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How should Muslims introspect after the Supreme Court Judgement on Babri Masjid and Ramjanambhumi Dispute

By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

26 November 2019

It might shock you if I request you to judge the actions of those in leadership who happily want to come into limelight by pouncing upon a ‘golden’ opportunity of appearing as “heroes” or “representatives” of Indian Muslims, or to say nominally, of ‘Islam’. Prominently this is the case of recent judgment on Babrimasjid and Ramjanambhoomi, which is taken as an opportunity as if it were a gift granted to the publicity-seeking religious “representatives”. You may be shocked at my request for judging their actions, which might not have a direct connection with their next-step demand for the review petition, yet indirectly there is indeed a connection. That connection is highly inspired by a wish for publicity-seeking which has weakened their mental faculty to decide what may become good for the Muslims, Hindus and India. 

Clearly speaking, today’s “religious representatives” seeking an opportunity to appear in limelight have a role to play for the benefit of their personal wishes; - a role which in view of Tariqat (meant here ‘a corpus of mystical experiences and observations (mushahidat), is not a part of actual teachings of Islamic religion. Islamic teachings never inspire one to do any deed for other than achieving pleasure of God Almighty. 

It must be decoded here that a person should not be given the title of ‘representative of Islam’ or ‘Muslims’ representative’, if his attitudes are not Islamic. It is not more important to find him be attired in Kurta, Pyjama and turban than to see shades of Taqwa which are recognised by the attitudes of humbleness, sincerity, respect of humanity, thinking of welfare of the society, community and country— each with the sole purpose of attaining pleasure of Allah Almighty. It is embarrassing to express that we do not find such shades of Taqwa in the attitudes of those who, in voices of several means of media, are called “Muslim representatives”. Try please to find out such attitudes or shades of Taqwa within them. Such attitudes of Islam are missing from such “religious representatives” who could thereby win the hearts of human beings including non-Muslims, the way the Sufis did through their humane deeds based on sincerity, truthfulness and honesty towards Islamic religion.    

Hardly did a compiler of Ahadith in book-forms miss a hadith which reads, “Actions are [judged] by intentions”. In all actions of worship, what works well in their pursuit is such an intention which purely looks for the pleasure of Allah Almighty. But present-day “Muslims’ representatives” want to earn publicity and self-respect rather than the pleasure of Allah Almighty which actually comes through one’s making good intentions and not the intention of publicity.

I would not blame any names but say that they must feel that God knows them best about what they want to seek through calling for review petition on the Babjri-Masjid issue; publicity or pleasure of God Almighty. The question remains unsolved unless we understand how we can please God Almighty in such an issue as a bone of contention between two larger communities of human beings, Muslims and Hindus. Meanwhile let this idea strike our mind that the pleasure of God Almighty is attained by knowing what is actually Maqasid Sharia (objectives of Islamic Sharia).

Before delving into Maqasid Sharia, it is better to observe that the review petition against the Supreme Court’s Ayodhya judgment will be both futile and imprudent. It is highly unlikely that any Muslim organization will succeed in getting the Supreme Court to make any changes to its judgment which granted the disputed land to Hindus for the construction of a Ram Mandir. Another thing to worry about is that the Muslim parties, who had agreed to accept whatever the SC’s judgment may be, favourable or unfavourable, are now planning to do just the opposite.

I would not criticize any religious sentiment attached to a mosque or a temple, which can be sensed respectively as a natural attitude in both Muslims and Hindus. Some Muslims have expressed both acceptance and dissatisfaction over the SC’s judgment. Some have even planned to file a review petition. The same reaction would have come from some Hindus if the judgment had not been in their favour. All this is their right provided it does not go against law and order. What is laudable and commendable so far is that no riots or clashes between the two communities have occurred so far after the SC’s judgment and thereby law and order is still maintained. This credit definitely goes to all Indians, especially Muslims.

Indian Muslims must accept the SC’s Judgment without going to file any review petition. They should close the chapter of contention between the two communities by accepting whatever the Supreme Court has issued. Now they must stick to other opportunities to express their servant-hood towards God Almighty. This can be done if they build mosques in their hearts, spend time in acts of worship, meditations in any of the mosques located in India, act upon teachings of Taqwa and educate them with special focus on those of sincerity, love, respect, humbleness and all other parts of goodness enshrined in Islam. This is what the Maqasid Sharia demands today in its vast objectives including the welfare of the society. It is time for Muslims to act upon universal teachings of tolerance, patience, harmony and peace and thereby winning the hearts of other fellow human beings including those who have great antipathy and prejudice against Muslims, as any reaction to hate increases nothing but hate.

