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The Entire New Age Islam Website Is Banned In Pakistan Now: New Age Islam Readers Understand Why?






By New Age Islam Edit Desk

30 June 2013

Finally, the entire New Age Islam website has been banned in Pakistan. Readers in Pakistan informed us about an hour ago. After blocking one page, then 2/3, then 4/5, then 10 pages of New Age Islam in Pakistan, mostly pages from our Urdu and Arabic section, now the whole website is blocked. During the last week we have kept our readers informed of not only the pages blocked in Pakistan but also how our thousands of readers in Pakistan are beating the ban.  Indeed, one reader sent us a video of exactly how they are able to open blocked pages of New Age Islam in Pakistan.

We found the ban of a few pages in Urdu and Arabic a good opportunity to analyse why some particular pages of the website had been blocked and what does it tell us about the mindset of people who run the Pakistan government.  This led us to the conclusion that the Talibani elements in Pakistani army and the bureaucracy probably forced PTA, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, to ban some of the ‘offensive’ and ‘objectionable’ pages of New Age Islam. It was perhaps then that the Pakistan government woke up  to the realisation that blocking only specific pages could send the 'wrong' message that the Talibani elements were behind the ban as the articles that were blocked only hurt the interests of Taliban and other extremist and Salafist-Wahhabi forces in Pakistan.

 This would clearly show that the pages were blocked not because it hurt the interests of Pakistani nation but because the articles refuted and opposed the un-Islamic views of Taliban on suicide bombing, rights of Muslim women, on the education of girls and on the killing of Shias and other minorities in Pakistan by Taliban and on the power of peace. By banning the whole website now, they seem to be on a damage control mode. They want to create the impression that the website was banned because it published ‘offensive’ content and not specifically for publishing anti-Taliban content.  But the damage is already done and New Age Islam readers globally, particularly in Pakistan, have seen the real forces and motive behind the ban.

Here we reproduce from our earlier write-up a brief review of the pages that were blocked and the possible reasons for blocking them.

First article that was blocked (according to our information) was an Urdu humorous piece on Shah Rukh Khan written and posted by a Pakistani journalist and blogger Mohammad Izhar ul Haque on his blog. The article exposed the hypocrisy of the Pakistani leaders and the social ills of the conflict-ridden city of Karachi in particular and of Pakistan in general. The issue of extortion on a big scale, the kidnapping and killing of minorities like Sikhs and Hazara Shias and the sectarian politics and violence in Pakistan was sarcastically dealt with in the article.


Another article that was blocked was an article by Nastik Durrani, a regular columnist of New Age Islamwho writes on the social, educational and religious issues of Muslims and mostly criticises the ill practices of Muslims and their narrow minded approach to their understanding of Islam, their obscurantism, their sectarian obsessions and their historical mistakes and wrongdoings. He also criticises the lack of scientific attitude and approach of Muslims in a no holds barred and irreverent style that might offend many Muslims.  The article titled ‘The Elements Of Sex And Death In The Suicide Of Terrorists’ dealt with aspects of sex and death in the life of terrorists who commit suicide and embrace death only in the hope of getting 72 houris in heaven. Terrorist ideologue Maulana Masood Azhar never tires of describing how a suicide bomber goes to his target visualising what he is going to do with his 72 wives in heaven soon. Thus these terrorists do not have a broader view of a Muslim’s life in the world. The article will clearly not go down well with terrorists and their masterminds who brainwash innocent and mostly poor and unemployed Muslim youth into turning into a suicide bomb for their own political ends.


Another article blocked by Pakistan was one by renowned Islamic scholar Muhammad Yunus whose landmark book ‘The Essential Message of Islam’ co-authored by Ashfaque Sayyid was authenticated by the Al-Azhar University. The article titled, ‘The Qur’an Offers Protection and Coequal Personal Rights to Women asserted that Islam granted equal social, economic and even political rights to women. Since the idea of equality of women in Islam is rejected by Islamists, the article will also not go down well with them. Recently, during the elections in Pakistan, Muslim women in tribal areas of Pakistan were barred and forcefully prevented from casting their votes by Taliban and other militant outfits of Pakistan. Since the article promotes the idea of equality of women vis-à-vis men, it had to be blocked to save Muslim women of Pakistan from the ‘ill-effects’ of the’ misleading’ thoughts of Muhammad Yunus.


