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By Maulana Arshadul Qadri


If we deeply study, the destructive conspiracies of the enemies of Islam, then many such associations will surface, whose genealogy will be traced to the corrupt mentality of some Anti-Islamic force.

For example, take the case of the Qadiani Jamaat of India. This is an accepted fact that the creation of this Jamaat was due to the benevolence of British Imperialism. As the Founder of the Qadiani Jamaat, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani has confessed: "I cannot execute my task successfully, in Mecca or in Medina, or in Rome or Syria, or in Iran or Kabul, but under the protection of this Government (British Government), for whose progress and prosperity I pray to God."(Tableeghi Risalat, pp/69 Book)

Elsewhere he writes: "Unconsciously this thought comes to mind that as a mark of service and obedience to the Government I have written many books and published them. As a result of which people call me an Infidel. This Government is not aware of the services we are rendering day and night. I believe that one day His Majesty’s Government will surely recognise my services".(Tableeghi Risalat, pp/28)

In the light of these confessing statements there remains no doubt about the Qadiani Jamaat that it made progress under the direction of the British Government. But look at the audacity of the enemy, after laying the foundation he moved from amidst and this Jamaat emerged as a religious body covering itself with the Gown of Islam, and by making progress now it has became ‘The Greatest Tableeghi Jamaat in the World’ as the weekly ‘Hamari Zaban’ from Aligarh writes: "In the present Era, the example of systematic preaching which the Ahmadi Jamaat (Qadiani Jamaat) has established is astonishing. Through their literature, Mosques and Madaris (Religious Schools) these people have established their efforts in far off places like America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, on account of which the non-Muslim Associations are perturbed. Alas other people may take lesson from their example."(Hamari Zaban, 24th December 1958)


Reading these incidents you could ask that in the name of preaching Islam how did the English people benefit, if it is true they created a new "Islamic" body. My reply is that the benefit of the enemy is not small, if a new door is opened, creating religious differences between Muslims, which will scatter the collective energies of Islamic Society.


This was the first front of English men to break the religious unity of the Muslims, which proved very successful. Because the Qadiani Jamaat, on account of its open distinction and stirring name and sign could not become popular among the local Muslims, therefore the English felt the necessity for such an association whose sponsors may be experts in the art of entering among Muslims and sowing the seeds of discord, so that the Muslims are ever involved in religious in-fighting.

Therefore the English Government provided monetary aid to Maulana llyas, in order to achieve this objective. Maulana Hifzur Rahman, secretary Jamiat Ulema-e-Deoband in one of his lectures given in Calcutta, and later printed by the Deobandis as a Book, states: "In this connection Maulana Hifzur Rahman said that Maulana Ilyas’s Tableeghi Jamaat was getting some monetary aid primarily from the government through Haji Rashid Ahmad, and then after sometime it stopped". (Mukalamatus Sadrain, pp/8, Published at Deoband)

Shocking isn’t it? Can you imagine the British Government helping the cause of Islam? No Sir, this Jamaat was created by the British to create discord among Muslims, which it certainly did throughout the world. Do you note the disunity among the Muslims? Who split this once united Ummah? None other than the Tableeghis and Deobandi/ Wahabis!


After laying down the foundations of the Tableeghi Jamaat in the Name of Islam, and in order to work out decided objectives, they felt the necessity of inflammatory literature, which will infuse into the minds of people, division and corrupt faith that will create different groups among Muslims, which will never unite!

Therefore to accomplish this work the writing services of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi were acquired, as Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani has stated in "Makalamatus Sadrain". He said, addressing Maulana Hifzur Rahman in the same function at Calcutta: "Please see, Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi was our acclaimed dignitary, in this connection we heard some people saying that he was being given an allowance of Six Hundred Rupees per month, by the British."(Makalamatus Sadrain, pp/11, Published at Deoband)

Surely the British Government was not his disciple (Mureed) for it to forward this amount as Nazrana (Gift) for the Pir. Moreover, Nazarenes are presented occasionally; monthly payment means that it was the remuneration for services rendered! The burning question is, how did the British establish a link with Maulana Thanvi, and how did he end up on the British payroll?

Read what is below and the secret will be exposed entirely. There was a brother of Thanvi Sahib bearing the name of Masher Ali, who was a salaried officer in the C.I.D. Department of the British Government. People say that in all those matters he was the connecting link between the British Government and the Ulema of Deoband.

