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The Enemies of Islam Are Not As Harmful As the Agents of Islamism

By Ekrem Dumanli

July 12, 2015

Ali Bulaç provoked a bitter discussion when he told an anecdote from the past.

What was that anecdote? During his college years, Bulaç was detained and interrogated. The interrogators, playing good cop and bad cop, finally made him an offer to serve as an agent; he was asked to collect information on followers at the University of the Nurcu religious community, founded by Said Nursi. Bulaç refused the offer; but he then found out that some others who later became prominent journalists had also received the same offer had accepted it, serving the goals of the intelligence service. Bulaç also cited some examples as well.

 It appears that not all Islamists are the target of Bulaç's column, however. He also draws attention to a major threat and a danger, and indicates that there might be some Islamists serving the deep state. Altan Tan, who has been pretty close to Bulaç for decades and now serves as a Democratic Peoples' Party (HDP) Diyarbakır deputy, added a new dimension to the discussion with his statement, “Half of the Islamist columnists and half of the pro-Kurdish politicians are working for the interests of the state.” This is something that needs to be discussed.

 Some of the political Islamists, instead of joining the discussion, insulted Bulaç; some of them even threatened him. Their rage implies that they were caught red-handed.

There is no need for panic. All of these allegations have been known and discussed in the Islamist circles for a long time. It was always argued that some people, despite their Islamist identity, have been in the service of the deep state, but they have become major figures of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government in recent years. This oligarchic group detached the AK Party from its support base and submitted the party to the deep state as well. Sincere Islamists are displeased with this. Recently, an AK Party deputy asked our correspondent at Parliament: “Who won in this period? The party or civil society?” He offered the answer: The only winner is the deep state, Ergenekon.

These allegations have grounds. Answers are being sought because there are concrete developments. Let me cite some of them here: People who drafted reports and carried out official works in line with the instructions of the West Study Group (BÇG) in the Feb.28, 1997 coup era now serve as ministers and insult innocent people by imitating the discourse of the deep state. I wonder if they still perform the mission they were given in the Feb. 28 era. Do those people who served then-Deputy Chief of General Staff Çevik Bir in that era and conveyed Bir's message to now President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, telling him that only he could deal with former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, still perform such services? Mothers who were wearing headscarves were not allowed to attend the graduation ceremonies of their children at military buildings and facilities; but some people who are now serving as prominent figures of the AK Party were mentoring the generals of that period. A person who had no ideational closeness with the AK Party or its ideological base has become an important figure in the party and turned into a version of former US Senator Joseph McCarthy.

I do not think I need to cite more. It is sad to see that some individuals who were allowed to infiltrate the party have taken the AK Party to the edge of collapse. This set of relationships is the basis for the solidarity with Ergenekon, the love for Gen. Doğu Perinçek and the indifference to the Balyoz coup case. There are a number of reasons for the contradiction that the idealistic supporters of the AK Party are unable to understand; one of these is the Islamist agents.

Who are they? It is hard to cite names and offer documents of proof here; but if someday the documents of the Tactical Mobilization Group -- a unit of the Special Forces Command -- are disclosed and the members of the special warfare unit are identified, rest assured that you will see some surprising names. There is no need for anger; it should be noted that an entire group or community is not to be accused of serving as agents. Secondly, even the enemies of Islam are not as harmful as the agents of Islamism. And besides, there is also an issue of agents serving other states as well.

Let us offer a reasonable framework for this discussion: the intelligence service seeks to infiltrate all political groups and social movements. It is in their nature. Agents have played such roles among the right wing, left wing, secularists, etc. This should not be turned into paranoia and attributed to some conspiracy theories. But we also need to be careful about the agents, who are small in number but influential. What a sincere subscriber to a cause needs to do is to ensure that the agents will not have full control. You should know that whoever distorted the legal cases, provoked the people, accused innocent people of espionage and submitted their party to the conspiracy of the deep structures have been in that service for a long time. And men of reason are responsible for understanding that.