Another article that was blocked was by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, titled ‘The Power Of Peace Is Greater Than The Power Of Violence’. One wonders how such an article that stresses on the power and importance of peace affect the peace and harmony of a country that boasts of its Islamic identity and legacy. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan’s article only emphasized the message of peace brought by Islam and the gist of the article was that ‘Peaceful methods are far more effective than violent methods. Constructive goals can be achieved only through peaceful means, while violent ways lead to destruction and ruin.’ Such an article or message can only be disturbing the peace of mind of the group that believes in the ideology of violence and bloodshed. By blocking the article of a world renowned Islamic scholar and exegete of the Quran means that those controlling the policies of the Pakistan government are illiterate morons who are unaware of the teachings and ideals of Islam and are far removed from the understanding of the Quran. Anyone who equates Islam with violence has no business calling himself Muslim.


Recently, the Urdu daily Jang, Pakistan had carried an advertisement from Pakistani inviting prospective buyers for pieces of pall of Kaaba (the covering of Kaaba) worth Rs 4 crores in his possession. The advertiser said that he was selling it due to financial constraints. An Urdu columnist of Pakistan has penned an article on the advertisement criticizing the mindset of those who do not hesitate to even sell the pall of the holy Kaaba for money. The pall of Kaaba is removed every year and the old one is cut into pieces and gifted to influential pilgrims, foreign dignitaries and politicians. Since the pall of Kaaba (Kiswah) is embroidered with gold and silver threads, it is very costly. The website of the Ministry of Hajj only says that the old Kiswah is cut into pieces and gifted to pilgrims. However, the fact is that ordinary pilgrims are not gifted the pieces of removed Kiswah and only influential and rich dignitaries coming to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj qualify for the gift. An email was sent to the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia on behalf of New Age Islam asking them to provide us the names of people or dignitaries who received the sacred pieces of Kiswah last year but there was no reply from the ministry. It seems the advertiser is some influential dignitary of Pakistan who received a valuable piece of Kiswah by the Ministry of Hajj and now wanted to sell it off. This was the first time Kiswah was put on sale. There also seems to be a scandal involving the old pieces of Kiswah that are going in the hands of unscrupulous influential persons who get it and then sell it in the market, making money out of Kiswah. This article titled ‘Kiswah, Pall of Kaaba for Sale in Pakistan written by Fazal Hussain Awan in Urdu and published in an Urdu daily was also blocked because it apparently tarnished the image of Pakistan and pointed to a Saudi scandal.


The Urdu translation of an article by Faiz ur Rehman titled ‘Towards a Progressive Interpretation of Islam’ was also blocked. The article argued with references from the Quran that Islam did not advocate Polygyny and it puts conditions for more than one marriage. It also referred to a recent judgment by an Indian court that held that Islam did not profess Polygyny. The article argues that the Quran mentions Polygyny only once in the Quran but Muslim men took this exception as a rule and made it a dominant practice. The author also argued that the Quran disapproves multiple marriages and therefore the practice of Muslims having more than one marriage was against the ideals of Islam. Since this article also struck at the root of a rampant practice in which the mullahs believe and who see women as an object of sex, the article was blocked too.




























 An Arabic Translation of an article titled ‘How Terrorism Lures Youths in the Maghreb?’ was also blocked. The article exposes the fact that the terrorist organizations in the Maghrebi states of the Arab peninsula lured the youth with the promise of houris and paradise and trained them to become suicide bombers. Such an article could only affect the prospects of a jihadi or terrorist organization and therefore we will not be wrong if we infer that those blocking the page must belong to some terrorist or extremist organization practicing the same. Do we need to name the organizations? Since the article was in Arabic, it might alert the Muslim youth of the Arab countries and expose their un-Islamic ideas and ideology to them, the article needed to be blocked.


