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“The measures to contain it have been taken very early and are very strict. Closing the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah was a very big move, but it was necessary,” she added....


Among 41 established democracies, more than half have slipped over the past decade. As freely elected leaders set aside democratic norms, we’re seeing weaknesses particularly in rule of law, free expression and belief, and the functioning of government....

Poor Hindus will be equally affected, like it happened in Assam. They are going to be equally excluded and targeted and they all will stop working. They will all be searching for documents; they will be bribing people to get documents....


I, for example, set up a school and I must say the amount of encouragement that I got was phenomenal. There are 5,000 children studying in it and 40% of them are girls. I have never felt any communal discrepancy. Secularism is still alive in Kashmir....


Before the 1980s, Kashmir was a model of peaceful coexistence. Kashmiri Pandits had 25% to 30% government jobs in the system. Successive PMs of India were Pandits. They were not just Pandits but they identified themselves very closely with Kashmir, particularly Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi....


Over the weekend, Iran vowed major retaliation for Suleimani’s death, which led the United States to suspend diplomatic and military operations in Iraq. On Sunday, the U.S.-led coalition announced that it was at least temporarily halting operations against Isis....


...the Muslims in India should be like the Franciscans, who, with deep commitment, declared their convictions from the housetops rather than remaining reclusive and withdrawn from public life. That’s what Muslims should do, while eschewing violence....

You mentioned how youth activism has risen in the last decade, and what has given me hope is that the last decade was a decade of youth activism, but the next one is going to be about youth change-making, and that's what gives me hope. ...

Mosques have been reduced to a male monopoly. It stems both from lack of understanding of Islamic principles and well-entrenched patriarchal forces. Indian men forget that when the Azaan (prayer call) is pronounced from mosque, both men and women are invited...

Our desires are unlimited, but our capacity is limited. Due to our limitations, we cannot fulfil all our desires. So, it is realistic to control our desires. ...


We must realise our duty and not try to traverse in the opposite direction as had happened in 1986 in the Shah Bano case...

I think that I can be a good role model for lost kids. A lot of teenagers in the West, having an identity crisis and mental breakdown, turn to a coping mechanism through drugs or religion or something else....


From the theological point of view, we worship the same God. The Quran clearly says so.  I could cite innumerable passages from the Quran which speaks of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Jesus. You are not a perfect Muslim if you do not worship all these prophets.  …

Coming on the heels of the horrific bombings of Christian churches in Sri Lanka, for which ISIS has taken credit, there’s no doubt that losing their geographical foothold in Syria and Iraq was no death blow to the insurgents or their murderous interpretation of Islam….


But by his recent decision to recognise Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, President Trump has made it exceedingly difficult to obtain backing for the plan, however sound it may be. ...


No one really knows, but some of the ISIS operatives that were caught fleeing ISIS’s last territory in Syria were carrying huge amounts of cash, like $20,000. There are also reports that ISIS has invested some of its cash in local businesses...


The Pakistan military has stopped even pretending that elected civilians run the country’s affairs. ‘The military and the civilian government are on one page’ is the new mantra in Pakistan. All it means is that the civilian veneer has become thinner than before....


Pakistan’s version of Islam is somewhat sophisticated because it is amended to fit the narrative of the government and to justify all of its wrongdoings. It is heavily influenced by militant ideologies and false prophecies of conquering the entire Indian subcontinent....


There is only one Islam, but we believe it is a flexible religion that interacts with each environment, with each age, provided that we understand Islam properly and exercise the laws of Ijtihad in terms of free interpretation and free understanding....

Parenting the Spiritual Way
Sheima Salam Sumer

This life is like one day, while the next life is eternal. Discussing the purpose of life is a parent’s most important job. True success is to gain God’s approval. But I don’t think many parents discuss this issue with their children because they only focus on this world....


n a path breaking message for the World Day of Peace 2019, Pope Francis writes, “Everyone can contribute his or her stone to help build the common home. ...


Additionally, a nuclear war would dramatically lower temperatures, possibly throwing the planet into a new Ice Age.  The effects of a nuclear war on agriculture would be very marked.  Atmospheric scientists tell us that even a “small” nuclear war between India and Pakistan in which each side used 50 nuclear weapons on the other side’s cities would put enough soot into the stratosphere to block warming sunlight, shorten growing seasons, and cause mass starvation leading to some two billion human deaths.  A major nuclear war would produce even more severe effects, including the possibility of destroying most complex life on the planet....

The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims, the relationship of Muslims with the state, and Muslims’ relationship to the prevailing legal system wherever they live … Within the classical tradition, the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims is assumed to be one of segregation and enmity....

More Russian Horror against Muslims
Daniel Pipes
More Russian Horror against Muslims
Daniel Pipes

Do you think the issues raised about Trump's connections to Russia should concern NATO?

Yes, especially as we do not know the full extent of those connections. What Trump may be hiding presents problems to both the American public and to NATO allies. By the way, if the Democrats win one or both houses of Congress in November 2018, they will likely release Trump's tax returns, which will provide some insight into this topic...


It should not be absolutely impossible to discern the calling of God, for it makes no sense that God calls us and yet would give us no clue to this calling! The providential turnings in our life, as long as we are on a sincere search for our individual vocation, will tell us about what God wants from us. This includes the voice of our conscience, inspirations from reading Holy Scriptures and the lives of holy persons and the messages of our life experiences and encounters with certain persons and events. Listening to the voice of God in the spirit of prayer and meditation is very helpful in this regard....

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