As Maulana Hussain Ahmad Sahib has written in this letter: "The brother of Maulana Thanvi Maroon remained a senior officer in the C.I.D Department till his last day. His name was Masher Ali. Whatever he may have done is not surprising." (Maktoobat-e-Shaikhul Islam, Book ii, pp/299)


There is a false publicity of the piety of Thanvi Sahib in his own Jamaat, on this basis there maybe someone ready to falsify Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani and Maulana Husain Ahmad too.

In the previous pages I have pointed out that at one time Thanvi Sahib was a teacher (Muddaris) in Madrassah-e-Jame-ul-Uloom, Kanpur. In those days the environment of Kanpur was such that people were immersed in the love of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), therefore the meetings and assemblies of Milad were taking place everywhere. Hence because of the pressure of circumstances, Thanvi Sahib for a long time used to observe the ceremonies of Milad and Qayam against his faith. When some dignitaries of Deobandi Jamaat chastised him for it, he replied: "There I had to comply with the ceremony of Qayam (standing) during Milad meetings. I had to agree because I live there and because of monetary benefits and due to the fact that I get a salary from the Madressa."(Saif Yamani, edited by Maulvi Manzoor Nomani, pp/24) (Maulana Nomani is a leading Deoband Molvi)

I call every religious-minded Muslim to think carefully and decide without prejudice. Should this be the character of a ‘pious leader’, must he trample his faith for economic reasons?

Had Thanvi Sahib loved his religion, he would have migrated because the land of Allah is very wide. He could have earned his livelihood without sacrificing his religious convictions. But if the emphasis is on money, then faith is no more important. Maulana Thanvi sold himself over to the British, as Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani has reported it.

Now see another side of Thanvi Sahib’s mind. The habit of selling and buying had made his conscience so daring and habitual that during his last days, he began talking about purchasing the conscience of others. Therefore, it has been quoted that surprisingly he used to express his desire to buy off a few influential personalities: "If I had the sum of Ten Thousand Rupees I would alot briberies to all of them and then automatically they will become Wahabis."(Al-Ifadat Al Yuma, Book iii, pp/67)

Allah Forbid! Notice his great love for ‘Wahabism’ that he had been thinking wishfully to make every Muslim a Wahabi.


You have read earlier in this book that the English Government got the services of Maulana Ilyas and Maulana Thanvi to ‘petrol bomb’ the religious infra-structure of Muslims by establishing the Tableeghi Movement. Now observe the mutual relationship of two common agents of a single master, so that you may understand the nature of work and the background of the disruptive conspiracies easily. Firstly read this Eulogy by Maulana Ilyas in favour of Thanvi Sahib: "Hazrat Maulana Thanvi has performed a great job, hence I intend to spread his teachings through my methods of propagation and preaching, so that his teaching may become popular in public."(Malfeasant-e-Ilyas, pp/.57)

Similarly Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf writes in his letter: "Whenever the Missionary Association (Tableeghi Jamaat) reached Hazrat Thanvi Sahib, he always invited them, made dual for them and even deviated from his principle. He used to say: ‘Ilyas has turned despondency into hope.’"(Chashma-e-Aftab, pp/ 14)

Now as far as the question of creating a civil war among Muslims and communal riots, through the teachings of Thanvi Sahib and his published books, are concerned (and which was the aim of the British Government), certain samples of that have been presented in the previous pages. After reading them you must have felt he has very honestly performed his duties against a renumeration of Six Hundred Rupees. This patriotism to the British is common to both Ilyas and Thanvi. One has prepared disruptive literature, and the other, invented an alluring method of Tabling.

At the close of this discussion I want to say one thing explicitly that whatever I have written about Maulana Thanvi and Maulana Ilyas is not a charge but a historical fact, and the reporters of these incidents are their own followers and fellow Maulanas. Up to now, if its inhabitants had not revealed the secret of the house, we could not have received even the slightest inclination. Therefore it is quite clear that the secret behind the stories of preaching’s and teachings of these gentlemen is out!

Instead of imparting the sincere Islamic Spirit, there was the aim of disruption by the English and also that there Leaders drew remuneration from them.


Till now you have read the story of the conspiracies of the Tableeghi Jamaat with foreign adversaries, now listen to the story of the illicit relationship between the Tableeghi Jamaat and the Communalist Parties of India. (These parties are behind causing Hindu/Muslim Riots in India, since 1947. There has been not a single Hindu/Muslim Riot in Pakistan.)