Another article which was blocked was a refutation of an article titled ‘The Duty To Enjoin Good And Forbid Evil’ published in the Urdu mouthpiece of Taliban, Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad. The magazine is carrying out a series on the subject of enjoining good and forbidding evil in Islam. The Taliban is presenting its own interpretation of Qur’anic injunctions and Hadiths on the duty to enjoin good and forbid evil. In the name of enjoining good and forbidding evil, Taliban profess the violent practice of implementing their rigid interpretation of Islamic Shariah giving every citizen the authority to impalement Shariah by force. Since education for girls is according to them an evil, they forbid the evil by destroying girls’ schools and colleges and attacking girls like Malala and recently attacking a school bus of a women’s university. Previously, they forbade the ‘evil’ of music by killing a singer of Swat named Shabana. So this is their interpretation of the duty to enjoin good and forbid evil. In the refutation, New Age Islam had exposed their misinterpretation, so this article too was blocked. Obviously, no one except the Taliban or people with a Jihadi mindset were affected by the refutation, so the article was blocked clearly by those who are the supporters of Taliban in the government of Pakistan.


‘Why Self-Confidence Is Necessary for Today’s Women’ also can be an article that deserved to be blocked in a so called progressive Islamic state like Pakistan. One can only cry at the tragic plunge of the intellectual fall of the people in control of Pakistan’s policy. The article only stresses the need for self-confidence in Muslim women so that they can contribute to their family and society in a better way. Since the morons of the extremist organizations of Pakistan are against giving any social or political space to women, they cannot allow the promotion of the idea of self-confidence in Muslim women, especially the women of Pakistan. They want women to be subservient to men in every sphere of life not able to assert their personality and role in the society. Hence, the need for them to block the page.

Above all, the article informing our readers about the blockage titled ‘Pakistan Government Bans Some Pages of Multilingual Islamic Website New Age Islam: Not Difficult To See Why was also blocked so that the Pakistani people cannot learn of this great act of saving the Pakistani Muslim community from the ‘harmful’ and ‘misleading’ content posted on New Age Islam.


Now it has become all the more evident who is running the new government of Pakistan.

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  • The Sufi Bayazid says this about himself:

    “I was a revolutionary when I was young
    and all my prayer to God was: ‘Lord, give
    me the energy to change the world.’ ”

    “As I approached middle age and realised
    ... that half my life was gone without my
    changing a single soul, I changed my
    prayer to: ‘Lord, give me the grace to
    change all those who come in contact
    with me. Just my family and friends,
    and I shall be content.’ ”

    “Now that I am an old man and my days
    are numbered, my one prayer is: ‘Lord,
    give me the grace to change myself.’
    If I had prayed for this right from
    the start I should not have wasted
    my life.”

    By Ji - 7/27/2013 9:06:51 AM

  • @Mohammed Yunus Sb,
    I many times wrote comments in newage Islam and also said my hindus brothers that not blame entire Islam religionists  rather we look them into sects. unaware of ideology of different sects of Islam, Jansanghees  blaming whole Indian muslims.
    Barelvis(Majority muslims) , Ahamadiyas belongs to moderate groups even adopt Hindu culture. Deobinids/Salafists and wahabhis are 25% of Muslims and  belongs to hard liners. These people adopting alien Arabic culture . But, our main concern they gaining momentum in whole Indian sub-continent thro petro-dollers. we rarely seen burqa wearing muslim ladies and beard having  muslim men before 15 years. But, now this is the common feature throughout India.  It created Islamophoia not only India throughout world. This is the root cause for problem. Hence, what I say moderate muslims wearing descent dress and look like majority wherever they live in western countries and India. Moderate muslims clearly distinguish about various sects to the non-muslims meaning creating awareness.  If I see clean shave muslim I think he is one of my man.  Majority people mind set like this. Next, abolish madrasa schools and join secular schools and colleages run by various managment.
         Finally,  Jihadis are small number of people hiding in muslim residing places in India. If police had approched  these areas, majority people got angry. Hence, this is become duty of geninue muslims themselves find out Jihadis and hand over to police.

