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Islam, Women and Feminism

• Medical ‘Wonder Women’ Of Egypt Making A Difference in The Region’s Fight On Coronavirus

• Meet Saudi Arabia's Female Heroes Of Artificial Intelligence

• Renowned Social Activist and Founder of India International Women’s Alliance Appeals to Muslim Women to Revive This Sunnah

• Saudi Cleric, An Adviser At The Saudi Royal Court, Tells Women They CAN Refuse Sex With Husbands During Coronavirus Outbreak

• Amani Al-Khatahtbe, Founder of Muslim Girl, Announces She’s Running for Congress

• Qatar- Female volunteers join inspection campaign of MME on food outlets

• 15 Tablighi Jamaat Members Including 5 Indonesian Women Clerics Held

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• How Israel’s First Hijab-Wearing MK Plans to Fight for Arab Women

• Saudis Star in Women-Powered Rap Video for Benefit Cosmetics Middle East

• Saudi Female Artists Debut in Pakistan Exhibition

• Egyptian Artist Amina Salem Celebrates ‘Powerful, Confident Women’ In Latest Exhibition

• Japan Supporting Women and Girls in Iraq

• Malaysia Government Tells Women Not To Nag Husbands Amid Coronvirus Lockdown

• British Muslim Nurse Dies After Contracting Coronavirus

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• Afghan Daughter Denied Education in Chiba Because Of Short Skirts

• Pakistan Mosque Opens Doors to Women After 23 Years

• Coronavirus: Fourteen Women Murdered in Turkish Homes Since Lockdown

• Why More Indonesian Teens Are Giving Up Dating

• Canadian Woman Lured to Become ISIS Nurse Via The Internet

• Tunisia: Homage to First Woman Gynecologist in Arab World

• When Muslim Women Became My Savior

• Arab Women Trapped Between the Virus and Domestic Abuse

• Coronavirus Fuels Domestic Violence in The Middle East

• Panama Specifies Separate Days for Men, Women to Go Out Amid Lockdown

• Behind Pakistani Feminists’ Fight for Rights

• The UN Special Envoy For Yemen Consults With The Yemeni Women’s Technical Advisory Group

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• The First Saudi Female Filmmaker Talks About 'Going Her Own Way'

• A Female Saudi Doctor Tries to Heal Divisions in The Perfect Candidate

• Iran’s Women’s Football Team 70th In FIFA Rankings

• Turkey Neutralizes Top Woman Terrorist Of PKK/KCK

• Racist Coughed in Muslim Woman’s Face and Told Her He Had Covid-19 In UK

• Pakistan Government Urged to Do More for Female Drug Addicts

• AWS Webinar Brings Together Regional Women Leaders

• Sex Offenders May Walk As Lawmakers Mull Releasing One In Three Turkish Prisoners

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• U.S. Embassy Reacts to Death of Senior Female Afghan Intelligence Official in Kabul

• 'A Big Wake-Up Call': Survey Shows Work Still to Be Done on Women's Sexual Rights

• A Global Day of Action! International Working Women’s Day

• How To Close The Inequality Wealth Gap According To 5 Black Women In Finance?

• How ‘Unorthodox’ Captured One Woman’s Flight from Hasidic Brooklyn

• Why the Women’s Ministry Needs A Spanking

• Malaysian Ministry Tells Women to Stop Nagging and Wear Makeup During Lockdown

• Strained Hospitals and Isolation: How Coronavirus Made Giving Birth Even Harder

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Police fixate on identifying a breach of quarantine measures and are allocating few resources for those whose homes are not safe enough to be quarantined in – where women and children are trapped at home with their abusers….