In the Province of Bihar there is a town named Batia. There, a World Conference of the Tableeghi Jamaat was held in the year 1968. Writing the details of this Conference, a Deobandi Newspaper of Kanpur published a highly sensational piece of news. I am sure that by reading this, 200 million Muslims of India and Pakistan must have been stunned. In this news this top-secret was disclosed by a dissident and inexperienced member of the Tableeghi Jamaat. Jan Sanghi and Mahasabhaite Hindus managed the Tableeghi Jamaat Conference held in Batia. The actual script of news is given below: "Who were the Managers? They were non-Muslims, having the mentality of JanSangh and Maha Sabha. And the people for whom these arrangements were conducted were Muslims."(Pavam-e-Milat Kanpur, 15th February 1968, pp/5)

In the second paragraph a picture is drawn about the mysterious and deep relations of the Tableeghi Jamaat and Jan Sanghis in these words: "Someone runs to fan the air with Morchhal, and somebody is preparing a tank for Wudu (Ablution). Some are surpassing others in establishing ration-shops, arranging a large quantity of sugar, making special and high-class arrangements for food. Some are trying to entrust themselves to make comfortable arrangement for these ascetics (Rish and Munis) who have left their homes for the sake of Allah and who have traded this world for the hereafter."(Payam-e-Milat, Kanpur, 15th February 1968, pp/5)

We wish to inform our readers with disgust and contempt that the dates of this Conference at Batia, coincided with the dates of the Hindu-Muslim Riots at Sur Sand, where the Muslim population was killed most brutally by Jan Sanghis and the Hindu Maha Sabhaites in every street and lane. Yet these very Jan Sanghis and Hindu Maha Sabhaites are the right hand men of the Tableeghi Jamaat. Why?


Really, it is highly astonishing that those Jan Sanghis and Maha Sabhaites who regard it as their religious duty to kill Muslims, why are those very Jan Sanghis playing the role of Managers to procure the necessities of life for the Muslims participating in the Conference. You may enjoy the co-operation of a big enemy of Islam for a few moments, possibly during a journey, but this deep relationship between two well-organised Associations could not come into existence without a secret connection and conspiracy!

The intellectuals possessing political enlightenment insist that to defeat the spread of Communism in India all these three Associations are getting financial aid from the USA in the name of religion, therefore if any illicit connection exists between the Tableeghi Jamaat and Hindu Maha Sabha or Jan Sang it will not surprise us in the least!


The Editor of the Deobandi Newspaper has presented this secret relation of the Jan Sanghis with the Tableeghi Jamaat in this manner as if all this miraculous activity was on account of the magnetism of these pious Dignitaries of the Tableeghi Jamaat.

I say that if the Members of the Tableeghi Jamaat possess such effective and alluring spirituality, then why was its manifestation limited to high class catering management only. They could have converted any human being or an infidel into a Muslim by their inner piety. All they could do was sit in their own homes and get the Muslims to recite the Kalima. Up to now they did not go out of their homes to get any non-Muslim to recite the Kalima. How many non-Muslims have the Tableeghi Jamaat converted to Islam?


While talking about the recitation of the Kalima by outside people, I want to disclose this secret that nobody should be deceived by their showy spirit of preaching.

There was an incident, some person namely, Hamdi Dalwai, issued a statement connected with the Tableeghi Jamaat, returning from a tour of Gujrat. Responding to this statement, the Editor of the newspaper "Nasheman" commented from Bangalore. Remember that the Editor of this newspaper is a devoted follower of the Tableeghi Jamaat and he has always defended the Jamaat:

"The statement which you have issued after the tour of Gujrat, connected with the Tableeghi Jamaat, Ahmedabad, and the defaming campaign that you have launched against the Jamaat of Noble people, relating wrong things to them, I must warn you that you will never succeed but will surely meet a shameful and humiliating defeat."(Nasheman, Banga/ore, 11 May 1969)

Now read the details of these defaming things, the Editor writes further: "If you could prove that people of the Tableeghi Jamaat have converted non-Muslims into Muslims or have started a campaign for the same, or have tempted people or have invited people to embrace Islam, then we are ready to receive the legal punishment. The Tableeghi Jamaat has never tried to play upon religious sentiments."(Nasheman, Bangalore, I1 May 1969)

The Constitution of India basically accepts the right of religious freedom. This is the reason that so far as preaching religions are concerned, they are not punishable under law. But it is surprising that the Tableeghi Jamaat denies its use of this legal right, and not only denies it but proudly announces its abstention from it, whilst in this very India, the Christian Mission is busy day and night in their Missionary Activities with complete freedom.

