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Lesser Hindus, Purer Pakistan: This is how Pakistan reacts to Dr Ramesh Kumar’s disclosures on ethnic cleansing in Pakistan


By Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

14 May 2014


Member of National Assembly and head of Pakistan Hindu Council Dr Ramesh Kumar has said on the floor of the Assembly that no member belonging to minority sections in Pakistan is safe even as the government has completely failed to provide protection to their places of worship and religious scriptures.

In the context of our national statement, it is apparently a Hindu conspiracy because Pakistani citizen and member of Central Legislative Assembly Rakesh Kumar has ripped apart our feeling of“Everything is OK”. That’s why we term it a serious conspiracy against our country and nation behind which perhaps the Bharati Hindu Baniya may be present with all his anti Islam and anti-Pakistan bias.

Since we have looked at Dr Ramesh Kumar’s statement through the prism of conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan, his statement is not important to us nor have we to be bothered about the least bit. As the proverbial good riddance, if every year five thousand Hindus (according to Dr. Ramesh Kumar) migrate to India from Pakistan, it is a good omen for the purification of the country. It is also a warning to other minority communities of the country that they should leave the God’s own country for their own good.

Member of National Assembly Dr Ramesh Kumar has crossed all limits of daredevilry by disclosing that within only the last two months, six religious scriptures and places of worship of Hindus in different cities of Sindh alone have been set on fire, though our national media has not given the least importance to these ‘alleged’ events because such events are not new in Pakistan.

Our media craves for new events and new disclosures and in the spare time, it waters the false claims of independent and impartial media by running the exaggerated promotions of its present and future programmes. Our media mullahs deliver lectures and tell old tales of the protection of minorities in Islamic state to falsify new facts. They can never accept the fact that minorities are the target in many parts of the state and the intolerant religious and sectarian organisations have made life hell for them.

According to Dr Ramesh Kumar not a single accused was arrested after the incidents of desecration of religious scriptures and places of worship. I request respected member of Assembly Dr Ramesh Kumar not to stress on this point too much because even if he mentions the sacred scriptures of the majority in comparison, even his being the Member of Assembly will not help him.

Even if his dead body is not pulled around on the streets of the city after burning him, at least it will be made sure that he will be taught such a lesson that his future generations, if they are alive, will always remember it. Mr Kumar should keep it in mind that he can at best identify the persons burning the religious scriptures or places of worship of Hindus. No person belonging to the state machinery can take this risk because here, even the judges of courts, police personnel and even governors are killed. Where does he stand?

It can be said with conviction that this request made by a Hindu on the floor of the Assembly will prove to be a voice in the wilderness and no one from the members of the National Assembly or the honourable Speaker or our so called active judiciary will take cognisance of this. Dr Ramesh Kumar will also not get a space in the national media whereas the Prime Minister, President or any minister will not be able to say anything on the topic.

This way, a heart rending scream will drown in the collective noise. There cries are only for drawing the attention and getting funds from their masters abroad. No national party can take the risk of staging demonstrations because in their view, this is not an issue on which the government can be toppled. The religious affairs departments of states will become tight-lipped and our so called intellectuals will become busy in outlining the possible anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan plans of Hindu extremist Narendra Modi in the neighbouring country.

On the other hand, a case of blasphemy has been filed against lawyers in Jhang, the centre of communal tensions. All the features of the case are communal. It is alleged that the lawyers who mostly belong to the Shia sect have abused the local officer in charge, a part of whose name is similar to the name of a sacred Islamic personality, during a demonstration. The officer in charge has directed the abuses hurled towards him to the sacred Islamic personality and has drawn the conclusion that the demonstrators have demonstrated their sectarian bias behind the veil of abusing him. This situation can be capitalised  on by militant and opportunistic organisations. In this particularly tense atmosphere of Jhang, some more players will enter the scene and the controversy may revive the bitter memories of the past.

Pakistan is fast becoming beleaguered by religious and sectarian hatred and the groups bent on unleashing violence have been using this hatred to wipe out their opponents. The law enforcing agencies of the state does not have power to face and control these armed and aggressive forces. It has been observed in the past that the law enforcing agencies that are under the civil governments become helpless before the political affiliations and apprehensions of the influential persons.

