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Islam and the Media (27 Apr 2010 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Kuwait Media Conference: An attempt to challenge the Western media monopoly

April 27, 2010  New Age Islam News Bureau

The Arab media which has been under state control for ages has taken its first step to break free. A conference of the Arab media is going to be held in which 200 journalists will participate and discuss the strategy to meet the challenges posed by the Western mass media and technology. Journalists and media personalities from almost all the big Arabic and English newspapers and TV channels have started deliberations to explore new avenues to face the new world order and new challenges.

 The conference was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Nasir Al Muhammad Al Sabah. Speaking on this occasion the speakers echoed the view that the western media had the monopoly on the news and most of the time they distort or change the facts or make it sensational to suit their political interests.

Apart from the journalists, the conference is being attended by the cultural and information ministers of Saudi Arab, Oman, UAE, and Bahrain as well. Kuwait is the first Arab country which does not control the media and now other countries have started lifting controls from the media and have given them freedom of expression on cultural, social and economic issues.

Al Jazeerah TV has brought about a powerful revolution in Arab media and is presenting news on political happenings, situations and changes in a more aggressive way.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad Abdullah said that the country had given total freedom to the media, adding that it was not the sole responsibility of the media to broadcast news, but it also had the duty to present the political, social and cultural affairs. Speaking on the relations between media and technology he said that it was technology which had given media such a wider reach, and impressed on the need to adopt technology in every field of the media. He opined that the Arab world possessed unlimited creative capabilities and is capable of adopting newer techniques for wider dissemination of news and information.

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