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Spiritual Meditations (18 Apr 2016 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Don’t Complain About The Weather: Celebrate Every Season!

By Niggy

18 April 2016

I heard the Koel singing its soulful song early this morning!

I felt it was praising the Lord after munching summer fruits on the tree.

The summer sun displays hope, joy, and long days of work and action!

Look how fast our clothes dry in summer!

With summer come watermelons and oranges and coconuts to quench our thirst!

No need to pop up fizzy drinks and get a big hole made in your pocket!

Autumn is not gloomy, as some people complain!

 It’s the “cooling off” season!

When autumn leaves fall to the ground, it’s like a floating magic carpet flying out from a fairy tale!

The winter’s misty mornings and quiet, dark evenings

Slowing us down to reflect on what we’ve been doing with our lives all the year through.

At times, the chill may make my hands turn blue

But I know it’s not forever, and soon it vanishes without leaving a clue!

The spring brings fresh flowers, a feast for our eyes.

Green, yellow, orange, red, purple blossoms—God’s garden gets the first prize!

Puddles of tea when it rains!

No need to make ‘real’ tea when guests arrive

Just pick up your kettle and fill lots of rain water and serve with fresh mud pies!

Achhoo! Achhoo! Oh dear, sometimes a cold, sometimes a sneeze!

And deliciously cool mud-scented breeze!






All seasons made by God,

All with their own particular beauty,

So, celebrate and thank Him for these many blessings!

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  • chanku thanku Roshan kid that was very nice of  you kid,  to have said so good things about the poem.
    yes very true, me wonders why people run to cold places in summer and warm places in winter. They can enjoy the weather sent by God! No need to spend pennies na!  hoooooheeeee!

    By niggy - 4/20/2016 4:38:42 AM

  • how lovely! thankyou niggy for such a beautiful poem--very apt this summer, when the first thing many people do you when you meet them is to complain about the heat [they would do the same thing about the cold in winter or the dampness during the monsoon!]
    By roshan - 4/20/2016 1:47:58 AM

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