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Letter to the Editor (01 Dec 2009 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Dr. Zakir Naik is spreading ignorance, Islam-supremacy, disaffection among Muslims and Hindus

Hello, I am writing here because I want to opine about zakir naik and how he is distancing Muslims from others and vice versa. I grew up in a multicultural environment and grew up having best friends as Muslims Hindus both. I knew well that there are a  lot of differences in our religions but we believed, live and let live. I don’t understand why zakir naik feels that peace can exist between Hindus and Muslims only if Hindus convert. Though he never mentions this, it’s very clear when u hear his lectures.

But what surprises and shocks me is his support for child marriages, disregard for the need of any contraception except lactational amenorrhea, disregard for the need of abortions if it’s an abnormal child like in down’s syndrome.

I am sure he has never learnt medicine the way it had to be learnt. Or else shouldn’t he know that even if a girl attains puberty at 9, her body is neither physically nor mentally ready for marriages and pregnancies. I am deeply pained to know that such a person is being followed, such a person is running a school in Mumbai. What will happen in future? Can we blame our future generation if their guide is like this? -- Ananya Menon

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  • To Hindu, I myself is Hindu, but advice to you is, do not try to make Muslim understand about Hindu concept it will not match not only with Islam but all Abhrahamic traditions there will be some ideas that will match but majority will not match, you cannot became master but you will be able understand some major difference.

    It is not point of trying to prove Hindusium is more valid than Islam.

    Let them follow their own belife and you follow yours but only worry about which belife of Islam will creat in your day to day life problem and have chances to creat problem if Muslims come in power or Muslims in power and confernt that only and if you cannot confernt ang life threat leave that place it is better not to leave who do not have human values.

    It's not Hindu problem if any of their understanding of their books is bringing thier life into mesiry or prosperous.

    We Hindu never have missionary concept and never confernt relegions of others.

    Even the Modi who is not respected( I personally do not respect any rulers) in Muslim world has not spoken against their Relegion any digaratory words not even of their Paigamber, even he may be having extremist ideology of Hindiusim but at least he had also follow the tradition of not useing digratory words of highly reverend figures.

    And if any Muslim political leaders like Owasi or relegious Leadears like zakir speaks let them speak that's prove their Relegion and their behaviour which has been for centuries, again you can find hate speeches and useing digaratory words for Islam and their Revered figures in Hindu community but we do not uplift them, that the reason you will not find any had became famous because even before Muslim speaks Hindus themselves condem and protest strongly.

    By Aayina - 11/9/2015 3:54:32 AM

  • Dear Hindu,

    You knows nothings about islam, you need to study before reasing question.
    According to Islam God is everywhere even in your heart, and blood.
    Coming to soul, as per Islamic concept soul, just like energy neither destroy not born, when this universe came into existence same time energy was transforming,  and due to big bang universe born the same time souls n other things like son, moon and stars born.

    And when God will will he will destroy everything, exulding One that is God.

    Again he can made everything in same manner, God is great, where everyone thought , and concepts ended, you should understand there is no single reason to  woulb be to believe, but people believe him without reason. God is knowledgeable, he can do anything. All quality he have, would you not see everything near to you?, even if people do not believe him, he is doing wrong with himself.

    By Mahound Observer - 11/8/2015 9:33:39 AM

  • To all muslims on board. Please please be honest and select your sincere answers from the following..I expect you to be 100% sincere.


    1. Which of the following below is true?

    A) God is present everywhere
    B) God is present nowhere
    C) God is present somewhere (somewhere strictly mean Jannat or Allah’s throne above 7 heavens)
    D) In idol

    2. Who will be the permanent resident (Green card holder) of Hell?

    A) Great Ghazi Kings like Mohammed Bin Qasim who killed several thousand Hindu men in Sind and Multan and then captured weeping 100,000 women and children ,made them slaves and send 30,000 of them to Iraq who after doing all these say (In Arabic) “Allah is great; There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet” five times a day 11) And then another Ghazi king Mahmud who killed ,enslaved 500,000 Hindus of Afghanistan, FATA, Khyberpakhtoonkhwa and Punjab.

    B) A Hindu who does not harm any one follow Ahimsa, worship forms of God (or signs of God) Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu by worshipping the idols of pristine temples

    c) Allah is the best judge. Allah knows the Best

    3. Select from below the TRUE statement?

    A) Smart Musa Nabi who can distinguish the sentence in Arabic he heard to be from Allah and understand that it is not made by some one using loud speaker. Btw he saw a bush fire which is sign from Allah ???

    B) Not so smart Moses of Christians and Jews, who will doubt whether the sentence (in Hebrew/Aramaic/Canaanite/ancient Egyptian), is from Yahweh or some one using loudspeaker; so Yahweh appeared as a boy (like in movie “Exodus Gods and kings”) or rather made Moses saw a boy’s image speaking

    C) God appears as Lord Shiva, Godess Durga to dumb Hindu bhaktas

    4). which of below is most logical?

    A) Soul has birth (DOB?) and death
    B) Soul has no birth or death
    C) Soul has no birth (ie soul is never created) but has death (it will be destroyed)
    D) Soul has birth (ie soul is created by Allah) but has no death

    By Hindu - 11/8/2015 8:48:01 AM

  • By a Hindu, something is freely written about Islam, though obviously he has no knowledge of Islamic concepts. But the LOL is that he explains something about divinity in Hinduism which typically makes little sense.
    By Manzurul Haque - 11/7/2015 9:18:42 AM

  • 1. God in islam lives in jannat ;sits in a throne above 7 heavens. while Hindus believe God is present everywhere omnipresent ; both microcosm and macrocosm. God is beyond space time

    Having said this, Vedanta also says universe is illusion. soul of humans (jiva) =soul of paramatma (soul of Vishnu,Durga or shiva) = ParaBrahmam(GOD). it is similar to holy spirit concept in X’tianity

    so idols have Dugra,Vishnu,Shiva not Brahmam…Brahmam is everywhere ; not just in idols.

