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Letter to the Editor (05 May 2010 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Mr. Sultan Shahin, Please Shut Down Your Dirty Website, Grow A Beard And Join A Madrasa

Mr. Sultan Shahin,

If you are a Muslim, then Assalamu Alaikum,

I am double Post graduate of Science and MBA from Maharashtra. Recently I read about you and your website in a local newspaper. I am ashamed about myself that I visited your website. It’s very sad that to please someone you say that some verses of Quran were meant only for the time of the Prophet and are not meant for today (May Allah forgive me). Are you real Muslim or some anti-Muslim forces are supporting you to misguide others.

You also please non-Muslims by saying that these people will also enter into Allah's Heaven. Here only I came to know your level.

Please shut down your web site and join any madrasa to learn Islam.

And keep Beard on your face if you are Muslim, because it is Practice (Sunnat) of my Prophet Muhammad Swallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Please Do Not Misguide Real Muslims by your dirty Website.................

Irfan Ahmad, MSc, MBA, Maharashtra

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/letter-to-the-editor/mr-sultan-shahin,-please-shut-down-your-dirty-website,-grow-a-beard-and-join-a-madrasa/d/2806


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  • Assalamoallaikum Sultan Shahin,

     I don’t understand, how can people give their view point as negative to Secular person.

    Sultan Shahin must be above 60 years, and he must have educated himself more than 40 years to understand Islam, I don’t think those people telling him to shut down.

    My open challenge to all those whoever telling him to shut down Newageislam, how many years they have invested to understand islam, shed tears whilst praying God, shed tears in the love of god. How many of you who has devoted their life for Islam, if not, then you guys don’t have right to say, who has devoted his entire life in the Study of Islam, Whether he is right or wrong is a different matter but you don’t have right to say.

    Following Islam is quite difficult because they don’t know islam but following, because they born in a Muslim family if they born non Muslim they must be non Muslim. If you don’t understand Islam until you cannot be a true follower. Understanding of Isam is very easy, but we have to be honest in all aspects. There is no need of God to be Honest. If you honest because you fear from God. It is very simple that you are not honest. You have to learn to love everything, indeed once we learn to love our hater, then life would be very clear, fearless, you will enjoy the divide pleasure in this world.

    There is no assuring guarantee if you pray  five times will take you to Jannat, But if you understand the meaning of Pray than you will enjoy praying and weeping.

     O’God gives us true path, the path you like most, Ameen

    By Mahound Observer - 11/3/2015 4:37:48 PM

  • dont know why people feel compelled to respond to people such as irfan ahmed or manzoor ahmed ansari.

    these guys are like children who throw stones at passing trains. now and then they might manage a hit, but they will never keep up a sustained debate.

    By hats off! - 12/19/2012 7:25:00 PM

  • Manzoor Ahmad Ansari- Insaaniyat ke khair Kwah. Your polished Urdu is more scented than my blunt Hinglish. Your wishes seem to me the road to hell however you may believe it is paved with good intentions. Can you tell me one single reason why you should judge instead of Allah or beside Allah, whether Dear Mr. Sultan Shahin is the Satan incarnate?

    Urdu mein Tarjuma karoon kya aapke dimaag mein roshni karne ke liye? Aap ek. sirf ek wajah batayein ki kyon aap faasla karenge Allah paak ki jagah ya Allah paak ke shareek ke Janab Sultan Shahin Saheb Shaitan paida hue hain ke nahin? Mumkin hai aap ka jawab hoga ki aap apne ko is qabil samjhte hain ki aap faisla kar sake doosre ke imaan ke baarey mein. Ya phir aap kaheinge ke aap Insaan hain aur tamam tarah ki khushfahmiyon ka shikar ho sakte hain.

    English translation: It is possible that you will reply that you believe yourself to be capable of deciding other's Imaan. Or you might say that you are human and therfore you are prone to err.

    Khade khade maafi maang lijiye aur chalte baniye.

    Ask for forgiveness and get lost.

    Not from just Allah but from Mr. Sultan Shahin as well.

    Sirf Allah se nahi balki Janab Sultan Shahin Saheb se bhi.

    You might be aware that Allah asks to seek pardon from someone whom you have slandered if you seek pardon from Allah for such an act.

    Aapko maloom hoga ki Allah ka kahna hai ki maafi usse maango jiske saath bura kiya hai agar Allah se maafi mangna chahte ho apni kartoot ke liye to.

    By sadaf - 12/19/2012 12:06:30 PM

  • mohtaram janab sultan shahin sb, 

     assalamu alaikum,

     bad khairiyat maloom ho ki  deen-e-islam se mutalliq aap kay khyalat se waqfiyat huee dunyawi kahawat mash-hoor hai ki molvi ke ghar me hi shaitan paida hota hai; aap ney es kahawat ko yaqinan sach kar dikhaya hai .

    aap chun ki kafi aqalmand maloom hotey hain is liye mein aap ke tarif men aur likhney se qasir hun.ummid hai ki aap apney walid mohtaram ka nam mazeed roshan na kartey huay allah rabbul ezzat sey apney liye dua karte hue apney ghar wapsi ki taraf  puri diljamyee ke sath koshish karenge. main bhi aapke ghar wapsi ke liye inshaallah dua karta rahunga.aap ka wa sari insaniyat ka khar khawah.