• Bangladesh Women Storytellers Lift Virus-Hit Dhaka’s Gloom

• 'Stop Nagging, Use Makeup': Malaysia Coronavirus Advice To Women

• Awal Women Society, Bahrain, Webinar Brings Together Regional Women Leaders

Coronavirus: I'm In Lockdown with My Abuser

• Vintage Photos Show How the Role of Women in The Workforce Has Evolved in The Last 100 Years

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• Low-Paid Women in UK At ‘High Risk Of Coronavirus Exposure’

• Carolina Women in Business Strives to Achieve Gender Equality In The Professional World

• Coronavirus Outbreak: Three Women Create Panic After Deliberately Coughing on Streets in UK

• How The Women Of Orange County Stepped Up To Respond To WWI And The Spanish Flu

• How These Female Entrepreneurs Are Using Technology to Thrive Amidst COVID-19

• Taiwan: The Liberal Democracy Where Adultery Remains A Crime

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• Microsoft Arabia’s ‘DigiGirlz 2020’ To Train Women in Information and Communications Technology

• Muslim Women Find Application for the 'Mehfil', Religious Meet, to Mark the Birth • Anniversary of Imam Husain, During the Lockdown

• Saudis Star in Women-Powered Rap Video for Benefit Cosmetics Middle East

• Elderly woman becomes New Zealand’s first coronavirus death

• Coronavirus: Canada PM Trudeau’s wife recovers from COVID-19

Nora Illi - Late Rights, Freedom Activist In Europe
Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


•What The Burqa And The Bindi (And The Hijab) Stand For In Our Books, And In Our Current Lives

•Fears Of Domestic Violence Rise As Millions Confined Over Virus

•Despite Hurdles, Women Aim To Participate In Labour Force

•What the Fashion Industry's Embrace of Modest Clothing Means to Me As a Muslim Woman

•How Shaheen Bagh Protestors Got Tacit Support From the Judiciary

•10 Muslim-Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know

•Shaheen Bagh Protests: 'Muslim Women Don't Need Saviours, They Were Saviours of the Idea of India'

•Don't Underestimate The Power Of The Muslim Woman

•Women’s Activism In Pakistan: Limits On Freedom Of Choice, Speech, And Visibility In The Public Sphere

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“In addition to targeting Muslims, these citizenship initiatives are a mechanism for persecuting poor landless peasants and migratory workers as well. There are several hundred million people in India, who as migrant workers — especially Dalits [previously known as ‘untouchables’] and Indigenous — have no documents and [would] become ‘illegal’ and ‘stateless.’ ….


Hajrah Begum: The Communist Leader We All Should Know

Women, Girls, Health Workers Must Not Be Overlooked in Global COVID-19 Response

Women Change The World: NASA Astronaut Christina Koch On What It's Like Being A Woman In Space

Asma Elbadawi: The Sudanese Who Lobbied The Basketball Association To Remove A Ban On Hijabs

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

Consider, for instance, how Morocco's rural women in an effort to access land from conservative tribal authorities, formed action committees called Sulaliyyates. These challenged tribal authorities and women's subordination at home and at work....

Afghan Women on the US-Taliban Peace Deal: We Refuse to Be Symbols

Amid Lockdown and Coronavirus Scare, Burqa Sale Sees Boost in Odisha

2 Arab Women Stand Trial for Forging Certificates with Ministry Logo In UAE

Why You Need to Be Following Arab Girl with Sign

Pilibhit Woman's Contact Takes Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Tally To 38

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


The peaceful, born-again movement, named Hijrah after the Prophet Muhammad’s seventh-century exodus to the city of Medina, is propelled today by social media, where popular actors, actresses and other celebrities post about joining Quran study groups and becoming more religious in their daily lives….


45-Year-Old Woman Dies from Coronavirus in West of Afghanistan

U.S. Urges Afghan Authorities to Fully Investigate the Attack on Female Mayor Zarifa Ghafari

UK Abortion Law Briefly Changes During Covid-19 Outbreak

Outrage in South Korea Over Telegram Sexual Abuse Ring Blackmailing Women and Girls

March Is Women’s History Month: Young Women Are Leaders of The Future

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Ironically their grandmothers were luckier than some of their Western peers. The secular civil code of 1926, introduced as part of Atatürk's reforms, gave Turkish women civil rights equal to that of men….

