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“There is no day in which the servant rise in the morning except that two angels descend; one of them says, ‘O Allah! Compensate the one who spends.’ The other angel says, ‘O Allah! Destroy the wealth of the one who is stingy.’” …


Allāh created the Heavens and the Earth and based their creation on the Sunan (laws) that govern their existence. Gravity is an example of such a law. If the Earth’s gravitational pull fluctuated and was irregular, the Earth would not be habitable....

The imams believe the refusal to close the mosques exposes an allegiance to certain foreign scholars not heeding the calls, and in the process endangering Canadian lives. "We hate to see mosques shuttered, but our religion teaches us that we have an obligation to save lives and preserve people's health,"…


It may be surprise to many that the Prophet preached the idea of quarantine almost 1,400 years ago when he said, “no person who is afflicted with a communicable disease should be brought near the healthy.” He also said, “If you learn of a city with a contagious affliction, do not enter it; if you are in it, do not leave it [to prevent spreading the disease].” The Prophet also advised people to keep away from those with infectious diseases….


Before we venture into a new territory, we must pass through the entrance. The gateway has to be known, otherwise our excursion is not possible. Many try knocking on doors, but to their dismay discover that the doors are not opened....


We live in a time when everyone has a story of sorrow to narrate; stories of doors that have closed after they were open, or doors that simply will not open in their lives. Never have we been more in need of a particular name of Allāh that rekindles the flame of hope within the hearts of those who were on the verge of despair....

 Patience is one of the most emphatic moral and spiritual values taught by Islam. This is the value that each practicing Muslim should affirm in his life. The greater he is patient in hours of affliction, the better blessings he shall achieve….

Arrogance is the most despised attribute in the opinion of Islam, because the essence of its teachings delves upon utmost humility among mankind. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is quoted on pride; “The one who possesses half of mustard seed of Kibr in his heart shall not be granted admission to Jannah...


Only 80 of the 6,666 verses in the Quran are directly concerned with legal matters and even these are addressed through an ethical lens....


It’s only a true believer who will understand and know without a doubt that Allah alone is the One who Bestows help and protection and the One Who Withholds, and He alone is the Remover of Harm and Affliction....


Therefore today we need to follow and promote teachings of human-respect so that the doubts and hatred towards Islam can be removed from the people and all people become closer to appreciate values of humanity....

Yes, your patience will be tested. Your character will be tested with gain and loss in wealth, health, power and authority, and knowledge. If these tests are frequent, know that it is for your own good....


At the heart of most things we later regret – whether it’s the killing of innocent people, insults that can never be taken back, a divorce that breaks apart a family, giving up on Du’a, giving up advocating Islām, or earning from an impermissible source of income – is haste...

My Dastegeer: Ghaus ul Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA)
My Dastegeer: Ghaus ul Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA)
Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikandar, New Age Islam

These all Sufis, Rishis and their shrines are revered because they served the cause of Islam and humanity with dedication and selfless love. They served the masses without any distinction based on colour, creed, sex, region or religion. Most of them during their lifetime never sought any favor from the rulers of their times and even resisted their attempts of atrocities and ill treatment against the poor folks....

The same applies during war. If a prisoner is captured by the enemy and perhaps asked how many soldiers are with his army, he can lie about the number in order to protect his own fighters. As for reconciling people, this type of lying is not meant to inflict harm but rather to be beneficial....


It must be remembered that Dua can only be made to Allah SWT; Dua to anyone else is pure shirk, which is neither forgivable nor pardonable. Therefore, Dua must exemplify in itself, utmost humility and the subservience of the one making the Dua....


Dua is the essence of worship. It therefore follows that Dua is the noblest and greatest form of worship. It emerges from the inner depths of the heart, an impelling yearning and a silent yell, seeking Allah’s good pleasure. Dua is complete and full submission to the Creator…


Many people only focus on the fear of God, when we should balance fear with hope in God’s mercy and goodness. God encourages us to think positively about Him….


Many believers, however, still try to find proofs of God’s existence and use these proofs to convince nonbelievers. Many, particularly in the West, have misconceptions about how Muslims view God....


It is important to note that not only will we be judged on the basis of whether we fulfilled our duties towards God, but also whether we fulfilled our duties towards our fellow men, or Haqooqul-Ibaad as they are called....

Social Responsibility in Islam
Kaniz Fatma, New Age Islam

Social responsibility is accorded the highest importance in Islam. Its scope extends to all of humanity, Muslims and non-Muslims alike...

Among all the nine days of fasting, the ninth day holds prime importance and all the bounties and rewards are double for fasting on this particular day. It is also to show solidarity with the pilgrims and to prepare for the upcoming festivities of Eid ul Azha....


The Muslim must understand the value of his life, increase his worship of Allah and persist in doing good deeds until the moment of death...


Sūrah al-Tahrīm, ‘The Prohibition’, is a Medinan Sūrah comprised of 12 verses, with an underlying theme of Tarbiya Al-Awlād: family relationships and how to nurture them. Sūrah al-Talāq and Sūrah al-Tahrīm, which appear side by side in the Qur’ān, both start with the words “Yā Ayuha Al-Nabi” (O Prophet), directly addressing the Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) and discuss how family can become a trial for us for two opposite reasons....


Allāh (Subhanahu wa Taalā), through His Great Majesty, created mankind knowing they would commit sins. Does this mean we were doomed from the onset? Or, is it possible to have hope in al-Raḥmān? Or, even more miraculously, can a sinner be honoured through an act which is carried out after a person falls into sin?...


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