    By Dharama_raj - 7/27/2013 9:06:16 AM

  • Yeh kahan se influential aadmi hoyega? He is still stuck with alif, bey, pey of Jansangh. He wonders about the identity of 90% of bomb-blasters. Doesn't he know that those were insaan who did bomb-blast? 

    But no, he won't accept that. Even we don't accept this. So let me put it in another way. 90% of bomb-blasts were carried out by insaaniyat ke dushman or maut ke saudagar as Sonia Gandhi famously used the phrase. 

    Still not satisfied? Kaisa pyasa hai ye. Le kuan aa gaya chal ke tere pass. Let me describe it in yet another way. 

    90% of bomb blasts were carried out by Jihadists. Yehi sunna chahta tha na? Bujhi pyaas? But what is new about it? Even we all here are saying the same thing. However if you say, it is Quran that creates Jihadis, then let me correct it, that it is 'fanaticism' that creates Jihadist. You call Jihadist by any name, a Jihadist is a Jiahadist. Aisa Sheikh Spear Sahab ne kaha tha. 

    A jihadist come in various form and shape. If they come from Hindu background, we call them Jansanghi. Because adherents of Quran or Geeta or Bible have produced millions of innocent common men and women who have never planted bomb, have not even seen one, who do not know the technique to plant it and who have no more desire than to have luxurious long vacation from office or house-hold chores. Their dil dhoondta hai, fursat ke raat din, doing nothing, not even thinking about badling karwat. They are not the ones who can ever qualify to make it to the cut-off marks required to be in the bracket of 90% of Jihadis. So basically they cannot be blamed.

    Karo na blame, jitna karna hai Jihadist ko. Hum sabhi kar rahe hain. But if by Jihadist you slip to saying ki Muslim are doing this, then you are doing the same thing which these Jihadists are doing. You are insisting that even innocent Muslims are Jihadist, just as Jihadist insist that even innocent people need to die, just because they cannot identify properly whom they should be really angry at. 

    In fact they should be angry at themselves for not understanding their Holy book properly, which says 'vaishnav jan to tene kahiye je, peed parai jaane rey'.

    If you fail to understand the pain of innocent Muslims, these Jihadist have ben causing to them, bring bad name to them, then that is because you aren't a Hindu but a Jihadist yourself- the Jansanghi ishtyle wala, chaddidhaari naag. 

    By sadaf - 7/27/2013 5:22:25 AM

  • Dear Dharma Raj ji

    What I wrote was about 'Isalmophobic scholarship in the West'  and not about the terror that today's jihadists and terror outfits are causing to both Muslims and non-Muslims globally and the consequent fear of Islam in the mind of lay non-Muslims, not aware that the jihadists form an un-Islamic group among the Muslims and cannot be identified with the mainstream Muslims living next door

    The Talibans who are championing 'jihadist' ideology are playing the religion card very aggressively, and are immensely dangerous for the Muslim/ global civilization - no less for the secular India.

    They download their Fatwa on the internet and try to capitalize on the emotions of the numerous innocent Muslim civilians who have directly bore the brunt of lawful and unlawful, violence -  riots, ethnic cleansing, wars etc. and call upon them to carry out terror attacks against the establishment - Muslim or non-Muslims. They are thus trying to form an unconnected ideology based terror network, the member of which have no means to know each other and thus go virtually undetected - as was the case with Boston Bombers. If they do have any local support, their accomplices may be just few as the nature of their operation requires utmost secrecy.
    They may also form small clandestine cells, but remain detached from the mainstream society that knows their evil intentions more than the non-Mulisms. But there can always be exceptions. 
    All said I agree with you 100% that "moderate muslims come forward and hand over jahadis to Indian Government."

