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Mother’s Milk Has Miraculous Benefits



By Harun Yahya

30 January 2015

MOTHER’s milk is a matchless compound created by Allah to meet all the baby’s nutritional requirements and protect it against potential infections. The way that the nutritional values in mother’s milk are in just the right proportions for the baby’s needs means that it could well be described as “the miraculous compound.” It is also rich in nutrients that encourage brain cell growth and accelerate the development of the nervous system. Not even baby foods produced using the latest technologies can replace this miraculous food.

Changing Nature Mother’s Milk

Mother’s milk changes with the baby’s stages of development, and the content of the milk also varies depending on the baby’s nutritional requirements at each particular phase. The milk in the days immediately after birth is known as colostrum, which is rich in protein and antibodies. This milk strengthens the baby’s immune system and helps the digestive system to develop.

After the first three or four days, the milk becomes thinner, more watery and sweeter: This is to provide the baby with hydration. Its sugar, protein and mineral contents are also in line with the baby’s needs. This milk is low in fat and high in carbohydrates. Mother’s milk is always ready at just the right temperature, and the sugar and fat it contains play an important role in brain development. In addition, elements within it such as calcium are important for bone development and growth.

The milk then gradually becomes thicker and creamier, in order to satisfy the baby’s hunger. The antibody contents of this milk are individualized, and vary according to each baby’s personal requirements; that is because Allah has created a special system for this purpose. When the mother touches and cuddles her baby, her body comes into contact with pathogens colonizing the child and produces the appropriate antibodies and immune cells.

The milk of mothers of premature babies miraculously contains greater quantities of fat, protein, sodium, chloride and iron, very much in line with the baby’s needs. It has been shown that premature babies fed on their own mothers’ milk develop better eye functions and score better on intelligence tests, among other qualities.

Although this miraculous compound is called milk, it in fact consists of 90 percent water. Babies of course need water as well as nutrients and water or other substances from sources other than mother’s milk may not be sufficiently hygienic. With mother’s milk, however, the baby’s hydration needs are met in the most hygienic form.

The mother does not herself decide to produce mother’s milk, the ideal food for a baby needing protection and nutrition, inside her body. No mother can know what nutrients her baby needs at every moment nor can a mother control the content of the milk produced inside her. Even though its properties are still not fully understood, mother’s milk changes according to the baby’s particular stage of development and the content of the milk also vary accordingly. Almighty Allah, Who knows and meets all living things’ needs, creates mother’s milk for the baby inside its mother.

Nutritional Value Varies

Mother’s milk contains different levels of nutrients to meet differing growth requirements depending on the baby’s sex. Experiments have shown that the fat, protein, vitamin, sugar, mineral and hormone levels in mother’s milk all vary for male or female infants. The structure of mother’s milk has a direct effect, not just on the child’s growth, but also on its behavior. Research has shown that milk produced for male infants is 35 percent richer in fat and protein. Although milk produced for girls is less fatty, it is very rich in calcium; this enables girls’ skeletons to grow faster.

It Contains Special Therapies

It has recently been shown that mother’s milk, about which hundreds of scientific papers have been published, protects babies against cancer, although the mechanism involved is still unclear. Researchers say that when mother’s milk was shown to kill cancer cells produced in the laboratory this unlocked a huge potential. Catharina Svanborg, a doctor and immunologist at Lund University in Sweden, was part of a team that discovered these miraculous secrets of mother’s milk. The Lund University team described the way that mother’s milk protects against all kinds of cancer as a miraculous discovery.

Another important property of mother’s milk in terms of the baby’s development is that it contains Omega-3 fatty acids. The Omega-3 fatty acids are an important compound in the human brain and retina and are particularly important for newborn babies. Omega-3 also contributes to the proper development of the brain and nerves throughout pregnancy and early infancy.

Tailor-Made for a Baby’s Needs

In addition to meeting the baby’s physiological needs, mother’s milk also meets its psychological ones. The baby grows to the sound of its mother’s heart inside the womb; it hears that same sound as it suckles its mother’s breast. This makes the baby feel happy and calm. A baby that feels secure in this way from the moment of its birth will develop more healthily in psychological terms. Allah creates a special bond between mother and baby. One verse reveals that:

“We have instructed man concerning his parents. Bearing him caused his mother great debility and the period of his weaning was two years: ‘Give thanks to Me and to your parents. I am your final destination’.” (Qur’an, 31:14)

It is exceptionally beneficial for the baby to be fed on mother’s milk for two years. This important information, only recently discovered by science, was revealed by Allah in the Qur’an 14 centuries ago: “Mothers should nurse their children for two full years …” (Qur’an, 2:233)

Harun Yahya has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science.

