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Radical Islamism and Jihad
13 Nov 2008, NewAgeIslam.Com
On Televangelist Zakir Naik: Don’t give in to pretenders who condemn Sufi followers as “grave worshippers”, says Sadia Dehlvi
8/8/2013 7:20:46 AM rational mohammed yunus
dear satwa
you are barking on wrong tree. muslim's god is terrific. christian's god is jealous. yours become an animal. 
thank a lot for describing your god. you can send any movie to me. any abuse you can hurl on me. at least you can't disturb me.

8/7/2013 9:16:07 PM satwa gunam
@rational mohamaed

please give bullshit about the tolerance of muslim.  Ass*** starting from kasi to afghanistan tell the true animal which call themselves as muslims.

I read somewhere janwar ko marnekale bhagawan ko be janwar bana paduthata.

To make ass**** like you to understand i have no choice but to rude.

If nothing offends why the hell  muslims were on the roads for the short movie made in egypt by some idiot
8/7/2013 4:21:21 AM Dharama_raj
@Rational Sb,
I bet you, no Islamic scholars match for Mr.Ali sina including here Mohammed Yunus of New age Islam etc. He can easily defeat any one .

8/6/2013 10:09:00 PM rational mohammed yunus
Dear Satwa
You can go to any extent. Let us see what is in your beg.
It seems you failed to comprehend the whole comment. How can I contempt the c*** where I come from!!
100% agree it can be mother, Sister or daughter. Should we be ashamed for it?
The comment is about the Muslim beliefs and their condemnation of Shirk in various form.
This comment was not for you. And there is no hint in it to deride the Hinduism.
I only wonder why are you so upset? I expected it from the Muslims.
May I request you to be specific what actually offended you. Is it I mentioned Hindu Tantrik?

whether my p**** works or not should not be your concern.
P and C are complementary. So no need to go out of mind. I worship neither P nor C. both one day shrink.

8/6/2013 9:35:06 PM rational mohammed yunus
Dear Satwa
What happened? You have inserted so many stars in your comments. It made the comment incomprehensible so it leaves no impression. Learn something from Sadaf  or from me.
There is something common between all believing persons.
First they try to be polite and when it doesn't work jerk in the knees and come to star style comments.

8/6/2013 12:08:17 PM sadaf
Islam is about believing an abstract idea of the existence of God who alone is supreme and no one else is. 

Therefore a person who believes in Islam does not have any expectation from anyone, dead or alive. 

To him, no one has any magical solution to any problem he may be facing and only and only his own efforts and/or collective efforts with others can make few things work. Else nothing will. 

Few other things that cannot be worked out even that way will never work out unless it were to happen someway. For such a situation one has to have patience. 

While if it is unclear whether anything is to happen or not and one needs that to happen, then one should strive for it. 

If things gets done, one should be humble and not be arrogant and start claiming to have done impossible. 

If it is done, it was not impossible and whosoever must have made it possible to happen although with that much of effort by the one who ultimately proved it to be possible should be given the credit for it. Obviously no man, but one supreme power alone is left for credit. 

If something is not done despite all efforts, one should not hurt oneself by accusing self of having not done sufficiently nor should one accuse the one who would have otherwise been given credit of having things got done. It must be taken with a thought that one is not God to be able to do all things or even know whether it was in his best interest to have that thing happened or not. God alone must be having the wisdom to know what was in the best interest. Best interest, but not necessarily of the person asking for himself.

Because the person is not that important at all. His ego has to be zero that way.

All this frees one from anexity, arrogance and from being cheated for beliefs. 

8/6/2013 7:20:14 AM satwa gunam
@rational mohammed 

If i want to be more abusive, you will have taken assistance outside if your p***** does not work.

You get it a*********
8/6/2013 5:24:56 AM satwa gunam
@rational mohammad yunus

If your p****** does not work you will neither have the pleasure of 77 virgins in the heavan nor have children of your own and you will be called 1/2.

Every atom of the world has been created by the divinity with the reason and you can see the god where you want to see if you have attitude.

It is like a girl who can be your mother, sister, daughter and also a prostitute.

Finally you came from the c*** your are looking with contempt.

It show you that you have not idea of what you are talking.

8/6/2013 1:44:16 AM Abdullah
Dear Sadaf: I failed to understand your latest comment. Do you mean all those who kiss Hajr-e-Aswad are Wahabees? It is not meant for the so-called Wahabees only but it is for the followers of the Islam all over the world. Abusing reciprocally is quite common among the sects of Islam, I have observed all around it is happening that the Intellectual Mullahs have practically no belief and faith in Islamic tenets that's why they abuse each and every one and hurt others' sentiments frequently.
8/5/2013 7:05:24 PM rational mohammed yunus
Dair o haram ki bas asliyat itni hai
wahan ling yahan kaaba pujta hai.

Hindoo tantric yoni ki pooja karte hain lekin yeh aam logon ki nazaron se door hoti hai muslamano men lakhon logon ke beech hoti hai bas farq itna hai kiss karte hain.
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