To understand Maqasid-e-Sharia briefly, it is worth mentioning that numerous rulings of Islamic Sharia are changed or concessions in Islamic laws are granted according to changing circumstances of the time and thereby the door of easiness and concession is always open for Muslim Ummah of every age. The basis of changes in such rulings, according to majority of Muslim jurists, revolves around the seven fundamental principles of Islamic Jurisprudence. They are 1) zaruriyaat (absolute necessities), 2) hajat (necessity), 3) daf’e haraj (removing difficulty), 4) ‘Urf (recurring practices of a large number of Muslims), 5) Maslahah (interest/benefit), 6) izala al-fasad (elimination of corruption), 7) umum-e-balwa.

Absolute necessities (zaruriyat) are classified in what preserves one’s faith (din), soul (nafs), wealth (maal), mind (aql) and offspring (nasl). Some jurists add the preservation of honour to these five popular necessities. Preservation of these necessities is the objective of Islamic Sharia. So in the context of SC’s judgment on Babri Masjid-Ram Janam Bhoomi, even if we believe that a land once a masjid is always a masjid, we will still have to take into consideration the objective of Islamic Sharia which preserves one’s life, removes difficulty, eliminates corruption and ensures social interest. This will be in line with the fiqhi maxim “Necessities cause the prohibited things to be permissible”, (الضرورات تبيح المحظورات)”. That means we must accept SC judgment which, as per some opinions, is a resolution and in conformity with the objective of Islam in preserving lives of Indian civilians. If this resolution is not accepted, there might occur corruption and loss of lives and thereby a violation of objectives of Islam.

A regular Columnist with NewAgeIslam.com, Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi Dehlvi is an Alim and Fazil (Classical Islamic scholar), with a Sufi-Sunni background and English-Arabic-Urdu Translator. He has also done B.A (Hons.) in Arabic, M.A. in Arabic and M.A in English from JMI, New Delhi. He is Interested in Islamic Sciences; Theology, Jurisprudence, Tafsir, Hadith and Islamic mysticism (Tasawwuf).

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  • Aayina sb, you say to Satish, “Satish Your expectation is wrong and this people lie vey easily”.

    I have grounds to disagree with you when you have this expectation.

    You say, “There was no nation state concept in Islam and in Arab their was Kabilas(Tribes), When Mohmmad self declared himslef Paigmaber and forced to belive all people, Sura Tuba was last to nail it, so any left non-Muslims can be converted or killed.”

    First let me say “peace be upon him” because we Muslims puntucally say ‘Salam upon the Prophet’. I may agree with you on the points that the Messenger of God Almighty came to invite all mankind to Islam but with the divine guidance of not forcing anyone to accept Islam.  

    Surah Taubah deals with rules of war, conditions, modes of dealings, and many other issues. One should fear here to deduce anything which goes to the extent of ‘altering the meaning of the divine messages’. One needs to ponder over them justly and honestly. Without pointing out any preconceived idea, a researcher must go through all verses related to war and then deduce the exact meaning, utilizing the principles of understanding the Quran, inherited from the first era of Muslims, and passing by Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki and Hambali ages to this 21st century. Anyway, reality of things is beyond our perception when we fail to cover the proper reasoning meant for the subject. I would not repeatedly call you to believe or take my articles on the relevant subject as much granted as you know about your own reality.         

    “This people cheat on Social science as well, as they have none which is rational or also we cannot adopt which they have develop form their Hambo Jambo Hadeses.”

    I think knowledge, faculty of reasoning, power of analysis and observation; all are nothing but a blessing of God Almighty. The one who holds it must be thankful to God Almighty, and use its benefit in the right way. It the same knowledge makes one arrogant as opposed to other fellows, it means his knowledge is tantamount to darkness where there is no light of knowledge. Let me say that there are so many rational grounds in Social Science and Ahadith which can only be grasped first with the blessing of Allah and then with the source of proper methodlogy to understand Ahaadith.

