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Islam and the West

Amidst the global media’s relentless news coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic, a number of media outlets have emerged with questionable output, seemingly making implicit and explicit connections between the spread of the virus and individuals who are visibly Muslim....


Iranians – along with other nations of the world – will hopefully overcome this global crisis in coming months. But the Iranians will remember for centuries to come the silence and indifference they felt in these tough times....


To perform these rites for another is a great honour. The responsibility is even greater. You might see something during the ritual - a bruise, a cut, a wound. But injuries written on the body are never to be spoken about. "You talk only about the good you see in a dead body," is practically the first thing he says about the death rituals. "It is unethical to share anything else….,


If the principles of laicite guarantee all individuals the right to freedom of religion, so long as public order is not disrupted, and if its requirements do not apply to private citizens but only to civil servants, who are expected to stay neutral with respect to religion, then why haven’t laws such as the 2004 ban prohibiting students from wearing conspicuous religious symbols (read: Islamic headscarves) been repealed?...

With his declaration of war against so-called ‘Islamist separatism’ in February, French President Emmanuel Macron appeared to usher in a new phase in his country’s relationship with its Muslim communities….

Indeed, women’s contributions throughout history are consistently forgotten – often lost so the past becomes “his story”. I hope my new research will play a part in changing this....

Although based in Pakistan from 1981 onward, Azzam crossed the Atlantic at least once a year, and by the end of the decade had visited New York, Texas, California, Seattle, and several other states in between. The message was always the same: Muslims in America should fight in Afghanistan, or at least donate money to the jihad….


On Friday, France's Health Minister Olivier Veran said it's best that people refrain from handshaking to prevent further spread of the coronavirus as the number of cases in the country reached 57 that day….


Despite recognizing the “beauty of Arabic” and describing the language as “poetic,” Zemmour said that Arabic cannot be a language of science, because it has “an indestructible bond” with Islam, and the religion opposes all scientific thinking….


The veil’s persistent presence in the western imagination can be explained as a visible difference - a sign of Islam’s growing presence in the West - that invokes expressions of hostility, such as calls to ban the veil or attacks on Muslim women by members of the public...

Without the make-believe prior vetting, however, something similar has been seriously mooted in the protracted discussion on how — if at all — Macron should presume to shape a religion that is not his....


Apart from its many other faults and its overall one-sidedness, and despite its authors' claims to the contrary, the US plan for Israel-Palestine, unveiled at the end of January, proposes perilous changes to the historical status quo at Jerusalem's Holy Esplanade....


Muslim citizens in France are not the problem — the extremists are. The same applies to the wider population of the country; there are extremist, hostile racist groups in other sections of French society...


Enough time has passed to read and digest all 180-plus pages of what the US government calls “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People”....


More significant perhaps is the fact that Trump’s plan was condemned by 107 Democrats in the US Congress, who warned that “the plan threatens to renew violence in Israel and the occupied territories, as well as the peace treaties between Israel and Jordan and Egypt...


Each time, the outrage over a piece of clothing worn by some Muslim women spiralled into a near existentialist debate in France: Did these women’s dress code breach with the principle of secularism at the heart of the French state?...


The 2016 Republican presidential primaries were a living nightmare for Muslim Americans. From start to finish, GOP candidates fell over one another to fan the flames of anti-Muslim bigotry, anti-Arab racism, and Islamophobic hysteria. ...

But the announcement last month that the German government was formulating a legal framework for the opening of three Turkish schools in the country provoked a minor political firestorm and a lot of cultural soul-searching....

One of the world's great religions, Christianity, split into Catholic and Protestant in the 16th century. Now Islam is having to contend with a sharpening split between Sunni and Shia....


Proposing that 350,000 Palestinian Arabs who live in the Galilee Triangle in northern Israel be stripped of their Israeli citizenship and moved into a Palestine state through a land swap. The ugly truth is that many would prefer to be second-class citizens inside Israel than live in the uncertainty of the proposed Palestinian state....


"Bluntly, how would you feel if you were told to keep track of known terrorists who have been released from prison to satisfy the politically correct assumptions of our justice system?"...

The plan effectively gave US endorsement to Israel’s maximalist position on the lines of the 1967 war. It bestows not only complete control but also comprehensive annexation of the Jordan Valley, integrating all of the settlement blocs of the West Bank, and all part of Jerusalem to Israel...

The Assad regime and its Russian allies are brutally attacking Idlib province in Syria, but the world has abandoned the Syrian people....

Tragically, the Arab world - and particularly the Gulf States - could credibly resist both Iranian imperialism and Zionist aggression if these regimes were willing to abandon autocracy and to empower their own people....


To begin, any plan that carves up the West Bank into siloed political spaces, walls and roads — driven by a Trump-Kushner desire to embrace the “reality” of where Jewish settlers have haphazardly settled around the West Bank — makes no sense to me....


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