    By manzoor ahmad ansari - 12/19/2012 1:25:16 AM

  • @Irfan Ahmad
    Stop using internet because prophet never used it. It is innovation and innovation is haram.

    By mohd yunus - 8/25/2012 8:32:20 PM

  • Dear Mr Shahin,You are doing a great job. Issues need to be discussed, cobwebs of the mind need to be cleared, prejudice needs to be removed and harmony needs to be established. Ignore this learned letter writer and carry on regardless
    By secular logic - 7/17/2012 8:00:08 AM

  • Respected Sultan Shahin, Manzoorul Haque, Mohammed Yunus Sahiban, Here come a true Muslim in True spirit of Islam. How can you say, he is not presenting True Islam. There is no dearth of such True Muslims in the world. They are in majority.
    This is the mentality of majority of Muslims and Maulanas. It is impossible to live with them.These are the characteristics I wrote in one of my comments. Some one responded back that it was blatant attack on Characteristics of Muslims. Dont you come across these? If not what are you doing on this site?. You are fighting against these characteristics.
    I am with you in the same boat having different thoughts. Janab Sultan Shahin Sahib Keep this site up. It is a treasury of knowledge. I wish I could see an article describing True Islam and Characteristics  of True Muslims.
    By mohd yunus - 7/17/2012 4:09:43 AM

  • Irfan Ahmad Sahib, I did not study in any madrasa. But we the people who did not study in madrasas follow Islamic principles in letter and spirit, compared to the moulvis, the product of madrasas. It is people like Mr. Sultan Shahin who are keeping the Islamic Flag flying high all over the world and promoting communal harmony. You come and see how the products of Madrasas have damaged the reputation and image of Islam by their irresponsible acts. They have their own prejudices and practice the Islamic principles as per their whims and fancies. Please understand that calling a Muslim as a non-Muslim is itself a great sin. Instead of blaming others without understanding their intentions, first you go through the 'true' and 'proper' Islamic literature. Dont fall a prey to the tactics of Wahhabis.
    By Syed Muthahar Saqaf - 5/24/2012 5:56:55 AM

  • This is a great website for those who want to get rid of unislamic ideas pretenting to represent true Islam. It is not for blind followers. They are welcome to go where they feel secure following blind traditions marketted as Islam. Yes, this site is for those who dare to speak fairly (even if it goes against their own - as the Qur'an demans) and not for the faint hearted people who have rented their brains out to those who do not think. Unlike fundamentalists throwing around fatwas of kufr, members of this forum do not claim to have exclusive ownership of truth. However, we refuse to deny ourselves the efforts to explore and look for the truth burried under dust of history based on hearsay. Good Bye!!
    By Mubashir - 3/31/2012 11:51:02 AM

  • This website is an excellent case study of what happens when inferiority complex ridden low class mentality of South Asians meets religion and culture. The narrative is clearly a western own loaded with deep hostility towards Islam and full of misrepresentations. Nice try Sultan but Muslims aren't white westerners, and have no desire to change our religion to fit the socio-political designs of the West, or its hirelings like you. The "articles" here are a joke, the product of third rate hacks, hirelings, buffoons and secular zealots with an axe to grind. is the green card in the mail yet?
    By Unimpressed - 3/31/2012 2:57:09 AM

  • Dear Sultan:

    ASW.   Please ignore Mr. Irfan Ahmad's diatribe against you and this website.  Some people are scared of intellect and feel insecure that intellect will destroy the religion rather than progress it further.  It is exactly due to people like Mr. Irfan Ahmad and his attitude that people have such poor and wrong perception of Islam. People like Irfan Ahmad would like the world to believe that Islam is nothing more than growing your beard and praying five times a day. Irfan Ahmad and his ilk have robbed Islam of the intellect, the rich philosophy, the very essence and focussed solely on the rituals to demand a right for them to "certify" who is a true muslim (and therefore who is not).  

    Mr Irfan Ahmad, you go ahead and grow your beard and do what you want but LEAVE US ALONE !! KH.AZ 

    By Altaf Zaman - 5/11/2011 2:10:26 PM


     (Washington)These slogans shouted by Mirpur AJK, two weeks ago. Lashkar Taiba, Jaish Mohammad, that had been banded terrorist organization, by the United Nation, United State of America, Europe, after the under pressure once again same organization had changed the name as (TAK) which is mostly consist by trained Pakistani (ISI) agents, like Mulana Masood Azar, and hundreds of other Criminals, Gangsters,remerge a one group,(Tareek Azadi Kashmiri) TAK, and launches a three-day mass contact drive across AJK, to "raise awareness about the latest agitation in Indian-administered Kashmir"and they made stopped each Bazaar,and did patrol of the Bazaar, and address that all women and men, be present here we are the Mujahid, and delivered the speeches that we will defeat India at Kashmir, we will break the India, and India Quit Kashmir, and we will put the Kashmir on Pakistani land lord, Jagirdar and "ISI" lap. Who is behind these?and what kind of Political pictures are there?

