• In other words they consider upholding their citizenship in a free India to ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • In an erudite article, Adis Saheb affirms his faith in the ability of Progressive Islam...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Old Testaments and New Testaments equally taught patience. The Quran taught the same patience. ...
    ( By RRS )
  • Let us hope current justices on the Supreme Court are as bold and as principled as Justice Chandrachud...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Mihir Desai, a senior advocate in the Bombay High Court, has done an....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Alhamdulillah, lesson of being patient and having hope from Allah always bears
    ( By Ayaan )
  • Proposed solution Impressive and informative article. (If I understand you properly) all the main schools of thought....
    ( By Proposed solution )
  • The author is right. Even leaving CAA aside, an affirmation of Muslim women....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • It was the crown or gallows mentality whereby princes would vie for the throne and the losers would be killed. Aurangzeb...
    ( By Rohan )
  • AAP, if given a power like its 'A' team will leave its masters much behind in fascism. Kejriwal....
    ( By Ayaan )
  • Their fear is not without reason.'
    ( By Ayaan )
  • In Indian parlance there is a synonym for the BJP Bhakts, called "Andh Bhakts", means the people who...
    ( By Aayan )
  • The religious spell Muslims go under when holy and particularly ancient author's names are attributed ....
    ( By Rashid Samnakay )
  • AAP is another congress nothing more, creat illusion of governance...
    ( By Aayina )
  • A much more intensive regulation and supervision of Islamic...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Happy Valentine's Day everyone
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Fascinating topic! When the authorship of Shakespeare's plays and Homer's...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Need exact answer.
    ( By Arif )
  • Salafism is a rear-view mirror version of Islam. It is how we shirk our responsibility....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Asim Ali, in today's New York Times, seems to sum it up well: "Prime...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • A good article. Muslims need to find their own voice and their own vehicle....
    ( By ZAFIR )
  • Our Sharia should be written by contemporary men and....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • "Swearing by the Constitution, reading the Preamble and waving the national....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Kejriwal may be trying to steer clear of the pitfalls that put the Congress on the back foot with labels such....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • हिन्‍दी अनुवाद देने का कष्‍ट करें'
    ( By Vikas Kashyap )
  • They are chosen people.
    ( By Rashid )
  • Is it a small deal? What a dumb remark from Hats Off!'
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Nikah is not only a social practice but it is a religious too.Divorce system in Islam is....
    ( By Muhammad Yunus )
  • She is doing Taquiya, remember the Satanic versus. If you look at those verse they...
    ( By Aayina )
  • If Ghulam Mohiyuddij was right than, Halala, Tripel Talaq and other evil practice through which Muslim men enjoys...
    ( By Aayina )
  • Yalk that was Your Paigmebr did so he might have some mental problem. Not me, Also Muslims have same problem on ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • It is one of the corruptions to stop worshipping God Alone to worship Creatures '
    ( By Yalk )
  • Truly if each of us gets to feel social responsibility towards each other, the...
    ( By GGS )
  • Shaheen Baag is just an Arab Spring for social media activists.'
    ( By SatishB )
  • Allah does not like corruption and idolatry is corruption as per Allah.'
    ( By SatishB )
  • Islamic belief system provides fertile ground for terrorism and unless the cultural factors ....
    ( By SatishB )
  • Johnson exposes his dishonesty by ignoring that 14 years will not change the jihadi ...
    ( By SatishB )
  • What Trump proposeth, Sanders disposeth'
    ( By SatishB )
  • The whole of sharia needs to be scrapped.
    ( By SatishB )
  • Sufis do not reject sharia at all, so they are only apparently different from the rest'
    ( By SatishB )

    Islam and Sectarianism

    Nevertheless, in my view, many socio-political and economic challenges that contribute to sectarianism in the Muslim World are at least in part rooted in failures of Muslims to thinking about Islam and the Islamic intellectual tradition in new ways, ways that have the potential to transcend the historical (religio-doctrinal) divides and associated animosities that have existed between Sunnis and Shi’is since the very inception of Islam....

    Islam and Politics

    This shift in political discourse has come at the behest of the Muslim community and was then picked up by students, civil society groups and political parties. The arguments made by the Muslim community – even by Islamic activists – against these citizenship initiatives are mostly articulated in the language of Constitutional rights guaranteed to all Indians....