Here it becomes completely clear that the aim of the Tableeghi Jamaat is not to preach Islam to non-Muslims, but its sole purpose is to change the Muslims to a special group in order to divide them in separate sects according to ideas.


The beliefs and faith of the Tableeghi Jamaat is not such a closely guarded secret, as is its departments of finance, therefore this matter is under discussion among millions of people, who are eager to know the sources of its income for its extensive business.

We can easily divide into three heads the general expenditure of the Tableeghi Jamaat:

I) Congregations or Assemblies (Ijtemas, Jors or Mini Ijtema)

2) The salaries of the House of Amirs (Leaders)

3) The expenditure of the Nizamuddin Delhi Centre


This is a fact, that hundreds of meetings are held each year in the name of religion. All India, All World Congregations, and according to their estimates and statements, the participants in the meeting are nearly 30 thousand to 50 thousand whereas the number reaches to several lakhs during the All World Congregations.

Now the most important question, which arises, is that there are several other religious bodies and political parties in India who possess enough capital and also a team of enthusiastic workers but they do not even hold a regional congregation, let alone All India and All World Meetings. How on earth does the Tableeghi Jamaat manage to procure wealth, so that after every one or two months they spend Lakhs of Rupees in holding Regional, All India and All World Conferences?

If we allot fifty rupees average expenditure for each person, then for thirty thousand people 15 Lakh Rupees are spent. How do they procure this big amount? You may say that each person participating in the congregation bears his own expenses. I shall say that in this period of religious inefficiencies, it is highly improbable.


It is a well known fact that all over India there are thousands of people who are engaged in work on local, regional and at All India levels for the Jamaat and may be rightly called ‘salaried’ workers of the Tableeghi Jamaat. It is evident that nobody can work on a free basis and still remain a permanent member of a Jamaat, totally abandoning their economic activities. Hence, while it is difficult to make an assessment about the money spent on their salaries and traveling allowances and the tours, it suffices to say that it is a large amount.


The expenditure of the Center are divided under three headings:

I. The expenditures of Madressah Kashiful Uloom in which the boarding charges of the students and the salaries of the teachers are included.

2. The Langar Khana of the Tableeghi Jamaat from where free food is served to hundreds of the visitors every morning and evening. If we keep an average expenditure of five hundred visitors eating food in the morning and the evening, then too the expenditure cannot be less than twenty thousand Rupees monthly.

3. The Missionary Staff - those Central Religious Scholars (Ulema) of the Jamaat who work for days and nights devising methods of trapping others, and they have attained special expertise in this art. This team of Paid Staff comprises of people from different provinces. A fairly big amount of money is spent on their salaries also.


To run such a big business, a big capital is required and nobody can deny this fact, therefore this natural question cannot be suppressed. Where does the Tableeghi Jamaat receive this sizeable amount of money?

You will say that the Tableeghi Jamaat enjoys the patronage of the Capitalistic Circle of the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent; hence all the expenditures are met by the donations of those people. But you will be dumb-founded or rather flabbergasted to know that these people do not accept donations or contributions of any kind from anyone. For example, the biographer of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf has quoted various incidents in this connection in his book. Please go through a few of these incidents given below.


The Author of the book writes about the expenditure at the Center: "This is an incident of the initial period of Maulana that the Langar (free-fold) which was under way for the visitors to the Centre of Hazrat Nizamuddin and still is, for a long time, failed to pay the grocery account. The grocer of the shop asked for payment for provisions supplied. For the payment of this loan certain well-to-do citizens and friends of Maulana deposited an amount of twenty five thousand Rupees to the grocer without informing the Maulana and decided among themselves to keep this a secret from Maulana, and this amount should be spent in the management of the Center."(Biographer of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, pp/661)

After that he writes, when Maulana came to know about this he called those people and said: "Whatever you people had done was in good faith, but in my eyes it was an act of tyranny. If you people make such types of arrangements then we shall not remain capable of achieving the help of Allah."

