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The ‘Unfinished Agenda’

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

15 September 2015

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of the Pakistan Army, General Raheel Sharif, addressing a conference at the National Defense University in Islamabad, Pakistan on June 3, 2015, said that Pakistan and Kashmir were inseparable, and that Kashmir was “an unfinished agenda of partition.”

The above statement of the Pakistani General tells us much about the Muslim mind of the present times. It is symbolic of why Muslims all over the world are engaged in violence, some being actively involved, while others think along those same lines.

Apparently, there are different groups within the Muslim community, but they all have one thing in common, that is, every group has an “unfinished agenda” which it is actively engaged in trying to achieve. The motivation to strive for this task begins first at the level of the mind, and then is soon verbalized in the form of complaints and protests. Finally, it takes the form of violence.

What is this ‘unfinished agenda’? For some Muslims, it is the ‘unfinished agenda’ of Pakistan, for others it is the ‘unfinished agenda’ of Palestine, for yet others it is the ‘unfinished agenda’ of the Khilafat and, for yet others; it is the unfinished agenda of the Shariah. These are the ‘unfinished agendas’ for which Muslims of the present times are fighting against supposed enemies. Yet, even after a long passage of time, none of these groups has been successful in achieving its declared goal.

Why has there been this failure? A verse from the Quran throws light on this matter. It says:

‘You will overcome them if you are indeed believers.’ (3:139)

There are many such verses in the Quran which tell us that success in this world is for one who follows the law of nature set by the Creator. Those who go against the law of nature can never be successful in their endeavours. The law of nature applies to everyone—be it Muslims or any other group.

According to the law of nature, a universal principle is that, in this world, political power cannot be the monopoly of any particular group – it will sometimes be in the hands of one group and, at other times, in the hands of some other group. This principle is stated more than once in the Quran. For example, at one place the Quran says:

‘Lord, sovereign of all sovereignty. You bestow sovereignty on whom You will and take it away from whom You please.’ (3:26)

According to this principle, not being able to achieve one’s goal, in spite of resorting to war, shows that one has been engaged in a wrong war—trying to achieve something which, according to divine law, was impossible to achieve. In such a situation, beginning a war may be permissible for a group, but continuing with war is not at all justifiable.

It is possible for a group to wage war because of having made a wrong assessment of the situation. But when it comes to know that, despite all the wastage of life and property, it is failing to be successful in the path it has adopted; it should immediately abandon this path and follow the right path. In this matter, a wrong beginning can be forgiven, but not subsequently opting for the right goal is quite unforgiveable.

These days various groups among Muslims are fighting for the fulfilment of an unfinished agenda. But events show that all these groups are facing complete failure in achieving their goals. Therefore, the time has come for every group to opt for the right path. It has become necessary for every group to instantly put a stop to its present fighting and to discover, by studying the Quran and the Hadith, to what work it should devote itself.

Violence is absolutely not an option for Muslims, nor should struggling to achieve political gain be their goal. Muslims have only one choice before them, that is, to engage in peaceful Dawah work.

A study of the Quran shows that it has been revealed for all mankind. (25:1) Therefore, the greatest unfinished agenda of the Muslim community is only one – and that is the universal dissemination of Quranic teachings.

Muslims need to consider their lack of success in other fields as a divine sign. They must realize that God is not pleased with their present activities. God wants them to work for the right unfinished agenda. If they do this, they will certainly receive God’s help. As the Quran says:

‘God will surely help him who helps His cause—God is indeed powerful and mighty.’ (22:40)

God is waiting to extend His help to those who devote themselves to the right task, that is, peaceful Dawah work.


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  1. I agree with Yunus sahib's views on Dawah. Moreover Dawah in pluralistic societies must include acknowledging the good in other faiths while sharing with others the uplifting message of Islam.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin 18/09/2015 12:21:39
  2. The article has two key statements in its concluding part 
    - one directed inwards: "Therefore, the greatest unfinished agenda of the Muslim community is only one – and that is the universal dissemination of Quranic teachings."
    This points to the need to internalize the universal trajectories of the Qur'an, its emphasis on justice, liberty, equity, good deeds, good neighborly and inter-faith relations, sharing of wealth with the poor, eradication of slavery, deliverance of women from various entrenched taboos, conjugal oppression and dehumanization; good business ethics, fair payment for goods and services, financial support to the needy, use of intellect, striving for excellence – to cite some major examples. 
    ii, The other directed externally: "peaceful Dawah work"
    The write has done an article referenced below on the subject that concludes as follows:

    "As long as the Muslims do not earn the respect and admiration of the others by their conduct, behavior, dealings and performance, and rid their societies of the hallmarks of jahilliyah - ignorance, misogyny, tribalism/ sectarianism, violence, anarchy and terrorism, and attain all round social, gender, and educational reform, improve human rights standards and evolve cohesive and pluralistic societies, they risk losing out to the dawah of the others rather than gaining converts. So, the Islamic dawah must at this stage focus inwards and not outwards."

    Role of Dawah in Islam: Islamic Dawah at This Moment Must Focus Inwards and Not Outwards

    Hence, dawah at this stage must be internally driven - Muslims have to learn to be good Muslims, to personify the ideals of the Prophet and the Qur'an. When the non-Muslims and even modern Muslim youth see ISIS barbarians beheading innocent civilians shouting the name of Allah they will conceive highly distorted notion of Allah that I do not want to articulate. In this backdrop of events, if you go to people on a dawah mission, they may hand you over to IHS or Law Enforcing Agency. 
    By muhammad yunus 18/09/2015 07:18:03
  3. "Violence is absolutely not an option for Muslims, nor should struggling to achieve political gain be their goal." . . . .

    That is a very important and valid statement. It is also necessary for us to reconsider the whole concept of 'Dawah' in  pluralistic societies.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin 16/09/2015 13:59:22