    Islamic World News

    • Important For India and Pak to 'De-Escalate, both Militarily And Verbally': UN Chief Guterres

    • Govt Slams UN Secy Gen’s Comments on J&K, Says Region Integral Part of India

    • UN Chief Hails Pakistan for Being World’s Second Largest Host of Refugees

    • Seize the Moment and End Misery of Over 40 Years Of War, Khalilzad Urges Afghans

    • With Biryani and Rice Balls, Malaysia Aims for Halal Olympic Gold

    • Dar Al-Ifta Joins In Egypt-Turkey Culture War

    • Somalia: Alarm as Al-Shabaab Infiltrates State Institutions

    • Israel’s Gantz Vows to Form Government without Netanyahu, Arab Parties

    • US Closing 'Very Promising' Deal With Taliban, But It's Not Without Risk

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Islam, Women and Feminism

    • Ivanka Trump Lauds Saudi Arabia, UAE on Women’s Rights Reforms

    • Two Indian Women Granted Bail Following Arrest Over School Play

    • India’s Top Court Grants Equal Rights to Women in Army

    • 'Hijabi Clout': The Women of Colour Unknowingly Used By 2020 Campaigns

    • Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya Unveils Program to Empower Young Saudi Women

    • NAMA Signs MoU on Women’s Projects with Sharjah Media City

    • Women Can Make World $172 Trillion Richer: Kristalina Georgieva

    • 586 Women among 1,287 Committed Suicides during Five Years In Sindh: Study

    • Lebanese Woman Calls Out Shia Political Leaders in Lebanon

    Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


    Current Affairs

    As the narrative moves on to CAA and a possible nation-wide NRC, the Assam list hangs in a limbo. So does the fate of children out of it. The Centre has assured the Supreme Court, Parliament that such children, whose parents are on the list, won’t be taken to detention centres. But that hasn’t lessened their dread, of being sent away to “a place called Bangladesh”....


    Islamic Ideology

    The people of Prophet Shu’aib fell into ruins because of a doing called Tatfeef. Islam is a religion of justice. One of the greatest aspects of our religion is the list of Maqāsid, or grand objectives, that Islam seeks to establish....


    Interfaith Dialogue

    In Kerala, we have heard of the temple of Sabarimala, of the god Ayyappa, the son of Shiva and Vishnu, who is raised by a local king and who transforms into a great warrior; one who can domesticate tigers and who kills the demoness, Mahishi. We are told that he had a companion called Vavar. Vavar, or Babar, is described as a Sufi saint who came from Arabia to Kerala...



    Poor Hindus will be equally affected, like it happened in Assam. They are going to be equally excluded and targeted and they all will stop working. They will all be searching for documents; they will be bribing people to get documents....


    Radical Islamism and Jihad

    The extreme poverty of the area and its economic marginalisation has made it ripe for recruitment, especially when schools and services are hard to come by. The state is largely absent from the area, and as al-Shabaab gained in strength and resources...


    Islamic Ideology

    Ibn-e-Hazm maintained that legal conformism arrested the growth of Islamic sciences. In his book multi-voluminous work Al-Muhalla, Ibn-e-Hazm systematically dismantled the traditional architecture of Islamic sciences. Islam, in his ideation, had its own philosophical spirit for the emancipation of human beings…

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    Islam, Women and Feminism
    Married Off For 'Honour': Pakistan's Child Brides
    Kuwaiti cops (SUPPLIED)
    Married Off For 'Honour': Pakistan's Child Brides
    New Age Islam News Bureau

    No Make-Up and No Nail Polish: Kuwaiti Policewomen Told

    Women No Longer Need Identifiers at Saudi Courts

    Nursing Gaining Acceptance as Profession among Saudi Women

    Israeli Study: Breastfeeding Can Reduce Risk of Children Getting Cancer

    Literary Magazine Faces Charges as Islamic Dress Controversy for Women Continues

    Saudi Soccer Debates Broadens Over Women's Rights and Nationalism

    Project Launched to Boost Women’s Employment in Turkey

    Sold Into Slavery 8 Yrs. Old Was Forced To Work 20 Hrs A Day, Kept In A Cell for Four Years by Her US 'Owners'

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic Sharia Laws

    The new Quanoon is just a tool to win public sympathy and votes, without taking into account its consequences. Aceh has always been called the most tolerant region in Indonesia because despite the application of Sharia, Aceh still allows non-Muslims to perform religious worship. But the fact is that the climate of pseudo-tolerance in Aceh remains, due to the many restrictions facing minority groups.….