There have been innumerable examples in Punjab alone of the Muslim League (Nawaz) adopting communal groups and avoiding any action against them. The reason is simple. Muslim League Nawaz gets militant services from these groups in the elections and in return provides them with facilities and privileges. This way, the communal and extremist forces take their agenda further. What will the political parties and leaders do to crush this demon that witness but can’t even talk on the subject of ever growing religious extremism and communalism in Pakistan?

The author of nine books including the recent "Punjabi Taliban", Mujahid Hussain writes a regular weekly column for New Age Islam. He is also Chief of New Age Islam Brussels Bureau. He has been contributing to leading papers as an investigative journalist for about two decades. His writings cover a vast panorama of topics concerning political and societal existence of Pakistan, a nation passing through difficult straits since a short time after its birth. With terrorism and security issues at local, regional, and global levels as his special area of study in recent years, Mujahid Hussain has earned a sizable readership in serious circles in Pakistan and abroad. Follower of an independent, non-partisan, and objective way of thinking, the author offers honest analysis of the challenges threatening communities, nations, and humanity at large.

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  • The first step is to consign the law of blasphemy to the dust bin. The next step is to deal sternly with all miscreants who spread mischief. The state must enact and implement a law for  compensating the minorities for any loss incurred by them on account of the failure of the state to provide them protection. 

    By Observer - 5/18/2014 7:36:56 AM

  • Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, the most prestigious Islam scholar from Pakistan has left no stone unturned to protect rights of minorities like Hindus, Christians in Pakistan. He has mastery over Sharia law, Islamic jurisprudence. The article that i copied in the latest comment of mine is the result of his all-round knowledge in the subject and true reflections of Islamic teachings regarding the protection of Minorities including Hindus and was published in Daily The Nation, 26 Aug, 2009. Muslims in large number have started following Dr Muhammad Tahirul Qadri’s presentations of Islam. I hope there to be good for Minorities in Pakistan. May Allah Almighty make it happen!

    By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث - 5/18/2014 6:47:28 AM

  • “Rights of Minorities in Islam”

    By Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

    Following a flurry of unfortunate incidents that involved mass scale persecution of the Christian community in Gojra and the misrepresentation of the religious teachings, it is high time we initiated intellectual discourse aimed at identifying the factors, which led to this tragedy. The principal purpose behind this exercise should be to fashion a cohesive and comprehensive strategy to educate masses about the real teachings of Islam and preempt any similar untoward incident in future. It is also of equal importance to seek input of the representatives of all schools of thought and other sections of society like journalists, intellectuals, civil society activists, lawyers and professors etc. Ideally, the Islamic Ideology Council is well suited to spearhead this initiative and give it institutionalised base for the production of effective results. The second phase of such an arrangement may be geared to engage the minorities living within Pakistan in a constructive dialogue aimed at allaying their apprehensions and fears.

    I am of the considered opinion that the long-term solution to such problems lies in changing the mindset through sustained engagement and projection of real teachings of Islam so that no bigoted mullah, having a limited understanding of Islam, could exploit the religious feelings of people for ulterior motives.

    Islam seeks to establish such a society where all citizens of the state enjoy equal rights and religion does not become the basis for any discrimination. Islamic law holds both Muslims and non-Muslims equal and no superiority or privilege is given to the Muslims on any ground. The history of Islam is replete with such examples. Once, a Muslim, who was accused of killing a non-Muslim, was presented in the court of Hazrat Ali (ra). The evidence supported the accusation. When Hazrat Ali ordered the Muslim to be killed by way of qisas, the relatives of the murderer made the brother of the killed forgive by paying him the compensation money. When the Caliph came to know of it, he asked, "Perhaps these people may have coerced you into saying so." To this, he replied in the negative, saying that the killing would not bring his brother back. Since they were paying him blood money, it would help the family financially to some extent. The Caliph agreed to the deal but added that the principle underlying the functioning of his government was "the blood of those of our non-Muslim subjects is equal to our blood and his blood money is like our blood money." (Abu Yusuf, Kitab-ul-Khiraj, p. 187)

    Secondly, every member of an Islamic society is entitled to privacy and personal life. No one can be allowed to enter his house or interfere in his matters without his consent. The minorities enjoy similar rights in an Islamic state as the Muslims do. It is the fundamental principle of Islamic law that it enjoins the similar rights and duties on both Muslim and non-Muslim citizens without any discrimination.

