound a bit unrealistic, but we should hope that it happens. To be legitimate, the reform of Islam expected by many observers cannot only come from the West: change must be mostly initiated by Muslim people.

It is clear that the vast majority of Muslims have already chosen to live their faith according to the peaceful Surahs of the Quran.

The first point various Muslim representatives should address is the legal nature of Islam in itself. Indeed, Islam comes historically with a legal system named Sharia. Islamic law is contained in the Quran and the Sunna -- numerous texts which can be regarded both as Civil code and Criminal Code by extremists and terrorists. Without a review of its legal nature, it is unlikely that Islam can modernize itself. In a democratic system there cannot be a competition between two separated regimes: the Islamic law and the Common law.

The second point various Muslim representatives should address is the violent nature of a certain number of Quranic verses. Contrary to Surahs revealed in Mecca (610-622), some of the Surahs revealed in Medina (622-632) show a will of power. The reason for this is that Prophet Muhammad has evolved in two different historical contexts in the seventh century in the Arabian Peninsula. If Muhammad was really peaceful in Mecca (610-622), he was more belligerent in Medina (622-632), which explains why a certain number of Quranic Surahs are vindictive.

It is clear that the vast majority of Muslims have already chosen to live their faith according to the peaceful Surahs of the Quran. However, it remains true that the various representatives of Islam may decree that the vindictive Surahs are not intended to be prescriptive. In order to do this, an extensive theological work must be initiated.

Finally, Islam should abandon its legal ambitions. Otherwise, it is in danger of losing its spirituality for the sole benefit of its political aims. Ideally, the various representatives of that religious tradition should also encourage the recovery of a peaceful Islam, which is liberated from political and ideological pressure.

Source: huffingtonpost.ca/jerome-blanchet-gravel/reform-of-islam_b_9729586.html

URL: http://newageislam.com/radical-islamism-and-jihad/jérôme-blanchet-gravel/the-first-steps-toward-a-reform-of-islam--muslims-should-address-the-violent-nature-of-a-certain-number-of-quranic-verses/d/107068


  • @Naseem Ahmed

    قد اتفقت على ما قلت في تعليقك. لقد طرحت سؤالا لازما تكراره عليك حتى تجد من الكاتب جوابا مطمئنا ألفاظه ودلائله.

    أما بالنسبة لي فإن الكاتب وأمثاله لا يهدفون إلا إلى تشويه صورة الإسلام فيبحثون عن عيوب كي يربطوها مع الإسلام وهم يهملون عيوب أنفسهم.  

    By زولا كرم الجزائرية - 4/25/2016 1:13:31 AM

  • Allah says that the Quran is neither changeable nor amendable not even by our Prophet. So please stop reform of Islam. You can reform our un Islamic practices not Quran and its verses. Our Desi Muslims are backward because they recite and make Hifz of Quran without understanding. If we all read the translation of Quran we would be good and knowledgeable Muslims. As for Hadiths so commonly quoted and exploited, this should only be accepted if they are according to Quran as they were never written by our Prophet but by various Imams after a lapse of more than 150 years after the death of our Prophet. They were subject to manipulation and that is why we search for Sahih Hadiths.
    By Syed Sadruddin Hussain - 4/24/2016 2:30:05 PM

  • Referring to America's CIA, FBI, the Pentagon, etc...likewise disregards the evil of communism and other totalitarian forms of governance responsible for the deaths of 100 plus million people in the 20th century.

    Likewise, governments of fragile countries are dictatorial, unjust that the USA has formed alliance to help prevent the spread of communism.

    The South American Marxists are responsible for all the crime and drug trafficking coming into the USA.

    And one has to look at what is happening in Mexico with ancient pagan practices human slaughter and atrocities that are now inserted into drug trafficking, and inserting  Satanism curses into that coming into our country.

    To deny Islam's brutal advance throughout the world, responsible for 270 million deaths since its inception is a witnessed common observation for those who justify Islam and blame it all on other people, especially the USA.

    By Miriam12 - 4/23/2016 11:50:23 AM

  • The Muslims, having emigrated to Medina were being continuously harassed and persecuted, therefore they were given permission in the Quran to fight back.

    22:39 PERMISSION [to fight] is given to those against whom war is being wrongfully waged and, verily, God has indeed the power to succour them -:

    By Mubashir - 4/23/2016 10:44:57 AM

  • Mr. Jerome what about reforms in the violent and brutal nature of policies of Pentagon,CIA,FBI,America & the West ? You think only Islam is violent and all others are good people. As an educated and informed person you and others with should realize that incidents of violence by certain Muslims is the direct result of Illegitimate brutal wars, mass killings of Muslims and occupation of their lands and resources. If you have any level of education and honesty in you you will not overlook and deny this fact.
    By Naseem Ahmed - 4/23/2016 8:57:27 AM

  • Mr.Jerome should read Quran thoroughly with the help of a scholar before forming opinions like these, and how is he entiled to make reforms in Islan & Quran. He should study and concentrate ofBible and the absurdities of Christianity and reform Chistianity and Bible first before finding fault in Quran or Islam which are unrelated to him.
    By Naseem Ahmed - 4/23/2016 8:49:56 AM

  • @Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel 
    you people too must reform your violent nature towards Muslims.

    By Sharik - 4/23/2016 12:22:00 AM

  • Many of the points made by this article are worthy of our attention.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/22/2016 2:40:03 PM

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