    You say, “thier social science is also stealing of hard work of modern and eastern Philospher which this Muslims will adopt and attribute to some their Hadeses or Quran Ayat, then they argue that in Islam philosophy is not allowed to use see how Quran and Islam is complete”

    Grasping real philosophy and theology was the real purpose of some genius Muslims of the past. But this is true there were some occasions where the matters of heart took over those of rational faculty. There were occasions where hearts and minds fought with each other. It was a very confusing and decisive state when they had to choose either of the two. The Quranic verses guided them, in other words, the speeches of God Almighty which enlightened their hearts to choose the path of the hearts and leave the path of minds. But there were only some occasions but it does not mean that minds and hearts fought with each other in all occasions. Other than few selected issues, there are oftentimes the places where the mind and heart co-operated each other.

    Actually our scientist orientalist writers have done a great effort to degrade the values attached with Islamic sciences, yes so much, that they hurled the bomb of so-called ‘objectivity’ and ‘subjectivity’ that many exploded with it apart. They forgot many things. To quote one of them for you, they forgot that it is also a part of rational reasoning that the One Who created all worlds, and everything what is in them, and the One Whose essence is beyond our imaginiton, is the only One Whom we should trust and believe. There were some Muslims philosophers who had the same thought but they presented it in some different ways without preconceiving the idea that some people in near future would appear who would pull my thoughts to make it oppose other thoughts of Muslims, only to discredit Islam and its scientific corpus.
    By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي - 12/5/2019 2:43:48 AM

  • To Satish 
    NAI can you leave the spacing in paragraphs as they easy to read and understand, I have seen when I write long comment everything come as one paragraph.

    Satish Your expectation is wrong and this people lie vey easily.

    There was no nation state concept in Islam and in Arab their was Kabilas(Tribes), When Mohmmad self declared himslef Paigmaber and forced to belive all people, Sura Tuba was last to nail it, so any left non-Muslims can be converted or killed.

    This people cheat on Social science as well, as they have none which is rational or also we cannot adopt which they have develop form their Hambo Jambo Hadeses. Their social sceince is similar to their Science of Quran, attributing all non-Muslims((((Non-Muslim:A degoratory and negativity word use to address  people who not follow Islam)))hard work to Quran, thier social science is also stealing of hard work of modern and eastern Philospher which this Muslims will adopt and attribute to some their Hadeses or Quran Ayat, then they argue that in Islam philosophy is not allowed to use see how Quran and Islam is complete.

    You need to hear Mulana Tariq Jameel he use lots of Hindu stories and attach to Mohmmad paigmaber, this are samless creed cannot give credit to non-Muslims for anything they have given to the society, same like Mormans they have just last year Baptised Ghandhi as thier was noway they can able to adopt Ghandhi as Hindu so they baptised him, even though he dead, because for Mormans good person can only be Christian, 

    Christians also tried to make Ghandhi their last prophet when he was alive, written books on it, the condition was he has to became Christian publicly to Himulate his own religion, the project did not work.

    The new project is going on by Qidiyani sect, Mirza Gulam delclard himself as Avtar of Krishna so Hindu can be fooled but our Sikh brother were left out, so under this new project Gurunanak dev is Wali and Sikhs are just misguided to understand that Gurnanak dev have became Muslims by heart, so all Sikh must all convert to Islam.

    Both Muslims and Christians have problem to adopt good people as good if they are born in different rlegion to theirs. 

    Muslims will like only those Hindus or Christians or Jews who condem  their own non-Muslim community but takes side of Muslims.

    If you are using Social Media platform you will see they will forward criticism of Hindu by Hindu in favour of Muslim than they put on social media platform, but they will never put any digarotory comment on Hindu by Muslims and it's even impossible to find criticism of Muslim favouring Hindu condemning Muslim for Hindu favour. 

    Only tow people on social media I have seen one is Indian and other is from Trinidad Imran N. Hosien. He clearly says if I was born as Hindu I will never like Mulism and than he says Muslims need to accept and owe apploogies to Hindu for the atrocities and crime done to Hindus.

    Now people like Gulam Ghus Sidiqque or anytime form Indian origin will either ignore their bad karma to Hindus or will remain shun or keep changing the narrative.