    Hindi Section

    दरअसल एक टीवी चैनल के एंकर ने एक स्कूल को निशाना बनाते हुए कहा कि वहां छठी कक्षा की किताबों में बच्चों को प्रजनन के बारे में बताया जा रहा है। पंजाब सरकार के शिक्षा विभाग ने इसका संज्ञान लेते हुए एक कमेटी बना दी. पंजाब के शिक्षा मंत्री राना मशहूद ने बीबीसी को बताया कि अभिभावकों की शिकायत की वजह से उन्होंने छठी कक्षा की जीव विज्ञान की किताब से प्रजजन संबंधी अध्याय को निकलवा दिया है।

    Hindi Section

    शादी नबी सल्लल्लाहू अलैहि वसल्लम की सुन्नत है। ये एक पवित्र बंधन है। ये न सिर्फ लड़के और लड़की को शादी के रिश्ते में जोड़ता है बल्कि दो परिवारों के मिलाप का भी ज़रिया है। इस्लाम ने शादी के रिश्ते को एक आसान काम बनाया है। फिज़ूल ख़र्ची और दहेज की इस्लाम में बिल्कुल गुंजाइश नहीं है। हमारे प्यारे नबी सल्लल्लाहू अलैहि वसल्लम का पूरा जीवन इस्लाम का व्यवहारिक नमूना था। आप सल्लल्लाहू अलैहि वसल्लम ने अपने अमल से दहेज जैसी रस्म को गलत करार दिया।

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Xenophobia In San Francisco: Why Are Muslim Schoolgirls Still Getting Bullied?

    Ghana Pastor Bans Weave Wearing Women from His Church

    Pregnant Palestinian denied quick hospital access by Israel’s Civil Administration

    Indonesian Sisters-in-arms stand up for gender justice

    Youths urged to help fight repression of women

    Police on the Prowl for 'Lady Killer' In Pakistan

    Four Iranian Women Footballers Banned From Playing Because They Are MEN

    Warning to All Fat Women in M'sia: Don't Walk, Talk or Have Big Hair like Rosmah / Lo-Si-Ma

    New Laws on Global Basis Needed To Curb FGM, NGO Claims

    Russian Wives in Gaza Long For Home

    Saudi Craftswomen Await Support

    Imam Charged In Australia over Child Marriage

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Hindi Section

    उपरोक्त शीर्षक के विषय में कुछ लिखने से पहले इस्लाम के बारे में कुछ वास्तविक तथ्य और मूल्य बातें बताना अत्यंत आवश्यक है। पहली बात यह कि इस्लाम मुहम्मद सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम का धर्म नहीं है। यानि ऐसा नहीं है कि इस्लाम का आरम्भ मुहम्मद सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम से हुआ बल्कि सभी पैग़म्बर और नबी यही धर्म लेकर आए। यह बात कुरान ने स्पष्ट रूप से बयान कर दी है: "उसने तुम्हारे लिए वही धर्म निर्धारित किया जिसकी ताकीद उसने नूह को की थी। और वह (जीवन्त आदेश) जिसका ज्ञान हमने तुम्हें दिया है और वह जिसकी ताकीद हमने इब्राहीम और मूसा और ईसा को की थी यह है कि "धर्म को क़ायम करो और उसके विषय में अलग-अलग न हो जाओ।" बहुदेववादियों को वह चीज़ बहुत अप्रिय है, जिसकी ओर तुम उन्हें बुलाते हो। अल्लाह जिसे चाहता है अपनी ओर छाँट लेता है और अपना मार्ग उसी को दिखाता है जो उसकी ओर रुजू करता है" (42:13 )

    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam

    In an extremely rare display of courage and bravery by a leader in the Arab world General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces and current head of state, spoke out for the need of reformation in Islam. During a speech, which went unreported by the Western media, the general stated: "Religious discourse is the greatest battle and challenge facing the Egyptian people, pointing to the need for a new vision and a modern, comprehensive understanding of the religion of Islam-rather than relying on a discourse that has not changed for 800 years." ... What is important in this speech is the general reference to the lack of change in Islam in 800 years; the Egyptian leader is making reference to what is known as Ijtihad, an independent interpretation of Islam, ended by the year 1258. This is usually referred to as closing the gates of Ijtihad; it was then that all changes in the religion had been stopped in the Sunni branch of Islam. The Egyptian leader now is asking for the gates to be reopened, the only way that reform can come to Islam. While having the president (or ruler) of Egypt call for reformation within Islam is no minor feat, Sisi on his own stands little or no chance of making it happen. Where he does have a chance is if he succeeds in winning the support and public backing of other Muslim leaders, and particularly if he manages to win the support of the head of al-Azhar, the highest centre of (Sunni) Muslim learning in the world....