Quoting the name of Maulana Manzoor Nomani, the editor of the incident writes: "After that Maulana demanded that every one must take back his given amount, hence this was actually done."(Biographer of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, pp/662)


A certain person named Col. Iqbal wanted to give some portions of his property in trust to the Madressah at the Center. He came for permission to the Center at Nizamuddin and met the Munshi (Clerk) and expressed his desires. Now read the incident after this from the pen of the biographer: "In the meantime Maulana Mohammad Yusuf also appeared and got involved in the discussion. When the facts were disclosed to him, he became very angry and said in clear words: ‘I do not require property for myself or the Madressah’." (Biography of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, pp/662)


The Biographer writes that a few rich people from Hyderabad and Bombay collected a large amount of Ten Thousand Rupees for printing the book of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf named "Hayatus Sahaba" without letting Maulana Sahib know about it: "But however Maulana received this information, and he returned the entire amount and sent the money required for paper and printing etc. himself."(Biography of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, pp/662)


This very Biographer of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf writes: "A trader who was a great devotee of Maulana Mohammad Ilyas, paid a visit to the Center four or five months after the death of Maulana and presented a large amount of money to Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, Maulana refused to accept it. He said: ‘You are perfectly aware of the relations which I had with your deceased father, he loved me very much.’ Inspite of this Maulana Mohammad refused to accept this money and said: ‘I do not require this amount of money.’"(Biographer of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, pp/663)

It must be noted that these incidents of refusal were not accidental but it was the routine of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf that he never accepted any financial assistance of any type. As his biographer writes in his biography: "He never accepted any amount of money for his religious movement (Tableeghi Jamaat), his Madressah (Kashiful Uloom) and his institution as well."(Biography of Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, pp/660)

Tell me honestly, is not this question nagging you endlessly, that if he was not accepting any monetary assistance from anybody, how this institution was spending Lakhs of Rupees. You will say that it was running because of Allah’s help and is continuing to run so. I will concede that this is 100 percent correct. But in this world of causes and effects even the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) never refused assistance because of the needs of religion, and accepted the financial offers of the Companions. Who then is greater than the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and who is the man for whom gold rains from the sky?

If a religious institution could run with the Unseen Treasure of Allah, then why has the system of Zakat (religious tax) been enforced in Islam?


Under these circumstances you will have to admit that behind this selfless struggle or showy spirit of sacrifice of the Tableeghi Jamaat surely the working organ is the Riyal of the Najdi Government of Saudi Arabia or the Dollars of Western Nations (especially C.I.A.). Moreover, since initially the British Government helped to sponsor the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’, then it is not impossible that even today this Jamaat may be getting undetected help from the same sources.

After confirming these statements about Maulana Mohammad Yusuf that he never accepted any financial help from any source, it will have to be admitted that there is surely some secret sources of income of the Tableeghi Jamaat, which could be brought to light, otherwise these canals of gold and silver flowing in its Centers could have dried up long ago. And once it is established and proved it is no more difficult to understand that the Movement, which is advancing with the capital of foreign anti-Islamic forces, will never fulfill the goal of Islam but the destined objective of its sponsors.

Whether at the back of this Movement there is the push and pull of the Najdi Government’s Riyal or the Dollar of Western Nations, both of these sources have this objective before them. Remove the love of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) from the hearts of Muslims. Portray him as just another ordinary man who is dead and gone.He cannot see you, hear you or assist you. Calling Mushrik those who call-out Ya Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and send Salaams to him are Mushriks. That is why the Tableeghi Jamaat goes to Muslims and teaches them the Kalima re-converting them because they regard all non-Wahabis as Kaafirs as was the belief of the Wahabis expressed in their book "Fathul Majid" and "Kitab-al-Tawheed".




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  1. Bismaillahirrahmanirraheem,  Nahmaduhu Nusalli ala Rasoolihil Kareem.

     please spare timefor atleast three days in jamaat, inshaallah all ill theories will wash offfrom y--our mind. these are only misconception due to ignorance. this is likeyelling from outside the tent with out seeing in it. it will be very good ifyou go for 40 days in jamaat. atleast go for once before dying, may Allah givehidayat to all of us and he gives hidayat to those who beg him for hidayat, onewho drops tears in his dua for hidayat and to those who take pain for hidayatBECAUSE this is the most precious thing in Allah's treasure, this hidayat willshow the right path and lead us all to Jannat, this hadayat helps in qabr toanswer the question of munkir nakir and saves from azab e qabr. 