Source:  http://www.arabnews.com/islam-perspective/news/696711

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  • Attention: To All Muslim Readers – “New Age Islam” forum.


    The “Ex--Tablighi” struck back as follows:


    So let us agree the Quran is not truly a guide book. It astrays many.


    How sick can a man get?


    So problem is not with me, but nature of the Quran.


    This “Ex-Tablighi,” is a truly man with a “Sparrow Brain.


    Posting of image of Muhammad Ali Clay.


    Such an example was given to extract a final confession from “Ex-Tablighi.” After all, deep down inside his heart, he remains a Muslim. Though, one can now safely conclude that he is nothing but a perfect “Hypocrite, as described in the Quran.


    That’s all folks, I remain


    Very truly yours,


    Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia

    By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia - 2/5/2015 9:21:08 PM

  • Lodhia 
    When you will grow up. Your posting of image of mohammed Ali Clay to show the greatness of name Mohammedans.
    Would you like to mention Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Allama Mohammed Iqbal. Former was behind bloodiest partion of the world. Latter was founding father of Pakistan. Do you know how many Hindus and Muslims were killed, looted, raped in the partition?
    Mohmed Ali Jinnah carries the names of two personalities of Islam one prophet and another first child convert. Why these two names could not turn him into believer and stop from killing?
    Do you know. Do you  know Tablighis have mohammeds, Ahmed's, Alis, osama , Abu bakr and uthmam etc. And you hate them.
    Sultan Shahin has no prefix or suffix to his name yet better more than many Mohammeds.
    It showed how childish laughable comment you posted. Keep posting such childish comments.
    You must be awarded for being childish commentator.
    I forgot to menrion observer who is Naser ahmed but you hate him to the core.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 2/5/2015 5:33:32 AM

  • Dear Rational Younus

    I like your question how to give up Islam without antagonizing your family.

    Your family gets worried if they fear that you are going to apostate because they think by giving up Islam you will free yourself from all social, moral and ethical responsibilities that are intrinsic to the faith of Islam. For example your wife may fear that you will have no hesitation to abandon her or stop giving her any funds for running the house and even force her into prostitution in an extreme case. I know you may not do this, but this is what she may fear at the back of her mind. Your daughters will think you may stop spending any money for them; your needy relatives may think you will disown them, your parents and well wishers will think that you will contract all vices that are anathema to good moral behavior. Now do not quote me ahadith to show that it is itself a repository of a vast array of vices. But you ought to know that except for those relating to the Prophet's religious chore, the rest are era specific and wrought with forgery, fabrication, embellishments, inaccuracies and people's imagery and aspirations - they wanted to see in the Prophet what they expected of him - their ideal. If you have not understood this, I will earnestly request you to read my following articles on the theme to understand the inherent weaknesses of hadith corpus. There was no hadith as as such at the time of the Prophet when the Qur'an was completed and perfected. It evolved in the next 2-3 centuries. You have to use the Qur'an to verify the truth of a hadiht and not the other way round. So do not quote me any hadith to make any point please: 

    Ref: Hadith is not a divine scripture of Islam – a la Qur’an.


    By muhammad yunus - 2/5/2015 1:20:01 AM

  • I fully agree with your comment based on selective verse. The Quran doesn't permit Muslims to insult other religion because the Quran doesn't want people insult Allah in return. 
    The Quran carries both kind of verses. You can't deny it.
    Ahadith are equally important to Muslims.
    How you will succeed in separating ahadith from the Quran when ahadith are to majority of Muslim scholar including so called moderate sufis key to understand the Quran.
    So let us agree the Quran is not truly a guide book. It astrays many. Why would God all knowing will write such a book and call it guide.
    Allah in the Quran puts conditions to make it guidance l. It is belief in unseens.  If one has doubt in unseen like judgment day and believes in rebirth how it could be inclusive.
    Based on these beliefs in unseen the Quran can't be inclusive.
    Other verses are open insults to disbelieves. 
    It is you who is adding times specific attribute.
    Where the Quran says only selected hostile disbelieves will be punished. Can you provide any word that suggests it.
    To majority of Muslim scholars inclusing sufis the Quran is universal. So problem is not with me buth nature of the Quran which keep Muslims divided.
    You didn't reply how can one Islam if he is not happy with it without risking his life and family? Is it too difficult question?