• COVID-19: Muslim Women in Dallas Banned from Mosques: Told Their Gender Is Itself A Health Risk

• Women’s Beauty Salons Raided by Yemen's Houthis

• Iranian Women’s Sitting Volleyball Looking To Secure Place At Paralympic Games: Coach

• Sports for All Federation Honours Female Saudi Athletes

• High Time to Unlock Women’s Value In Business

• Saudi Arabia-Returned Woman Tests Positive Of Coronavirus In UP

• Celebrating Women Change-Makers All Over the World, Cartier To Honora Women At Expo 2020 Dubai

• The Taliban Doesn’t Care About Women’s Rights and Neither Does the Afghan Government

• Banat Masr: New All-Women Project To See Light In Egypt

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• Dialogue Sessions of Women 20 Empower Saudi Women

• Retired Cop, Another Arrested For `Assaulting' Protester Woman at Anti-CAA Protest In Nagpada, Mumbai

• Women Call off Anti-CAA Protest at Clock Tower in Lucknow Temporarily In view Of the Corona Virus Scare

• Pakistani Islamists Accused Of Defacing Pro-Woman Mural

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Petrol Bomb Thrown at Shaheen Bagh Protest Site, No Injuries

Women to Continue Sit-In at Shaheen Bagh; Four-Hour Shifts Planned

New York Couple Wed In Marriage Officiated from Friend's Window During COVID-19 Outbreak

Afghanistan- Daikundi women drug addicts want treatment

Egyptian Salafists In Uproar Over Bill Restricting Polygamy, Underage Marriages

What Pregnant Women Need To Know During Pandemic

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Some protesting women were injured but the event created the sort of repercussions they wanted. They wanted their right to come out from the tyranny of men, especially regarding their bodies….

• Women Make Their Presence Felt In New Lebanon Cabinet

• UK Official: Saudi Women's Progress 'Striking' and 'Strong'

• Christian Woman Can't Marry Because Identification Card Wrongly States She's Muslim

• It’s Time NP Ashley Stops Saving the Muslim Women

• Police Violence on Women Protesters at Lucknow’s Ghanta Ghar Leaves Three Critical

• Jinwar, the Middle East's First Feminist Commune For Arab, Kurdish, And Yazidi Victims Of Islamic State

• One Woman’s Dream Fuelled Gilgit Baltistan’s Flower Industry

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• Muslim Women and Children Racially Abused At Christchurch Shop

• Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan Promoted through Films

• Egypt Detains Women Who Called for Prisoner Release amid Coronavirus, Lawyer Says

• How Women Are Leading the Way In North-East Delhi

• 103-Year-Old Iran Woman Survives Coronavirus: Report

• Yemen: Women Revive Country's Oldest Factory to Sew Face Masks

• Turkey’s TIKA Empowers Women In Afghanistan

• Saudi Arabia Is Not Offside On Gender Equality

• Why Educated Women Are Out Of the Mainstream Workforce in Pakistan

• From Victims to Superwomen: Honouring Female Strength in Afghanistan

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• Abeer Hosts First Women’s Cricket Match in Jeddah

• Meet Kabul’s Fleet of First All-Women Fast Food-Sellers

• Forbes Top 100: Meet the Six Arab Women Topping the Tech Game

• Women Revive Old Yemeni Factory to Produce Facemasks

• Arab Women Aren’t Just into Design and Fashion, They're Dominating STEM

• STC Signs Women’s Empowerment Principles of UN

• Saudi Women's Driving Activist On Trial Almost 2 Years after Ban Was Lifted

• Coronavirus: Egypt Releases Four Women Who Held A Protest Demanding Release Of Prisoners

• The Malala Yousafzai Scholarship Act

• Afghan Women Appeal to Pompeo to Monitor Taliban's Treatment Of Women

• Women-Run Businesses Squeezed by Iran’s Coronavirus Crisis

• Syrian Army Accused of Targeting Older Women

• Study: 33pc Malaysian Women Hold Senior Leadership Roles In Country, Higher Than Global Average

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


However, there is no regret because they have achieved what the seasoned politicians and opportunist, YouTube-mullahs could not. They have awakened the collective conscience of Indian people, they have ignited the fire of protests across the country, and they were instrumental in the formation of Dalit Muslim alliance which will have wide political and social ramifications in the country. They have won….

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