    Islam, Women and Feminism
    Women in Libyan Jails Seek Right to Suicide to End Unbearable Humiliation
    Zahrah Harassed for Hijab
    Women in Libyan Jails Seek Right to Suicide to End Unbearable Humiliation
    New Age Islam News Bureau

    Muslim Teen Harassed After Wearing Hijab to School in Florida

    Qatar Airways under Fire over ‘Short Skirt’ Drive

    Working Expat Women in Saudi Arabia See No End to Their Woes

    Nobel Winner Shirin Ebadi Slams Russia for Protecting Assad

    Sharjah Baby Friendly Drive Honours Partners

    Old Challenges Continue For Women under New President in Iran

    1 In 3 Saudis Rejects Nursing Profession for Women

    Beirut: Refugee Crisis Boosts Women’s Services

    Five-Year Plan In Pakistan: $7m For Girls Education In Distant Areas

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Books and Documents
    Maulana Azad s Tragic Contradictions
    C P Bhambhri
    Maulana Azad s Tragic Contradictions
    C P Bhambhri

    Azad believed it was every Muslim's religious duty to participate in politics against "oppressors" and colonialists. Therefore, the Khilafat movement, which was launched in India against the enemies of Islam, was naturally aligned with Mahatma Gandhi's non-cooperation movement and the first five years of the 1920s witnessed a unity in struggle against both the destroyers of Muslim holy places and the struggle for India's independence….

    Islamic World News
    Saudi Cleric Admits on TV that Saudis Form Majority of Takfiri Groups in Syria
    Saudi Cleric, Ibrahim Mayman
    Saudi Cleric Admits on TV that Saudis Form Majority of Takfiri Groups in Syria
    New Age Islam News Bureau

    Arab World

    Six car bombs rock Baghdad, five dead: Officials


    US Envoy in Sudan Forced To Resign After Accepting Islam

    North America

    Harvard Recognizes Quranic Verse as One of the Greatest Expressions of Justice

    US Official: Al-Qaida Responsible for Nearly All Suicide Attacks in Iraq


    Taliban won’t accept talks without enforcement of Sharia: negotiator

    Outlawed Terrorists Make Appearance in NW Pakistan


    Tensions Grow Between Turkey, Radical Islamist Group Fighting in Syria

    Zionist Media Fabricate Iranian FM’s Remarks on Tehran’s Recognition of Israel


    Now is not the time for UN resolution on Syria: Russia

    Germany extends troops deployment to Afghanistan

    South Asia

    Khaleda is leader of terrorists: Bangladesh PM’s Son

    Taliban rejects secret peace talks with Karzai administration

    Southeast Asia

    Malaysian Muslim MP condemns ‘un-Islamic’ actions of anti-opposition protesters


    Early Conclusion of 26/11 Trial is Major CBM, India to Pakistan

    Kashmiri Youth's Astronomy Projects Get NASA's Approval

    New Age Islam News Bureau

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    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Indian Muslim Clergy to Counter ISIS Propaganda: But they should go beyond rhetoric to a genuine counter-narrative that refutes Jihadism based on traditional Islamic theology

    The clergy is required to counter the exclusivist Jihadi theology of violence and supremacism which is primarily based on the traditional Islamic theology of consensus of all schools of thought. This has to be done through a counter-narrative based on a new inclusivist theology of peace and pluralism. But to do that the clergy will have to work towards evolving a new theology that is different from the traditional theology taught in madrasas. It is this age-old theology that is used by Jihadis to propagate their message. 

    It cannot be stressed enough that the reason Jihadis have been able to capture the imagination of thousands of our youth the world over is that they are not saying anything new. They are simply showing a way to practice what the ulema (religious scholars) have been preaching. The Jihadi narrative is the traditional Islamic theological narrative of Islam domination over all other religious beliefs, and eradication of what it considers the biggest crimes humanity can commit, particularly shirk, polytheism or idol worship, and kufr, rejection of the prophethood of Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh). All the most eminent scholars of Islam from Imam Ghazali (11th-12th century) to Imam Ibn-e-Taimiya (13th-14th century), Mujaddid Alf-e-Saani Sheikh Sirhindi (16th-17th century), Shah Waliullah Muhaddis Dehlavi (18th century) have shown a vision of political Islam that was finally given a more definite form in the 20th century by Maulana Syed Abul A’la Maududi, Hassan al-Banna, and Syed Qutb. The Jihadi ideologues of the 21st century may be stressing some parts of this traditional narrative more vigorously and downplaying some other aspects. But they are not saying anything that is entirely new or radically different.

    Jihadi literature has not dropped from the sky all of a sudden. This is not the creation of Osama bin Laden or so-called “Khalifa” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Their narrative of world domination, fighting those who do not accept the message of Islam is basically what is taught in all our madrasas. The definition of Jihad as fighting those who do not accept the oneness of God and prophethood of Mohammad (pbuh) is found in books of every school of Sunni fiqh (jurisprudence), be it Hanafi, Malaki, Shafei or Hanbali. Indeed, even Shia theology does not differ much with Sunnis in matters of political Islam. They too want world domination for Islam and desire to subdue all non-Muslims.

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