    By rational mohammed yunus - 2/5/2015 12:44:24 AM

  • Lodhia
    You addressed Muslim readers. Are not there non-muslims readers? Are not they worth mentioning?
    Full hearted Muslims are in breaking news.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 2/5/2015 12:19:40 AM

  • Oh ! Mr Lodhia
    How childish you are? Would you agree he had weaknesses too which are evident from Islamic literature?
    There were many other influential man on the earth. If he was one of them how he becomes cause of universe.
    Being influential is not guarantee of greatness. Have not you seen Mr Modi is one influential people?
    It may not sound good to your ears. You may not like putting Mr Modi when we are talking about the prophet.
    I hope your bubble of happiness is no more.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 2/5/2015 12:14:44 AM

  • Attention: All Muslims Readers – “New Age Islam” forum.


    The confession of a half-hearted Muslim and “Ex-Tablighi.


    Hz Mohammed was a very influential man of the world. He had both strength and weakness.


    I know very well good verses and good  hadith.


    See you are not able to delete Mohammed from my name.


    Now, you all can see, how a little high-handed way can make one extract an honest confession. The world famous boxer once remarked, “Float Like A Butterfly. Sting Like A Bee.” It did not take but just one comment to get a straight answer.



    Guess what! Don’t be surprised if the “Ex-Tablighi” will revolt against his own confession and start to get abusive. Trust me, there will be another knock-out punch coming from my end. Enough is enough.


    Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia    

    By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia - 2/4/2015 11:56:51 PM

  • Attention: All Muslims Readers – “New Age Islam” forum.


    The confession of a half-hearted Muslim and “Ex-Tablighi.


    Hz Mohammed was a very influential man of the world. He had both strength and weakness.


    I know very well good verses and good hadith.


    See you are not able to delete Mohammed from my name.


    Now, you all can see, how a little high-handed way can make one extract an honest confession. The world famous boxer once remarked, “Float Like A Butterfly. Sting Like A Bee.” It did not take but just one comment to get a straight answer.



    Guess what! Don’t be surprised if the “Ex-Tablighi” will revolt against his own confession and start to get abusive. Trust me, there will be another knock-out punch coming from my end. Enough is enough.


    Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia    

    By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia - 2/4/2015 11:55:38 PM

  • Lodhia
    You are saying contradictory things. I have said clearly that I am not open apaotate because you know what your brother will so to me if I declare my apostasy.
    Even if I am an ex-tabligji or half hearted Muslim how is that I insult religions and prophet.
    You call truth insult like uoie mentor Mohammed yunus and many others.
    Had been there a freedom in Islam to  leave islam perhaps you would have not seen me.
    It may not be punishable in the Quran but it is in Islam. Your brothers keep reminding world by their action and demand of punishment for apostasy and blasphemy.
    1400 years passed and Muslims not happy with Islam are in life threatening risk by peacdul believers.
    Tablighis is not an insulting word to Mr observer. So your calling him tablighi has no effect on him as it is not calling Mr ex-tablighi.
    Sufism is not better than tablighi Islam. You stand sectarian. It show a problem in Islam not solution. 
    You are a jehadi and your words against terrorists are hollow. They pare greater Muslims by putting words in actions and you are demanding it another name. You want to punish who criticize/insult Islam yet you have the tongue to say hollow words.
    You are supporting killers in Paris.
    Terrorists are killing and you are engaged in word war to support anti Blasphemy or apostasy laws. 
    Hz Mohammed wanted to kill apostate who happened to be one of scribes of the Quran. How is life was spared is recorded in Islamic history?
    Can you deny it? 
    Be honest Mr Lodhia.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 2/4/2015 11:17:54 PM

  • Every person should have right to insult religions because one religion insults other religion. 
    If religious books can call other worst creature, adharmi malechh etc why not they be ceiticized/insulted?
    Punishing one and rewarding another is injustice.
    Religions give reasons man to hate others.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 2/4/2015 10:48:42 PM

  • Lodhia
    You seems to be confused. First decide whether he is perfect logic or twisted logic?

