• germany, france and netherlands have allowed loudspeaker azans - fact. an indian ....
    ( By hats off! )
  • every looter and murderer invader who came, brought along with him his own chronicler. and ...
    ( By hats off! )
  • Can you give your evidence of your comment which are based on Pakistan narrative.'
    ( By Aayina )
  • I think you are best liar, not only whole world count than as biggest killer, they do not have....
    ( By Aayina )
  • Hats Off says, " if the prophetic sunnah is important, there is no way of knowing it without hadees." Thanks for your....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • Aayina, If you are saying that the examples you gave add up to Muslims killing millions....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • Such hostile and ignorant posts from Hats Off and Aayina! Any positive news about Muslims....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • not any more. this "western" model is another half truth. germany, france, netherlands and canada ...
    ( By hats off! )
  • it would have been much more honest and straight forward for mr. GGS to say what the truth...
    ( By hats off! )
  • If Azan is reminder for the call of prayer, Sceince has given lot of tools that can be used, ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • I have seen Athiest are more spiritual than relgious theist, who want to rule to the world...
    ( By Aayina )
  • You are right there was no Muslims army but looters and rapers, like Mahmood Gaznavi,....
    ( By Aayina )
  • I just asked them in my last comment.
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • Aayena, It is a lie that you and your RSS have invented that Muslims killed millions....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • Hats Off's canned comments are becoming tiresome. Read Aayena's comment that I....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • Poor Dr.Anburaj! All that he can do is play the childish game of, "My religion is....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • Islamic jurisprudence is what living Muslims make it, not what Muslims of the first millennium made it.'
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • Forget Riyadh, Tehran and Ankara! Hitch your wagon to the star of an all-inclusive ....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • "At least 113 people have been killed by Hindu mobs since 2015." An endless....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • "We can take a cue from Western countries, where Azaan is generally called inside....
    ( By Ghulam Faruki )
  • “There are several Hadiths mentioning Ghazwa-e-Hind and its virtues, but the chain of narrators is weak, ....
    ( By Abdul Rehman Hamza )
  • cosmic fine tuning is a proof against theism. when you claim that cosmic fine tuning proves...
    ( By hats off! )
  • Azaan is unIslamic because it is not revealed by Allah. It was just the idea of an ordinary Muslim.'
    ( By SatishB )
  • Modern media proving to be a tool for unscrupulous elected politicians.'
    ( By SatishB )
  • If Oxford-educated Imran Khan is so bad, will Oxford-educated Malala be far behind?'
    ( By SatishB )
  • It is a shame that Duterte failed to crush the jihadis. He should have learnt from the Chinese.'
    ( By SatishB )
  • Sunnis see the failure of Islam in Shias. They remind them of the falsehood of Islam.'
    ( By SatishB )
  • Mainstream media is not addressing these crucial blindspots in Islamic belief...
    ( By SatishB )
  • Where does Quran allow diversity in worship?'
    ( By SatishB )
  • pakistan is a victim (again) of stokholm syndrome. having converted to the religion of their violent conquerors, they have....
    ( By hats off! )
  • If people had made choice, Author should not be complaining, people had left the old...
    ( By Aayina )
  • We have seen your defence, of Yazdi womens, Rapes of Dalits in Paksitana and you say your....
    ( By Aayina )
  • Muskims are lunatics and had killed millions Hindus, the way you guys indirect support....
    ( By Aayina )
  • hatred is almost always mutual. but the parties to this hatred will always claim that it is unilateral....
    ( By hats off! )
  • why don't you ask the islamic scholars who write regularly here? that should do it. that...
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  • you are again indulging in a fallacy. according to islamic jurisprudence, the evidentiary...
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  • according to one school of historians muslim rulers did not kill as many people as hindu rulers killed...
    ( By hats off! )
  • Many muslim Scholar hold that Only poor Muslims are eligible for Zakat al-Fitr.Non Muslims are not eligible....
    ( By Dr.A.Anburaj )
  • "Kindly do serve position of Indian Muslim as they are targeted and attacked day by day."'
    ( By Ayaz Saiyed )
  • Very nice'
    ( By Aarif Khan )

    Books and Documents

    It has been abused by one and all ranging from rulers to clandestine cults to justify and legitimize their actions all in the name of Jihad, and observing commandments of Islam. The mainstream corporate media has used it to reinforce the stereotypical image of Muslims as violent people for whom still the sword is the dominant force....


    Islamic Society

    The presence of someone as divisive as Dr Naik would be a headache for a government of any colour or hue, more so in Malaysia where the preacher’s controversial sermons do not sit well with the country’s ethnic minority Indian and Chinese communities. ...


    Islamic World News

    • Two Muslim, Mangaluru Businessmen in Saudi Arabia To Fly 167 Indians Home

    • Indonesian Minister Slammed For ‘Coronavirus Is Like Your Wife’ Remarks

    • ISIS Calls Iraq Prime Minister ‘American Agent,’ Calls for More Attacks

    • Turkey Goes Back to The Future as Hagia Sophia Set for Islamic Prayers, To Celebrate The 567th Anniversary of The Ottoman Conquest of Istanbul

    • London Mosque: Is the Alt-Right Hijacking the Issue to Inflame Tensions?

    • U. S. State Department Announces $3m Reward for Info on Senior Isis Leader, Muhammad Khadir Musa Ramadan

    • People’s Trust in Judicial System Has Been Shaken: Imran

    • Why Are the Taliban Wooing a Persecuted Afghanistan Minority Group?