    Atthe end my dear brother and sister, if we pray to our Allah forhidayat from the heart, with tears in the eyes, without seeing anyone withhatred and with the deep feeling ofone's own neediness of hidayat and saying that "Allah onlyyou can show us the right path ans you dont show us the right path we will bein huge loss in this world and the world hereafter, inshaallah Allah will showus the right path with out anybody.

    By mohd arshad 03/02/2012 13:50:29
  2. Date:       Sun, 26 Oct 2008 10:43:41 -0700 [10/26/2008 11:13:41 PM IST]

    From:      Mansoor Hallaj


    Subject:  Re: CHAPTER 4:  TABLEEGHI JAMAAT - THE HISTORY OF CONSPIRACIES AGAINST ISLAM by Maulana Arshadul Qadri   , NewAgeIslam.Com - 24 Oct, 2008

    --- On Fri, 10/24/08, wrote:


    Till now you have read the story of the conspiracies of the Tableeghi Jamaat with foreign adversaries, now listen to the story of the illicit relationship between the Tableeghi Jamaat and the Communalist Parties of India. (These parties are behind causing Hindu/Muslim Riots in India, since 1947. There has been not a single Hindu/Muslim Riot in Pakistan.)


    Dear Sultan Sahab,

    I wonder how would Maulana Ashraf Quadri interpret this?

    Former Indian army officers detained for mosque blast By Jawed Naqvi

    October 26, 2008  Sunday  Shawwal 26, 1429

    NEW DELHI, Oct 25: India’s federal police, the CBI, was investigating two former army officers on Saturday for their alleged links with rightwing Hindu extremists named in recent attacks, including a bomb blast near a mosque in Malegaon in Maharashtra that killed five worshippers during Ramazan.The unidentified army officers were picked up from Pune a day after three other suspects, including a fire-breathing woman ascetic or Sadhvi, were arrested for involvement in the attack in communally sensitive Malegaon. The attack was initially blamed on Muslim extremists.

    Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Shamlal Sahu and Shivnarayan Singh thus arrested earlier have been linked to extremist groups in Madhya Pradesh, a state ruled by the rightwing BJP.

    The ex-army officials are believed to have given training to people involved in carrying out the blasts. Reports also said the ex-army men had provided RDX explosives to the Hindu extremists, which was found to have been used in Malegaon. A motorcycle used in that blast on September 29 belonged to the Sadhvi. Besides having links with the BJP’s student wing ABVP, she is associated with the Indore-based radical Hindu Jagran Manch, accused also of involvement in Modasa attack in Gujarat in which one person was killed. The arrest of the former army officers in extremist attacks may be a new phenomenon, but many of the ex-officers have been active members of rightwing groups, including the main opposition BJP.

    Malegaon [INDIA] Blasts, Bajrang Dal/RSS and Biased Media.

    The large section of media and opinion makers dare not speak this. Even non BJP Governments and non BJP leaders refrain from referring to RSS affiliates' role in terrorism. By now the mass consciousness has been doctored in tune with the goals of US at global level and RSS at local level. Is there sufficient ground to suspect Bajrang dal? Can this RSS progeny indulge in such acts? In the aftermath of Pastor Stains murder,

    the then Home Minister L.K. Advani, even in the face of hard evidence, stated that Bajrang dal people cannot be part of this murder. After investigations and long trial Bajrang Dal's Dara Singh is now in jail punished, with death sentence by the courts. Bajrang Dal and even Durga Vahini have been conducting the arms training on regular basis, many times even in the school premises in BJP ruled states. RSS has been keeping up with times; starting from lathis its progenies by now have upgraded their weaponry. On 7th April 2006 at midnight, a powerful bomb exploded in the house of RSS sympathizers, killing two Bajrang dal activists. ATS, chief Suryavanshi did confirm the same. Despite the report from ATS, and citizen's inquiry reports, the state Government neither banned nor touched all those who might have been involved and connected with the blasts. In our democracy some are criminals because they are born in a particular religion, and some can get away with crime because of the privilege of their birth and association with RSS progeny.