    Satish Sorry to go bit out of way but I have seen Naive Hindus come here and do comments which is not going to be fruitfully change Muslims mind at even single idea on the contrary if we understand them it is easy to know how they are hypocrate and know how to deal them like westerners. Western world intelctuall and even comman citizens understand Muslims hypocrisy Just they deal them with civility 

    By Aayina - 12/4/2019 9:23:52 PM

  • A woman named Fasilah narrates that she heard her father saying: I asked Nabi sallaAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, “O Rasullullah, is love for one’s nation considered chauvinism?” He sallaAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam replied, “No, chauvinism is partly to help one’s nation in perpetrating injustice” (Ibn Majah) 

    By Kaniz Fatma - 12/4/2019 3:41:24 AM

  • The concept of loyalty and love towards country, as per Islam, is very simple. Muslims are duty bound to be loyal to the country in which they live. As for Indian Muslims, they do have such loyalty for their country. At some occasion, if they raise their voice for their rights in accord with their constitution, let me proudly say, It is their right granted by the Indian constitution, and for that matter, they too are proud of that. However if anything which goes against the welfare of the country, it is objectionable and must be decried urgently.
    By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي - 12/4/2019 2:32:23 AM

  • Achchi Taqreer kar lete ho bhai.  APNE BHAYION KO SIKHAO YE DESHPREMI MESSAGE
    By Satish - 12/4/2019 2:23:28 AM

  • @Satish sb,, 

    I have not seen any Mulla declaring ‘love to country’ an act of Shirk. However there are terror elements which declare ‘love to country’ as ‘love to worthless dust’. This view amounts to mixing right with wrong.

    As I have said in my earlier comment that the nature of loving a country exists in every good human being. Even an animal loves its homeland and makes all possible effort to construct and develop the place in which it lives. This love is a part of nature, and Islam does not teach anything against any parts of Nature. The most solid evidence, in the view of Islam, is that Islam does not consider it ‘forbidden’. This is very clear from the fact that things which have no evidence of forbiddance as such are considered permissible.

    There are only wahhabis and their partners who are found with the offensive words such as bidat, haraam etc in matters related to what have not been declared haraam. The very famous jurisprudential ruling is that the things which Allah and His Prophet have not declared Haram are permissible. This rule is based on al-asl fil ashyaa al-ibahat (الأصل في الأشياء الإباحة). In other words, this jurisprudential maxim reads “In principle all things, of various categories and types, are permissible” for human beings until they violate Islamic injunctions.

    Patriotism is not a concept antithetical to religion or community. The country where a citizen enjoys religious rights, security, liberty and freedom is a beloved place for him. For Muslims, a country where they freely bow down before God Almighty in five-times prayer and have freedom to devote all their time to remember God and His Prophet (peace be upon him) is indeed their beloved homeland, the safety and security of which is their responsibility.

    So those “Mullas” as in your mind who declare patriotism to be an act of Shirk are sheer ignorant. Call them please to attend this class, insha Allah they will learn and you will be silent.

    By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي - 11/28/2019 11:47:58 PM

  • @Miss Kaniz Fatma,

    Perhaps I have replied to this question of yours before, while I am not sure. There is very technical debate over the authenticity of the ‘hadith’, “hubbul watan min al-iman”. I think it is not necessary to debate over it. It would be enough to know that according to some scholars of Hadith, the hadith “to love your country is part of faith” is weak in its chain of narration. The ruling of weakness over this hadith is due to chain of narration. However the weak hadith is reliable in virtues [fazail] if not in Ahkaam. However other scholars consider it to be fabricated and the fabricated hadith is not reliable in any case. But the weakness or fabrication of this hadith does not mean that “love the homeland is not allowed”.

    We have so many other evidences which make it compulsory for us to love our country.  

    Jurists (Fuqaha), saints (Auliya), the wise (hukama), and Muslim authors have expressed their affection for their respective homelands. A number of Ulama have written books on patriotism, for instance, “Al-Hunain ilal Awtan (Love towards the homeland)” authored by Jahiz.

    Being away from the homelands, according to the Muslim scholars, is extremely difficult moment equal to pain of losing one’s life. Allama Mulla Ali Qari, in his book “Mirqatul Mafatih (commentary of Hadith book – Mishkatul Masabih)”, says, “Being away from the homeland is one of the most painful situations”.