    By rational mohammed yunus - 2/4/2015 10:41:15 PM

  • Lodhia
    My children carry Mohammed as prefixed. My daughter's name is after a wife of the prophet.
    Your thinking is very shallow. Being named Mohammed, Ahmed or Mehmood is cultural because in my case. 
    I know many Mohammed, Ahmed's and mehmoods are criminals. It has nothing to do with one's life. 
    Do you know idi ameen. He carried Mohammed as prefix.
    Jesus was not Mohammed Jesus. Soloman was not sulaiman ahmed. 
    So come out from shallowness. Hz Mohammed was a very influential man of the world. He had both strength and weakness.
    If the Quran sings praise of him ahadith beside praises say a lot negative.
    Ahadith is record made by Muslims not by his enemies. Muslim organise khatm e bukhari sharif as khatm e Quran Sharif. 
    You are hypocrite and hypocrite in Islam is a worst creature.
    I know very well good verses and good  hadith. This is not my concern. My concern is why Islam produced so many fabrictors/liars. Why would they add derogatory and insulting words/stories?
    Why Muslims react violently on quotation but not against real culprits. 
    Those fabricators of lies are founding fathers of Islam.
    See you are not able to delete Mohammed from my name. I removed it from your name.
    Will Mohammed in my name help in some way?

    By rational mohammed yunus - 2/4/2015 10:37:22 PM

  • Attention: All Muslims Readers – “New Age Islam” forum.


    As-Salaam Alay-Kum


    Every single day, one “Ex-Tablighi,” is on the loose and keeps busy by insulting the religion for which he still partly believes in a half-hearted manner.


    Let’s say, we have a mentally deranged “Ex-Tablighi,” in our midst. The man has been given full liberty to insult Islam, and the moderate cannot even put an end to this show of continuous assault on our religion and Prophet of Islam. Tragic part is that, a few commentators feels obligated to respond to him, thinking that they will learn from him.


    Note the line, “it is no derogatory word for us.” This sentence itself proves that the man is a Muslim, yet he brags to everyone that he dislike Islam as a religion.


    Then he goes on to state, “no outsider is insulting Islam.” Hence, we can translate this to be another confirmation of the “Ex-Tablighi,” holding on to his name “Mohammed.


    No doubt, the “Ex-Tablighi,” is solely dedicated to smash and derail any debate on this forum. Just like so many “Fools and Morons, who are out to prove that Muslims are plain stupid; this half-hearted Muslim, is one living proof of what went wrong with the minds of Muslims in these days and times.


    Well, the bottom line is that, he is taught to “Ignore Intelligence, during his days with the Tablighi Jamaat. Unfortunately, it is his immaturity which is revolting against his own religion of Islam. Think about one thing,  if this “Ex-Tablighi” is so disgusted with Islam, then why does he not get himself engaged with so many “Anti-Islamic” forums out in the cyber space. He has to hang on to mentally terrorize us every single day.


    Imagine, Sultan Shahin, the moderator cannot even do anything about it! Little wonder that the problem with the Islamic world is not the ordinary Muslims. It is the Muslims who are in the leadership position or are running the Islamic forums. Stay neutral and let the loons and goons reign supreme.


    Thanks again for reading, I remain


    Very respectfully yours,


    Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia

    By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia - 2/4/2015 10:33:13 PM

  • Dear Rational Muhammad Yunus,

    The Qur'an does not permit the Muslims to insult others religion. It declares:

    "Don’t insult those whom they invoke besides God, lest they ignorantly insult God in enmity. Thus We have made their action seem pleasing to every community; then their return is to their Lord, and He will tell them what they had been doing” (6:108).

    The Qur'an further declares: 

    “We have revealed to you (O Muhammad) this divine Writ (kitab) setting forth the truth, confirming (whatever) remains of the divine writ (sent earlier), and determining what is true in it. Therefore, judge between them by what God has revealed, and do not follow their whims after what has come to you of truth. For each of you We have made a (different) code (shir‘ah), and an open way (of action) (minhaj). If God so pleased, He would have made you (all) into one community. Therefore vie (with each other) in goodness (so that) He may test you by what He has given you. (Remember, you) all will (eventually) return to God, and He will tell you in what you differed” (5:48).

    “O People! We have created you as male and female, and made you into races and communities* for you to get to know each other. The noblest among you near God are those of you who are the most heedful (atqakum). Indeed God is All-Knowing and Informed” (49:13).

    Kindly read my following article that gives you a broad outline of its message and kindly do not try to mix the Qur'an with the Hadith as there is too much divergence and contradiction in the latter, which is historically derived and not a word of God:

    Hadith is not a divine scripture of Islam – a la Qur’an

    By muhammad yunus - 2/4/2015 10:24:04 PM

  • Dear Rational Muhammad Yunus

    I do not blame you. The Qur'an says: yudillo bihi kathiran wa yahdihi bihi kathira: it guides many and leads many straying.

    By muhammad yunus - 2/4/2015 10:12:50 PM

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