    Investigation Into Malegaon Blasts By Ram Puniyani 16 September, 2006 Countercurrents. org

    A Song, A Blast And The Indian Media's 'Secular'Pretension s

    By Yoginder Sikand 15 September, 2006 Countercurrents. org

    Bias against Muslims is deeply-rooted in large sections of the Hindu-owned media in India, even in influential sections of the English press that prides itself in its claim of being 'secular' and 'progressive' . Two ongoing controversies- the Vande Mataram affair and the Malegaon bomb blasts-suffice to confirm this argument. 6.htm

    MUMBAI: The police are probing whether the Bajrang Dal or a Lashkar group could have been involved in Friday’s Malegaon blasts. The Bajrang Dal is known to have followed a similar pattern in blasts at Parbhani’s Mohammadi Masjid and mosques at Pona and Jalna earlier this year. "We are probing this angle, though it is too early to hold any group responsible, " DGP P S Pasricha said on Friday. (Times of India, 9 th Sep 2006, Updated at 12.3111 hrs IST)

    A section of the readers would definitely feel surprised over the inclusion of Bajrang Dal or for that matter any of the Parivar organizations on the list of possible suspects. Perhaps they are unaware of similar terrorist acts committed by these very organizations or their activists. One of the most recent one being the deaths of few activists of

    Bajrang Dal on 6 th April in Nanded, Maharashtra while making bombs. One could have a look at a news clipping of The Telegraph ( 10 th April 2006) how they got killed.

    Malegaon Blasts: Footprints Of Nanded? By Subhash Gatade

    15 September, 2006

    Any news about Muslims and their involvement in terror activities is big news in India. Therefore news coming out of London is picked up with more vigor here than in Britain itself. Even London Police was more careful in declaring the entire community as terrorists but here in India our 'security' experts start discussing the issue in totally communal terms. No questions are ever raised about those who communalized India and

    created communal disturbances. A former DG of Uttar-Pradesh police Prakash Singh openly said in a TV interview as what could he do all the terrorists happen to be Muslims? Yes, Prakash Singh either does not know history or pretend not to know it. Hopefully, he will read text of Israel's terror regime in Gaza and other parts of the Palestine.

    After the Malegaon, the political leaders started making visit to the town and news channels started campaign for 'united India'. One does not know how India could be united with out participation of a community, which is being singled out for such an atrocious treatment. Just by lighting a candle in your house for India's unity would not bring unity of mind

    between the Hindus and Muslims or for that matter other communities in India. It is essential that any plural society can only function when there is a fare representation of it in every sector of governance and public life. Had there been more Muslims in our newspapers and TV channels, the stories like terming them terrorists would have never been there because you realize the other side of the story.

    Lesson From The Malegaon Carnage: Price Of Alienating A Community

    By Vidya Bhushan Rawat 15 September, 2006

    Bajrang Dal behind bomb blasts in Nanded By: Krishnakumar April 9, 2006

    In what could prove to be a huge embarrassment on the eve of Lal Krishna Advani’s Bharat Suraksha Yatra in Maharashtra, police officials in Nanded said Bajrang Dal activists were actually making a bomb before a bomb exploded in an activist’s house.

    What’s more, police officials have also recovered another bomb from the site and have diffused it on Saturday.

    A bomb blast had occurred at a retired irrigation department official’s house at Path Bhandare Nagar under the jurisdiction of Bhagyanagar police station on Wednesday morning. Raj Kondawar the retired official was not present at the time but was away with his wife at Shirdi when the incident occurred.

    There were five people present at the time Naresh Kondewar along with his friends — Himanshu Phanse, Maruti Wagh, Rahul Pande and Ramraj Guptewar.

    Naresh and Himanshu died on the spot while the other three are admitted in the hospital in a serious condition. Wagh is still in a coma.

    One of the investigating officers, police inspector Shrikant Mahajan said that preliminary investigations have shown that Naresh and Himanshu were members of Bajrang Dal.

    “We have got information that they were office bearers of Bajrang Dal from time to time and used to attend their meetings,” said Mahajan.

    Mahajan said the blast was very powerful and that only the concrete structure survived, but everything else in the house was destroyed. He added that both the bombs were powerful devices.

    Officials added that the recovery of the second bomb meant the people assembled in the house were preparing the bomb when the first one went off.

    “We will know more about it only after we speak to the injured people,” said a top police official. For Advani who has been under a cloud after the Jinnah house, this blast couldn’t have come at a wronger time, as Sangh Parivar’s own have been alleged in making bombs.

    Mansoor Hallaj

    By Mansoor Hallaj
  3. your absolutely wrong Maulana, You brailvi group are created by jewish and working for them to divide muslim community. may allah make u understand.


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    By sadrshaikh