    It is narrated by Hazrat Anas that “whenever the Prophet (peace be upon him) returned from a journey and observed the walls of Medina, he would make his Mount go fast, and if he was on an animal (i.e. a horse), he would make it gallop because of his love for Medina” (Bukhari, 1886, Book 29, Hadith 20). The same hadith is also mentioned in Jami al-Tirmidhi.

    In the commentary of this hadith, Allama Ibn Hajar Asqalani says, “This hadith is evidence of the virtue of Madina and permissibility of love to country/Hubbul Watan” (Fathul Bari commentary on Sahih Bukhari, Arabic version 3/621). Allama Aini has also made the same interpretation of this hadith. (Please see, Umdatul Qari –commentary on Sahih Bukhari 10/135)

    Allama Ibn Jawzi says in his book “Muthir al-gharam al-sakin ilá ashraf al-amakin p.75”, “homelands are always beloved”.

    Imam Abu Nuwaim said in “Hilyatul Awliya 7/380”, “Being away from the homeland was the most painful experience of all that I felt”.

    The nature of loving a country exists in every good human being. Even an animal loves its homeland and makes all possible effort to construct and develop the place in which it lives. This love is a part of nature, and Islam does not teach anything against any parts of Nature. Instead it urges the believers to love their country, and be kind towards its people.

    By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي - 11/28/2019 9:49:36 PM

  • Kaniz Fatma, some Mullas speak it is shirk to love the country. 
    By Satish - 11/28/2019 8:43:40 PM

  • Is the hadith on love of the country weak? I have come across on some websites in Urdu about that. Could you please explain it?
    By Kaniz Fatma - 11/28/2019 3:41:06 AM

  • @KF
    Yes there is a hadith predicting about that. It is narrated by Hazrat Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “An army will raid the Kaabah and when it reaches a desert (Baidaa a place near Makkah) land, all of them will be swallowed up by the earth”. She asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah! Why all of them?’ He answered, “All of them will be swallowed by the earth but they will be raised for judgment according to their intentions”. This hadith has been reported by Bukhari and Muslim. Imam Nawawi has also quoted in his Riyad al-Salihin.
    This is a prediction but whose army would it be, which has been referred to in this hadith, and when this army will invade the Kaabah is a matter known to Allah Alone. Such prophecies are a part of the unseen knowledge. But the message taken from this hadith indicates that everyone will be rewarded or punished according to his intentions. This also indicates that the company of the tyrant people is extremely dangerous.  
    By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي - 11/28/2019 2:24:30 AM

  • It is reported that “Allah does not look at your figures nor at your attire but He looks at your hearts and accomplishments” (Sahih Muslim). This hadith refers to significance of sincerity and good intention. Muslims must do all their noble deeds based on these two virtues and their hearts should be free from all such things that destroy noble deeds. Hypocrisy and ostentation fall in the category of such evils.

    Since the true condition of heart is known to Allah Alone, the true position of one’s actions will be known on the Day of Judgment. However in this world, the people will be treated according to their apparent condition.  

    By GGS - 11/27/2019 11:54:02 PM

  • Is there any hadith about that an army will try to raid the kaabah but they will be swallowed up the earth? What is the importance of it

    By KF - 11/27/2019 11:31:16 PM

  • Ikhlas is missing from our Muslim representatives therefore we are causing embarassment all around the globe 
    actually we have left the path of islam therefore everywhere ruswai and zillat

    By Shamim - 11/27/2019 2:36:35 AM

  • Waging Jihad by fighting has terms and conditions. Simply knowing that it is obligatory upon Muslims is not enough but a sign of neek hakim khatrae jaan.
    Many things are obligatory in Islam but their implementation is allowed only after the conditions are met.
    For example, Zakat is obligatory but it has conditions that if one possesses the Nisab, only he can give zakat. There are many other conditions that the author can better tell us.
    Jihad by fighting too has conditions, so far as I know. It is waged to stop terrorism, oppression, injustice. It is done by Islamic government and in present world there is no Islamic government. It is done against those who have no peace-treaty and at war with Muslim countries.
    By Maliki - 11/27/2019 2:28:10 AM

    By Ashraf Ali - 11/27/2019 2:19:34 AM

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