    If you are an influential person and want to counter the influence of Talibans in India, kindly read my following article and send a copy to all Muslim education centers. 


    By muhammad yunus - 7/27/2013 4:45:47 AM

  • @Mohammed Yunis Shaeb,
            I give respect because only of your age.Our Hindu culture told give respect to elders.
      you blame whole media for Islamophia. But, inwards look better than blaming. 90% bomb blast happend  in India alone by whom? Jihadis a small sect of muslim carried out all operatons. we certainly saying without local support they cannot do like this. Substantial population of Indian muslims giving all type of support to them . If non-muslims come to check this then you people having huge cry even though you people all enjoying speical rights at same time daily hindus  killed in pakistan and Bangladesh(more than  2 crores Hindus  gone in past 60 years).
                Still, majoirty of Indian muslims are peace loving people is irrfutable fact. Hence, what we insist that moderate muslims come forward and hand over jahadis to Indian Government. They constantly checking and prevent every future bomb blasts in India like secular Hindus checking Jansanghees. If not, all secular Hindus turns out Jansanghees in one day.

    By dharama_raj - 7/26/2013 10:45:15 PM

  • Every Purpose Has A Birth And Death; Therefore, God Is Beyond Purpose.

                             Bowl of Saki, July 26, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

     Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

     Then again it may be said, there is a purpose above each purpose, and there is again a purpose under each purpose; and yet beyond and beneath all purposes there is no purpose.

       from http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/I/I_I_2.htm

     That which we call composition and decomposition and construction and destruction of things, all those are due to change, one thing turning into another. There is no such thing as death or real decomposition or destruction. It may be destruction of that particular object, but although that part which appeared in certain form or color has changed, it is not the true elements of the thing which have changed. Therefore birth and death, composing and decomposing form the constant changes in the appearance of things of life.

       from  http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/archives/constancy.htm

     The difference between the life known to the generality and the life which is unknown is that of illusion and reality. Man mocks at the idea if he be told that all this is illusion, until he dives deep and finds out by comparison that this life which is subject to birth and death and subject to changes is a life and yet no life. This life is like a bubble in the sea. The bubble is existent and yet in reality non-existent when compared with the sea. And yet we cannot say that the bubble is non-existent, for it merges in the same sea in which it once appeared; so nothing takes it away but its own source and its original being.

       from  http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/XIII/XIII_21.htm

     There is only one being, God, who is above birth and death; all else is subject to the law of birth and death.

       from  http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/V/V_13.htm

    Every purpose has a birth and death; therefore, God is beyond purpose.

    By ji - 7/26/2013 10:38:22 PM

  • Sadaf/ Umar
    This is a general comment not necessarily related to the article and is provoked by your remarks. 

    Those who are half-witted, uncritical, gullible, bigoted or politically motivated, blame a whole community for crimes committed by one, a small group or a mob in the community. This is called stereotyping. Universal principles of justice, International crime tribunals as well as Qur'anic paradigms connect crime/sin with the one who commits/ earns it.  

    It is said when elephant falls in the ditch, the crow picks at its head. So even in India, a few hundred ignorant or politically motivated Muslims bought at Rs. 100 or so will chant a slogan praising OBM or any terrorist, some journalists/ scholars, without any sense of proportion will blame/ warn the whole Indian Muslim community. This is the problem with slander-loving journalism/ scholarship. By inflating a news out of proportion in a slanderous way, you turn a thousand into million in the readers mind, spawn scare, create ill-will rather then good will, and get more people who are frightened against a demonized community (Islam today) to read and praise you. This is the very basis of Isalmophobic scholarship in the West as anyone with little bit of intellect will know. I hope 'aqalmandon ke liye ishara hi kafi hai.'    

