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The new, revolutionary social contract that Islam gave to Arabia in the 7th century, and which Hussain salvaged, remains the ideal for Muslims to pursue around the world today. Though Muslims may largely continue to be ruled by autocratic regimes, their value system has not been obscured; bogus referendum and votes aside, no one, since the time of Yazid, has managed to get public endorsement of his autocratic rule.

A tyranny, in the form of the erstwhile Taliban rule in Afghanistan, may last awhile, but it must do so without the backing of the people. Closer home, ask the people of Swat who were subjected to repression and coercion by the Pakistani militants until last year, and they will tell you how blessed they feel having seen the back of their tormentors. Tyranny is called tyranny because it goes against the will of those on whom it is imposed; it cannot be justified under any pretext, garb or excuse — be it religious, secular or ideological. -- Murtaza Razvi