    Using maya(illusion) or prakriti (nature) God assumes many forms.

    Now you cannot see Allah per islam,but you can talk to him. Allah spake with Moses (Musanabi) LOL

    Mere lip service is enough in islam..just says Allah I thank you for giving me life… Say Allah I worship thee creater of worlds. No need to concentrate on GOD. you can’t concentrate on Brahmam. I mean unrealized souls like us …So you need to worship Shiva, Vishnu, Durga

    Now islam says soul is born when you are born (say april 3 2001) but soul will not die and stays in hell forever (for hindus only LOL)

    my question is if there is birth then there is death….think through….. our soul has no death or birth.

    By Hindu - 11/6/2015 11:57:03 AM

  • I think you should get your knowledge straight on him. He is not forcing anyone to accept Islam. Child marriage? In the glorious Quran, it says that if a girl reaches The age of puberty, is allow to marry. It does not mean she has to marry at the early age. And yes, you dont know if the girl at the age of 9 is physically ready for pregnancy or Not. So how can you say such a thing? Inthe glorious Quran, it says if 2 people want to marry each other and are physically ready (reaches puberty) should get married.Different country has different law for marriage. Different genration has different law. So whats wrong for you now can be right for you tomorrow. We muslims follow Quran than your so-called media which makes you believe in everything muslims do/say is wrong. 
    By Hanifa - 8/13/2014 6:22:59 PM

  • Let him do his job . He is doing a great job spreading truth and vanishing sects.

    By fayaz - 4/17/2013 2:04:38 PM

  •  Let me try to answer you.

    I am a follower of the ideas of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. I also believe what Mr. Sultan Shahin is doing through this website may help the community.

    About the TV presentations of Dr. Naik I have been giving serious thought. You may be right to say that his mannerisms are slightly dramatic. But when I draw a balance sheet I think what Dr. Naik is doing is also not bad.

    If you (and few more on this site) are disturbed with Dr. Naik because of his success then that in itself cannot be ground to pillory him. If you think that by his TV presentation, he is ‘forcing people to believe in something which they do not want or, require’, then you are clearly wrong. Day in and day out, we see sleaze on TV and internet, and even in magazines, which are positively detrimental to the general well-being of mankind, but are pushed in public life because it benefits the owners of such TV, internet-site, and magazines. Do you have anything to say against them? Or you think they have superior inherent right to propagate the sleaze without a contest? As far as I can see Dr. Naik is simply contesting that sleaze, and doing it rather efficiently.  If he is irrational or illogical please do visit his meetings and make a mince-meat of him, which we will all relish. At least it will have the effect of raising the contest to a level higher. But please do not wallow in your defeat in the contest. In any case it is un-modern to run away from a competition.

    So Mr. Ashok Sharma sahib, if you are genuinely interested in highlighting the good aspects of Islam, you have to gird-up yourself  and must prepare to face flak from those who are determined to make money through activities such as  selling female flesh, enslaving labours, terrorising the meek and the humble. But if you are on the other side of the camp, then I beg you apologies on behalf of Dr. Naik who has ruffled your feathers.  I am however reluctant to condemn him because to my mind he is doing a good job.

    By Manzurul Haque -

  • Please see my replies to the post above this one.

    By Manzurul Haque -

  • It is surprising that the process of development of rational thinking among Muslims is very slow. Most middle class Muslims also treat this issue as that of identity. This is high time that educated, rational and secular Muslims should come out and speak against the obscurantist, medieval and irrational ideas being propounded by the likes of Mr. Zakir Naik. Otherwise, the hands of those anti - Islamic forces will be strengthened who treat Islam as an intolerant, dangerous and barbaric ideology out to capture and enslave the world!  It is specially important as more people are turning atheist or, non-religious and an impression has been created that people not believing in God will be killed/exterminated in Islamic societies.

    This kind of Fascist and inhuman/barbaric interpretation is un-Islamic and incompatible with modern civilisation. Why should people be forced to believe in something which they do not want or, require? After all, people who do not believe in God also live happily and can be good citizens. Why should anybody force them to change their thinking and lifestyle if they are not harming others? Why should human robots be created in the name of religion who are not permitted to think or, analyse? Who gives these fanatics such authority? It is the silence of majority Muslims who do not want to confront them. Even if some fanatic interpretation provides them with such self-proclaimed authority, it has to be condemned and opposed by all rational Muslims. 

    Non-Muslim intellectuals also have a role to play. They must highlight the positive aspects of Islamic ideology which was a revolutionary concept in its time and environment. Its tenets have to be interpreted in the light of the objective conditions that prevailed during that time in the Arab lands.  After-all, how did Islam become so popular in so many countries including Indian sub-continent?

    Your website is providing a great service to not only the followers of Islam but to the entire humanity. Please also include articles on the rational thinking in Islam and status of human rights and minorities as early as 7th Century AD as advocated by the Prophet (PBUH). Also please explain that Islam is not incompatible with other religions and ways of life and can co-exist (and has always co-existed) in harmony with them.

    By Ashok Sharma -

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