    • Somalia: Army Kills Seven Al-Shabaab Militants in Operation

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details And More News From All Regions, Please Click, ‘Read More'


    Islam, Women and Feminism

    • Saudi Women to Get More Legal Rights with Regards To Marital Process

    • Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Praises Women's Contribution To Global Peacekeeping

    • British Hijab-Wearing Judge Mistaken for Interpreter, Says, It Shows the Level of Discrimination That Exists in The Legal Profession

    • Pakistan’s Women Peacekeepers Make Their Mark

    • Iran's President Calls for New Rules for Women after 14-year-old Girl's Alleged 'Honour Killing'

    • Turkish Female Basketball Player Joins Barcelona

    • Pakistan PM Forms Committee to Probe Issues Facing Female Inmates

    • Florida Woman Sentenced to Prison for Coordinating With ISIS

    • A Matter Of Life And Death ForYemen’s Women And Girls As Funding Dries Up

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


    Islamic Society

    When the outbreak subsides, Zaheen plans to once again focus on in-person meetings for women at the London mosque. But she will also hold online sessions alongside in-person ones whenever possible, and create a blueprint for women around the world to create satellite ...


    Spiritual Meditations

    Finally, I'd like to quote American poet Billy Collins, who with his keen observations seeks the progress of the world through poetry. Although the "virus is slowing us down," Collins confirms, the world will certainly retrieve a green light at "the speed of poetry."....


    Urdu Section

    ہر انسان کے دل میں ایک شجرِ تمنّا ہے اور جب تک اس پر ایک پتّہ بھی باقی ہے وہ یاسیت کا شکار نہیں ہو سکتا۔یاسیت جو زندگی کی نفی ہے۔حالات کتنے ہی مخالف اور مہلک ہوں زندگی کے تئیں مثبت رویّہ رکھیئے۔ماضی کی حسین یادوں کو تحریک بنایئے تاکہ امید کی لو مدھم نہ ہونے پائے اور شجرِ تمنّا ہرا بھرا رہے۔شجرِ تمنّا اصل میں شجرِ حیات ہے۔......


    Malayalam Section

    ഇന്ത്യൻ ഉലമകൾ അവരുടെ വിഡ്ഢിത്തങ്ങളിൽ തുടരാൻ തീരുമാനിചിരിക്കുകയാണ്. അഖിലേന്ത്യാ മുസ്‌ലിം പേഴ്‌സണൽ ലോ ബോർഡിന്റെ (എ.ഐ.എം.പി.എൽ.ബി) ലഖ്‌നൗ യോഗം വ്യക്തമാക്കുന്നത് അവർ സത്യസന്ധമായി ആത്മപരിശോധന നടത്തുകയും....


    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    In the main, general counter-ideology narratives of Islam Rahmatal Lil ‘Aalamin (translated as “Islam as a blessing to all mankind”) are used to refute extreme claims made by IS. These counternarratives are often fronted by female clerics in the spirit of a “gender-based approach.” …


    The War Within Islam

    Iraq’s sectarian political system was put in place after the 2003 US-led invasion and distributes power among Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. It has resulted in constant division among the communities and elevating community over national identity....

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    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Indian Muslim Clergy to Counter ISIS Propaganda: But they should go beyond rhetoric to a genuine counter-narrative that refutes Jihadism based on traditional Islamic theology

    The clergy is required to counter the exclusivist Jihadi theology of violence and supremacism which is primarily based on the traditional Islamic theology of consensus of all schools of thought. This has to be done through a counter-narrative based on a new inclusivist theology of peace and pluralism. But to do that the clergy will have to work towards evolving a new theology that is different from the traditional theology taught in madrasas. It is this age-old theology that is used by Jihadis to propagate their message. 

    It cannot be stressed enough that the reason Jihadis have been able to capture the imagination of thousands of our youth the world over is that they are not saying anything new. They are simply showing a way to practice what the ulema (religious scholars) have been preaching. The Jihadi narrative is the traditional Islamic theological narrative of Islam domination over all other religious beliefs, and eradication of what it considers the biggest crimes humanity can commit, particularly shirk, polytheism or idol worship, and kufr, rejection of the prophethood of Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh). All the most eminent scholars of Islam from Imam Ghazali (11th-12th century) to Imam Ibn-e-Taimiya (13th-14th century), Mujaddid Alf-e-Saani Sheikh Sirhindi (16th-17th century), Shah Waliullah Muhaddis Dehlavi (18th century) have shown a vision of political Islam that was finally given a more definite form in the 20th century by Maulana Syed Abul A’la Maududi, Hassan al-Banna, and Syed Qutb. The Jihadi ideologues of the 21st century may be stressing some parts of this traditional narrative more vigorously and downplaying some other aspects. But they are not saying anything that is entirely new or radically different.

    Jihadi literature has not dropped from the sky all of a sudden. This is not the creation of Osama bin Laden or so-called “Khalifa” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Their narrative of world domination, fighting those who do not accept the message of Islam is basically what is taught in all our madrasas. The definition of Jihad as fighting those who do not accept the oneness of God and prophethood of Mohammad (pbuh) is found in books of every school of Sunni fiqh (jurisprudence), be it Hanafi, Malaki, Shafei or Hanbali. Indeed, even Shia theology does not differ much with Sunnis in matters of political Islam. They too want world domination for Islam and desire to subdue all non-Muslims.

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