Nobody has the right to blame the entire community of Islamists; but neither is it reasonable to submit to the people who have been serving the interests of secret services for a long time.

Instructions to Finish Off Zaman Daily

Let me also join the discussion Bulaç started. He was told to leave the Zaman daily; he was offered a salary three times larger than what he receives now. When he refused this offer, they made implicit threats. But that offer was not made to Ali Bulaç alone. Let me be clear: A friend of mine who works at one of the pro-government papers told me that I should be aware that most of the editors and columnists of the Zaman paper will be transferred. I was surprised. He kept going, saying: “They will force your columnists, editors and even correspondents to leave.” I did not think that would be possible; I have always been suspicious of this, because they had already started a campaign of antagonism against Zaman daily. I thought after all they had done, why would they deal with the workers of the paper? I was wrong. Back then, some pro-government columnists published pieces in which they argued that nobody will stay at Zaman to write columns. One of them even argued that people will run off from the Zaman daily.

Amid the rumours, I met with some of our columnists. I told them what I had heard. One of our columnists said: “It is good you brought that up. I was worried how to tell you this without being misunderstood.” It turned out that a leading politician had called him, and after some compliments, he said one of his men would visit him. That person told our columnist to leave Zaman and pick any media outlet, paper or TV. Thank God, that columnist was also a man of integrity; he asked for some time and then politely refused that unethical offer.

Our columnists, editors and correspondents have faced similar threats and offers. A few of them were tempted; but like our readers, our columnists also stood firm. Interestingly, as all these things were happening, Erdoğan, who was then prime minister, told one of our correspondents at a press conference that she should leave Zaman. Was it a coincidence? I am telling you this much for now. In the near future, everybody will tell more about how the plan to finish off Zaman has been implemented. And I am sure that some will blush whereas those who are aware of Zaman's mission will feel proud.

Playing Games of Being an Agent

In the meantime, we also need to refer to something dangerous. The indictment drafted against Taha Gergerlioğlu, who advised Erdoğan in the past and is now currently being prosecuted in Germany, contains some horrible details. The allegations include slandering the Hizmet movement and profiling Turks in Germany. He is also being accused of involvement in the horrible murders of three Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) figures in France, and the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) is being implicated. The authorities have tapes of talks between Ömer Güney, who was arrested in connection with the murder of Sakine Cansız and her friend in Paris, with MİT agents planning the murder. PKK figures testified that they recognized the voice of the MİT agent. There are also many classified documents as well.

I am sad to tell you that there are growing allegations against MİT. The agency, which failed in its operations in foreign countries, particularly in Syria, is losing credibility as a state institution because it serves as the private intelligence of a certain political party. MİT has become an institution with a poor level of credibility because of its operations and activities. If the allegations are true, then MİT will face hard times when the political situation changes.

The media leg of this problem is also the same. Whether or not some political Islamists are agents is a problem for former Islamists. This is why some of them are furious. And also look at the new recruits; they think that being an agent is something that you can be proud of. This is pathetic. They do not know that it is not possible to be an agent and a journalist at the same time.

These new recruits were given some images and tapes; some information is leaked to them; they appear to be eager to use this for their personal careers. But someday, the following questions will be directed at them and those who provide this information: How did you get this information and these images? Did you blackmail these people before publishing people's personal information? Did any of them submit to your blackmail and threats? Is it not a crime to use the journalists who were used to smear people who made mistakes but admitted to them, and to antagonize a social group by referring to these personal mistakes?

Intelligence services are serious state institutions. Their missions and acts are important and they have to be based on a legal framework. If you make these institutions submit to a political party and do this by using some incompetent journalists, then you are playing a game of being agents. And the end of this dangerous game does not seem to be pleasant.

Source: http://www.todayszaman.com/columnist/ekrem-dumanli/islamist-agents_393544.html

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/islam-and-the-media/ekrem-dumanli/the-enemies-of-islam-are-not-as-harmful-as-the-agents-of-islamism/d/103896


  • Shameful indeed!
    By Sultan Shahin - 7/14/2015 3:02:33 PM

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