    Thirdly, Islam ordains people to worship Allah Almighty but it does not coerce followers of other religions to accept Islam and change their creed. Invitation to truth and use of coercion are mutually exclusive realities. The Holy Quran has communicated the Islamic message of truth in these words: "(O Glorious Messenger!) Invite towards the path of your Lord with strategic wisdom and refined exhortation and (also) argue with them in a most decent manner. Surely your Lord knows him well who strayed away from His path and He also knows well the rightly guided." (16:125)

    Islam has strictly disallowed the adoption of such method of invitation, which affects the religious independence of the other party. Allah Almighty says at another place: "There is no coercion in religion. Verily, guidance has manifestly been distinguished from error." (2:256)

    Fourthly, the non-Muslim minorities are free to undertake any business enterprise or profession in an Islamic state like their Muslim counterparts and no restriction can be imposed upon them in this regard. However, those businesses, which are collectively injurious for the society, would be completely prohibited both for the Muslims as well as the non-Muslims. The minorities are also free to adopt any profession they like. They would also be subject to same trade-related taxation as the Muslims.

    Fifthly, as it is the responsibility of the Islamic state to provide for the disabled or the poor or the destitute or the old, in the same way, it is also under obligation to pay for the maintenance of a member of the minority community in case of his disability, old age or poverty. Minorities enjoy equal rights in terms of collective maintenance in an Islamic state. According to a tradition reported by Abu 'Ubaid in Kitab-ul-Amwal, "The Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave a donation to a Jewish family and it continued to be delivered even after (the Holy Prophet's departure from this world)."

    Sixthly, Islamic state is responsible for the protection and security of minorities. If it has entered into an agreement with another nation, the protection and security of the latter also falls under its domain of responsibility.

    One of the conditions that defined the agreements between Muslims and the conquered non-Muslim minorities was that the Islamic government would be responsible for provision of basic necessities and security of lives of the minorities. The Peace Agreement, which was struck with the residents of the Heera had the following written in it: "A non-Muslim who grows old and cannot work or becomes disabled due to a natural calamity or he was previously rich but has become poor due to some untoward happening, the government would not charge any tax from such calamity-stricken people. Rather these people and their families would be provided with the maintenance allowance out of official treasury." (Ibn Rushd, Badiyat-ul-Mujtahid, vol. 2, p. 310)

    The minorities cannot be compelled to render defence services. Rather, it is the responsibility of the Islamic state to defend them. Since the Islamic state is responsible for the protection of lives, honour and property of the minorities and they do not have any other obligation with regard to defence, they are liable to contribute financially to the Islamic state in the form of a tax called Jizya. Even then, Islam has taught about justice and good manners when it comes to the imposition of Jizya on the minorities.

    Due to space constraint, I cannot delve deeper into the Islamic history to prove empirically how minorities were treated in an Islamic state. The reprehensible Gojra-style incidents happen because of our society's lack of knowledge of actual teachings of Islam. The vacuum of knowledge so created is bridged by the semi-literate clergy with no exposure to the Islamic historical tradition, demands of contemporary age and challenges of future. 
    By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث - 5/18/2014 6:40:58 AM

  • Concerning the protection of minorities in Islamic state Allah Almighty says, ‘Allah does not forbid you to deal with those who have not fought against you in religion, and have not driven you from your homes, with benevolence, or to show them justice. Surely Allah loves those who are just.’ (26:8)

    This Qura’nic text does not only include protection, but it also encourges benevolence and sincerity towards Hindus in Pakistan, for Islam sanctified the unity of mankind as a whole. The Almighty says: ‘O mankind. We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that you may know one another.’ (49: 13)

    Given these Qar’anic teachings, I do not know why people wage wars against Hindus in Pakistan. I do not think this is in fact a religious fight; rather this is a satanic fight being fought in the name of religion. 

    By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث - 5/18/2014 6:18:24 AM

  • Such is the attitude of extremists. Many Muslims even in Pakistan condemn this attitude. 
    By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث - 5/18/2014 6:08:19 AM

  • @ghulam

    Come to reality. In spite of all bit**** about india, the percentage of minority has not come down. On the contrary, the north eastern state has become christian majority and hindus are minority. But the precentage of hindus has come down from 7% to 2% talks about the muslim attitude towards other minorities.

    By satwagunam - 5/17/2014 9:58:48 AM

  • I do not agree that lesser Hindus would make Pakistan purer. Pakistan is a Muslim country and Islam gives equal rights to every one regardless of religion. 
    Then how can Pakistan be purer, if it is against Islam itself.   

    By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث - 5/17/2014 9:36:40 AM

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