      These are the old cards ,but showcase is new packed by .....and ISI is going to play again there, be alert the Nationalist element in AJK, let your all workers now that, ISI had plan that they are going to kill all nationalist at AJK, one by one, by hands of these agents. All nationalist overseas be ready and began your struggle against the ISI, We do not need as such Mujaid at AJK,and do not need as such support, and as such Azadi, We have to fight against the ISI first, and kick out, include all agents from AJK, we can fight against the India, we do not need any help from terrorist groups. or ISI. Who is changing the every year AJK, Prime Minister, and each PM had 24 Cabinet 13 advisor and 12 Kashmir consul members. And each advisor and minister had 80 lakh rupees, land cruiser, AJK, Young men is job less, we had 9 district where since last 63 years we don't have any technical collage, no any medical collage, AJK University is till know in-completed, AJK peoples didn't get the Disprin tablet from the Hospital.

    In 2005 During earthquake just Saudi Arabia and China gave the Azad Kashmir People 12 million dollars, In AJK Population only 3.5 million, however all 3.5 million were not affected, but just Gus that all over the world did help us, billions of dollars Pakistani ISI,and Army officers swallow those money. Till know eligible peoples are looking help there. Does they are not Kashmiri, ISI is crushing the Gilgit and AJK Peoples, and killing, kidnapping the young men and why ISI is struggling for Sri Nagar freedom.AJK Peoples had been deprived from fundamental rights, and ISI agents are going to destroy India, This is not possible. ISI we warn you that you quit Kashmir and run away from kashmir, We will never live with Pakistan.PK, media is not helping us and they are not publishing our news.

    Ishaq Sharif

    By Ishaq Sharif, Washington -

  • I really can’t understand the mentality of people like brother Aurangazaib. What he wants to prove by saying Mullah infected-Mullah infected.........

    Aurangazaib are you Hafiz, Aalim, Quari ???????? Do you understand Quran and Hadis more than these Ulema? Being a Muslim is different thing, and following Islam is different thing. For your kind information Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. have told, "Ulema Ambiya ke waaris hai."

    Once Hazrat Umar (Raziallanhu) was eating with a few guests. While eating one bite dropped from his hand, he took it again cleaned it and ate. One person beside him told Hazrat you are Khalifa of Muslims and what are you doing. Hazrat Umar told, our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s taught us while eating if bite dropped from your hand, take it again clean it and eat. This is practice of our Prophet, and I have to follow it though these people dislike it. This is Hazrat Umar to whom Shaitan was also fearing. Shaitan was changing the way if hazrat Uamar was coming by that way.

    And today we Muslims are feeling shamefulness to follow Shariat and  Practice of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.

    By Irfan Ahmad -

  • With due respect to every one, even to Mulla-infected and Mulla-stupefied Mr. Irfan, I dare to reproduce two 'pearls' of guidance from the "Ashah al Kutub ba'ad Kitab Allah", viz., Sahih-e-Bokhari :-

    1. Mohammad pbuh came to the filth-dump of a community (tribe), and pissed of while standing;

    2. Mohammad pbuh was witnessed having a shit on the roof top of a house while sitting with both feet on a brick each and facing Al-Quds.

    I would beg for comments by the rational ones.  And I do hope brother Irfan must be following the above two practices vehemently, being "SUNNAH" of his most revered BOKHARI.  

    I have quoted the two very mild ones from this 'Book of Guidance'.  Many others are more amusing than the "Kok Shasters", ascribing worst kind of obscenities to my Lord pbuh, to the holy Mothers of Momineen and to the holy companions.

    I pray for the misguided, threatening and violent Mulla mentality of Mr. Irfan and others of that type.  They have ruined the image of Muslims around the world.  

    Muslim is not the name of a faith group.  It is a frame of mind.  Any one belonging to any faith group is a Muslim only if he is a peaceful man and promotes and provides peaceful values in his immediate surroundings, and elsewhere. 

    Please keep up with your valuable website.  Deoband was created by the colonial British and the founder and his successors have been great lackeys and informers of the British Raj and have been enjoying big titles and estates from the "White Kafir".


    By Aurangzaib -


    Irfan Ahmad says, "We Muslims are not free to live like other religions. In our every task we have to consider and follow Allah's order and Prophet's practice."

    I cannot imagine that God Almighty would want us to be anything but free. I am sure He does not want us to be robots. He gave us the Quran for our guidance and asked us to follow the message that he sent us through the Messenger, but I am sure He did not want us frozen in time. I am sure He cherishes the progress that civilization has continued to make in science, arts, jurisprudence, individual liberties, political liberalism and harmonious living.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin -

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