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Sultan Shahin is the Founder and Editor of the multi-lingual Islamic website

Born in 1949 in Bihar, Sultan Shahin graduated from Patna University in 1972, and has been a Delhi-based journalist with extensive travelling abroad since then. He has written edit-page articles, opinion pieces, special reports, and columns for major Indian publications such as the Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Asian Age, etc. as well as for international newspapers such as the Asia Times Online, Hong Kong. Throughout his forty years of journalistic experience, Sultan Shahin has acquired expertise in Islamic theology, politics, and culture as well as an empirical knowledge of the impact of religion and ideology over radicalization and radicalism.

NewAgeIslam.com was created in April 2008 and it nowadays welcomes every month more than three million visitors from all over the world. It attempts to engage with the Muslim communities, and encourages open debate to rethink Islam. It fights xenophobia, religious intolerance, and gender inequality in Islamic societies. Its main focus is to combat Jihadi radicalism at an ideological level, answering Salafi-Wahhabi-Jihadi claims of Islam supremacism, aggressive and offensive Jihad, theological dictatorship, etc. point by point. It promotes a progressive interpretation of the Islamic scriptures, and emphasises introspection among Muslims as against the prevalent victimhood mentality. It presents Islam as a spiritual path to salvation that accepts myriad interpretations and fresh thinking to adjust to demands of changing times rather than a political and totalitarian ideology that prohibits evolution of ideas.

Sultan Shahin deploys relentless efforts to expand the outreach of NewAgeIslam.com as he is deeply convinced of the need for introspection by Muslims and the power of the words over the sword!

Sultan Shahin can be contacted at editor@newageislam.com and sultan.shahin@gmail.com.