    By muhammad yunus - 7/26/2013 7:46:40 PM

  • Who cares for you Ji? As for Umar, yeh to bataya hi nahi tuney ki what does Islam teach and how do we know which article should be considered as against what Islam teaches.
    By sadaf - 7/25/2013 9:39:53 PM

  • When I am happy, I see the happiness in others. When I am depressed, I notice that people's eyes look sad. When I am weary, I see the world as boring and unattractive.
    By Ji - 7/25/2013 6:12:33 PM

  • The website is not banned in Pakistan. Secondly the admin should refrain from putting on allegations be it an Indian or a Pakistani. What happens on daily basis in Pakistan is a domestic issue for Pakistan firstly! Secondly the casualties be they of Hazara shias or sunnis is not a work of the public, so do not generalize the Pakisani public as being ignorant, that would be the worst mistake one could make as a journalist or a blogger. Thirdly for Muslims to learn Islam, there is no leaning towards websites like NEWAGEISLAM, ofcourse I am not a critic of this website but if tomorrow an article that is posted is against what Islam teaches, the Pemra would ban it for sure :)

    By Umar - 7/25/2013 1:16:21 PM

  • There should be a balance in all our actions - to be either extreme or lukewarm is equally bad.

                            Bowl of Saki, July 24, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

     Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

    There are two forces in us, love and reason. We must keep an even balance between the two. If we give too much expression to love we become unbalanced and fall into trouble. And if on the other hand we lean too much on the side of reason we become cold.

       from  http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/V/V_40.htm

    In balance lies the whole secret of life ... All religions and philosophies have laid down certain principles such as kindness, truthfulness, forgiveness, but the mystic lays no stress on principles, he allows everyone to have his own principles, each according to his point of view and evolution. For example, there are two men, one is so merciful that he will not even harm an insect, and he could not draw a sword to kill another human being, while the other man for the sake of his people is content to fight and to die. These are two opposite points of view, and both are right in their way.

    The Sufi therefore believes one should let each hold on to the principle suited to his evolution, but for himself he looks beyond the principle to that which is at the back of it, the balance. He realizes that what makes one lose balance is wrong, and what makes one keep it is right. The main point is not to act against one's principles. If the whole world says a thing is wrong, and you yourself feel that it is right, it is so, perhaps, for you.

    The question of balance explains the problem of sin and virtue, and he who understands it is the master of life. There should be a balance in all our actions. To be either extreme or lukewarm is equally bad. There is a saying, 'Jack of all trades, and master of none.' This is very true, as there has been too little effort given, so that no one thing has been done thoroughly.

       from  http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/V/V_37.htm

    Success, failure, progress, standstill, one's state of being, it all comes from the condition that a person is experiencing within himself. ... according to the Sufi idea the condition of life around one depends absolutely on the condition of one's inner self. So what is needed to change the conditions in outer life, or to tune oneself, is to work with one's inner self in order to bring about the necessary balance.

       from  http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/VIII/VIII_1_5.htm

    There should be a balance in all our actions -- to be either extreme or lukewarm is equally bad.

    By Ji - 7/24/2013 5:44:18 PM

  • The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: "He who does not thank people is unthankful to Allah." [Abu Dawud]
    By well - 7/23/2013 7:52:47 AM

  • For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness
    {Ralph W. Emerson) 

    By suno - 7/23/2013 7:45:36 AM

  • I'm using a PTCL connection and the website opens up fine for me. Maybe it was just a temporary ban? Or was this a publicity stunt? :)
    By Nabeel Khalid - 7/22/2013 3:46:37 AM

  • Those who call themselves to be championing the cause of Islam are trying to suffocate the moderate voice and the voice of the righteous people by banning New Age Islam that carries the story of millions of people residing all over the world, not only in Pakistan.
    Pakistan government has done good for the website in its effort to harm it. Now, more Pakistanis would have got attracted to the website than ever would have got. Pakistanis love this website is clear from the ban by the Pakistan government, as it does not want its people to know the reality of its policies and handshakes with the Taliban and its various outfits.
    Respected Mr Sultan Shahin and all the staff members, keep your good work of 'awareness' with the right kind of religion and its approach to society, on. God will be with you all as you are on the "right path", Insha Allah.
    By Arman Neyazi - 7/15/2013 11:43:01 AM

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