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Southeast Asia

Ex-Jihadist Says Prison Best Place to Recruit New Terrorists

Arab World

War in Syria is not a war between Shia and Sunni: Syrian Refugees

Qaeda recruits enter Syria from safe houses in Turkey


Where Are Muslim Ministers? Community Finds Little Representation in Power

North America

Pakistan still supports terror operations in India: US expert

NYPD Must Ditch Discriminatory Muslim Surveillance for Its Own Good


Caucasian Muslims Board Issues Fatwa on Muharram, Avoid Harming Yourselves with Chains

Stem ethnic extremism by criminalising internet provocations – Russian minister


Osama, Taliban products of western policy: Pak Punjab CM

'Sharif backed ISI operations in Kashmir in 1992': Hussain Haqqani


Death toll in attack on Salafi-held town in Yemen rises to 24

Dozens of Jewish fanatics storm Aqusa to perform rituals


Kenya crackdown on militants troubles Muslims

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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